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Useful software thread

Post information about websites or software that people deserve to know about.

gallery-dl (https://github.com/iori-hub/gallery-dl)
A program that, once installed, lets you run a command in command prompt to download all images from a given link. It's compatible with pretty much every site I've tried it on, too. (Twitter, FurAffinity, e621, Inkbunny, Newgrounds, e-hentai, Pixiv, and surprisingly even Kemono.)
The main downside is that it's a python script run from command prompt, so to install it you need to install python (and in my case that didn't work so I needed to install it through Chocolatey, which is another python script that does… something?). Once it's installed, though, all you need to do is feed it a link and it just works.

Twitter Media Downloader (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tw-media-downloader)
Firefox extension. Essentially an in-browser version of gallery-dl for just twitter specifically. Easier to install, and it has an actual HUD instead of using command-line. It also lets you download a user's LIKES too, not just their media or retweets.

r34dl (https://github.com/r34dlnew/Rule34.xxx-Downloader)
rule34.xxx is one of the few sites gallery-dl doesn't work on, so I use this instead. Lets you download the entirety of the results of a specified search.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder (http://www.duplicate-finder.com/photo.html)
This program scans a given folder (including subfolders) for duplicates, then lists them and gives you the option to move or delete them. This is really useful for doing a first-pass over a mass-downloaded gallery before sorting it "properly" afterwards.
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Webnovels 5

Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!
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Request Thread #1 (DM/Archives)

Only request works released via DM or archives here.

This thread is NOT to request artists for import. For those requests see >https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/6.html

Should you be able to fulfil a request, please follow instructions here >https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/284.html#q284
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Issues and Feedback Thread #2

Air any issues with the site, or anything you think should be added/changed to make the site better.
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shit come out of my ass

lmfao imagine giving idea to advertise your site on twitter and gaining a huge traffic now can't afford all those heavy incoming traffic and decided to shut down the other useful download function because lack of fund to keep those up online. what a retarded move
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Request Thread #5 (General)

Holy FUCK you guys really are insufferable hyper-coomers… A WEEK! A WEEK AND YOU FILLED A THREAD. JESUS FUCK!

Anyway, here's another one. REMEMBER, No spam or massive lists, as per the rules.
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Archive/DM contents thread (Rebirth edition)

Crimson here, again.

Use this thread to share archives (MEGA, GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and DM/Paywall site contents. If you wanna request, do it in the pinned request thread above and make it obvious in your request about the archive/DM stuff.

(Since kemono already got a DM importing feature, it'll be best to upload the DM contents there and notify anyone else about it in this thread.)


We'll counting on you.
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Copyright is a spook.
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What has happened to kemono?

In recent months, kemojo seems to have been taken control by other people. Why? Here are some of the evidence. Who ever this guys is, he managed to make kemono admin to reinforced the rule of nonsense. Like posting sticker, it's not like people are posting it in ths main chat, they are being posted in OFF TOPIC group. Again OFF TOPIC. He gets annoyed and makes his own rule and admin blindly agree to it. And right away being promoted as moderators. Did admin gets easily controlled by people?? Now there a are new rules where non related stuff other than kemono website are not encouraged to be discuss in main group. And how irony right after few day of that rules being made, the mod are discussing other than kemono stuff related. Some discuss about halo, nintendo and such. I mean wtf? Why other aren't allowed but they can?
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Artists & Paywalls

This thread is a successor of "DRM artists" threads from the dead yiff.party and paywall.party boards.

Discuss, explain, and or rant about artists and their bad sides in this thread, as well as their usage and methods regarding the paywalls that is getting even more 'ferocious' as time passes.

REMEMBER TO KEEP THINGS COOL IN HERE, otherwise you'll risk yourself, others, or even worse, this very thread, to be deleted.
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Welcome back to /kemono/!

