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Have you tried KeePassXC yet?
For failing imports, enable debugging and provide any part the import ID.

Old thread: >>39209


File: 1714732043534.png (787.04 KB, 981x2144, 1712661415801008.png)

A new edge case has appeared!
links in "chats" no not discord apparently patreon has group chats now? I thought it only had DMs and comments
please add this issue to the backlog, thank you.
example of new edge case

if I'm just retarded and the DM importer can already import "chats" I apologize my retardation is terminal.


File: 1714734050415.jpg (35.11 KB, 1000x800, CLNl1J_UYAARF65.jpg)

>security researchers
>picrel yes its actually real
remember what you're fighting for white man so is this the power of whitehat hacker vigilantism the new face of the tech industry must be great isnt it? no wonder why the last good coders escaped the west long ago
also why did the previous one fill up to 500 in just one week

cringe image though thank god you cleaned off that gay femboy groomer thread
>dont post gore nigger
yes i really apologize for that offensive webm earlier but simply needed to secure the 2nd spot on this thread thats all


A few pages have updated, but many still haven't, so I imagine it's going to be a slow roll to help kemono avoid detection.


Best thread picture so far
>mfw people use 5 cryptic Unicode characters and think it's safe
>cracked in seconds
>even a 16-character all lowercase password is laughing at you if it's done right until we have QCs

4chan trolls pretending to be propaganda pushers (and then trolling with the exact opposite) and doomposters, average /kemono/ moment


Yes and it's working. I've seen a few broken imports missing posts when they were perfectly crawlable (you can't reach the posts directly either) but I don't have the logs for those, mine are all clean so far and show as intended. Remember to check your imports to make sure they work.



>Malware is cool, just get an ad block

Retard brigade going at full force, huh?

I have adblock, whatever the fuck this shitty "Are you over 18?” redirect is gets past it.



import stuck on "in progress"

started it on may 1st



They're probably slow-rolling import backlogs to avoid detection.
Just a guess considering mass dumps of data all at once probably raises suspension.


Are you running Ublock Origin with updated filters?


no adblock plus


File: 1714771301157.png (102.99 KB, 240x240, mutsuki-6.png)

>funboxers and paytreons attempting to delete all posts before we can import them
If you think that's gonna stop us
Enjoy having all of your stuff leaked in even more places now!
>tfw their fans ragequit for no content (unless they're simps)


File: 1714773650119.png (29.52 KB, 835x594, Screenshot 2024-05-03 1759….png)

Glad Kemono is working again, but fucking seriously Admin?


Just what I was talking about about when the aforementioned retard brigade removed their lips from admin dick for just long enough to screech "DUrR Use uBLoCk!!1!"


File: 1714778568811.gif (3.35 MB, 640x480, monke.gif)

Discord importing has slowed to a crawl.

>Meanwhile, the hired makeshift, dollar store Geek Squad be like


Yeah I'm having the same issue. I've imported only once before and it went much smoother than this (different acco).



and the fantia importer.It's important because many artists have moved to fantia


>Site's back online, good, now, let's recap on where we were…

Alright, serious question.

If PayPal, Mastercard and Visa are all starting to go retarded, wouldn't this be a good time to fix the SubscribeStar importer and start importing stuff before any of those payment processors start doing the same with SubscribeStar?

Because this might be the only warning we'll ever get. PLEASE CONSIDER IT!

Don't let this slip, not this time.


Gumroad gonna die in vain ain't it?


I can finally wank after the site got updates and also collect Genshin girls breast milk


File: 1714812785807.jpg (190.05 KB, 1200x800, F3dNZ4XaoAAbfXA.jpg)

>>40000 GET
>>39999 sniped
>ban dissapeared after ive just installed new UPS
thanks guys hehe stealing this one just to spite you guys even more hopefully the quads digits weren't too important

>why do retro SOVL nerds love defending globohomo
fixed grammar i was on a hurry hopefully i dont miss this one

https://dcfurs.com/ (actual DEFCON furry convention events wtf? we need to abolish pride month)
https://twitter.com/DCFurs (can someone help me archive this and find dirt on thier organizers)
>this is american internet culture in a nutshell
>reminder these are the people defending DRM and paywalls with a burning passsion
well in that case ==TOTAL INFURSEC DEATH== trolling aside anyone else have a hateboner for "hacktivists" in general it cant be just me right?
Kill defcons. Behead defcons. Roundhouse kick a defcon into the concrete. Slam dunk a defcon baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy blacks. Defecate in a defcons food. Launch defcons into the sun. Stir fry defcons in a wok. Toss defcons into active volcanoes. Urinate into a defcons gas tank. Judo throw defcons into a wood chipper. Twist defcons heads off. Report defcons to the IRS. Karate chop defcons in half. Curb stomp pregnant black defcons. Trap defcons in quicksand. Crush defcons in the trash compactor. Liquefy defcons in a vat of acid. Eat defcons. Dissect defcons. Exterminate defcons in the gas chamber. Stomp defcon skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate defcons in the oven. Lobotomize defcons. Mandatory abortions for defcons. Grind defcon fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown defcons in fried chicken grease. Vaporize defcons with a ray gun. Kick old defcons down the stairs. Feed defcons to alligators. Slice defcons with a katana.


