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Have you tried importing yet?
For failing imports, enable debugging and provide any part the import ID. Wait… what imports?

Old thread: >>38023


>CP threads finally deleted
I think we're gonna make it now.



>Wait… what imports?
Why can't you smug assholes just make a small announcement explaining what's going on? Or just add a banner to kemono saying you're doing fixes or something? Keeping your community in the loop wouldn't kill you.


oh thank fuck the cp is starting to be deleted, was real worried this site was gonna be nuked soon.



on one hand im glad you cunts are back and on the other i just wanna throttle your smug faces with a pillow.

Good going chaps, good luck fixing everything.


thanks for the hard work
also whoever keeps trying to post cp, kys faggot



File: 1714011813659.jpg (43.69 KB, 500x375, 1644794041272.jpg)

can you also please deleted and ban the doomposters? those fuckers are really annoying.


Thinking about this, search for all users and record the names, if there are free contents then import them automatically, and allow everyone to update those paid contents.I think this is a good idea.


credit card


how will the mechanism work


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


Nah, I’d hope.


Importing? I got no money for subscription and for buying stuff.


>Why can't you smug assholes just make a small announcement explaining what's going on?
Probably because there is a lot of entertainment to be had over retards going full schizo here talking about the end times


i respect the smug post


what can I say
I love kemono and a whole 13 days of things not working is not going to crush my hopes and dreams of free handdrawn pornographic content
is that you ABDLfag?
I don't want to make fun of you but you're making it really hard, god bless.


That's an interesting idea.

But OH NO then Kemono will be out of business. Well to be fair it's easier trying to look up stuff via Kemono then on Patreon or those other sites. In terms of browsing, Kemono sort of IS Patreon (etc.) but with no filter and easier to search with. Oh, and when something's deleted from Patreon (etc.), it stays up on Kemono, that's the beauty of it.

I know, all we want is to see what's on the other side of the filter. Even if it's to see what is or isn't there.


>Assumes everyone is the same person as if there's only one and only ever one to talk shit about. Or thinks there are only 5 people here instead of hundreds or thousands.

How's life on Mars?


>Even if it's to see what is or isn't there.

*see what or WHO is or isn't there.


Go on do as he says start trying importing stuff again


guy has been asking for this exact thing with this sentence here and on several github projects not realizing that you simply can't unblur images or bypass locked posts.
very cute.


>>39212 >>39245 >>39246 >>39244 >>39237

can't work. you'd need the server to be serving your browser the unblurred image and then blurring it client-side, which it isn't. you can't write a client-side tool to unblur the image because your client never has access that image in the first place.


I'm glad the mods are finally back. I swear if I never see that poor girl again it'll be too soon.


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


you don't need your free porn now
you can live your life without it


I need porn or I'll die!


I cannot live my live without it


Getting rid of the blur isn't enough. If you just use something like uBlock to get rid of the blurred pics, all you're gonna get is a blank white space. You need to actually be subscribed for the full pics to show up.


File: 1714051062228.gif (35.93 KB, 640x360, try-not-to-challenge-meme-….gif)

Doom posters try not to be retards for clout challenge, difficulty:IMPOSSIBLE


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down




The guy's either genuinely retarded or trolling. Why bother replying.


Kill yourself shill


*kills you instead*


guys, they just turned off the importers while they're fixing the fantia importer. Trust the plan


So is there a educated guess of when kemono be back up just wondering??


so, does anyone know the reason why the importer stopped working? i have no problem waiting but the fact there's no information as to why it stops working is kinda weird.

could anyone tell me why?


File: 1714070396515.gif (3.77 MB, 377x344, 1629842678778.gif)


File: 1714070889824.png (13.5 KB, 497x150, Screenshot 2024-04-22 1404….png)


My dad once said he was just going to the store to get new servers; I haven't seen him since…





Looks shooped XD


File: 1714077974097.png (29.44 KB, 522x289, warning.png)

Serious question: I tried importing after a long time and this is preventing me from the usual process. The fuck happened?


We may not need it, but it's still nice to have and it's pretty annoying that the devs have been silent for so long.


Is this really the end of Kemono?


Is this really the end of Kemono?


yep, the end. go away.


It is


this tbh fam


the importers have been down for a couple of weeks, try again once whatever is going on gets resolved. Thanks for the service though!


It ain't, join the Telegram group dumbasses.


I see, that makes sense. I hope the issues can be solved soon. I'll definitely try to import again after some time!


i haven't seen this before but it looks like a warning to try to scare people from importing keys. i can't tell how it's stopping you though. giving your session id to someone else does allow them to do whatever with your account, including buying whatever they want on the website without your permission (i don't think raw cc# and passwords can be leaked but other stuff in your profile can). so importing to kemono does carry some risk but i haven't had issues in the past and i'm sure you haven't either. but whatever the importers don't work right now anyway


you can "want" it, but it's not going to happen, it is impossible
it's not a filter going the image, it's a new, distinct, second image produced from the image on the server that is otherwise only accessible to people who have paid, this image has less information and it cannot be restored to the original quality or anything better than what you're seeing
if you want the unblurred image, you have to have the credentials of someone that paid for it, there is nothing that a browser addon can ever do to remedy this, the blurred images is not "the original image but obscured", it is a "second image", and it will always be a "second image"


coomers porn detox challenge (impossible)


>it is a 「second image」, and it will always be a 「second image」
>this is the power of Patreon’s stand, 「Wall of Glass」!


I try not to be too judgemental of other people's fetishes because I'm into really degenerate shit myself, but this dude really isn't doing anything to disprove my biases towards ABDL retards.
Bro just copy-pastes the same message no matter how many times people tell him that it's literally impossible.
If it WERE possible, do you think people really would have made the session key song and dance you have to do with kemono when they could have simply "unlocked the posts"?


I know you're serious cause I've seen you repeat the same sentence in two different threads now, but what you're asking is literally impossible. Several people have already repeated the same explanation and replies to you. Get it into your thick skull, numbnuts.


Just because you're serious doesn't mean you're not completely retarded.


Subscribestar soon… s-surely


Never ever


Did CaseOh eat the servers?


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


No, you see, you simply need to break site security in such a way they can't simply patch around and then package it into an extension anyone can use. Should be done any moment now.


Subscribestar is the only one of those services that actually earns the fees it charges because they actively fight any form of scrapping.
Even if the kemono devs were to fix the scraper they would just change days if not hours later to break it again and probably ban all their scraping servers while they are at it.
So yeah subscribestar will never get fixed.


only patreon matters


few people there already said it's impossible and I agree with them, ya dumb idiot if thinks it's so easy


Anon is going absolutely delusional.
Well, one way to actually have a plugin that """unblurs""" locked content is that sources of said images in their respective sites are replaced with kemono's, thus the "unbluring", but this will be incredibly useless as it'll be the same as just using kemono.


From a practical standpoint even that wouldn't be advisable. You'd need to have some API or an automated system that can line up a creator's page with Kemono/Coomer on its own. If that's available to users it'd be available to paysites to make the easiest automated DMCA takedown generator outside of Youtube.


some fetishes have actual mentally deficient/intellectually challenged human beings attached to them.