This is the place to discuss kemono.party, a scraper/leaker site for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Discord, DLsite, and Fantia.
1. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America.
2. Keep it comfy. Avoid uncomfortable topics likely to start arguments. You know what they are.
3. Genuine discussion concerning piracy is welcome, but blatant trolling, flamewars, and bait are not.
4. Do not ask people to update or add creators ("request,") outside of the dedicated sticky. Doing so will result in a ban.
5. Self-promotion and all forms of advertisement are not welcome.
>Wait, what happened to the old board? (paywall.party)
The original Partychan board was made as a collaboration with the administrator of the late ofans.party, who went more or less MIA without warning. I did not control paywall.party, or have access to its servers, so could not fix the issues the board was having.
This new site is 100% controlled by me on Kemono's infrastructure.
>Want to develop or moderate for Kemono? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.
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Paywalled game thread

A thread dedicated to paid games from several paywall sites/methods. Share them or any infos about them in here.
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Request Thread #4 (General)

You know the drill.
Get to begging, little coomers.
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Clean Thoughts About This

Day by day has passed, and more artist are taking the send through emails/expired links/individual rewards method. All of that rooted to this, the twitter account. So should kemono ever deleted this account and move on? Or should the just leave this account active and make it been discovered more by artist?

By the way, kemono search are getting a little bit slower, around 60 or more until I've been able to search. Probably bring back the enter to search was a good idea for now.

When will manual upload gets online? There might be several people out there have a bunch of fluffkevlar files and have no other place to upload it.
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Yiff.Party Archive

Well its time for me to share the full yiff.party archive
Its the only known full scrape of the site.

The archive is stored in multiple Google TeamDrives, Please message me on telegram on this handle @HermitusKreefteritus

Reply to this for any questions
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SubscribeStar Import down?

Been trying to update SomeScrub's SubscribeStar page since that's where their juicier stuff goes, but the importer never actually imports any posts and gives me these two lines. Help would be much appreciated.
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Giantess Macro/Micro thread

Discuss artists who draw giantess and size difference stuff here. Please contribute if possible.

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210712123936/https://paywall.party/kemono/res/4313.html#4313
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Import Error

Is Import System working or not i always get this error
[98843319]: Starting import. Your import id is 98843319.
[98843319]: Status code 401 when contacting Patreon API.
[98843319]: Status code 401 when contacting Patreon API.
[98843319]: No active subscriptions or invalid key. No posts will be imported.
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Issues with importing with Subscribestar

whats going here? There are several posts in here yet its not uploading. just scanning. i used the auth_token cookie as it says to use. or is there another cookie im supposed to use?
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please don't update the creators unless they posted their REAL creations

again, seriously

i'm just ranting a bit about the existence of unimportant posts from lots of artists/creators such as their stream notifications, poll stuffs, and such
seriously, i think i'm not the only one in here who is upset or disappointed even for a bit about this, right?
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20th time trying to reply IM NOT A ROBOT!!!!!

the artists' pages wont load properly unless i manually add ?o=0 at the end of the url
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Good News and Bad News

Good new is Kemono now has 5tb of new hard drive.

Bad news is kemono was hosted on some random asshole house aka sysadmin. Admin of kemono just literally met him this year and put all his trust to him. He also the person who responsible and urge the idea of making a twitter announcing to all artist of the existence of kemono. Now a lot of artist has using the method of keeping their art behind dropbox, gdrive, etc and make it expired after a certain date. This is a huge hustle since kemono can't scrape it yet the import would be late or the link has dead after someone has imported it. He also has the full archive of yiff.party. He is the sysadmin of kemono the person who ddos hundreds of website such as furaffinity, and e621. I'm not surprised id this thread going to get deleted by the scumbag moderators.
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How to set cookies on Gallery-DL?

I have been trying to download on kemono by using gallery dl. The only problem was how do I set the cookies? Everytime I tried, DDoS guard will say that cookies is not being set. Anyone could share some tutorial plis? I know kemono does have raync the only problem was sometime its failed for sudden
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Data Hoarding and Archiving

Mods are free to join in since they know best about efficient storage and archive plans. Please move this to /b/ if this doesn't belong in /kemono/.

What kind of free storage plans do you use to hoard kemono data to redistribute it and for when kemono dies because all things die at some point, anons? Also what services do you recommend for archiving?

Cloud storage is not an option because it's heavily monitored and that defeats backups.
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Dear angry artists,

Because I know you're lurking after the Twitter incident.
Doing art as a career is fine. Don't get me wrong, you really should do art as a hobby if possible as to maintain creative integrity and ensure the wrong incentives don't come into play, but that may not be realistic for some.
But for fucks sake, could you lighten up on the paywalls? Literally everyone but the simpiest of whiteknights hates this shit. It turns your entire presence into a giant advertisement, and spreads like a cancer by encouraging other artists to employ similar monetization strategies even if they don't need to, which means people have to pay hundreds to see the work of all the artists they enjoy. And yes, some people actually do end up spending that much. Additionally, intentionally or not, you could also end up selling content that used to be completely free at a premium, which is scummy for obvious reasons. Alternative rewards and monetization models that don't involve paywalling do exist despite relative unpopularity.
You complain constantly about "muh rent," while failing to realize your consumers have the same expenses. So stop collectively milking them dry.
pic unrl
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Kemono.party official Telegram!