I don't even know what you're talking about. seek help.


This artist was imported (not by me) before the imports were frozen. You can see the posts below:

The artist's page is still not built. It's been over 3 weeks. The page https://kemono.su/patreon/user/52197251 redirects to the all artists page


Gumroad import stuck at 'Status: In Progress Total:0' since couple of hours

id : F9807a44-Fc0a-4e70-921a-9b988cb67d54


Importer logs for 387dad8f-0746-40fc-9b90-fd51adc354be
Status: In Progress
Total: 0


how exactly?


File: 1714853765539.jpg (67.6 KB, 933x956, FbOjwB1WIAAWor0.jpg)

waiting for my gay fat scat fart furry hypnosis mind-break rape hentai to update


Man they could've used some time between these three weeks the site has been down to fix some of the annoying issues it has, like artists/models getting updated but then you enter the profile and the new stuff isn't there because the site is fucking retarded and can't put two and two together, or the speed connection being dosghit and giving "too many requests" errors constantly. But I guess putting a malware site redirect was more important.


FANBOX stuck on 0 imports for 2 days now despite importers coming back? should I just make a new account and try again with the same session ID? A88adbd0-B2db-473c-A9b5-2a680b31a95d


just tried a new import with a diff session id still at zero imports

this is the third time i tried


IMPORT ID:7e274d28-5ec0-4d2a-8058-B7c6e8dd604d




I see. By when does it start working and making progress usually?


Is there a paywall bypass for fantia and subscribestar? Years have passed and there is no import.


This cobbler is either a troller or a toddler


This guy is neither an Admin nor a Mod, so it's useless to have a conversation with him.



Thanks for clarifying. so no progress in gumroad importer is a bug then?


if I put in the session id of a paid gumroad product in the importer, will the importer upload all the other products of the creator's page as well? or just the single product which was purchased?

How do we import all of the products of creator via a session id?


Why are the updates flooded with only patreon and discord? How about Fanbox?


>My favorite artist hasn't been updated yet
It's over…


This is why I'm pissed off about the admins not putting an announcement on the site with an ETA or at least just a heads up. Everytime they go on maintenance
for longer than a week or an importer temporarily breaks, a good chunk of the artists I follow stop being updated forever, because whoever was doing it probably doesn't know about the boards and goes to the site, finds it broken with no explanation at all for several days in a row, assumes it died and moves on with their life. They've put announcements for certain things before so I genuinely don't understand why they didn't do it this time.


today the site is showing error 502. can you tell me what is going on?


I can tell you it is not an error.


File: 1714960802351.jpg (94.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-05-06-08-5….jpg)

What is happening again to the site ?



502 Bad Gateway

From Australia, wasn't like this 23-24 hours ago.


It's dead for real now, check the telegram.




We don't use Telegram. Proof?


File: 1714961647008.png (9.61 KB, 375x228, kemono broken.png)

I'm getting a 502 error as well


Is this really an error?

Or is Australia now joining the "Let's push Kemono into the dark web" party?

And surely the site can't actually be dead. The Kemono staff just upgraded it not that long ago.


yeah if kemono was truelly dead this site would also be dead right?


I don't live in Australia and I still can't open the website, always a 502 error. Is it permanently dead now?


Is this really an error?

Or are the admins childishly retaliating over being reminded about the SubscribeStar importer?


If there's no proof just cut your balls


I have no idea what the hell is happening, and i just want to wank peacefully


God, i just want to wank peacefully


Any news from the telegram?


can anyone test if clearing cookies fixes it?


Clearing your cookies doesn't fix it.

Lmao @ "dead forever", it's been down for 4 hours stop doomposting. It's probably maintenance or just another error, we were just down for a week and came back up. They aren't going to suddenly shut it down.


File: 1714964589365.png (449.42 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_3494.png)

seems server is down.
db is green light though.


Its giving a 502 error in western europe too. Over the entire day both sites felt like they were agonizing, with really unstable connection, speeds going down to sub 30kbps range, fanbox importers completely stuck, the artists page not loading and showing the cache list instead. It had been like that before, but I guess whatever server migration they tried to do over these last weeks didn't go well and either it blew up or they turned it offline in order to properly fix it (during the three week long maintenance it was still online all the time). Whatever it is I hope it can be fixed, and I'm so glad I got to bust a nut an hour before it collapsed.


