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Commencing transmission in 3… 2… 1.
こんばんは。I will be brief.
I have something, something I want to show you.
New online gallery software may be in development. It may behave similar to YIFF and KEMONO in some ways, and it may not in others.
But it is incomplete. Work can only be kept baking for so long before something must be shown to the world, however.
We'll see about when that will happen.
I have a small favour to ask of you.
If you could describe what you would want in such software, your response would then potentially be used to steer the direction and nature of development.
Let me know what you think of this. I believe it could be mutually beneficial to both of us if more operations of this nature could exist in the world.
Now then, I must attend to some unrelated business. Ending transmission. ——


Make it open source; two anons talked before about the benefits and sounds good enough.


i think having importers for Fantia and for Patreon DMs would be the most appreciated features


+1 for it being open source


+1 for being open source.
You'd be surprised by the quantity of programmers, casuals and professionals willing to help with the code.


make previous versions of posts visible from the beginning

also +1 for it being open source


+1 for Patreon DMs.


Backnumbers and purchases, if you're going to support stuff like ci-en, enty and fantia.

>>31196 is the most important part along with >>31200. With no one on it projects fall apart.


If you could make a functional fantia/subscribestar importer your site would be the most popular one of its kind.


+1 for open source and if possible when an artist has multiple services they offer rewards on (for example if they have both Fanbox and a patreon) instead of those two being separate entries connect them in someway, maybe something like a folder or just on the page of one of them link to the pages of the other services on of his uploaded to the site.


Maybe have a way to contact y'all that isn't on whatsapp. I understand if it is for reasons that beyond my 3am brain. But would be nice to give feedback that isn't on there.


+1, also not discord or telegram, that shit is cancer. I don't mind if I have to use irc.


I agree too, 1+


How about allowing access to links that are in DM's. Or viewing passwords for posts that are password protected. Basically stuff that 90% of importers fail to provide.


Emphasis on the OP mentioning
>It may behave similar to YIFF and KEMONO in some ways, and it may not in others.

It already exists too but don't expect a centralized approach to work for this.


Clear, live importer status.
Mirroring of external/cloud and creator-specific sites.


Good luck have fun.



The problem with open sourcing it is that the maintainers of paywall sites like Patreon are able to see the repos and change their process to break your importer.


Yet late kemono founder insisted in open sourcing it, was it dumb?


even if the code is closed source will it still be able to prevent it from breaking easily?


Scraper being open source is probably one of the dumbest ideas ever. Sure, for some time you will be able to manage.
But the moment fanbox, patreon or whatever catches up, they will be able to adapt their system and bypass all attempts.

It's MUCH BETTER to actually have smaller group that has access to a scraper and manages it.
Also, while at it, purging everything unrelated to porn. Why the fuck do we need some shit-tubers reacting to anime clogging up space.


Option for manual uploads. Obviously this comes with a need for moderation. Exhentai has fanbox/fantia/patreon galleries but the interface isn't optimal for it and a site that specializes in it would be nice to have.
This allows the site to continue operating even if importers fail.


>whonix is open source
>tails is open source
>tor is open source
>bitwarden is open source
>mullvad vpn is open source
>linux is open source
>and the government trying to take down the criminals that still using most of this service
open sourcing is not a dumb idea, its a good idea in fact encouraging people to form their own community and fix those vulnerabilities that the government trying to crack down.
same with paywall scrapper code, people would form a community just so they could leak those content locked behind a paywall that the company trying to patch it.

>It's MUCH BETTER to actually have smaller group that has access to a scraper and manages it

already is just look at what happened to the site now shall we.

>Also, while at it, purging everything unrelated to porn. Why the fuck do we need some shit-tubers reacting to anime clogging up space.

im rather glad to have these type of content rather than a pedo loli shit on the site.


To anyone reading this who may have the power to do as this user requested, (scrap everything that's not porn) please do not do so. I only use kemono for accessing advance chapters of novels that I'm reading, and it would kind of suck to have to wait several months for the public releases to catch back up.


Same user here, I would be fine with getting rid of the anime reaction videos though. My bad for double posting, I forgot to mention this in my last response. I doubt the text from novel updates and PDF files included by some authors take much space on the servers anyways.


>im glad we have that kind of content
I'm not. When I'm searching for porn, I want to find fucking porn.
I don't want to scroll through 50000 pages of someone's reactions to each One Piece episode or read their novels.

Yes, sure. It's cool that it's there. But server costs are a thing. It bloats the server costs AND it actually makes searching for content quite miserable.


Why not have separate pages for that kind of stuff? Or a search filter. That way you won't have to see reaction content mixed in with porn.



If this is still happening, I have some thoughts.

* One of the Patreon artists I visit likes using Dropbox links to show his saucy art. The thing is, the Dropbox links end up going to some error page. What I think would be cool is if on the off-chance a Dropbox link just expires, the artist's Kemono page can use Catbox or something to compensate for the loss of the original link, so that the art that would've gotten lost has another outlet.