If you haven't seen already, we have a Telegram group!

There are four in total, each serving a different purpose for the Kemono community.
kemono.party: This is the main chat, intended for development discussion and bug reporting. To a certain extent, general discussion is also welcome.
kemono.banter: This chat is for large porn/meme dumps, roleplay, and off-topic discussion.
kemono.requests: This chat is for requesting new creators to be added to Kemono, or for existing ones to be updated.
kemono.notifications: This chat lists all changes and updates made to the Kemono website and the importer. Unless you're a developer, this channel is likely not of interest.

The telegram group is the go to place to make serious issues know, request creators for import, and to generally chat and have fun with like-minded individuals without all the petty squabble of anons constantly arguing.

Should you enter, READ THE RULES! AND READ THEM THOROUGHLY! We don't take rule breakers lightly and WILL take action.

The following link will take you to the portal that will allow you to enter each different chat as mentioned above.

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Request Thread #3 (General)

Bump limit was reached.
Now you can beg into the void once more
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Switching over to Hydrus Network

I'm thinking of switching my porn collection over to Hydrus Network. Is there anything I should know before I move a collection this big?

Some of these artist folders are sorted by chracter already, but some of them are just gallery-dl dumps. Is that relevant in any way for Hydrus, or does it just pull all the images individually and sort them by its own methods?
R: 10 / I: 3

Import Request Discussion

Feel free to throw this on a pyre mods, this is to prevent the topic from being brought up in the feedback thread without being addressed.

As you already know, anons can currently beg for content to be imported on KP in the following places among others
>>2468 current general begging thread
>>896 current DM/archives begging thread
Requests (which is admin dixit to be wiped at some point)
Discord and Telegram (see homepage)

What's been suggested so far and the main concerns are dupe requests and broken artists who need to be fixed on top of being updated
* fixing the request board (too many anons to quote, unlikely)
* making requests telegram only via a rss feed (restrictive but coordinated) >>2864
* voting (vote rigging is trivial regardless of method used but this is worth mulling over if using remote metrics) >>111
* automatic updates for artists (convenient and not hard to implement but very dangerous if done wrong by the developers or the importers) >>2754 >>2194 >>2184 >>2178 and others
* request button on artist page (looks cool and easy to use but if coded wrongly, it does not help) >>2712
* stop requesting (mentioning this for the lulz, but this is actually not wrong if people keep requesting things nobody cares enough about to pay for and multiple times too, waste of time and money for everyone) >>2599

Forgot many anons but body will become too long. Discuss if you feel like it.

TLDR: Thoughts on a better requesting/begging system than the current ones?
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got some STRANGE problems here

i cant' access some files in the siTe of some artist
wenever i try i get
a phishing warning and only can get a 1kb fake file…… tryed diff browser/noscrip off and no luck i go a dns block warning also wth!!!
dunno why but very others files are ok
ONLY SOME do problems…..
what's the deal? is this a bad joke of someone? or a conspiration?
try these and tell me if they work on your pc:
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>mfw Fantia support added
R: 6 / I: 0
R: 16 / I: 2
Holy mother of fuck, here i am going through my monthly favorites feed to see if any of them got updated and like half of the pictures i see are cropped and telling everyone that their pics are available on discord. Does Kemono simply not have features that allow anyone to manually upload or be able to manually upload pictures from Early access discord channels? Because i cannot stand seeing an artist's page like darkenstardragon get full early access pictures with full rez and then all of a sudden its nothing but cropped pictures just like Danza does.
R: 15 / I: 1
Would kemono party ever gets a OnlyFans support? I hvae heard of the story that the website that scrape onlyfans content got thier domains seized by OnlyFans.
R: 4 / I: 2


Feel free to share some of his content here to avoid loss of his previous archive. I'm not sure if these kind of already exist but eh.
R: 2 / I: 0
>fucker hasn't made a new post in over 8 months
>gets updated every few days anyways
R: 39 / I: 1

is it time to move to seiso?

