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> And finally, stop logging out while the import is still underway. It's not magic, the importer needs an active session.

I will log out when doing an import after the importer spends half a day on "Skipping post xxxx from user yyyy because already exists". There really should be an option to just import the posts until an existing one is found. If you're importing somebody who already has a bunch of posts, it really ties up your ability to do futher imports.


How do I cancel imports? I just realized my importer was trying to reimport the same profile over a 24hr period


There are many reasons it needs to go look at older posts.

If your import is stuck you either report, pasting half of the id, or let it run long enough so that its noticed that it has been running for too long. If noticed it gets looked why it got stuck and will look how to prevent it from doing so in the future.
If you kill it we will never know what happened and won't be fixed.



I concede there are probably reasons you need to look at old posts. What I cannot imagine is the reason you need to look at old posts every single import. It makes importing somebody with hundreds of pages of posts annoying, and it ties up your importer preventing other imports from happening.

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