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Admins have abandoned coomer


They could at least let somebody who ACTUALLY cares about the site work on it..


Sad, was such a decent site…


How long has the site been around? I’m trying to determine how sad I should be.


Any source for this claim?


they´re still active as in increasing the amount of ads we get, if anyone noticed. using coomer on my phone most of the time.
They´re trying to get as much money as they can before taking it off the internet imo.
But I still wanna be optimistic that the admin has a life of his own and needs to sort that out before getting to this. It´s an important project to combat rip-offs by some content creators, such as hidden PPV since there´s no yelp for Onlyfans.


get firefox and install ublock origin on your phone, and boom you no longer have to deal with ads


i mean tbf admin are most likely being sued by nintendo, a coomer subdomain was doing some nintendo piracy thing, if u want to know more feel free to search "nintendo archbox court detail"



What an idiot

Ruining something great by doing something obviously that will get them ruined..



All I ask is they fix the goddamn Onlyfans importer.


So this is how cooming dies… not with a bang, but a whimper



Its been dead for a month now..

The greatest porn site possibly ever. And it is just abandoned.

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