Kemono has recently been having a lot of issues with the UI being glitchy, slow download speeds, import integrity, random 400/500 errors, and more recently a severe security vulnerability was found and exploited to delete all favorites on an account. We don't know if there's other similar exploits on the site that would allow an attacker to do things that are even more evil (like exposing session keys, deleting accounts, or getting passwords).

Meanwhile Seiso hasn't had any issues like this. It's fast, has no bugs, and hasn't had any security issues like kemono has. It's supposed to be a lot more scalable than kemono too. We should probably start moving to importing content to seiso instead of kemono because who knows if it's possible for an attacker to compromise session keys from imports on kemono. That would expose all the importers and get them banned from the paysites.
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2kb video files that contain a bunch of .m3u8 links for different video qualities don't fucking work

how the fuck does one get them to work?
don't even try to say to me to take it to the issues and feedback thread, there are at least four post there complaining of the same thing and they have not been answered either.
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Obscure file hosting sites

So I've been thinking, there must be any other more file sharing and hosting sites that is less known/obscure out there. Even sites that shows list of file hosting sites, anonymous or not, doesn't list such obscure sites.

Does anyone happen to know sites like this out there? Such example for the said sites are Anonfiles (anonfiles.com) or Nopy (nopy.to).
Feel free to share any obscure/anonymous file sharing sites you know in this thread.

BTW, does any of you knows any file sharing sites that allows file uploading from URLs? I would like to use it for a quick file uploading tricks for a couple of archives I'm planning to share in this board once I'm done.
R: 3 / I: 0


if unfortunately the site does not have this option, please tell me a way to see it.
R: 16 / I: 0

Other leak sites

Hey, anyone knows other sites that hosts pirated stuffs than Kemono and Seiso?
Sites that I only know of are U18 and F95 only.
Also, there are few archive sites I know that hosts IB and FA stuffs. If you guys want them, let me know in the thread.

pic unrelated
R: 1 / I: 0

Pages that get cluttered with inaccessible stream posts.

I'm guessing these posts were never accessible from the start (they just get auto-imported). So if I understand correctly they're just unusable "clutter" right?

Is there any way we can report these posts for removal (in the interest of organisation/tidiness)? Its a minor thing, but without all this clutter, it'd make for much quicker artist browsing.

Look at Legoman for example, theres TONS of "actual content" but nearly every page is almost entirely "[$5 Picarto Stream]" clutter posts meaning you have to go through dozens of pages to find each "content" post. Theres 2500+ posts but I reckon 1500+ of them are empty "clutter posts".


Again, this is of course assuming all these posts were unusable to begin with.
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Login Broke

I clicked Favourited a post, then I got this error, it redirected me to the login page, but I keep getting this error, so now anytime I visit this specific post or the log in page, I get stuck in an infinite loop of error box and the page refreshing.

Anyone else got this problem? Is it a server thing or is there anything I can do?
R: 16 / I: 0

Uploader Pettiness

Like mate, that's what I'm sayin'..!
Why even stress yourself and your fanbase, out like that?

I don't personally follow this one, but seeing them in updated, almost every day, was rather strange to me.

Strange as in, "here we go with them changing their links again".
R: 42 / I: 5


Well..since kemono have a slow downloads speed and constantly failing I advice to start importing all of the artist into seiso.party. Seiso has a much faster download speed and less IRL fuckery. All Seiso content are art and anime (mostly..)
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What happen to Kemono.Party?

This is just like what happened during 2020 November to yiff…is Kemono.party falling apart?
R: 3 / I: 0

502 Bad Gateway error

I'm trying to download Pixelsketcher's gumroad files but i get the same "502 Bad Gateway" error all the time, why is that?
R: 7 / I: 2
Is this the new Paywall.party?
R: 7 / I: 1

Uncensored arts thread

A thread for sharing uncensored art pieces of several japanese artists.

There's a rule going on there where all lewd arts must be censored even a little. Including myself, some people can find that those censorships are blocking the horny view.

Feel free to share uncensored art pieces in here first or third party versions/edits, individually or in an archive.

(Please note that the thread would be pretty much focusing more into furry arts instead of human ones, hence the site's original purpose for furry stuffs.)
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There should be a filtering system

I would like to be able to click on a profile, then click on a "Hide" button.

Then one of two things would happen on the [Artists] & [Recently Updated Artists] pages:
1. A little front-end script would remove them from the list by manipulating HTML/using a framework.
2. Send parameters to the back-end and use it in the queries. This would work easier with accounts that would be present in the DB, as you would have to send a lot fo cookie information especially with older sessions.

