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OKay… I cant understand how ANYONE in their right mind wants to use coomer… unless im doing it wrong. Example: https://coomer.su/onlyfans/user/exoticandthai How the fuck am i supposed to find the video files? This is the same problem ive had with OTHER posts… and even in those posts… the video clip was ALWAYS a preview clip.

How do I sort 11+ pages of seemingly only images to find actual attachments worth something.


vidya files are the ones without a thumbnail retard and if all her posts are previews of a longer ppv find a new model


cry about it or pay for the model on onlyfans yourself you loser


Not always true as some posts have both thumbnail/pictures and videos.

It would be a lot easier and faster to filter posts by videos and even better if we could set minimum length. This should be trivial to implement since they are handling the video anyways so why not grab the metadata while they are at it?

I'm currently using third party script that adds a "Filter Videos" button, but it only removes non-video posts per page and easily triggers the "too many requests" system.


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I hope you kill yourself



i use that same script it works just fine for me especially cause i doubt we'll see native support anytime soon


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who are you calling loser here vantablackchodeholster? arent you the one paying for discord nitro just to be blasted with animal sex drawings while crying for your hooker mums credit card?

you first literallywho tripfag go die in a hole on gaza strip take your military career and shove it up your cloaca bronie freak. if that does not work burn your sex costumes on the nearest jewish synagogue/embassy.

thanks ill purchase some stuff with stolen credentials hehe


Stolen credentials nigga ahahahah you know that the script is readable by anyone? It literally just loads the post amd checks if it has video tag hahahah

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