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Why is coomer slow? It's slow when downloading pics, vids, when loading pics and vids. The navigation is quick and that's very nice, but the files are slow. Can you do something about it? It's not my internet connection.


Get your own IPFS gateway, is that still an option these days?


how exactly do i do this?


I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. I'm asking the question here, you're just being a piece of shit. You could be so much nicer, but you decided to be an asshole


true. very slow


Yeah specifically the servers c2 and c6 are almost not working at all


I've been wondering the same thing. Literally can't watch any videos because this site's slow as a hearse


The coomer servers run on hopes and dreams


lmao for some reason I was under the impression coomer used IPFS for the storage backend. I guess not.


I don't know what it is, and I don't know if the guys who run the place are aware of it. When simpcity had problems, the guys told us they were going to fix it and they eventually did. we get no notifications here


I assume its because there's a bunch of retards automatically scrapping whole profiles into their 400TB porn collection and that wrecks the bandwith for everyone else who just wants to browse like a normal person


Yeah I personally don't scrape to download the videos but I scrape to collect the links of the videos to sort them by size or duration and put the links in an m3u file so I can play them as a playlist with out downloading. Does that have a significantly adverse
effect on the bandwidth?



not really, a proper m3u client implementation will download on demand


That's what I figured, although my original implementation to get the duration so I can sort by duration, used ffprobe to get that info from each link. which I suppose could be problematic that's why I requested for the duration of each video to be printed next to the videos in the frontend. Which is easily implementable because the duration is available in the dom for every video html tag. But for now I just resort to sorting by size. for which I just make a head request to get that info for each video link.



so in that case it really depends on how you're retrieving that information. is this something you wrote?

if the client is simply doing a HEAD request against the url for the video, it will just get the information from the server about that file. if you're doing a GET, it is a little more tricky because you'll need to tell the server you only want N bytes of the file.


To retrieve the size i'm only doing a HEAD request. But in my previous implementation to get the duration. I was using ffmpeg's ffprobe to retrive that information. I'm not sure of the inner workings of that but I suppose it's doing a GET request since duration info is not in the response headers. Another way I could get the duration would be If I used some headless browser scrapper that would allow me to retrive info from the dom object but that's an overkill for my use case. So hopefully coomer makes the duration info of each video available in the frontend until then I'll just resort to only getting the size from the HEAD requests


It has gotten worse to day specialy the c2 server and c6



I'm sick of this shit both this and kemono are unusable at this point, videos straight up wont load and if you choose to download them it takes twenty fucking minutes. This site has gone from the best place to jack off to a complete waste of time.


c2 is pretty much completely dead for me, if a video is hosted on it i can forget about it even starting playback.


I also am getting popups now on top of c2/c6 basically being bricked. I don’t understand where and how this even came to be when everything was ok for Jan/Feb for the most part.


Half an hour for a 750mb file


wow it's actually improving. There is hope c2 and c6 have improved exponentially


Dang it. it got worse again I wish we got updates


Yeah idk why everything is broken; I just wanna jerk off to femboy porn

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