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down



(Not the same guy as >39212, I'm actually >39237)

Well, Kemono it is then.


I'm part of that community too and no, we're not like that. I'M certainly not like that. It's just one person embarrassing us. Don't judge.


Are you finished?


Did you NOT read this comment >>39262

Also, as another member of the community you're in, I'm asking you politely to STOP going around spamming these kinds of messages around the place. Believe me, not only does it NOT help (in face it's more likely to put the admins off), but in fact you're drawing negative attention to the community, and in the process lead ABDL artists to be alerted about this site and therefore sabotage the accessibility to their galleries before they even get added to this site. STOP IT! PLEASE! I REALLY shouldn't have to put myself at risk of being ousted just to tell you to stop. Never mind the good intentions aside, look at comments! Look the farce you're brewing up here! This is so out of line even by our community's standards, and you should know that! Even the gays don't get this level of negative attention. Fuck mate, even gays don't do this, this has got to STOP!

>Hehehe trashy ABDLfags lol

Alright, you've had your fun, the show is over, now bugger off.

Go attack trannies instead, at least we're not as dishonest as they are. Certainly not the point of moving mountains like changing names or getting surgical work done to achieve one's illusions or pushing for delusional politics or trying to make the rest of the world bend over backwards for them, I could go on about it all day but I'll let you lot do the honours.


leave trans people alone you weirdo


Bro really said "look how bad you make our community look like", then attacks the trans community lol.


There is an old YouTube tutorial that shows how to unblur pictures.
but idk if its still works:




this guy is proof of room temperature iq, check his recent github issues https://github.com/golgon1995


YWNBAW troon freak, but deep down you're already painfully aware of that..


File: 1714137353159.jpg (12.32 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

jesusfuck i've been on the internet since it has existed and i think this is the biggest retard i've seen in my life, easily in the top 10. i don't know if i should laugh or scream


he's desperate for his diaper and babyfur content and no one is helping him, no one.
he is not asking for much, he just wants a browser extension that unblurs images and unlocks locked content just like that.

the world is unfair.


File: 1714138083995.jpg (36.74 KB, 480x512, 1674791953455.jpg)

Not sure if I should feel bad or be disgusted.
On one hand he's clearly desperate.
On the other he's hassling completely random developers and just straight up linking them diaper fetish content.


The CP threads are back, you know the drill
And yes I reported it


He's ready to write 80 issues for any github page with "unlocker" in the name but he's not ready to pay 5$ for his porn. I'm usually for freedom but im not reconsidering my stance as access to porn has literally fried this mans brain.


File: 1714142074215.jpg (45.99 KB, 636x360, 1712098816514520.jpg)

I'm a newfag. How come there hasn't been any recent uploads lately?


devs are apparently migrating to a new server since the older ones got filled to the brim or some shit.
now we just wait.


>he is not asking for much, he just wants a browser extension that unblurs images and unlocks locked content just like that.
And other people have repeatedly explained why that can't happen. It's his own fault if he refuses to listen.


>100 posts in, the thread's already on repeat mode

This is why you don't allow feeder content. They end up eating entire servers to entertain their audience. /s

Seriously though, what's the biggest shit in storage right now? AI stuff? Coomer videos just like before with bitches of any and all gender camwhoring behind paywalls? Those damn reaction videos are huge too and who the fuck benefits from archiving some random guy reacting to some other random guy reacting to some autist singing Nantoka Nare within an entire team of highly specialized autists? If that is a fetish or has an actual value I cannot comprehend, I do apologize.

Try putting kemono in rice, sucks that April 1st is past because you could just have the servers redirect to localhost and people freak out at not being able to download anything. They're already freaking out with everything safe and sound just because they can't import new content. We've got like over 12 million posts or something, come on, fap to all of this (including the unfappable) and then complain folks.


File: 1714144380449.png (107.26 KB, 243x261, GK0YGr0XMAAR3ou.png)

jesus christ i've been checking out the board every now and then since the importer shutdown and even then i was only peripherally aware of this whole fiasco. this shit is hilarious


I mean, blaming ai slop for filling up the servers is retarded. One fanbox account making hentai animations uses as much storage as a 100 ai artists. unless they just dump 10k uncompressed pngs by the hundreds, then one hd video of a camwhore getting stuffed weights as much as thousands of ai images.


>bugs random devs to give him free porn
>he links them diaper furshit patreons

Fucking comedy gold


the people who aren't here for porn
>i am forgotten


File: 1714151015031.jpeg (79.89 KB, 551x453, IMG_8897.jpeg)


Me too



Who said i'm trans lol, but that doesn't even matter, it's a rather sad way of conducting yourself, even on the likes of this kind of board. Guess you're a lost cause though.


File: 1714157360818.jpg (54.22 KB, 960x743, Dumb 1.jpg)

I feel like whatever's going on here, this image summerizes it perfectly.


ETA when?


nobody knows, it's been two weeks so far


If its really just storage capacity, it explains why admin/mods didn't want to deal with people shitting on them and bitching while they try to resolve it.

A rough ETA to when we can expect to queue up imports again would be appreciated though for those who do so we can know if we'll be able to back up April's content or not (for patreons/fanbox that nuke stuff at end of month).


Whoever imports patreon episodes of the podcast I like better be back when the servers go up, or I'll be real peeved


No. These sites don't simply put a blur texture over the content, anyone would be able to simply get it with inspect element then. We don't know how to tell you man, unless you're subscribed to those creators, the actual file you're trying to watch is *not* on the website. You can't get it. That's why kemono works the way it does and that's why importers need a subscriber's session key. Without it, all you're getting is a preprocessed blured picture.


You can't reason with this guy. He's either trolling or brain dead.

What he's asking for might be theoretically possible using the Kemono API but you'd need to pay someone to develop a whole extension for that, and this abdltard definitely doesn't have the money for that, or else he wouldn't be whinging about it on here/github


What is happening with the kemono party site, nothing has been updated for two weeks


What is happening with the kemono party site, nothing has been updated for two weeks


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


something tells me that the patreon importer doesn't work anymore, and since it's the most popular platform that gets leak, people will leave in mase if they realize that. and they're trying to figure out how to make it work again. buuut i'm just speculating


File: 1714191580181.png (166.43 KB, 2688x2688, hmm.png)

So… you are saying that devs stopped all the updates for all platforms so it may look that nothing is working when in reality Patreon is the only that is not…

The next time you speculate about something, think twice or keep to your self 🙏


File: 1714193021849.jpg (72.36 KB, 1080x701, 430187188_7184678291612017….jpg)

>mfw the site starts working again and there's suddenly a giant backlog of coom art


They're worse. Also, the fuck are you doing defending… not even a community but a parasitic demographic??


I had a feeling it'd be a rickroll. Well play.


You and me brother.


I think you replied to the wrong comment. Completely different topic.


>tumbling down
Shut up already!


Or art in general. Yeah I think a lot of us are gonna get washed away by this tsunami.

