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So, you've got some questions about the site, and the way it operates? Well, this will be your one-stop location to get answers to the most asked questions on the site's Telegram and Partychan.


"Why can't I find a creator on Kemono?"

Try searching for the name as it appears on the pay-site or the URL, as some artists are indexed by names in non-English languages. However, note that not all artists are available on our site, as all of them must be manually imported by contributors. The best you can do if you can't find someone is to request them on the request thread on Partychan or the request channel on Telegram.


“Why do I see error 5xx? (500, 502, 503, 504, 525)”

These errors usually indicate something is either wrong with the site, or database. This is usually due to either server traffic, maintenance, or an outage. Usually, the Telegram group will allow you to see what’s happening, and why its happening. Please don’t fret, it is usually an easy fix but in the event it is not, please be patient. There is only a very small team working on Kemono, so please exercise patience and hold on while things are all sorted out. An easy way to see what is down is to check status.kemono.party. This has all the most up to date information about uptime of different parts of the site.


“I tried to download a video but it won’t open and only gives me a 128kb file. What do?”

These files are more or less useless as they contain no actual video data. They are .m3u8 files. These are playlist files that link either one video or multiple to a playlist. This is often used for YouTube, but is also known to be used by Patreon themselves as their own proprietary thing. THIS ALSO GOES FOR VIMEO FILES. THESE WILL ALSO NOT WORK DUE TO THE KEYS EXPIRING TOO QUICKLY AND THE FACT THEY ALLOW FOR WHITELISTING. Who tf actually uses Vimeo in 2021 anyway lmao? We aren’t in 2008.


How does the importer work?

The importer works thanks to anonymous people importing content from paywalls of which they have paid for and are currently subscribed to. This is done by them using the site’s importer function, and effectively allowing the server to automatically log in and download all content which they are subscribed to, then upload them to Kemono itself. The indexer then indexes the page so they are viewable, and serves it to you, the end user.


I tried to import something, but it gave me an error and told me to contact staff. What do?

In cases like these, you do exactly that; but before doing that, please try going through the following troubleshooting steps:
1: Check to make sure you used the correct Session_ID. You can find it within this tutorial: https://kemono.party/importer/tutorial
2: Make sure you are logged into your paywall
3: Log out and back into the paywall, then use the new Session_ID
4: If an Internal error occurs, please retry your import
5: If you get an “Error while trying to import (insert post here)”, please contact Kemono staff for assistance.
6: You are not subscribed to anyone. Please subscribe to someone and try again.

Should you want to get in contact for support, the best place would be the telegram chat, as moderation and administration is more active on there.

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