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File: 1674960060952.png (16.04 KB, 280x190, iobitunlocker[1].png)


Please note that this isn't a request thread, Usah will throw a fit and lock it if you do
Paywallers on your favorites doing the rar file bullshit? Importers neglecting to grab DMs? Consider this thread a stopgap measure for good samaritans to share passwords to locked content with the rest of us plebs. Again, please don't request for any artists so this thread doesn't get locked. I know it's frustrating, but we have to be patient for whatever replacement for /request/ comes up – only post if you'd like to add to the list, to report any problems with a given password (such as an artist stealth-updating), or discuss better ways to get around this. Hashcat was mentioned as one complicated method.

Below is what was posted in the previous thread (note that to minimize risk of google search, there will be dashes to break them up – remove anything with "(-)" to get a proper name/password):
Bambip(-)ump (october $3 posts)
Bambib(-)omb (october growing diaries)
921Ear(-)thquake (September 21st-27th 2022)
dirty3(-)P (Sandra Guts Dir(-)ty Play)

Connard(-)devoleursaleauxconsSalopardd'enculédemesdeux (october 2022)
RippaSplitt(-)aWh40Kforever (november 2022)(Here's the "fit". If you can't stop begging in share threads, you'll never get a share thread to beg in..)


Just do the 64bit encoding thing, it's more sneaky and spy games'ey, and the -'s look stupid.


Figured people wouldn't know base64 offhand. Which I guess is sort of the point, but if you make secrecy too obtuse, it might as well be the same hoops paywallers put people through. But if you want aesthetics, I'll move over to that kind of encryption.

I managed to find another E19 one by lurking another place incidentally:
RWFnbGVzZmx5ZnJlZQ== (December password)


Couldn't the Kemono scraper have a "DM-checker" implemented? Where it would scrape through the DMs with the artist to fetch anything, and then it could be posted to somewhere, like I guess a special 'DMs' tab of said artist?
I guess it's a lot of work, though.




I imagine the problem is that an importer just doesn't actually DM an artist, so there's nothing to actually grab even if automated.


If an artist provides a password in a post, but says "apply it to the box at the entrance" what do they mean?


It means you need to scan it at the entrance to get in.


File: 1676625435537.jpg (63.51 KB, 640x480, c357f48a52072a57b9cd756db0….jpg)



Go outside and go to any event. Then you'll know what I'm on about.


You'd have to give an example of what you mean if you want any help deciphering what that means. Is the artist ESL for instance?


Yall turning this exactly into what it shouldn't be. STOP.


If I give specifics, then I'm doing the thing OP told us not to do… But you can see what I mean by just googling "Apply it to the box on the entrance."

I don't trust someone who says yall


That artist speaks Engrish, you need access to a site with localstorage which is sent by email for the ones who DM'd them apparently.

"The box at the entrance" is Engrish for the form on the homepage. That or there's a frame embed on their fanbox. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help friend


We must stay strong against the evil forces. I commend you for your bravery of standing up against one with me. Rise TO ARMS BROTHERS. Theres work to be done.


I can tell by your taste in hentai that you are a honest man.


Can someone share the password of these 3 files from RXVmb25pdXp6?
Btw I kinda screwed up posting in another thread, hope my deletion has gone through.



here are the password I found.
It's in a foreign forum called snow-plus

Link to forum: aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuc25vdy1wbHVzLm5ldC9zaW1wbGUvaW5kZXgucGhwP3QxNzA4MTE1Lmh0bWw=

2022-08 an13ne47/bn23an38
2022-09 1w1a6s87/7as1gzw4
2022-10 24ega5ss/fh1w5h41
2022-11 6a71svn8/g9d1wa2s
2022-12 1g4nebx5
2023-01 74a8nx9z
2023-02 nf9k4s5u


Password from snowplus forum:
2022-08 an13ne47/bn23an38
2022-09 1w1a6s87/7as1gzw4
2022-10 24ega5ss/fh1w5h41
2022-11 6a71svn8/g9d1wa2s
2022-12 1g4nebx5
2023-01 74a8nx9z
2023-02 nf9k4s5u

Link to forum: aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuc25vdy1wbHVzLm5ldC9zaW1wbGUvaW5kZXgucGhwP3QxNzA4MTE1Lmh0bWw=


please sticky thread
so many artists have posts updated but not passwords and DMs
or just add text uploads support lazy niggers



thanks a lot man




Feral Frenzy

VIP - Q2F5bm9uMjAyMyE=
Premium - VG9yaWFzMjAyMyE=


E19's November Diaries:


Passwords are iffy, could only find one VIP link where it worked, but none of the premium links accept the pass


You need to use the latest imports, the ones with just one link in them. They consolidated all the files into one folder.