…If only it were possible to prepare for such an event…


File: 1714203498500.jpg (72.89 KB, 1080x1080, Skeleton-Waiting-Meme-3.jpg)

I have seen the future and guess what you have to wait two more weeks before kemono comes back on line


File: 1714220958044.png (58.06 KB, 330x256, 1693125174827710.png)



Well fuck. Revive the Kemono site now! We have a wait for fucking 2 week! How the fuck kemono is now dead!? Seriously! We are getting mad!


Did a fuckin AI write this




Now you have two extra weeks to learn english


Goddamn it! The admin is not fixing the this Kemono site! They'll be fucked up!!




this is the funniest shit goddamn


I haven't masturbate for 2 weeks because waiting for Kemono updates


Even wake up in the morning I can't feel my pp pumping! For 2 weeks!


Yeah, mate, i can't feel my cock every morning


My cock starts dying because no updates


I for one will faithfully wait (meaning manically refresh the favorites page) until everything gets resolved and I can continue reading new webnovel chapters.
This site has helped me get my fiction fix, and for that I am immensely thankful.


the favela has teamed up with the diaper fetishists for kemono daring to not import things for 2 weeks
they gonna fuck THEM UP!!!!!


Sorry, with the amount of people who go crazier than AI zoomers or terminally addicted junkies the instant their only source of paid, 'new' museum-tier caveman drawings becomes unavailable my already scarce braincells get dysfunctional lmao
That applies to non-porn too, but at least you guys do save a lot of space with pure text novels or just linos.


If the problem is storage and you want it to be done serverside this will only make it worse and it will of course still fail because all disks are full.

Agreed, just meant anything taking unnecessary space in general. Creators don't even compress their shit those days, export to the wrong format, etc.

This fills up space extremely quickly if you get the originals and don't process them properly.


Nah, I'd hope.


So is it coming back? I need to read my fav webserials :3


Finally someone else that isn't propelled by brainrot. Which ones do you read here?


File: 1714245537848.jpg (35.28 KB, 625x417, anticipation.jpg)

So it's been two weeks and we still have to wait, I hope everyone is enjoying the wait see ya in two weeks


I hope it'll be fixed soon


Hopebros. That's a first.

But yeah, hope the site comes back soon


So kemonoDOTsu is giving me a dns not found error, but the status site and this one are still working. Actually like 10 minutes ago this one got a DNS not found error too, weirdly enough. Guessing it's the server migration, not an apocalyptic event or something. Did have a minor heart attack B4 realizing that tho.


Got a DNS not found error after tapping "new reply", but reloading the page fixed it. Weird.


tor usually fixes kemono DNS errors for some reason, try that


might be a country or ISP block, I could load without issue when I enabled Green Tunnel


I used TOR and it connected. Weird. And awkward to use for me. But no updates yet so that's fine, I can wait for a fix. Thanks for the suggestion, you rock!


yeah same issue and in this site also, where i am unless i use a vpn


would be ass if that was the case


Well, I tried switching VPN servers to Canada, then England, cleared cookies and no dice. Idk. But thanks for trying to help me out!


so its the whole of UK?


Well depends on my phone with the wifi turned off allows me to go to the site so Boost mobile isn't the problem.


it also seems Kemono is using EFnet RBL
so certain Tor stuff can't post.


All the servers I tried at the time anyway. But it's working fine now, so *shrug emoji*


Did something change with the https://kemono.party/ and https://kemono.su/ domains recently? I can no longer access them on my Chrome browsers on both of my different computers. I get a "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" error. I also can't access the site on my phone's safari browser, but I can if I disconnect from my wi-fi and use 5G.

I can still reach the website on Firefox on one computer but not the other. I noticed it automatically redirects me to the .su domain now if I use the .party URL.

I'm assuming this is a DNS change based on what I know about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated, as I quite enjoy this website.


just google for the IPs and put them into your hosts file, it's 2 minutes of work


both links work fine for me. your shit must be fucked beyond comprehension.


I use kemono to read Super Supportive.


you just need to use a vpn


Right but do we know why it's suddenly required to? Is something changing with the website?


the site was compromised by dirty actors (possibly government) months if not years ago and they keep changing hands for varying reasons. ISPs are in the process of blocking certain IPs, depending on your location.


So what are admins doing now? Are they really trying tofix the importer?


File: 1714273933685.jpeg (74.09 KB, 563x585, IMG_9008.jpeg)


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


File: 1714275269920.jpg (367.38 KB, 731x781, 241.jpg)

>going through 2+ weeks worth of content when importer finally gets fixed


delete this


thx for giving some insight into what's going on
hope the server implementation goes well and importers are back running soon


Protest protest protest! We are protesting against admin to not fixing the goddamn site!!


Same! Can't wait to get the new updates, by far the best I read here.


And now the site AND party forums are fucking dead on PC but work weirdly on mobile. Fucking great job y'all!!!


Same, hopped routers and its dead on both, but phone gets through


site works now, forums still fucked


Shit's fucking weird. From my desktop I can connect without issue, both with and without VPN. Connecting my phone to to the same wi-fi my desktop is on leads to a DNS error on mobile - got to turn wifi off and connect via mobile data through an USA vpn to see kemono on my phone.

Why the hell is my phone browser failing to resolve DNS on the same connection my desktop browser is connecting without issue………….


File: 1714307111210.png (108.5 KB, 1116x626, 0.png)


Has a point. Partychan is just a hate/shitsink for all retards, screechers, and coomers while mods and admins are taking refuge on Telegram.


Here. If it's not enough, hop on the Telegram, go through a seconds long process of getting in, and use the search function for words like "importer" and "space". These were easy to find.


there should be a little banner at the top (like the gumroad announcement) telling ppl that shit's fucked, but not *that* fucked at the moment and to be patient. plus any future updates or etas on this situation.

i don't want to join a telegram just for updates on a website because i know it's gonna be some lord of the flies shit, a bunch of angry kids screaming at each other.


the feds are here I see


File: 1714311109972.jpg (68.03 KB, 896x866, fedpost.jpg)



I ain't clicking that shit nigga


File: 1714317219442.png (78.56 KB, 240x240, suzumiyaanju-4.png)

>and then there's nothing left to import because everyone knows deletion within days to keep loyal paypigs subbed permanently totally isn't spreading all over the place
Nah, I'd hope.


Can admin refuse people upload a lot of AI generated shit to fill up the storage of Kemono's servers?
PLEASE DON'T waste storage to keep AI shit
Thank you


God yes please! Coomer has the same problem but with fake bot accounts spamming ads for thot accounts xp.


File: 1714322001479.png (853.12 KB, 1600x900, ea5d994c280e974e0d87d8fae7….png)




So many. I have a whole favorites tab dedicated to them.

The Hedge Wizard
Path of Ascension
Bog Standard Isekai (this is my favorite)
A Practical Guide to Sorcery
All the Skills
Industrial Strength Magic

A few others that I read on and off, but those are the ones I keep up with.