The filter info could easily be stored in the cookie and thus not require an account (but does make it volatile for someone using certain browsers/modes or cleaning their cookies often)

This would then be useful for the next step which would be tagging and thus filtering by tags, and filtering out content with chosen tags

Image unrelated
R: 18 / I: 1

Kemono.Fur - Community effort for updating furry porn effectively

You may have heard of this back in the day of Yiff.List. This is basically the same thing, which I hope with the moderation on here, will now actually be feasible without brainlets spamming general update requests everywhere. If you don't know what it is, here's the rundown:

Kemono.Fur will be a community effort to list artists and link them to dedicated users with the goal of updating furry porn artists in a more consistent way, and to reduce the overall cost to the community for subscribing and updating the site with as much paywalled furry content as possible.

We will also use this platform to try and keep track of what is missing on furry artist pages, such as outdated archive links, posts for which reimporting does not work, or outright missing content that should be there after an update, which should help us as a community know what needs to be found and uploaded manually.

In a few words we together will:
1. Create a list of furry artists to update
2. Fill this list with dedicated users, which I'll call Chads
3. Update this list as needed when Chads go missing
4. Track and try to fill voids in content

Be a Chad, and pledge to update furry artists! (of course, tell us your "username" which artist and at what tier)
Your only responsibility as a Chad is to keep your pledged artist(s) updated bi-weekly or faster

Telegram channel for the project: https://t.me/kemonofur

Feel free to provide feedback, ideas and information about furry artists here or on Telegram! Right now the method of recording and displaying this info is not clear. An anonymous spreadsheet on Google Drive is what I'm thinking of.

Of course, if you have questions, feel free to ask away. There is a defined vision to this, so I could explain things in more detail.
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Just a reminder

Would hope that this thread will get your attention even for a bit.

I just wanna remind y'all about the site's ability to import Discord channels too. I know it's a bit hard to do for few reasons, but it's a pretty great method to get contents too.

So the thing is, lately, ever since the past 2-3 years or so, artists have been using Discord as a DRM of protecting their works and stuff. They either post their contents there or the links that leads to their personal/private archive, containing their paywalled contents.

For those who don't know, I'll explain how things work. Once you subscribe/pledge to an artist/creator, you will gain access to their server which is a private one (can't get their invite link, which is one reason why Discord importing is not easy). But in order to do so, you gonna need a Discord account and associate it with your Patreon (or other service) accounts. Once you log in into your Discord with the associated account, you should find out that you have automatically joined the pledged artists server.

Discord channels are pretty few to be found imported in the site, so I just wanna remind you guys to use the Discord importer. Making the account for one is easy and you just need to make a temporary email so you can use it.
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Relaxing content on kemono

I'm searching for relaxing and soothing content from kemono such as music and such. If anyone have it share the link here
R: 2 / I: 0

Zaush Cub Content

Cub content of Zaush
R: 1 / I: 0


Feel free to share person who do cosplay from kemono here!
R: 30 / I: 9


praise this man fellow brothers. whoever he is. he got some guts and enough balls to stand on the podium to give his own opinions about it. let the thread continue!!!
R: 18 / I: 12

Paywall/k.party meme thread

Just kinda figured to add a bit of lol stuffs in this board.

Post memes about paywalls, artists, the site and your experiences of using it in here.
R: 17 / I: 7

Kemono Downtime

I see lots of people crying and screaming about that kemono is UNSTABLE! and slow.

The Sysadmins are trying their best to give everyone the best experience with the limited funding we have, some of you have noticed we now have data1 data2 data3, and that isn't just for show, kemono has upgraded data distribution 3x!!!

Traffic has grown, but funding has stayed the same, and its showing.

Dont worry tho, we have more things planned, including the possible upgrade to a new 10 gbit server.
R: 498 / I: 71

Request Thread #2 (General)

You know the drill.
R: 499 / I: 45

Issues and Feedback Thread

>If you have any issues or want to give feedback about any part of the site this is the place
R: 1 / I: 0


Well since kemono not willing to turn on the manual file upload..(almost a year) I was hoping this thread could be that place for it.
R: 0 / I: 0

Good yaoi artists

Hey i am looking for good yaoi artists who create videos or gifs. Please tell me the names
R: 500 / I: 86

Request Thread #1 (General)

Beg here.