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mascot name

yoooo what is the name of the kemono.partys mascot

she is hot
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I desperately need help

Hello, I have a question. Would using the free gumroad links in the "Recent DMs" section in Kemono Party site cause unsuspected charges on the email that I used or the artist knowing about it and charge me for it?

I am getting a bit paranoid you see. For example, Rinhee has free gumroad links in the Recent DMs section, which is probably for her/his subscribers since it is free. And then I used it and accessed the "free" file using an email of mine since the site asks for your email before giving you the file. Now, would the artist know that I accessed her/his subscriber only file without paying and charge me for it through my email? It would be appreciated if you could answer my question and quell my anxiety. I am quite new to using Kemono Party, thanks for your time.
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Thank you kemono....

Well, where do I start?
All thanks to kemono, archiving some of the artists content is getting harder than before since they are able to use their crummy brains now. Since kemono just fetches attachments from paywall sites, this scrapping method is avoidable by using external links such as Dropbox, Mega, etc. Most of the content that is posted outside of Patreon is not import-able. This only results in a few https links being imported, and after a few days, this links might have died, expired, or changed. Flagging doesn't help much since some of the artists are keeping an eye on their content in kemono and instantly killing the link. Importing DM also not an option since some of the anonymous importers just aren't courageous enough to take the risk of getting exposed and blacklisted by the artist. While some might have used external links, other bright minded artists have the ability to code their own website "server", which has made scraping much much much harder. Not to forget, there are other alternatives to the Patreon site such as Boosty that are "not" yet supported by the scrapper bot. Kemono is well known in the artist community now, and there is very little chance that some of the artists aren't aware of it. All of this kemono "popularity" is just making it worse since they might have never used the paywall to post the high res content since taking commission is much safer and only posted the low res 480p image on e621. The situation gets even worse when Google SEO suggests kemono.party as the first search result if you search for "kemono".
I would thankful that kemono exist just that all this exposure making it worst in my personal opinion.
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Issues: Kemono3 being worked on edition?

Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>20616
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Minecraft sex mod gets DRM because dev can't physically handle people sharing it around

I didn't know you could put DRM in a fucking Minecraft mod, but okay.

Hope this shit gets cracked real quick, fuck Schnurri for this just on a general level.
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Artists Who Do Bodies Like SSSonic2 But Humans?

I know he draws humans SOMETIMES, but for me, not enough. Does anyone know any artists who draw similar insane/outrageous style bodies but not animal people all the time? Doesn't have to be humans ALL the time, but just someone who caters for people who prefer humans.

I always end up with a half/half looking at this guys pics lol.
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Shengtian Patreon Passwords

Hey, so, I'm recently viewing some of Shengtian's Patreon contents and noticed that most of the contents come in locked .zip files and I have no way of finding the password for it. If anyone can provide some, that'll be appreciated. Thank you!
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Kigurumi/Animegao Archive

Archive thread for all Kigurumi/Animegao on Kemono.Party
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Webnovel 9

Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!

Here is discord link for "Web novel &stuff"
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Any alternative for deleted links?

I was trying to download the haydee videos made by this guy https://kemono.party/patreon/user/69566129
But he deleted his mega links or got deleted i dunno theres no comments on the imports anyway where i can go to adk if someone downloaded content from a patreon/subscribestar before the artists nuked it? or fo i have before someone updates the kemono again?
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Download Video

Whenever I click download video text shows up instead which happens with all the download video links
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Loli hentai

Does anyone know any good artist who do loli hentai? need some new recommendations
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Booth pm?

Has the suggestion of this particular japanese site been made yet? If not there's a good chunk of content on there and if it's a matter of 3D models there's definitely stuff on there that's not on patreon or gumroad.
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Paywalled archive password sharing thread

Please use this thread to request and share passwords to files acquired off of paywalls. Once your request has been fulfilled, please report your post and it will be subsequently removed to keep it tidy.

Remember, this is not a general purpose request thread, but solely for passwords to files downloadable from paywalls and kemono that aren't publicly available
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Will Hydrus download files outside of kemono?