CIA Nigger


Guess i can wait. 8===D


File: 1714328270802.jpeg (82.46 KB, 730x838, coomer4.jpeg)

We get some nofap training, at the least


File: 1714329248379.jpg (48.77 KB, 563x702, c70.jpg)

i think im getting better. i dont need this porn shit anymore. my face is starting to get clear, no acne or dark circles. im finally starting to talk to people again. i got a job. my family just called me to have dinner with them for the first time im 3 years. no stranger change direcions when they see me going their way anymore. life is starting to get good. i think im going to make it, lads.


The AI sloppa is nothing compared to the sheer volume of fucking insipid reaction channel content. Plus the accounts that are just hairy fatasses posting pictures of themselves eating (which is something people…want…I guess?).

I'll never understand why pirate sites don't gatekeep content more aggressively. Memory is relatively cheap, sure, but why waste it?


works on my end
eurochad btw


Why are the importers not working again?



Why did the chicken cross the road?


"Anubys - Flying Through The Sky" (rock instrumental). <D


Kemono is not a porn site, it's a webnovel unstubber.


God dammit at this point I don't know what breaks down more easily: cookies in milk or this site


It's not much of a problem if you use kemono to find pages you already found off-site rather than to discover new ones. Site's seems to be intended for that kind of usage. Personally I don't care about patreons of those I don't already follow.


>Memory is relatively cheap, sure, but why waste it?
bro is NOT literate
Nigga the entire fucking context of the conversation is that they take up space, it doesn't matter if you see the insipid garbage or not.



Fedposting is getting dedicated, I ban whole ass ranges and basically banned cloudflare warp completely (/12 rangeban lol)
I know its effective as he keeps hitting existing rangebans but he keeps buying new proxies with more and more obscure places.

How are the imports working out for you? post your favorite import log below.


File: 1714342758058.jpg (429.13 KB, 729x1200, 259.jpg)

If you all would stop dooming here and actually go out and do something time would fly but instead you can't get unglued from here so it's not my problem also prediction change Sunday 5th kemono updates


Finally! I've been banned for five weeks and there's hasn't been an update for TWO FUCKING WEEKS! FIX IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1714345691059.jpg (23.79 KB, 570x500, No-Memes-1.jpg)


you can fix it by giving money to patreon


money can be exchanged for goods and services


>coping diaper fetishist pretending he's above trans people
My god it's like Diesel Raccoon never left us
*inflates you making you big and round*


we're cooked lads


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


It's been two whole weeks and the site hasn't been FUCKING FIXED YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you tried more allcaps?


File: 1714364129894.png (174.43 KB, 717x260, soback.png)

we are so back


nice edit


Because there still hasn't been any updates


Have import from Pixiv Fanbox and Fantia been stopped?


Fanbox probably isn't auto-importing until admin can be sure they aren't going full retard like SubStar did.


what happened with substar?


don't do this man


You lied to me!


>mods and admins are taking refuge on Telegram.

Taking refuge from responsibility.

Ah yes… the good old DISCONNECT. The "Let them eat cake", the "Eat bitterness", the "this surely won't come back to bite us" kind.



They already made it clear tho. No PayPal unless you already used PayPal before. Not ideal but nice anyway


Also, Nah I'd hope.


Has kemono.party stopped working?


File: 1714376709416.png (335.44 KB, 500x537, incrediboy.png)


Why we still here Just to suffer ? I can't feel my cock


Can you be a STFU for spamming 'Tumbling Down' in whole fucking COMMENTS SECTION!!! JESUS CHRIST FOR THE GOD SAKE!! WE ARE FIXING THE SITE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!


the devs literally have no responsibility you cretin
maybe if there was some monetary compensation but no, not here


File: 1714379824945.gif (215.61 KB, 584x720, 1702242465435637.gif)

is cobbler diaperfag or just another literal downs syndrome retard?



I wish the devs and admins nothing but success on fixing the site BUT FOR FUCKS SAKE IT HAS BEEN TWO WEEKS, C'MON, DO SOMETHING DAMMIT!!!!


[frustrated hight pitched gibberish]


For some reason, they thought it would be a really good idea to ban users who were paying them.


I don't know why these mouthbreathing retards keep acting like this hasn't happened before with even less communication from you guys and it still got fixed. Like the admins are clearly and obvious fixing it.


Involuntary no nut april


I know we can get through this


I miss the days before Patreon when websites like Kemono didn't have to exist. I don't mind throwing a few bucks towards my favorite artists now and then but for gods sake a lot of these guys lock their shit down too hard. Nobody ever imports DMs or Discord logs and most of the good artists use those or other methods so it did not matter anyway.


Can somebody fix it please? It's been two weeks and I need to beat my meet.


You know, when i opened this thread the last thing i expected to see was a diaper rat spamming copium and thinking they're above trans. Pretty funny though! Anyway, hoping the fix is coming along smoothly.


You surely weren't around when Patreon and Fanbox importers died for 4 months (each at a different time obviously).


File: 1714406739890.jpg (73.33 KB, 600x802, just-chillin-5c0fd9.jpg)

The last it went down it took 2 to 3 weeks just calm down already plus there has been over 1000 posts since of the shut down just chill it's not that hard also based what I heard the server should be up next week so calm down


I agree, the best option is just to wait. To lose patience is to lose the battle.


I hope you're right about this.


> the server should be up next week
I hope you're right.


good to hear but I'm not going to hold my breath. (not to sound like a doomer)



I asked last week and two people told me that indeed whenever this happens you have to wait, the only difference is that this time the admins don't trolling.
In any case I already have confirmation, I know you know what you're talking about, you said it with a cat.


wow, what an insight, do you need to ask people how to tie your own shoes too


Is Patreon importing broken? When I toss my session ID in, it just hangs forever. Doesn't progress, doesn't error out.


Is the Patreon importer broken? I'm signed up with a $150 plan on someone's page and want to get the content off before it expires.


based drooling retard making the trans-community as a whole shake in their boots



way to out yourself bro lol hows that closet


The servers are being updated/upgraded/cleaned/something and the importers are down for now (been down for about 2 weeks).


I don't know how Kemono can shoulder immeasurable amount of trash videos and just not go kaput. Hosting video is no joke.


get yt-dlp to get the videos and audio and just save the pics yourself
after that just make a torrent or upload to a site that allows that content


Do you like looking at porn?
Do you like waiting for updates for two weeks?


I don't know if you guys know this but there are other ways to get porn beyond waiting for an artist to be scrapped on kemono. Like yeah it was super convenient and a massive upgrade, truly the RARBG of hentai/porn, but its not like we haven't all been jacking off for years before finding this site. I for one have been beating my meat all the same, it just takes a bit more effort to find something.
Eventually it'll get fixed, in the meantime you have good old rule34, rule34video, f95zone for porn games that make for a much more immersive experience than any pic/video will ever provide, simp city for leaked onlyfans models, a billion different pornhub clones without the dumbass restrictions, the list goes on.


And while there isn't new content, there's TONS of old content from other creators you've probably never looked at!


I looked at contents of creators that i favorited


Ugh. When are they gonna fix the site? I haven't masturbated for two weeks!


