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c6.coomer.su is down


looks like c6 is working again


c4 is down tho


C2 and C4 are down, nothing load no matter what.


It's too slow from a long time now. Have to bare with it due too much traffic.


And the admins do nothing


c6 is by far the slowest pile of shit server I've ever seen. Takes me back to the 56k modem days, god damn. Literally 8KB/s or less at times.


c2 and c4 are a werid case because they don't stream the videos at all but they have by far the fastest download speed. I waited two weeks to see a video hoping they'd eventually fix c4 until one day I tried downloading it and to my surprise it got me the entire 140mb file in seconds.


Yeah, recently I realize they actually work, but i think admins's hardware servers are broken 'cause when i use inspector from Chrome, its gets 429 error every time i try to watch a shit in C2 or C4. I mean, i am not a expert about this shit, i just searched for the error with the first link google got, but i began agreeing with others that admins don't care coomer anymore.



I mean its been over a month

C1 is STILL broken

The OF importer hasn't been fixed yet

Like maybe they're on summer vacation? Who knows. I miss the OF models


The admins worked on the CDN system and fixed the patreon importer over at keomono just recently.

See https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/42265.html


the of importer's still fucked, but it's nice they fixed c6. maybe they'll even send a mod or two to clean up those soyjacks


Coomer's setting off my malware detection. Again.



Yeah they won't fix the Onlyfans uploader but they'll push more ads and make the site less user friendly

Like wtf. I keep getting nasty redirects when I click on a page.

And im USING an adblocker


Why is no one talking about the fact that the American DOJ is set to shut down onlyfans? To me that is probably the reason why it’s not been fixed. They are waiting to see if they go through with it. No point in wasting your time on something that’s just going to be shut down in a few weeks.



You act like that's a bad thing.

Finally girls can be sluts again without us having to pay for it


Wouldn't that be all the more reason to fix the OF importer NOW? So that we can preserve as much OF content as possible before the US DOJ throws it all down the memory hole?


First I've heard of it, maybe this assassination attempt was just a distraction from shutting down OF!



Bullshit. OF isn't even a US company.


Neither was megaupload. Tell me again how that ended?


c1 and c6 are giving me a PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR



This site is so cooked. The admins are asleep while it burns.


I don't understand why it is so difficult to fix the OF extractor, I am able to extract and download videos from OF with an app on my mobile (if I have access to the account and the videos in the OF of course)


Last night I had a dream that coomer was working properly again…



The Admins are probably out partying due to it being summer.

They're college students apparently.

Probably won't be fixed till August or September. Maybe never. Who knows.


Pic or fake >:u

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