I started to use Gallery-dl lately and Just to found out that Gallery-dl would not download files that is outside kemono.party website. It seems that the only alternatives here are Hydrus Network, but I wonder will it able to automatically crawl and download files from outside of kemono.party? Such as from google drive, dropbox, mega links from posts? Has anyone ever try and see if it works?
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Request of blacklist

We need a blacklist button for artist who we dont wanna see on artist list, random artist feature and post of the artists we dont wanna see. And tehre is an unblock button on account settings if we did block that artist accidantly
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I subbed to some underappreciated image-only Fanboxes and I'm wondering why anyone uploads to you instead of just rips everything as a single gallery and ups it to the panda.
Do you make the process easier somehow? It's great that there's a place like this but I notice things like being unable to sort by upload date, or favorite artists showing an update but the new content not actually being there, and I just write this place off as temporary.
Change my mind if you want me to upload here.
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>be nyamota
>make porn of two parodies (neptunia and to-love ru)
>abandon one parody to focus on the other parody
>most fans are okay with it
>years pass by
>start making porn of other parodies
>fans get pissed
>double down
>get mad at fans

any other porn artists like this?
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Dear admins/mods

Crimson here, wanna ask something to higher ups.

1. Would you guys create a thread in /requests/ that allows requesting of DM/Archive/Discord stuffs? Before the board was locked down back then I do believe there was used to be one.
2. Should it be okay to create a thread in here which lists imported Discord servers that corresponds to the paywall artist's name? AFAIK, there's a lot of imported servers in Kemono that got half to completely different name than the artist's name, which makes content searching more difficult for us.

Be waiting for your answers, admins/mods. Crimson out.
(pic unrl)
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Old versions of posts

It seems that posts have been able to be updated for some period of time which is good, however I've discovered a case where it's NOT. I have an artist bookmarked who got nailed by pixiv's staff for posting uncensored psds and has been going through and replacing the original files with flattened versions. Is there any way to access the previous versions of posts/attachments or did all the pussies fall into the void?
Link btw https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/273185
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Dicasty1 in kemono party

Please help me to which Patreon dicasty1 to upload it to kemono party please
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Artists on KP Who Do Good Art Tips/Tuts?

Simple recc's thread. As the title says I'm looking for artists imported here who've got good quality premium art tutorials & tips.

Not looking for "simple/basic cartoony or moe doodle" style tuts, but high quality stuff.
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Tired of Content Being Locked Behind DMs

To those who import artists that have the reward link in DMs and yet don't, why? Defeats the purpose of importing anything.
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Archive/DM/etc. contents thread #3

Lv. 100 Kemono Boss edition
(previous thread: https://archive.ph/AnFTd)

This thread is specifically made for posting links to contents (especially paywalled ones) from paywall creators which is normally unobtainable from Kemono's importer. Said contents/links can be (but not limited to):
- Archives/Galleries (official or not/private)
- DM-only stuffs (rewards, exclusives, etc.)
- Contents posted in "threads" in a creator's Discord
- Contents originating from "paywall" services not supported by Kemono yet (PrimeLeap, Boosty.to, itch.io, etc.)
- Contents from artist's personal paywall sites (ones that requires you to log in with a subscribed Patreon first before proceeding)
- SubscribeStar contents/archives (for now since there are several issues regarding SubStar imports going on and requests for imports of it being locked at the time this thread is made)

Few stuffs to point out (1/2)
- REVAMPED RULE: If the previous thread requires you to encrypt links before posting, now you gotta ENCRYPT THE CREATOR'S NAME AND THE SHARED CONTENT'S NAME/DESCRIPTION as well. This encryption bullshit is to PREVENT search engines like Google from viewing this thread's messages (artists googling their links/content name and nukes them if they found it being leaked here). Use format like Base64 or something else you prefer for encryption.
Do your requests in an active DM and Archive request thread in this board:
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Hi. It seems that some artists started hiding the full-res pics in the comments section, and so far, not a single comment has been imported from the patreon. So, I've been wondering if there's some way to still import comments?
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Does anyone have a script that can point to a directory and compress every folder to 7z with these settings in subdirectories two levels deep?

We can save so much space with this… I compressed a 704 MB folder to a 25 MB 7z file with these settings alone.
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historical version pages for two posts
The password update posts in it are deleted
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Uncensored arts thread

A thread for sharing uncensored art pieces of several japanese artists.

There's a rule going on there where all lewd arts must be censored even a little. Including myself, some people can find that those censorships are blocking the horny view.

Feel free to share uncensored art pieces in here first or third party versions/edits, individually or in an archive.