* I don't know if this one is within anyone's control, but maybe no R18+ ads?

* Maybe more frequent updates for the artists using Discord? One artist I check up on does some really juicy Xenoblade videos, but they seem to be using MEGA links on their Discord to share the high-res versions of those videos.


+1 for it being open source.
If you like Pixiv's bookmarking feature, Great!


Maybe adding a way for the community to tag certain content creator? Sometime I find an promising artist and when I check they just make a shit ton of scat content or gore. A way to tag (and possible black list) content creators could be very useful.


Make sure it's on a "questionable" host


Let's take a look at Tachiyomi open source scapping.

> Site owner find the source code

> Keeps changing the site and broke the scrapper
> cat and mouse game


I'm convinced some of the people uploading the scrapped content from a patreon/fanbox source is the developer themselves like Canary. They update their Kemono page with new info and a dead Mega link on purpose while their patreon has the new working link. This is also true since any new updates come out and they still have dead links depsite them being new. Some devs be playing dirty heh.


I'm pretty mixed on open source, sure people can collectively fix issues in code, but when the scraped sites find out there'd be an endless treadmill of working around updating systems and whatnot. Either way if it can scrape stuff from fanbox without issue I'm good, maybe categorise SFW and NSFW content too so people can find what they want easier without sifting through content as much.




As long as it can scrape from Patreon and Pixiv Fanbox, that’s good enough for me.
Bonus points if it can also scrape Subscribestar and Gumroad


I hope you can do it and I give you my support, which is the only thing I can do.
I have seen some people ask for the scraper to be open source. I disagree. While I love open source software, it will eventually lead to someone finding the code and changing the site so it doesn't work anymore, breaking it completely. I think that it should remain closed source, and only be opened to a team of developers who can be trusted.
Good luck with your work and hope it goes well!


Sounds cool, I wish you luck on your development


Yeah, I'm of the same opinion.

If it can just do Patreon and Fanbox, then I'm cool with it. (Although Discord would also be good since at least one artist I frequent has been using that to post MEGA links lately.)

By the by, if it all works out, will you leave a link to it in this thread? Either way, good luck on the project!


open source, for things like Patreon it would ideally scrape polls as well due to people hiding passwords in there recently, and update the comments as well because people post MEGA links and then just change them because kemono can't update comments for some reason


Well, you see, those open source projects don't directly threaten the whole monetization scheme of a bunch of greedy internet platforms that will do whatever is necessary to stop what scrapers are doing.


Not that anon but at the moment Ublock is at war with Youtube with the whole "addblock war".
And Ublock being open source is the thing that's making it win the war so far. Youtube releases an update and the Ublock github gets updated a couple minutes later thanks to all the people wanting to help.
Maybe something similar will happen here


I wonder how many times we'll see a new yiff/kemono pop up…

What I want to see:
Poll scraping
Comment scraping
Options to flag for auto-poll/comment scrape update
(For Discord imports) Tagging specific posts in case artists drown out their channels with memes or whining


As long as it gets around Fantia, and now Fanbox detection for bans, I don't care. Or even a way to upload directly if not possible. Fantia dying only lost me 10 creators. I can manage that. But fanbox lost me hundreds with a large amount doing time gated content that I simply can't afford to get it all myself let alone share it.


Honestly, what this kinda thing needs is a way to get past Fanbox’s new detection thing that they supposedly have now, since that seems to be the reason why it’s no longer working for Kemono


A way to the providing user to export DMs, since almost all artists are doing this now


You are giving them ideas



this seems to have been implemented for kemono as well. Yesterday atleast 1 that i know of got updated with their polls now showing.


If this service allows you to favourite artists like kemono does it, it would be nice to be able to import your already favourited accounts from kemono to the new platform


I know you update on Telegram aswell but it would be nice if you uploaded here too cuz I really don't like using that app. Would be nice if people who do use it could also bring up the undates from the onto here too.


Where to even get fake number for telegram?


SMSpva. It might take a few tries.


>anti loli retard
lol kys


>anti loli retard
lol fuck off


Any update on the site?


FR, dude's been kinda radio silent after talking so confidently.


Anyone from the Telegram group chat has any updates to share?


you weebs are self-hating pedos, there's not a bigger hater of pedos than a self-hating weeb like yourself


no but there at least a person who enthusiastic and determined enough to make kemono 2.0 from scratch like how shino first started kemono party. but shino started kemono with 5 other of his friends not sure how this guy going to able to tackle this all alone


Let's pray that they don't let it go all in their head


That's who I am asking about, it's the same guy as the one who made this thread (You can see that from his pfp which is identical to this thread's image).
He is working on a project called Nekohouse. As you said, it's basically kemono 2. As far as I know the only real update is that he started his own telegram group. But aside a few hello messages nothing was said there.
Just wanted to know if aside from the new group there was anything else updated about the project.


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Prediction: A kemono alternative will appear before 2030

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