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Have you tried importing yet?
For failing imports, enable debugging and provide any part the import ID. Wait… what imports?

Old thread: >>38023
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no actually, admins need to be as untransparent as possible, this isn't a normal website


I agree buuuut.
As it is, they should not actually say problems they have or the causes of them, since that indicates what and why the page is vulnerable, but it would be good if they said "we will be out of service for a while", yes, they would just say because, only they will be so that the public does not become so desperate thinking that the page is going to die, although that is not so bad for a page like this.


I think the servers being full is an exception they can be completely transparent about.


I can finally stop updating this thread, happy fapping bros


I believed. Did you?


yes, it's pretty easy when this shit happened several times before


remember guys try not to break the importers in a single day we JUST GOT THEM BACK!!!!


Oh my science, we are back!!


we are unbelievably back


So the server isn't the problem right ?


File: 1714623033706.jpg (26.84 KB, 640x392, 0265ab748e349e312f1f8cd993….jpg)

Importers are up


File: 1714624426850.gif (946.49 KB, 498x290, 3752504668.gif)


Coomers can't survive a couple weeks without their goon material, shocked anyone even is willing to work on this site when everyone's so shitty


Blessed admins. Im reading my webserials tn thanks to you bless u bless u


we're so back


Earth. There's you answer now get off Mars and come back.


File: 1714633048229.jpg (14.61 KB, 634x293, IMG_20240501_235557.jpg)

Bittersweet asf but at least importers are back, tfw takes me 5 min to DL Kamen rider super climax RVZ…


We already told you, it's all been set up in a way to make that impossible. So stop going on about it. Case closed, move on.

Or need I repeat myself? >>39339


I'm gonna cooooom till my dick bleeds




thanks for the fix <3


File: 1714643738901.jpg (171.69 KB, 1200x1200, nep.jpg)

If you can't even comprehend words please do everyone else a favor and stop embarrassing yourself

>people can't even wait for 3 weeks without rioting
>most of them don't even import anything
>self-entitled leechers are the worst, removal from genepool is advised
Thanks for the fix, hopefully this will ward off all the trolls


I feel like the site shouldn't allow AI stuff. Waste of storage space and bandwidth for what is essentially 99% unimaginative repetitive slop.


I'm gonna burst until my balls popped out


I'm gonna burst until my balls popped out



No. It's mainly lack of communication that caused mayhem. If only there was banner on Kemono that said "site under repair" or something along the likes it would eliminate majority of annoying complainers.


Blessed be the admins. My webnovel addiction can be fulfilled, once more. Also thanks to the many members of the merchants guild, funding and bankrolling my addictions.
Sleyca, JCB and mirrithfull have been updated and their content.. consumed. Many more to follow. The sun rises once more. My thanks to your continued hard work.


Never ever. The problem was that Fantia had ways of detecting scrapers and blocking CCs associated with offending accounts. I believe the same issue applied to substar


>You just can't physically make it.
Uhhh, pretty sure that's what "impossible" means.


Maximum thanks to the Admin.


>that loli troonime pfp
>addicted to a LITERAL kemono website
thats rich coming from a petofile lmoa have you considered killing yoorself redditor? Dr.fauci would like to investigate those neckbeard genes while youre at it


Subscribestar next I'm sure of it!


Just waiting for gumroad importer to come back online


Oh cool, it's back.
Excuse me while I laugh at all the doomsayers.


admins are based as fuck! saw the doomposters and didnt say jackshit, just took their time.



No, that's a different meaning.


File: 1714675229208.jpg (259.66 KB, 1920x1080, Smartsex.jpg)

>"Can't be done" is different from "can't be done"


Why is gumroad still offline?




File: 1714682866654.png (140.99 KB, 540x331, YES.png)

>Shit day at work
>Come home to check Kemono
>Holy fuck it's updated
I owe you all a pint, good work lads!


>I meant, you just don't feel like making it
People have been devising ways to get around paywalls for as long as they've been a thing. If it was possible to do what you're asking for, then somebody would've done it by now. The fact that nobody has done it yet should prove that "not feeling like it" isn't the reason why.


>I meant, you just don't feel like making it
People have been devising methods to get around paywalls for almost as long as they've been around. The fact that nobody has done what you want yet should prove that "not feeling like it" isn't the reason why.


ok turns out it bypasses adblock
hey admin can you do something about this?


>huh why isn't Thiccwithaq updated yet
>their patreon got nuked


my import is stuck on "in progress"
ID is 5b42041b-Bf68-434e-8fcb-0c8f089be6af

started it last night


hope it doesnt take a week or something


Hey I'm with you there. Check out their archive post though (#95920878 or search "mega" on their page), still works but probably only updated at the end of the month.


Hello, I know some people haven't updated this one user I know which is sarukaiwolf on patreon. Do yall still got anybody to import his posts to?


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