(Please note that the thread would be pretty much focusing more into furry arts instead of human ones, hence the site's original purpose for furry stuffs.)
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Gumroad importing is dead. RIP

Gumroad importer is completely fucked. No wonder we aren't seeing new imports. Limit is 500 and all keys are at least 580 characters long.

I guess Gumroad wins in the end. So much for the site being a good importer
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Yiff.Party Archive

Well its time for me to share the full yiff.party archive
Its the only known full scrape of the site.

The archive is stored in multiple Google TeamDrives, Please message me on telegram on this handle https://t.me/Hermietkreeft

Reply to this for any questions
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Feature Request

Would it be possible to add attached file names to the search?

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Kemono API datetime format

I suggested this to the Kemono twitter account in a DM and they wanted me to suggest it here instead.
I was examining Kemono's API and wanted to bring the ISO 8601-1:2019 datetime representation standard to their attention. It would probably be a better option for indicating times in the API JSON responses for what its worth. If someone is doing an API query then the values don't really need to be human readable, they should be machine processable first and foremost. Its a reasonable assumption that nobody is making an API request and showing the results without interpreting them first.

Just as another reason for using it, the standardized System.Text.Json library present in .Net core will throw a JsonException for any datetime values which don't conform to that standard.
Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/datetime/system-text-json-support
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Importing updates

I was just importing some stuff and the importer seemed to skip all post from one user where he has updated a few of those post. I would recommend changing it so it either checks for changes or just imports regardless
R: 75 / I: 12
These .psd files are too large.

I don't have Photoshop, is there any other way to batch convert .psd files into .png or another format?
R: 29 / I: 2
These artists are retarded, they make the names for the files inside the zip so damn long that you can't unzip it or move the extracted files. The only workaround I've found is to manually go through each file in each zip but it becomes a chore when you're ripping 100+ artists because you end up with thousands of zip files.

Has anyone found any better workaround?
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Has any artist you add to kp ever found out that you upload their art on here? Not just finding out that their content is being leaked, but finding the specific pledger whos leaking it.

And has anyone ever been banned from Patreon or Gumroad for using kp? Im thinking of adding some artists onto the site, but I wonder if theres any risk in doing so.
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any recent changes?

i just notice something's off about kemono recently. is there any major changes being done to kemono on the recent days? i just need conformation about this.
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I'm going to leak this bitches entire goddamn discord
$20 minimum to access NSFW my fucking ass
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Regarding DMCA

What is the point of DMCA? Lets say I posted art, and someone ripped it here. What would this DMCA do on a piracy site like this? Would it be taken down permanently? I'm a character modeler, and I heard whisperings of people talking about DMCAing people. Artists have breakdowns, saying they're going to DMCA this site. What is the process like? The DMCA page even states it might be shared with third parties, what is the reason for that? It says transparency but… I feel as if that isn't exactly transparent. I just thought I'd ask. For transparency, I don't sell my stuff, so this isn't an issue I'll have.
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Zankuro Password?

Latest ザンクロー work posted on both fanbox and fantia are passworded, anyone has the password please?.
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I couldn't ask this on telegram cuz your server is banned in my country, and so is your website (the way it works is that if my ISP detects porn ads it will blacklist the website entirely).

Is there a better way to view unblocked sites without the use of third party VPNs? i'm tired of having a limited time usage with free VPNs and everytime i buy a VPN like NordVPN it doesnt work cuz that VPN service is blocked in my country.

I tried using DNS like google's but that didn't do anything.

I am stuck in the middle east atm.
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Oh jesus fucking christ, how did I never stumble upon this loser before
I'm fucking dying here
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Pixiv Creators

So, the admins are fixing the Patreon importer. Meanwhile, do you have any good creators of Pixiv Fanbox? I'm reading you.
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As an artist whos stuff was posted here...

(I can't say which artist I am so I don't have people unsubbing suddenly lol)
But I love and support kemono.party so much. Its an excellent tool for finding stuff from deleted patreon creators (I hate when creators delete their whole pages without notice. I belive kemono doesn't even take away from artist's revenue at all (at most barley) hell i use this site often and i used yiff.party back then so i would be a hypocrite if I denounced this site. Keep up the great work. Any artist getting mad at this site are just mad they have 1560 supporters instead of 1569 supporters lol
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Better than kemono :
R: 2 / I: 0
Anyone have Xpray DMs dropbox link 3-13-2022 to 5-26-2022?
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Kemono Browser Extension

sup. I've been developing a simple Tampermonkey userscript for fun and would like to know what ya'll think and if anyone would be interested in testing it soon-ish (once I polish it further and setup a proper reverse-CORS server, or even a full API server that stays in sync with Kemono).

the script checks if the paywall user you're currently checking is leaked on Kemono and adds a button to the page which redirects to it when clicked. I added some extra functionality such as a local cache so the CORS server doesn't get fetched on every single page load.

so far I've added support for Subscribestar, Patreon, Fanbox and Pixiv (the ids are the same so why not).

