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When reporting issues, please let us know where the issue occurred, what happened, and what you expected to happen.

Screenshots of the issue will help.
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The project is dead. Let it rest.

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# What is Memory Hole?
The goal of Memory Hole is to be a fast, easy, and free method for you to preview a creator's content before pledging your support.

# How is Memory Hole different from Kemono.party?
Memory Hole and Kemono share a similar goal. The goal of Memory Hole is to be a clean and fast alternative to Kemono.

# Should I use Memory Hole or Kemono?
Both. There is nothing stopping you from using both sites. Memory Hole may have content not available on Kemono and Kemono may have content not available on Memory Hole. If you are importing content, we suggest importing to both sites.

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I would like to request a creator to be added to memoryhole

The name of the artist; happyhen116
Name of the tier you want imported; standard
Price of the tier; $4.50
link to the artist. patreon.com/happyhen116

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cc979 ada wong cosplay

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Milda sento

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