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Is the site just not updating? I usually just check the newest posts, but for the past like 4 days nothing new has been posted. I highly doubt everyone just collectively stopped uploading


What a genius! Yes! It's amazing that nobody else here has noticed and complained about this before now!

Thank goodness you pointed this out.


Actually the site still works. They just decided to block your ip.


but how to check my ip has been banned or not



Seriously? I'd never call anyone an idiot, but you test my restraint. If you were banned you wouldn't be able to see the site at all.

If you look at Artists-> Recent, you'd see the last update happened on 4-13, that's two weeks ago. If you read various threads posted on this forum you'd discover that the site is not updating because the drive is out of space and the sysop has new drives on order. We're now waiting and it is expected to be up again by May 6.


Oh, if that's the case, then I'm sorry for complaining. I don't usually do much on here other than check the artists' posts for anything new. I was about like *this* close to saying "fuck it" and importing shit myself.


>various threads posted

Where? I looked in the catalog and i saw nothing regarding this. Not even the technical updates sticky. There is 50 billion password request threads though


bro really look at sticky at say "hmmmm, no one is complaining"


>Hey is something wrong?

Some of you need to masturbate more or something


Reckon they would, but the website won't give them any new material


OP needs to chill. Lmao


Honestly, I would love for the importer to be fixed but I think I like it more when the retards are screaming


anyone got alternatives in the meantime?


OP - regular question
YOUR DUMBASS - OP needs to chill. Lmao


Unironically kill yourselves, retard samefag nigger


Fix the fucking site already goddammit


I second this. Can someone update kemono and its content creators?
It has been months, the site is up but NO UPDATES.



You assholes. That was me.

Drink shit faggots. I'll fuck your mom and drink her post menopausal boob milk.


Update haps on kemono party ffs(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST; IP:



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>>40979 Quit shilling and enforcing the admins and importers retarded tendencies, you dumb nigger.

>>41009 Bro couldn't handle facts, so baby-tantrum stomping to nuke the post, lol.

Also, memoryhole was the name of the site. Don't bother trying to make sites like kemono. These extremist, greedy sandniggers will just DDoS you to oblivion.

P.S. Dumb niggers are too lazy and busy screeching "ban" to make a new screech thread. The issue is you, lol.


You know the drill.
1. Subscribe to the creator.
2. Give your keys to the importer.


Someone update Squidbone? They haven't posted on Twit in months. and, no, admins aren't allowed to update, lol.


You know I will just hold on to the content I have anyways. Toasterking has some good stuff though.



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