Is there any other site similar to Kemono besides Rule 34, e621, etc.?


two more weeks, trust the plan


I was fine with limiting myself to free porn from sites like pixiv for a long time. But then paysites started becoming popular, and now every single decent artist follows the new meta: only posting the bare minimum to get your attention and whet your appetite for their paywalled content. Can't have a decent fap anymore without being bombarded with constant reminders that there's way better stuff I could be fapping to.


>two more weeks
You gotta be fucking kidding.


File: 1714433514319.jpeg (37.37 KB, 401x401, IMG_2902.jpeg)

>tfw the games you follow on f95 all get their updates from Kemono


>go through a seconds long process of getting in
Doesn't Telegram require you to give a phone number? I didn't do it for twitter, I'm not doing it for this one.


more like five minutes


File: 1714440675772.gif (85.62 KB, 640x478, patrick-poor-ugly-thing.gif)


I don't even jerk off or follow any specific artist, but my autism and hoarding addiction demand that I must get the paywall versions of every pic I happen to like. At least when they're more than just negligibly higher res.


sadpanda is the only relevant one



That's corporate "capitalism" for you. Companies raising cost of living for "infinite growth" for the shareholders (have to pay off that seventh superyacht *somehow*) so artists have to compensate some how


That's a long-winded way of saying jewry.


>is explained the fundamental flaw of capitalism
>"buh-buh-but DA JOOS!!!!"


File: 1714446369817.jpg (44.99 KB, 345x533, 1575476224224.jpg)

Why wait for someone to leak their paywalled content when you can just train a LoRa on their free stuff?


When has it ever not been because of jews?


It's almost the end of the month and there are STILL no updates.


have fun waiting for like another 20 days


File: 1714453278383.jpeg (30.11 KB, 474x541, 8d3ea7ac756a11c1445fb14d3….jpeg)

I posted this earlier people ugh >>39599

I just said earlier today that it will be updated this next week on what I have heard just chill. My God does it feel like everyone here can't understand stuff anymore or is everyone under this illusion that the world must do what they say. ugh


they don't care, that's not why they're whining


Where. Are. The. UPDATES?!?!?!?!?!?!


Every time you whine about it, they push it back 3 hours.


At least they're not the ones running the western world and pushing their agenda onto kids and into kindergartens (and never would no matter what), unlike trannies and gays. One public comment against trannies and you're life's probably destroyed, that's how much fucking power they have.


At least they're not the ones running the western world and pushing their agenda onto kids and into kindergartens (and never would no matter what), unlike trannies and gays. One public comment against trannies and you're life's probably destroyed, that's how much fucking power they have.


Why are no responds from the admins ? Maybe the admins are working on a surprise massive update on Kemono


Not a reference to the last comment, came to say this anyway.

Why don't we ask the admins HOW it's going? As in is everything going smoothly or are there issues or might it take longer than anticipated? I think this board could really do with some hope.


Sucks to suck brother. Its not them "running" things, it is you outing yourself as an asshole not to be associated with for anyone who cares about the wellbeing of their trans and/or gay friends and associates. And lets be honest, it is not about saying one thing. It is about being a repeatedly shitty person about it.


>YFW you're an admin
>You're about to fix updates
>Anon asks when Updates Fix?!
>you delete your code and start over


The only people forcing shit onto children are churches, religions and nationalistic assholes who indoctrinate children.

LGBT+ folks are just trying to tell people, and that includes kids, that being gay or trans is fine. You know, just like you straight people do. And if they are gay or trans, we love them anyway. You fucking bigot.


Have you recently visited your family?
You got the time to do so now.


When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?
When fix?

Does it count all in one post or should I make multiple?


I don't tend to be on this forum, and I really don't know how the Kemono admins work. I asked if there was really any difference between what the admins are doing this time versus other times the site has a problem, and why people got so alarmist this time and told me this; This is not the first time this has happened, it is not the first time they have exaggerated, nor is it the first time that the admins work on the site without really saying anything to anyone about what is happening or if it will soon be fixed; It's the same as always, only this time the admins aren't arguing with the others on the forum.

It is curious to see how they insult each other for little or no provocation, while calling each other Marxists as if it were an insult.

I mean, the last thing I saw was the cat post, I come back and there are people insulting trans people.

And someone insulting me just because I made a comment based on an image that I thought was funny.


File: 1714470485996.png (16.33 KB, 522x538, 1423265978675.png)

returning to this thread to see its now a jew/lgbt hate thread or something


File: 1714474226897.jpg (3.59 KB, 150x150, 62wv3j.jpg)

Okay groomer


This is a board bro, we lost this fight the moment we stepped in. Shame to because I like the idea of boards but /pol/ tentacles reach every one somewhere.


there's e-hentai and exhentai, while they took a lot from kemono it's got a lot of doujinshi too. For that I use hitomi la sometimes, while it obviously scrapes everything from exhentai it makes navigation more comfortable


File: 1714474898854.jpg (86.82 KB, 800x600, IMG_20221019_105142_002.jpg)


you're a massive loser dude. billionaires are laughing while they destroy the world you live in for their own profit and in the meantime you're here drinking their kool aid and believing the issue is somehow a bunch of minorities that have been ostracized for centuries and only now are starting to change their lives for the better


Your dad doesn't love you, does he?


Good to know, Satan


File: 1714488669550.jpg (1.55 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-04-30-20-1….jpg)

This might be the problem source, so many furry posts that might the server is full


u know, the site started as a, guess what, furry site.


This guy, have another account or what that draws very different contents by the way lol


Maybe AI shit clogged the toilet.


Same here, hitomi.la may not have everything I want that Sandpanda does, but I can agree it's more comfortable to navigate. There's also Nekohouse, but the damn site is so undercooked with only Fantia updates being its bread and butter, and that barely seems to update 2-3 times every 2 weeks or so.


Yeah, from the name is Kemono that means animal in Japanese


two weeks without fresh hentai deposits is all it took to start chugging the conservitard koolaid


he's cool as fuck actually but thanks for asking


This. The thing is they're rare but some artists just say how about no and fuck you to stuff like Patreon/Fanbox/Fantia/Afdian/etc. They don't want that paywall shit. They're starving but they'd rather eat shit and die than support this.

Rare yes. Do many change their mind over time? Holy kek yes unfortunately, just like freedom fighters who turn.

I assure you there's quality porn for every single fetish you might have, that is not pirated, that is made by an artist/writer and not AI, and at best it's a commission, so if you go press X to doubt, rest assured someone still paid for it but they're sharing for free. And even then there are the ones who never got paid at all because guess what motherfuckers, they're not greedy fucks even if they're about to die. Honor and dignity. You lose it, you lose your humanity. Any paywalled creator is becoming subhuman by the minute.

I won't pirate from the people who resist that mindset and keep opposing it. EVER. They're a dying breed and I'm going to support them in any way I can even though they don't want my money, there's always a way but this shitpost is getting long.

Let's make it longer though, in my country we say everyone steals and then accuses others of doing the same when it happens to them (and it doesn't even belong to them anymore lmao).

Free porn exists, know where to look. Pirate everyone else without any mercy, even to spite them, in any way you can according to how greedy and dishonest they are.

