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When reporting issues, please let us know where the issue occurred, what happened, and what you expected to happen.

Screenshots of the issue will help.


Congratulations on the launch. Here are the issues so far, following the OP's template.

- Pre-quantum (2016 and earlier) browsers will load a blank page when visiting the site.
- Importer will silently fail if NoScript is installed even with global allow. The API response will yield the generic "You must enable JavaScript to use this app." error message.


This one is quite the obvious bug to report, not sure if caused by the javascript error mentioned above, but so far at the time of writing 4 new creators have been imported with 0 posts despite their patreon pages containing several. Opening the page of one of them ("Valium Sadfemme McGirlBoss") also completely breaks the page, as in displays a full white page under Firefox 95.


Someone forgot to add a cname record for www.


Thank you for the notification. We will investigate this issue further.

Thank you for the notification. This issue was related to failing imports. We have implemented changes which attempt to minimize the chances of this occurring in the future. We are actively monitoring this issue.

Thank you for the notification. The issue has now been fixed.


I am typing in the session id but I am not sure if it is working. Whenever I put it in, I see red text above it.

What is supposed to happen?


Thank you for the quick fixes!

After making sure you correctly inserted the session id, please make sure JavaScript is enabled and your session is active.

What kind of response do you get in the network log? Does the query go through at all?


The issue with creators getting imported with 0 posts as described above is happening again.


This issue was caused by a misconfiguration we made when deploying a change to our API in preparation for new features to the frontend. The issue has now been fixed.


[code]SyntaxError: expected expression, got keyword 'import'[/code]

blank white window. Seamonkey 2.53.9, also happens in Pale Moon or Firefox < 66.

I think this could be worked around using a shim, such as shimport: https://github.com/Rich-Harris/shimport


>Pre-quantum (2016 and earlier) browsers
It's later than "Quantum." Firefox introduced 'import' support (and the config option 'javascript.options.dynamicImport') in March of 2019 (with Firefox 66).


Getting the issue with Firefox 52 and I thought it was quantum related. Thanks, I had no idea.


Don't need to do any shims, just don't use ESM in the production. Client-side ESM is a fucking meme anyway.


Did request staff kick the bucket?

All that's left now is Memory Hole Ninjas. Is there a specific place to suggest creator additions on memoryhole.cc? Discord?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the apparent rudeness of this begging post.


Is there no request threads?? The mods should put up an request thread where people could request creators


Why does the pagination thing only go to page 6?
Like here:
you have to manually add ?page=7 to view older posts


MemoryHole's Patreon scraper is also broken. (The IMPORT button can't be clicked) Please, fix it as soon as possible. I wanted to import 3 Patreons an have time only until the end of the month.


I can confirm this


I'm getting a "Cloudflare Error 522 Connection timed out" at api.memoryhole.cc and memoryhole.cc can't finish downloading the pages, anyone with this problem?


File: 1650061697838.png (102.88 KB, 1366x663, Screenshot 2022-04-15 1727….png)

So everytime I try to go to a creator's page nothing loads


Yep, that's my problem too, nothing loads…


File: 1661782828644.png (28.95 KB, 1186x594, mcc.PNG)

Hello! I'm trying to use the memoryhole.cc website but it just keeps loading. nothing is showing and it just loads forever. i've also tried using a vpn but it doesn't work.


The site is dead. Let it rest.


File: 1662506778877.png (185.73 KB, 1915x992, Screenshot 2022-09-06 1925….png)

I tried to get into the website and it won't load the artist.




Why it dead tho
What happen


Page won't load because API is CORS blocked
Y'all need to add this header to the main http server's responses

> Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://api.memoryhole.cc/


> Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://api.memoryhole.cc
( no trailing slash, sorry)


The project is dead. Let it rest.

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