Passwords work, but they've moved the folders so it just spits out a 404.


The crimson lullaby zip password



Some vids from a certain vore animator



Yo, how i use this?


Thanks to all those bros who shared the passwords but e19 decided to remove the links and even the folders i assume. I couldn't get anything from anywhere and didn't even know where to get the links to those folders so i guess me and the others who didn't know how to get the link will lose those diaries forever or until they are re-uploaded elsewhere. Anyways, thanks for your work and hope everything gets better.


They have already been changed?


So there's this artist that has both Patreon and Pixiv Fanbox (aHR0cHM6Ly9rZW1vbm8ucGFydHkvcGF0cmVvbi91c2VyLzYwODY3NDk= for Patreon), but only the Patreon keeps regularly updated, yet the Patreon is DMs only.

As you could probably tell from my presence here, the DMs are never imported.


This user posts almost daily, but does not have any Dm uploaded, I'm not sure if there's a password but if there is, can you send me the password?




All the links seem to be Base64 encoded. Just search for "B64 decoder site". Looks like some links are missing the "=" that often appears at the end of the gobbledygook.


Charlesy(-)veantoine's February password:


Second chance. No requesting for passwords. It's fucking frustrating with how many people I have to ban for doing it.


I don't wanna take a false step, but I want a recall on how this works. Do guys take passwords from paywall dms and post them here?


>Do guys take passwords from paywall dms and post them here?
Essentially yeah. Preferably, you might want to encode the paasword in base64 (it's not complicated, just google it) to avoid any paranoid paywallers who google search for anyone leaking it, but it isn't really a hard rule. You're also free to discuss anything to help people generally bypass and crack stuff like RAR files if you happen to have any knowledge on the subject.


>You're also free to discuss anything to help people generally bypass and crack stuff like RAR files

What about Zip archive files? Because I have one saved, and waiting for someone to get the password from it for 3 days.


Yeah, it was just an example. Anything password-locked is fair game.


>Paywallers on your favorites doing the rar file bullshit?

Mostly 1 Paywaller started doing the Zip file bullshit on fanbox.






Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but I tried to copy a file I downloaded from my favorite artist and decoded onto base64.


What's the longest time has a zip file taken to crack?


Also, fuck your mother.


> "Git"
A brit, Aussie or Kiwi has been detect ed everyone prepares themselves!




How do you extract the hash from rar files for hashcat? I used johntheripper for hash extraction but the hash formats don't match. I tried deleting file names from the hash but that didn't work either.


How do you extract the hash from rar files for hashcat? I used johntheripper for hash extraction but the hash formats don't match. I tried deleting file names from the hash but that didn't work either.


isn't this why uploads/shared files exist?


They don't, anymore; except for the "upload" button, that is. What was uploaded 2+ years ago might still be here now, but its not possible to manually upload anything here. Closest workaround we have is uploading to a (lets be honest: temperamental) hosting site EG Mega, then posting said link here (YOUR LINK, that is (which you created personally), NOT the official link which the artist created and thus has full "nuke control". Even posting official links behind B64 encoding (which IIRC is what everyone does) seems silly, because even though an artist cant now "google their leaked link", they CAN immediately find it here. And chances are: if an artist knows they're being leaked, they almost definitely know about this BBS, and if they don't, their fans will tell them.

I bet these directly posted official links don't even last 2 weeks before getting nuked, even behind B64…


There are some extra fields at the end that you have to delete too:
rar2john [files] | cut -d: -f2 > hashes.txt


New E19 passes:
February: MjAyMyBGZWJydWFyeSA1JHRpZXIgcGFzc3dvcmQgOiBXZWVrZW5kCjgkIHRpZXIgcGFzc3dvcmQ6IFJ1c3R5bmFpbAoxNSQgYW5kIDIwJCBwYXNzd29yZCA6IERhaGxpYQ==


unfortunately doesn't work anymore


New E19 passes:
January: SW5taXN0c2hld2Fzc3RhbmRpbmc=



Pls remove the previous one as I didn't split the author name by mistake. I tried to delete it by it gives me error




you have null reading comprehension really dude, please delete your comment.