Don't want piracy, don't incite piracy. Nobody gives a shit about gatekeeping reasons, they're all invalid if people who are this close to getting evicted don't monetize their stuff.

(Body too large. Click here to facepalm and tl;dr: LEX TALIONIS.)


why are you entering this thread to do the same thing you're complaining about


How many weeks now with no word?
Are they building a floating super server in intl waters or is it legal shit?


so when are you guys adding an announcement tab on the website or at least a banner saying you're doing fixes and whatnot instead of using a fucking chan thread


Will you put the announcement tab on please?! I WANT UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!


I concur, we have >>8965 for a reason. I know Telegram is the "preferred" social media of choice, but for those of us who don't feel like giving phone numbers to keep tabs on things there, there probably would be less panic if a heads-up was given. It's not an imageboard is more complicated to use than a twitter wannabe.


While waiting for Kemono to be back to normal, is there any alternatives website/discord for advance chapters scrapper? Usually the contents are from patreon. Thanks in advance


literally named KEMONO party you fucking retard


Thanks for telling about this place. The vore is a bit lacking but it's better than nothing.


Paywalls are more fucked up than you think, you see a lot of artists give it a shot but in practice 90% of artists are probably making <20$ a month and in exchange their art is not discoverable/searchable and will never be seen by anyone.


Quantum computers (with this many leechers it'll almost get to this point really)

Creators will be infected via neuralink implants so they get even more brain damage, Musk controls them and they post their paywalled shit on X by mistake


Oh my science, where are the updates reeeee


>Oh my science
Go back to reddit, cringe-lord.




take a benzo and clean your room


Kemono is being repaired?


Honestly this time hasn't been that bad, I've discovered a bunch of artists while browsing outside my favorites, and when the fix happens I'll explode, my dick will explode, so maybe the wait isn't all that bad.


Welcome to No Nut November: May Edition. If you want to complain, you've come to the right place. Cuz I'm gonna keep fucking whining until the site's fixed.


scream louder, that will help make it return faster


>scream louder, that will help make it return faster
Well, it certainly makes me cum faster.


File: 1714544126925.jpg (39.42 KB, 500x500, toes.jpg)

let me suck on ur toes


>>39501 I cropped out the banner. Just admins/mods pissing their pants about peeps asking about importers. (Transparency/an extra pin only takes 15 seconds, guys.)

>>39521 A large pizzuhhhh…

>>39526 -> >>39500

>>39340 >>39597 >>39671 >>39684

It WOULD help if they didn't have drag queen/stripper levels of attire, especially in front of children. That guy wasn't kidding.
The whole entitlement/tranny coersion bullshit is as obnoxious as it is desperate.
Is it REALLY for expression or is it an excuse to screech "I'm special" demands for free shit, influence, and attention?

Honestly, I'm willing to believe SOME trans peeps are cool, but when things like this and the above happen:

*gets called out for dishonesty, among other things*
"Leave trannies alone"

It isn't a good look and doesn't do anyone favors.

If it's really for expression, then break the fucking stereotype. It's become this influental, pridepilled beggar's cult making up whatever shit that both placates mouthbreather IQ statistics while enabling hypocrisy and attention farming. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the head influencers took a ride on Loli Airlines as well.

There's a reason it's limited to the states. It's a crutch for both attenton beggars and the gov while it's nothing more than a comical fucking fetish everywhere else, lol.

>>39675 You're not wrong. People often use religion (ANY of them) as a crutch and a proxy for basically the same thing.

>>39686 Pic forgot the crazy eyes and screeching when physiology/science proves trans guys can't get pregnant. [Copium.jpg]

>>39687 Entitled attention begging ≠ better.


I'm guessing these CP threads are just these boomer cuckold pigs at the FBI/CIA attacking peeps for having/sharing shit they don't have?

>>39569 To be fair, you're not wrong. Transparency > Two dumbass parties screeching at each other (Again, 15 seconds, even if half the retards on PartChan are too lazy to read. Make it pop up like an ad, actually.)

>>39580 That's what ads are for, and they're not devs. They're just the admins/mods, and they were too greedy to pay the actual OG devs, people that could've prevented these downtimes. Why are you defending them?
It's amazing it's lasted this long with limited knowledge, duct tape, and gum.

>>39647 Use/buy a fake number. ($0.50-$2 afaik)

>>39663 Half the retards on PartyChan are too lazy to read. I posted >>39500 , and idiots are still screeching "fix".

>>39712 >>39500 Regarding the downtime, servers are full. Importers are off until storage is increased. When that will be? I have no idea.


And then make kids transition before puberty with hormone blockers that are just going to completely fuck up their puberty and lives? I'd say that alone needs it's own Nuremberg trials.


Also, putting that shit onto kids just to justify such cause is pretty fucked beyond plain old bigotry anyway. KIDS CAN'T CONSENT, which is why pedophilia is frowned upon. And DON'T start using double standards when it comes to a child's ability to consent to something, or lack thereof.


Sounds like it's gonna take a while, eh.


>People insulting trans "people".


>eLiGible BeaTee hate thread
Would you call this a pedo hat thread too? Or is it time we draw a line somewhere?


Troons are subhuman and I am still hoping to see Fantia import restored, as I have an easier time giving TIGER HOLE my money than fucking Pixiv.


>it's another "trannies complain about the epidemic of being bullied into suicide while also pretending there's only five people on earth who hate trannies and everyone else loves them" episode


Hilarious and sad that this thread's been overrun by a bunch of NPC's regurgitating the same dumb shit about gay dudes they have for years now.


File: 1714552934499.png (1.78 MB, 1200x1722, 46746 - SoyBooru.png)

ill do my part by shitting on kikemonos a month right before june the first dont worry this wont be the last

>>39692 >>39702 >>39722 https://archive.is/o/W2tS7/https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/src/1711547030274.png
friendly reminder that furfag porn is a cancer that destroys internet communities and turns people into sex addicted gooners freaks thank god countries like russia china korea vietnam decided to finally stand up to these abominations by banning all sex material and most importantly zoophile game shows themselves
had then not done that we'd probably end up normalizing prostitutions and otaku furry body pillow culture outside of japan thus burdening other healthy religious nations what we needed is more productive hardworking citizens not some lazy sacks of shit wearing animal costumes all day at organized orgy parties prove me wrong protip you cant

>ITS DA unloved father

nice projection degenerate unlike you i grew up with a father jealous much? the only downside was not being able to fictional sex but this not a problem as im not a mentally ill tranny who takes werewolf HRT illegally

literally if i were a legit artist and i wanted my stuff to get taken down easily ill i literally have to do is mix in the AI shit along with normal paintings or trace after the AI to save time then include it with all the slop the upload it all at once to bloat up the server sizes


so wheres the nekohouse domain are the jannies too busy censoring it?


