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I just submitted my OnlyFans account details in the Coomer "Importer" Import feature. How long does it take for the data to get processed so I can see the model I'm subscribed to in Coomer? Currently it just says "In Progress" and has said that for a few hours now.


^ I did the importer twice, but they should both be the same. Both say "In Progress" and have for hours.


I'm only subscribed to one OF model, and I'm planning on canceling the subscription before this month is over, but I figured I might as well submit it to Coomer first, so that you guys have the model I'm subscribed to archived and in the collection.


Read the other messages here. The OF importer has been broken for over a month. There's no update from the admins.


The importer has been broken for a month now

The admins are in a coma or abandoned the site. Nobody knows what is going on.

You'll just have to wait..could be days months years..


The importer is broken and has been for over a month now.

We don't know why they haven't fixed it or if it will be fixed.

All that's being imported is fansly and you get like 10 new posts a day it seems

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