Update S(-)kEx(-)ce



Disregard that. I'm an idiot.



Update S(-)kEx(-)ce




Ri(-)lex(-)Len(-)ov Swe(-)et(-)Dre(-)ams



blue(-)willow PSD files/zip



after spending more or less one hour trying to crack the password for 80brxcpdz's last update zip file i just gave up. why doesnt kemono have an option for the importers to add notes themselves to the posts, like "Password: XXXXXXXX" or something? would make things much quickier





Ha(-)zek(-)er nahida from gumroad


Which file use this password





44R0K1R4's new post. Had hashcat running for hours, and no dice. Sadge


Here's 5$ I'll never see again. Anyway enjoy…



E(-)1(-)97(-)00 A(-)ug

On another note, does anyone have the password for Ar(-)ma(-)to R(-)e(-)m?


Dude using account usernames as archive pws since they get replaced with "Anonymous" https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/2627037/post/6389672


This is a known issue, comments cannot get updated through the API. A workaround is to force the creator to comment in a new post.




Really need this artist password
Hope the one who import it share it here. Beside, for what import the artist post if you can't do anything with the file.


hello I am new to this, I just wanna know how do I get the passwords of protected zip/rar files that are uploaded on kemono .


You'll either need someone to crack it for you, software that matches the type of password (john the ripper, hashcat) or if the password entropy is too high, then pray for leaks or pay, bruteforcing and dictionary attacks are not an option. The size of the password is what determines how long it will take to bruteforce, and by long, we're talking millenias or heat deaths of the universe for very long ones.

If you entertain cracking a password that's too complicated to bruteforce, look up on the Internet for data breaches. Bear in mind those are patched very quickly.


you might as well give it a go with john the ripper or hashcat for one hour. I tried using them for HA(-)CHI(-)JUU's last zip as I mentioned above but guess im just too dumb to know how to use those programs. it's been more or less three weeks since the update and im still with nothing so you might just have to wait too


Despite slim chance, I decided to share here the password of Fanbox I have of inu(-)kon
Hopefully someone can share the password of 6593336

5676912: aW51ZmFuMTE1
5747310: dW1pNDFub2tv
6063178: NUlBTjRGVU5QUkFH
6189891: ODhwcmkzbmJvaGc=
6403415: czQzZTg4bGUxMW45



6593336: m6a9le5n10u

I'm sure the Jap will find this eventually, get it while it's hot. Fucker is getting really Jewish lately.




where tf do u use gemba's pass?


Any way to decipher passwords for MEGA links?


Passwords for zips for 2084(-)8098
They change monthlyish with different sub levels so there's a few to try out, but these should suffice for everything that's uploaded

07 2023

02 08 2023

20 08 2023


20 08 2023


Wondering the same since the password for Hagiwara Studio got updated or if anyone has the new password.


Weak bait try again


Can someone share the password from RXVmb25pdXp6?


do you guys got the dropbox password to aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZHJvcGJveC5jb20vc2NsL2ZvLzVtM2VubjB0bWZzZm5rbTY3Z3RrNy9oP3Jsa2V5PWJldnplcXd2dTJvY3ZoZ2hiaHR6c3RtdnYmZGw9MCA=



you are actually fucking retarded. go back to suckin ur moms titties faggy



Choke on your father's black aids infested chode niggerfuck.


Xg(-)nng(-)v / M(-).X




^ϗXgonngiv/Mr.X models messias tier
hoenn: madef0rbigg1rls
mintao: heyvsaucehereorisit


Anyone can recommend the best zip extractor you guys use with the p_ssw_rds?

I used UnRarX to input the old passwords for Q2hhcmxlc3koLSl2ZWFudG9pbmU= old shit and it never works.Either the fucker got more paranoid & changed shit or I'm using the wrong thing. I hope it's the latter


I'll be honest i don't get it doesnt kemono just host people sharing patreon/fanbox stuff so including a rar password shouldn't be too hard since you would be subbed to even see the files. (unless they worked around paying for it and the artist/whatever didn't send out the rar passwords)


because paranoid artists constantly search through every single aspect of a site, even the forums, for traces of passwords. They are that spergy and it is getting harder to hide it from them.


Hoping the kind person that updates this https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/15092046 can share the gallery link + password too


Is there a way to get past the "Password is my nickname" stuff?

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