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Have you tried KeePassXC yet?
For failing imports, enable debugging and provide any part the import ID.

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What is wrong with this c6 server of Kemono triggering antivirus warnings and being slower than a f*cking snail, even without VPN?



The admin wants people to slow down his server despite saying otherwise because he refuses to let people sort files in updated posts.


two days now


the imports are very slow since every 1 or 2 hours or 15 or 45 only a few updates and imports appear. what is going on?


When will the update be completed?


please fix patreon inporter


Pixiv and Discord updates, and no Patreon updates? Not the best way to start the month.


A black and white bear that lives in China.


Can you please fix the Patreon importer?


It just started again


Any reason why gallery-dl doesn't work on kemono anymore?


so sad. rip gumroad


Wow. That was fast.


c6.kemono.su is still not working well, can't download images hosted there.


File: 1717576587140.jpeg (625.65 KB, 639x492, fml.jpeg)

>patreon and fanbox importers are working again
>go check the artists i like
>none of em got updated
well alright then…


When will fantia importer get fixed?


importer is back but my patreon import key is still stack…


So Patreon DM's are not imported, again?


Not with that attitude


You just need people to import their patreons, importers are working, proven


The video players on this site are too slow.


Its insane to me that people complain about a Site that allowes to Archive and Share paywalled content for free. Stop yapping and give the admins time, troughout this whole shithole i havent Seen a single thanks. It might Not Work perfekt, but there is obvious Progress Happening.


I can accept that substar is basically dead and never coming back, but is a Ko-fi and Boosty fix ever gonna happen?


is c4.kemono.su down? can't seem to download videos from it

 No.41103 aka c4 server has been down for a while it reacts to pings but the all of its ports are closed.


Ok guys. Be pay attention to my comments, if I saw kemono isn't updated yet then respond and don't wasting their time ok?


Hello and good work

Just issue with video links not loading on mobile thanks


>Error: 008: Could not retrieve artists.

Not again.


Why is the download speed so slow, it's insufferably slow :(


I'm gonna need you shit lords to fix the download speeds for the site the amount of mai art is gonna explode after years since doa5


tHe SkY iS fAlLiNg!


Download more RAM


Getting errors when importing posts from fanbox.

ID: c244ec4d-1e56-44a1-abab-d12f187a3f1c



Error 008 is gone now.


Hoi! Just update Kemono Patreon and Discord. Don't waste your time guys! Pay attention to me!


Real admin. Can you fix me admin perms?


C'mon guy! Just update Patreon, Discord and Pixiv in Kemono site now!


Seven figures from ad revenue isn't enough income to invest in non-shit servers, apparently.


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Fix server c6 already. The file download starts after 20-40 seconds and the download manager aborts the download with the message: "HTTP/2 stream 0 was not closed cleanly: PROTOCOL_ERROR (err 1)".
This has been going on for at least two weeks now, I tried it via VPN, it doesn’t help.


Hurry up! Update Patreon, Pixiv and Discord in Kemono now! You guys are not wasting time! Just do it!


I love shit and eating it. I like to stick my fingers in my asshole and smell it.


Where is admin! Update Kemono site. It's wasting time!


I'm a retard, this is not a bug. It's just how my mind works it is not a bug no matter what.


Guys! Update Kemono site now! You are wasting time! Hurry up!



We can't afford to NOT do anything about it!

Do whatever it takes. Enough is enough.


So Patreon collections are not imported?


Oh c'mon! You guys are wasting time! Update Kemono now!


Yeah, I kind of noticed that was also the case for like… the majority of my favorited artists. Hell, some of them haven’t been updated like… since February. It’s weird and a bit frustrating, since one of their latest updates didn’t even include everything.


Uhh guy. Did you update Discord from Kemono site? You didn't it…

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