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


I can't wait for the site to get fixed so that I no longer need to come here and share a space with the most retarded basement dwellers to ever exist. Conservativism is worse than a brain tumor.


mate, i think this thread is for issues the site has, not issues you personally have 🤣🤣🤣


life gives you lemons 🍋

tumbling up
tumbling up
tumbling up


why are you reading this message ?

go out, touch grass

end of conversation


Nobody here is a cuckservative you retarded Amerimutt


File: 1714567207651.png (108.66 KB, 340x444, 983.png)


Imagine thinking you're any different from an Amerimutt when you repeat their talking points without hesitation


trans rights




>uses ching-chong soldiers
Nice one retard


File: 1714572551710.jpg (47.2 KB, 736x922, 485f625aadd5f038947e6d02cb….jpg)

Omg this crap again just go outside, kemono should up and running next week dear God it sounds like people don't have a life on here


Where do these transphobe weirdos even come from


File: 1714577660767.jpg (31.16 KB, 500x360, 950055a937080aaefb2827dcc1….jpg)

F you pervert


>There's a reason it's limited to the states. It's a crutch for both attenton beggars and the gov while it's nothing more than a comical fucking fetish everywhere else, lol.
Agreed, calling Astolfo or Bridget a trap is a meme but if I tried that in the US I guess I'd get lynched [spoiler]USE FEMBOY!!!1[/spoiler] (like who the fuck cares they're fucking pixel boy drag queens, pixel lives matter is growing into crack-vs-canonshipping war levels of societal autism and cancer, and oooh boy let's not get started about real people)

Also loli and shota are fine here. You won't get a whole horde of twittards or plebbitors after you (both of which are literal child molesters trying to project actual crime) because you bust a nut to 'underaged pixels' (or polygons even, but idk I'm a nijikon lmao)

I'm perfectly fine with trans people but for fuck's sake stop pushing your fucking rhetoric or all you'll get is hate. Screeching at haters isn't going to make you accepted and pushing your agenda everywhere is literal propaganda, would you be okay with diaper fetishists posting diapers on sites selling diapers because they want to encourage more adults to wear diapers too? I don't give a damn if it's a fetish or an identity, just please be respectful and use common sense and you'll get accepted as a normal person and not a crazy toxic activist.

Forgive my redditposting it's brain damage hours and I think I'm in the right place anyway LOL


No! We are NOT doing this shit here. Fuck off


Someone needs to be doing a Google Chrome/Firefox paywall-bypass extension that ACTUALLY un-blurrs/unlocks locked posts on Patreon, SubscribeStar, SubscribeStar.adult, Pixiv Fanbox, Ko-Fi, Fantia, and Gumroad.


pedocon theory once again proven

>I'm perfectly fine with trans people

immediately before and after saying very transphobic shit
neck yourself immediately, pedo


File: 1714581912555.png (311.81 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

So now a mod is saying it isn't a storage issue, but we do know they previously said something about new servers. So either they need all new servers, or nobody really knows what the fuck is going on.


What the fuck is wrong with you?! Are you trying to get us arrested?!


>someone says a reason for the downtime that actually sounds pretty reasonable
>admin corrects them
>they're glad there was a correction and don't make any fuss
>admin suddenly gets hostile saying to stop spreading misinformation


don't look at the mascot for kemonoparty you will be extremely disappointed


tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


Furfags are the only ones autistic, dedicated, and with enough free time to run this site; and apparently that was even too much for them.
Also, gayfur is quite possibly the lowest tier of human fetishism.



You're exaggerating. It can be true that they need new servers without needing more storage. Needing storage was an assumption, not something they said.

Apparently they have a different reason to need new servers. I can think of two possible reasons off the top of my head and I barely know anything about the business.


Man I just pulled up and trying to get more information about the issue, and damn here’s been a wild place


As stated before, this is not possible. Those blurred photos are delivered FROM THE SERVER that way. The blurring is lossy and can not be reversed. It's like asking to be able to fix up a broken egg.


As stated before, this is not possible. Those blurred photos are delivered FROM THE SERVER that way. The blurring is lossy and can not be reversed. It's like asking to be able to fix up a broken egg.


As stated before, this is not possible. Those blurred photos are delivered FROM THE SERVER that way. The blurring is lossy and can not be reversed. It's like asking to be able to fix up a broken egg.


File: 1714585972142.png (121.78 KB, 240x240, galaxybrain.png)

>servers full
>servers not full
>new servers
>not a server issue
>won't tell anything else because can't
>ok then

We're playing Watson Amelia and Gawr Gura games right now. It's actually gigabrain time. Is this a subtle ploy to prevent the evil search engines and the snitches from knowing everything in advance? Because if so it's smart but it feels a bit funny.


Holy tripost how did you get past the flood filter

I can think of three and I don't know shit about business either so that's at least between 2 and 5 possible reasons if I didn't fail math classes


Frankly whole debacle is very annoying. I would rather get info whether Kemono fallen apart or not rather than stew in uncertainty.


fix where


Thanks for the relevant info

Well, if you know 3 reasons and the other guy knows 2, then it would be between 3 and 5 reasons. So I guess you did fail math class (sorry)


the telegram mods often make shit worse during downtime, take everything they say with a handful of salt


Would it kill you guys to get off your asses and FIX THE FUCKING SITE?!?!?!?!?!


This is worse than the one back in December.


LMAO no problem mate, oof. You're right, time to learn math again (more like reading comprehension too LOL). Now I can do something productive with my time.


I can understand the radio silence but boy do I hate it


File: 1714595248072.jpeg (5.99 KB, 291x173, images.jpeg)

Fantastic people are raging over the fact they have to wait still even though next week Kemono should be up and running


Bro I just wanna beat my meat to zcik when they gonna fix it?


File: 1714596593402.jpg (250.46 KB, 850x462, StorageReview-HP-iLO.jpg)

Picrel to downtime.


> next week Kemono should be up and running
I hope you're right about this.


Do it yerself then


this can only mean one thing
the taiwanese have abducted kemono's admins and are forcing them to work in chip factories
it's up to us to rescue them, to rescue our coom


Ooooh Discord is fixed
Can anyone import other sites?


for now, we just need to wait some more


oh shit discord IS back?!
time to wait for fanbox then


i can test fanbox if you want?


please do!


You're a fucking retard. :)


Could you test out Pstreon as well? (if it is possible)


yeah, tonight!


File: 1714604834124.png (94.93 KB, 463x455, patience-is-key-v0-wfjztc6….png)

This meme explains what happened on this website in so many ways


You can shoot a nigga, but you better not hurt a gay person's feelings.

>>39772 PREACH, DUDE.

It's like "Hey trannies, gays, whatever the fuck exists!".


"Now give us attention & free shit because we're SPECIAL™!"

It's either you're a legit trans for expression or are mutilating yourself for an entitled, pridepilled gamble at best. The gov's probably cackling at the more obnoxious fools as it works as an invested distraction.

>>39769 "Transphobe"
It's funny because it implies fear.

>>39775 >Calling people out for being an entitled, cancerous, spoiled cryfuck = Transphobia

You first. [Wahmbulance.gif] Weaponizing the word "pedo" for random peeps like it's a threat is beyond comical. You also just outted yourself if the based, dishonest screeching, regardless of public interest, is the norm.💀

>>39779 They are, actually. Crycucks at the FBI & CIA pissing and shitting themselves over what they can't have at their mental level.