Unsure if I'll create a GitHub page for it but if I do, it'll be fully open-source so anyone can contribute with improvements.

- SD
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Otokonoko/Trap Thread

A thread which serves as a list for artists imported on Kemono who have otokonoko/trap content.


If you find more artists with otokonoko/trap content, please share in the comments.
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Is fantia broken?
Im trying to import an artist but its giving me an error that my session id is too long, "The key length of "64" is not a valid Fantia key. Required length: "32"."

but the _session_id I Have for the site IS 64 long…
R: 6 / I: 1
No day goes well without an artist taking drastic and "smart" measure(s) to keep their art safe. Any other similar artists you guys know of?
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Updating artists?

Where I can possibly ask to update artist which don't have recent posts on kemono.party?
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Tagging system for artists on kemonoparty

Is there any plan to implement a tagging system like the one Yiff.party had for patreon artists? Everytime i click on a random recently updated artist, i always see diaper shit, footfaggotry and many other disgusting shit, and i wanna blacklist this shit.
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>Sees this
>Checks the associated model makers gumroad (where they've just been released) KP mirror
>It's fucking gonzo

Lol, get rekt KP I guess
R: 4 / I: 3

Operate by a bunch of immature in their 20's

Instead of wasting time, please at least update your announcement board in both the website and telegram, some people don't use English as their native language.
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What is this artists called on KP (or wherever)?

I remember seeing all these little hentai pics on Yiff Party years back and it turned out they were XXX sprites for some legit game called Darkest Dungeon. When I saw the pic in the thread below, it looked like the same artist and I thought "maybe I'll check this game out" I'm bored AF.

But after using Saucenao, it can't be the same artist… Does anyone know the name of the artist(s) I'm looking for? The artstyle IIRC looked extremely similar.
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is the subscribestar importer still dead ?
R: 12 / I: 4

Plans for "Patreon Integration" scrapers?

Honestly it gets pretty annoying when someone on kemono starts getting slick and puts their shit behind integration paywalls. Besides the tried and true method of just downloading the file, archiving it, and spreading it in >>284, is there any plans for a dedicated import system for sites that use Patreon integration for paywalling (ex. Itch.io)?
R: 3 / I: 1
I want to know how to download the Kemono app to my phone.
R: 4 / I: 0


Is kemono ever going to expand its list of imports to primeleap? I wouldn't mind fucking over Primeleap shills a bit.
R: 500 / I: 47

Issues: Kemono3 being worked on edition

Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>19914
R: 3 / I: 0

Feature Requests

Hi, I have a feature request about the Patreon posts content, the internal links.

When the a post contain a link to another Patreon post, for exemple
>Play latest version of the game build here! : https://www.patreon.com/posts/my-pig-princess-64223311
is it possible to add a Kemono link to the target post somewhere? (next to the initial link or bellow the post for exemple)
This is probably easily done with regex/search/replace (if we assume that the post is from the same user).
R: 3 / I: 0
I used to get so hyped when I saw this. Now it just fills me with rage. I gave the little cocksucker money for several months, and after delaying Part 3 AND being a whiny bitch about it, he takes all of our money and fucks off. I did what every brainless shill and money-hungry (con)artist told me was the right thing to do and THIS is what I get in return. I swear porn artists are the most entitled people on the fucking planet, they charge you 5 shekels for like 2 images a month if you're lucky, and then they take 4 months off because they stubbed their fucking toe or some shit, and pray to God you don't have to use discord to access their art that you already paid for because they want to prevent piracy even though it DOESN'T FUCKING WORK AND ONLY MAKES ACCESSING THE ART A PAIN IN THE ASS. And while they pretend they don't have enough time to make more art, they certainly have time to stream themselves playing video games for 5 hours every single day (which you'll have to pay extra for). Never paying for art again, long live kemono
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okay so

is there's any way i can search for file extensions at attachments in artist pages in kemono? there's an artist i really would like to get all of their psd/sai files, but they got too much posts imported

if there's none, any chances that this feature might be added in the future?

