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Bread for general discussion


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Congrats on the big launch, guys! Hope everything goes well with the site into the future.


glad to see you guys finally made it to the end. all the effort and time taken to develop this site is unbelievable.


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I wish everyone involved with development and administration all the best. Ganbare!




What is the site's link ?


Going with CloudFlare was debatable, but not having to deal with DDG's massive blockades makes live archiving a lot easier in event of a surprise death and destruction.

Might want a request thread or a locked thread indicating that no requests are to be made at the time as it's apparently already starting (>>12) and will quickly get out of control.

Congratulations and all the best for the site's development. Will you stick to Patreon for the time being or extend to other platforms once the importer has been extensively tested and debugged?



Thank you


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On behalf of myself, welcome to the club

Settle down and grab yourself some popcorn because stuff is going to pop!


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So far, all I see is a rough start. Barely anyone is uploading. I thought this site would be a scraper that did not require someone to be uploading files—May as well use kemono.party *shrug*


>I thought this site would be a scraper that did not require someone to be uploading files

You know that's impossible without hacking into the CDN, right?


More like based


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