>>39787 >>39788 >>39789 Shut the fuck up.

>>39795 Damn, they piss and bitch about it, but now they're instigating it?

>>39805 What the fuck is this? >>39777


Only discord is back? Not seeing any updates from other sites.


chinese put a killswitch in taiwanese chips. i goddamn knew it


File: 1714606462483.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

The only reason I can think of for the lack of transparency is legal issues. Especially, if true, if the retarded pigs at the FBI & CIA are lurking here instead of going after actual criminals. Controlled dystopian dictatorship is God, probably.


I'd rather kill myself than rely on HP hardware


Nvm. Something fried then?


There's another reason: they don't give a flying fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.


no, it's the rampant schizos


File: 1714606710478.gif (3.1 MB, 498x281, IMG_2917.gif)

Shut the fuck up about trannies, we got Discord imports


File: 1714607577657.png (992.83 KB, 1485x1760, Kemono Pixiv.png)

Looks like Pixiv Fanbox is back!


if they do that it's their own fault, there's a reason the artists that are successful have free content out there and often just make everything free after a delay


I saw fanbox and discord got updates, yeah now i'm waiting for patreon updates


gallery-dl works fine




few pixiv accounts just got updated. we might be back


only pixiv and discord so far


Most of what I care about is fanbox so this is still great. Hoping that the patreon importer comes back soon too.


oh and coomer is also partially back

amazing how both kemono and coomer are back but neither patreon or onlyfans are working, both of which are by far the most important to each site


I’d bet it’s because they want to make sure shit’s actually working before they reopen the floodgates.


oh hey there's patreon, i guess we're back for real then… hopefully


Uooooooggghhhhh finally i can burst my cock until my balls popped out




Shit's fixed now so quit crying


we're so back


The site has nice, big, malware-ridden forced redirect ads, just like every shady, unsafe porn site on the web.

They killed it, folks. It's so fucking over.


>patreon importer back up
>on the same day one of my favorite artists deletes his patreon exclusive content


have you ever heard of an adblocker before?


get ublock, retard

should have paid your favorite artist


Dude, using adblock isn't that hard


We're back? We're back! WE'RE SO BACK!!


Hey we're back fellas! back to normalcy. People just gotta be patient next time this happens. Happy wanking, friends!


>People just gotta be patient next time this happens
No admins need to stop being faggots and be transparent and actually communicate with their community about what's happening next time this happens, shill.


File: 1714617244148.gif (840.15 KB, 462x260, Thumbs up.gif)

We're back gamers.

Also if I was to try and import something now do you think it would be immediate or significantly backlogged?


no actually, admins need to be as untransparent as possible, this isn't a normal website


I agree buuuut.
As it is, they should not actually say problems they have or the causes of them, since that indicates what and why the page is vulnerable, but it would be good if they said "we will be out of service for a while", yes, they would just say because, only they will be so that the public does not become so desperate thinking that the page is going to die, although that is not so bad for a page like this.


I think the servers being full is an exception they can be completely transparent about.


I can finally stop updating this thread, happy fapping bros


I believed. Did you?


yes, it's pretty easy when this shit happened several times before


remember guys try not to break the importers in a single day we JUST GOT THEM BACK!!!!


Oh my science, we are back!!


we are unbelievably back


So the server isn't the problem right ?


File: 1714623033706.jpg (26.84 KB, 640x392, 0265ab748e349e312f1f8cd993….jpg)

Importers are up


File: 1714624426850.gif (946.49 KB, 498x290, 3752504668.gif)


Coomers can't survive a couple weeks without their goon material, shocked anyone even is willing to work on this site when everyone's so shitty


Blessed admins. Im reading my webserials tn thanks to you bless u bless u


we're so back


Earth. There's you answer now get off Mars and come back.


File: 1714633048229.jpg (14.61 KB, 634x293, IMG_20240501_235557.jpg)

Bittersweet asf but at least importers are back, tfw takes me 5 min to DL Kamen rider super climax RVZ…


We already told you, it's all been set up in a way to make that impossible. So stop going on about it. Case closed, move on.

Or need I repeat myself? >>39339


I'm gonna cooooom till my dick bleeds




thanks for the fix <3


File: 1714643738901.jpg (171.69 KB, 1200x1200, nep.jpg)

If you can't even comprehend words please do everyone else a favor and stop embarrassing yourself

>people can't even wait for 3 weeks without rioting
>most of them don't even import anything
>self-entitled leechers are the worst, removal from genepool is advised
Thanks for the fix, hopefully this will ward off all the trolls


I feel like the site shouldn't allow AI stuff. Waste of storage space and bandwidth for what is essentially 99% unimaginative repetitive slop.


I'm gonna burst until my balls popped out


I'm gonna burst until my balls popped out



No. It's mainly lack of communication that caused mayhem. If only there was banner on Kemono that said "site under repair" or something along the likes it would eliminate majority of annoying complainers.


Blessed be the admins. My webnovel addiction can be fulfilled, once more. Also thanks to the many members of the merchants guild, funding and bankrolling my addictions.
Sleyca, JCB and mirrithfull have been updated and their content.. consumed. Many more to follow. The sun rises once more. My thanks to your continued hard work.


Never ever. The problem was that Fantia had ways of detecting scrapers and blocking CCs associated with offending accounts. I believe the same issue applied to substar


>You just can't physically make it.
Uhhh, pretty sure that's what "impossible" means.


Maximum thanks to the Admin.


>that loli troonime pfp
>addicted to a LITERAL kemono website
thats rich coming from a petofile lmoa have you considered killing yoorself redditor? Dr.fauci would like to investigate those neckbeard genes while youre at it


Subscribestar next I'm sure of it!


Just waiting for gumroad importer to come back online


Oh cool, it's back.
Excuse me while I laugh at all the doomsayers.


admins are based as fuck! saw the doomposters and didnt say jackshit, just took their time.



No, that's a different meaning.


File: 1714675229208.jpg (259.66 KB, 1920x1080, Smartsex.jpg)

>"Can't be done" is different from "can't be done"


Why is gumroad still offline?




File: 1714682866654.png (140.99 KB, 540x331, YES.png)

>Shit day at work
>Come home to check Kemono
>Holy fuck it's updated
I owe you all a pint, good work lads!


>I meant, you just don't feel like making it
People have been devising ways to get around paywalls for as long as they've been a thing. If it was possible to do what you're asking for, then somebody would've done it by now. The fact that nobody has done it yet should prove that "not feeling like it" isn't the reason why.


>I meant, you just don't feel like making it
People have been devising methods to get around paywalls for almost as long as they've been around. The fact that nobody has done what you want yet should prove that "not feeling like it" isn't the reason why.


ok turns out it bypasses adblock
hey admin can you do something about this?


>huh why isn't Thiccwithaq updated yet
>their patreon got nuked


my import is stuck on "in progress"
ID is 5b42041b-Bf68-434e-8fcb-0c8f089be6af

started it last night


hope it doesnt take a week or something


Hey I'm with you there. Check out their archive post though (#95920878 or search "mega" on their page), still works but probably only updated at the end of the month.

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