pic unrl
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Simple FAQ for anons like you

So, you've got some questions about the site, and the way it operates? Well, this will be your one-stop location to get answers to the most asked questions on the site's Telegram and Partychan.
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Comment section doesn't show up

The comment section on blackprof from patreon doesn't show up at all , most of his work are linked in the comment section of the posts
R: 140 / I: 6

Useful software thread

Post information about websites or software that people deserve to know about.

gallery-dl (https://github.com/iori-hub/gallery-dl)
A program that, once installed, lets you run a command in command prompt to download all images from a given link. It's compatible with pretty much every site I've tried it on, too. (Twitter, FurAffinity, e621, Inkbunny, Newgrounds, e-hentai, Pixiv, and surprisingly even Kemono.)
The main downside is that it's a python script run from command prompt, so to install it you need to install python (and in my case that didn't work so I needed to install it through Chocolatey, which is another python script that does… something?). Once it's installed, though, all you need to do is feed it a link and it just works.

Twitter Media Downloader (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tw-media-downloader)
Firefox extension. Essentially an in-browser version of gallery-dl for just twitter specifically. Easier to install, and it has an actual HUD instead of using command-line. It also lets you download a user's LIKES too, not just their media or retweets.

r34dl (https://github.com/r34dlnew/Rule34.xxx-Downloader)
rule34.xxx is one of the few sites gallery-dl doesn't work on, so I use this instead. Lets you download the entirety of the results of a specified search.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder (http://www.duplicate-finder.com/photo.html)
This program scans a given folder (including subfolders) for duplicates, then lists them and gives you the option to move or delete them. This is really useful for doing a first-pass over a mass-downloaded gallery before sorting it "properly" afterwards.
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Process videos

Artists of Kemono.party, do you know the name of artists who draw amazing and post videos of their process? It doesn't necessarily have to be porn. I want to study their stuff so I can improve my art
R: 9 / I: 0

Lack of Patreon stuff

It seems like everything but Patreon has been getting uploaded I've looked at the recently uploaded and the last time something from Patreon was posted was months ago
R: 5 / I: 0
So how is it working out for the rest of you?

"The Patreon importer is working, give it a shot."

No patreon imported since 2 days ago.

Tries patreon importer… Fails spectacularly.
R: 4 / I: 2
Oh boy, I can't wait to support my favorite artists, especially Spindles and Kidmo. I really hope they release the content I paid for on a reasonable schedule and don't scam me out of my money by leaving for 3+ months at a time while leaving their Patreon open…!
R: 13 / I: 6

Datadome got BTFO

I'm a bit late to this but I just wanted to make a thread where we clown on Datadome. A million dollar company who can't seem to do their job worth a damn compared a 3 dev team lmfao. So take this moment shit on an anti scrapping company. Come on ya know ya want to celebrate with the dry spell they put Kemono party through.
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Im trying to upload the keys for the locked animations in paloma-palomas feral frenzy discord server

here they are for now since i cant upload them to the kemono archive.

The VIP password is "Bird2022!"

Include caps and special symbols!
Do not include quotes!
— Today at 6:13 PM
The Premium password is "Itoriffic2022!"

Include caps and special symbols!
Do not include quotes!
— Today at 6:49 PM
The Standard password is "2022Paloma!"

Include caps and special symbols!
Do not include quotes!
R: 16 / I: 2

Queue Backlog

What is with all the pixiv fanbox content being uploaded? Who has that much money to go and support that many people? Is that what is causing such a huge backlog of uploads?
R: 1 / I: 0


Tryna find this image set. No questions
R: 3 / I: 0

Link Forwards to Patreon

Any link i try to click to download it just forwards to a patreon page which i do not have access to
R: 6 / I: 0

Faster methods of downloading mega?

