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Hey can I buy these with crypto (on Coinsbee in this case) to sub to a Subscribestar? Their FAQ says yes, some reddit threads say no, I'd like to know if any of you got experience with this. Thanks


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Funny you bring this up, I have experience with this, because I only use these type of cards to get subscriptions to test my scrapers with. Sharing paid art is not a friendmaking hobby and whether you work on the projects or just contribute it's nice to take precautions
The answer is, yes, the Myprepaidcenter Visa cards should work with SubscribeStar, but SubscribeStar also blocks devices and/or IPs and pretend to decline your card if it doesn't like you. I was thinking for the longest time that the problem was these cards not having the 3D Secure compliance other sites demand, but as of yesterday I got in fine.
Or maybe I previously messed up the country info and I can't remember, or maybe they switched payment processors.


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General documentation while I'm at it:
>You can use these cards with Fantia: login to or generate(use SMSpva) a PayPal account, link the card with matching address you used to activate the card (should ideally some random house or business anywhere in the world but where you live, picked off your maps app) and buy Toracoin from Tokyo Otaku Mode, $30min. There may be a delay to getting your code after paying due to a "security check" but I haven't had problems.
>You can use these cards with DLsite and Ci-en: haven't really messed with either yet, but I noticed TOM also sells points for them, should be same deal if they also have security requirements to use the card plain.
>You can no longer* use these cards with Fanbox: Fanbox's security requirements and The Great Payment Processor Shekeling of 2024 (aka the payment processors and networks force Pixiv, DLsite, Gumroad, and Patreon to publicly humiliate themselves in different ways) means you can no longer use PayPal unless you have made a pledge with it before. Might be SoL, you can try plain anyways but I don't think it'll work.
>You can use these cards with Subscribestar: try multiple devices and make sure your account is fresh, there was previously some murmurs about fingerprinting Kemono users with exploits, idk
>Boosty ???
>Gumroad ???: would it even matter at this point, shit's over unless you're into brushes or something
>Patreon ???: this might actually still be useful to know


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Thank you very much for your input anons. I will try then, hopefully shit works fine.

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