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So after the fanbox importer came back up, I noticed that now some artists are using some type of fanbox link that when clicked, just redirects you to the post. I believe you need to be logged in or something to get the file? Not sure about this one.
e.g: https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/16456081/post/7135640, the hyperlink on this one is https://www.fanbox.cc/manage/posts/4981074, and when I click it, it just redirects me to the locked post.


Just replace the post ID in your address bar with required post ID, and you'll access it (if its on kemono, of course).
In your example: https://www.fanbox.cc/manage/posts/4981074 => https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/16456081/post/4981074


Huh, didn't think of that. Guess I wasted 5 bucks for nothing then. Big thanks anon.


Not really, Cham's discord hasn't been imported. Since you've already paid, you should consider doing that.


Everything from their Cynthia post (6974954) onward will link back to older content that I believe they edited to mitigate scrapping.
I think it'll be better to get into the discord and import it to here.


I'm not able to because I already cancelled my plan. I can still see the posts in the fanbox, but I don't have my fancard anymore.
If someone imports the older posts again, it should show through the revision history.


… Wait, does FANBOX importer not have post updating like Patreon's?


As already said, he's replacing the content of old posts and linking to them in new ones because I assume he doesn't know revisions have existed for a while now, if you go back 3-4 pages you suddenly see a time warp. Doing also overwrites old stuff which is a dick move to the people that are actually paying for this, so once again pirates get the better experience. Why do they always do this?


>Guess I wasted 5 bucks for nothing then
It wasn't a waste if you liked the art and think supporting the creator is a good thing.


found a userscript that does this automatically


Speaking of fanbox links, any way to get past the one that tsukimaru uses?
Heres an example


1. Copy the linked URL
2. Go to fanbox.cc
3. Open console (F12)
4. Type navigation.navigate("")
5. Paste the URL between those quotes
6. Hit enter


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Cant get it to work


just tried with that same link and it works for me


Try using a different browser, had to use opera to get it to work.

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