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Can someone know the passwords for https://kemono.su/patreon/user/74966791 ?


The password is ^"/%^^"#//_:"÷=45/<_6_/"%%_^.

Strange password huh?



Basedecoder64 does nothing, please provide further instructions


Let me rephrase that and come off as an asshole with a request. on their kemono, december's, feb's, march's and april's p/w's are posted, but not of other months. any chance the first replying anon has January's password?


I added the password for January's files


thank you so much mate


does that look like a 64 encoded string to you? those are always mostly alphanumeric, with '='s only at the end (if present at all)
certainly not a string of more than 2 different special characters with = in the middle

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