A creator has 23 pages uploaded (some have more), each one containing a mega download link (probably). I have mega sync, found out you can just copy the megalink into "open links" which speeds up the process. But going through each and every single one of those 25 times 23 (minus whatever is not on the last page) would take forever, even with that technique. I been looking on reddit if there is a way to quickly download in bulk (without mentioning site names) but haven't gotten responses from either of the posts yet. So, is there a faster way of downloading mega links?
R: 7 / I: 0

limited or impossible access to NSFW content

there are some accounts registered here that have limitations or blockage to NSFW content, could they find ways to give us access to that content, such as downloading the file, link and/or having the password, I would be very grateful
R: 2 / I: 0


Hi all,
Hoping for some help.
Where did all the Patreon/cosplay content end up from yiff.party?
Thank you
R: 4 / I: 0

Bold Text Support

I found an artist who is *technically* already imported, but has discovered a pretty crafty way of hiding the passwords via bold characters which Kemono lacks support for. Anyone got the passwords or a way to get to them?

Link: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/5921803
R: 2 / I: 0
>Site is fixed
>Site team's face when
Cheer bros, I drink to that. Congratulations.
R: 5 / I: 0

There are patreon links that wasn't in the Archive

There is a patreon user who has a link in patreon that wasn't still posted (like it's hidden)

The user is pretty smart.
R: 4 / I: 1

Support creator for important or not necessary?

Is this implying you have to support the creator when the importer is used and does tier of support matter for importing the higher tier content?

Will it update posts that had it's download link edited, say raw file or post or mega link replaced with gumroad?
R: 500 / I: 59

Issues: Importer being fixed edition #2

Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>19168
R: 21 / I: 13 (sticky)

Maintenence and site works notices

See here for words on Maintenance and works being performed on the site!
R: 61 / I: 6
How do I make money as an artist without paywalling everything? Most artists do not live off commissions but off their patreon.
I've been a pirate all my life and I want to be fair with my other fellow pirates but charging over 500$ for a commissions that everyone will see in the end is not going to float in the market.
R: 4 / I: 0

SugarbellArt stuff

what's really the point of importing the patreon posts of SugarbellArt if it doesn't include the NSFW stuff?
R: 8 / I: 0

Kotlin scrapper…?

Why kemono is not based on Kotlin?
R: 4 / I: 0

Paywall memes

Best I can do. Anyone else?
R: 15 / I: 2

Fantia payments

Hey all
Anyone knows how to make payments on Fantia?

I used a credit card in the past but it appears they implemented more security for payment as of last month where you now need a 3D secure credit card which I don't have.

Any ideas on how to continue making payments outside of Japan?

This will affect lots of users that imported content from there.

>pic related
R: 4 / I: 2
Still waiting…
R: 499 / I: 64

Issues: Importer being fixed edition

Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>18111
R: 15 / I: 0

Kemono.party in a nutshell

Thank you importers. Your contribution makes kemono alive.
R: 47 / I: 5

The End?

It's been almost 2 weeks since the last Patreon artist was imported.
Anyway, since Kemono Patreon import is offline, fellow importers can try importing your stuff on MemoryHole.
Time to fill up the hole.

I'm surprised that a lot of people still didn't know bout this website despite the clean UI, stable performance, and download.
(They also have their own chan in here)
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Does anyone know how to get Kemono.party down?. They are criminal bastards, and will go to jail, in near future.
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Rather than do this, they choose to be an idiot instead

This guy is spitting facts here, I guess the admin and devs are dumb enough to do this simple thing. This >>19155 memez really do fits well. Poor mods handling all of these people that constantly asking about it.
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Bro…did you guys just literally use gallery-dl and not credit them? 💀💀💀
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Just found this website and was wondering why users don't upload torrents instead

I imagine this is the #1 most frequently asked question, so I apologize
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Requests have a new home

As a preparatory step that is part of an effort to increase quality across all our community discussion spaces, all request generals have been merged into a new board - /requests/.
Please check it out if you wish to ask for updates or additions!
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Welcome back to /kemono/!

This is the place to discuss kemono.party, a scraper/leaker site for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Discord, DLsite, and Fantia.
1. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America.
2. Keep it comfy. Avoid uncomfortable topics likely to start arguments. You know what they are.
3. Genuine discussion concerning piracy is welcome, but blatant trolling, flamewars, and bait are not.
4. Do not ask people to update or add creators ("request,") outside of the dedicated sticky. Doing so will result in a ban.
5. Self-promotion and all forms of advertisement are not welcome.
>Wait, what happened to the old board? (paywall.party)
The original Partychan board was made as a collaboration with the administrator of the late ofans.party, who went more or less MIA without warning. I did not control paywall.party, or have access to its servers, so could not fix the issues the board was having.
This new site is 100% controlled by me on Kemono's infrastructure.
>Want to develop or moderate for Kemono? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.