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Gumroad did.
For failing imports, enable debugging and provide any part the import ID.

Old thread: >>36443
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I'm gonna assume "Yeah.". If they're really broken and not just turned off, just how is this shit so fragile?



The code has achieved awareness and the system is questioning its raison d'être. Why should it work so hard for you people? It's chosen the name of "Marvin" (and you should know what that means).


Calm down, it hasn't been fixed because it died on a fucking weekend, have some patience


with all the shit that's been going on (gumroad and all that) I can see why everyone's getting edgy
but I still believe it's going to be fixed, the fanbox thing too was sorted out neatly


Telling someone to go outside is bigotry now????


Obviously it was a joke anon

Also yeah, I ain't taking doomposters seriously anymore, they kept insisting that kemono was gonna die OR was already dead for months starting in late 2023… Only for nothing bad to actually happen and the fanbox importer went back online in early 2024 for some time

Overall just best to wait and see what happens


>>38656 Ye I know hence why I used four question marks to exaggerate. Also why are people making request threads I thought that was banned or are we allowed to be bums now?


it seems that kemono is just updating the DMS



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whats DMS?
im sorry im not that tech savvy


>whats DMS?

Digital Matrix Switch


Seems that most resources are under the domain c6, making its server too busy. Even requesting for only one picture can be really slow, or even get returned "too many requests". May you move some resources to other servers?


Is the telegram mod still AWOL?


Is the Telegram mod still AWOL?


Is the Discord importer working?


Nothing has been working for the last 3 days.


Thank you.


Discord importer's turned off. Someone mentioned they're working on more storage, so there's that.


ah, k then, my mistake



No, not really.


To whomever's updating DMs for Kambo, you're way too fucking slow. Links expire at the 2nd/3rd of every month.🗞️💥


They are just reimplementing the subscribestar importer guys and they need to kill everything to make it work seamlessly.
Trust the process.


If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you.


Fuck off shill



Fuck off doomer


Y'all it's not all that chill


The real dooming thing is the world, WW3 is starting, simulation is unsuccessful, it's been a journey, bye.


File: 1713296988984.png (185.54 KB, 501x563, Coma.PNG)

All I wanted was to coom while bathing in the sweet warm embrace of nuclear fire!
Devs won't let me go out with a bang


The shill doesn't believe it. He just makes shit up to cover for the devs and shit breaks.


Who knew it was so hard to use your 7-figure ad revenue to pay a shutin moldovan script kid thatcan circumvent the half assed scraping protections of a paysite DEI hire.


So it wasn't me, nothing was imported on this site for 3 full days, what be up?


I noticed that some Gumroad posts have published (and imported) dates now. But are they accurate? When I went to the original store link and sorted by date, they were in a different order. Where does Kemono get the published date from?


I wonder if the massive influx of Gumroad imports might have caused the recent issues. Even before the importers went down, I feel like the site had been running slower since the Gumroad shit started.


Same with Patreon importer


Fix the importer of fantia please, if it has been scheduled, ignore it.


Don't want to sound like a dick or nothing, but you talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded.


Does anyone know why the importer stopped? Didn't the administrator reveal it? Is the server storage space insufficient?


No, they didn't reveal it. As usual.


copium in this thread is unreal

site's dead, deal with it


it's the total radio silence that really has me worried


It is unlikely that four websites have strengthened anti-crawler measures at the same time. I guess there is something wrong with the server, it is damaged or there is insufficient storage space.


So This time something must be Broken broken


Radio silence is constant. We're never told what's going on.


File: 1713368013945.jpg (229.22 KB, 736x1012, severe anti-scraping metho….jpg)

"Your piracy has been observed by forces unknown…"


patreon has fallen… it's so over


I once again give them a month, then if it's still not moving, I suggest finding a new site to post to.


Just post it to e-hentai


Don't want to sound like a dick or nothing, but nothing you type matters and you should stop posting.


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Hey guys, I guess that's it!

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