What's db?

>check the telegram.

Could someone show us a screenshot of Telegram to see if/what's been said about this issue?


File: 1714965613198.png (930.42 KB, 1041x786, 1.png)


you'll never be japanese


Lol what? How's that relevant?

Or are you trying to compare the screenshot with the meme?


Like clockwork, once the site goes down for maintenance, or imports are down, the schizoposting begins.


he saw the ぁあ in the other guy's screenshot and got triggered at the fact that some people take time to learn other languages instead of jacking off all day


A piece of advice if you're still in the telegram group, stay lurker and just scroll up for searching infos and questions.

And for the admins/mods if you see this. I'm sorry, i didn't mean to ask about the issue and more specifically asking the person who said kemono is "under attack", i should've stay lurker. But i know that I can't and won't be able to rejoin anytime soon, I'm sorry that i can't provide any quick infos from there again.

Wish the best for you and the site


how does one even get in there? lurking is all I do on internet groupchats, I'd fit right in


I saw that, you get banned from that? I thought you're the one of the oldest member and probably one of the rule abiding member in there?


I joined the telegram long ago before they stop allowing people join anymore since the number of members is exploding. Since then i have been providing news from the group chat to this thread and answering some questions for people that won't bother scrolling up since i got free time.

Pretty sure it's a automated ban triggered from saying certain words, i happen to typed the issue. Can't blame the new mods since i know how frustrating it is to deal with people who won't bother scrolling up and doom posting in there since i also experiencing it for years. Also Usah and Meus isn't there anymore so i guess it's time for a new ones to rise up.


File: 1714969451588.png (77.95 KB, 205x282, image_2024-05-06_002337386.png)

>gets new server
>imports fixed!
>a few days later…
>502, servers are dying


That's kinda sucks after everything you did for the past years, shouldn't you have applied to become mods instead?


Nah, I don't want to get my DMs spammed by people asking me directly or those who requesting for their artists to be updated. I prefer being lurker among the crowds.


It's better not to say anything on Telegram and just stay for the updates as previous guy have said as even pointing out bugs can get you banned. Few months back I got banned for asking questions about not working Patreon importer while providing logs. I get that some coomers can be assholes but it does not excuse mods being on a power trip.


you got a point, they are banning ppl that been helping them and ppl that provide the necessary info for troubleshooting, back then they give them warning around 2 times before finally ban them at the 3rd offense


502 in UK, it’s over


nah it's back, usually 502 error is just server problem that can be resolved once the admins is online. unless they state otherwise and unfortunately we lost our informant from the fastest source


File: 1714977995732.jpg (253.44 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-05-06-13-4….jpg)

Guys, the site has back online but i can't login to see my favorite artist


What the fuck, did you just put new tab ads on the site?


Do you mean i open many tabs in my browser ?


The site's back. Thank goodness it wasn't long.

>It's over.

Fuck many people here are quick to doompost. May the DOOMPOSTING be OVER!


Lol, i forgot to enable cookies for the site that make me can't login


Lol, i forgot to enable cookies for the site that make me can't login


is the gumroad importer working?
Stuck on 'Status: In Progress Total: 0'


yeah and uBlock detects them as malware, just an awesome thing to to


Thanks for bringing the site back online guys! Much appreciated!


any proofs? since a fanbox i follow just updated


I'm pretty sure the importer and site are just super backlogged because admin took it offline for 3 weeks and now it has a gargantuan amount of catching up to do. I've been watching my favorites slowly update at a rate or ~1-2 people a day for my favorite list.


It's great to see that Kemono is back up and running. However, trying to download anything from the site is insanely slow. Have any admin addressed this yet? If I can download a 1GB file in a couple of minutes, downloading a 70MB file shouldn't take 3-4 hours.



it does sound bad but at first glance they're not directly accusing the "compromised" accounts, just resetting their passwords. It's probably an effort to make it as annoying as possible for importers, nobody likes having to come up with new passwords all the time. Instagram did the same when they catched you using a downloader app (until I found my goat Instander)


fair enough I didn't get the password reset email, so I think I'm good.


TBF it could be completely unrelated to kemono but i would rather play it safe


Yes. The site is crawling with malvertisements, ublock doesn't catch all of it, and the Stans think it's all okay.


First flooded with Gumroad posts and then went on a hiatus. Now flooded with Patreon…come on we need Fanbox


So DM's are not imported, again?


hmmm? admin? what admin? there are no admins or developers here. have you guys forgotten that the last sysadmin Hermietkreeft chickened out and deleted all his online presence trace after he received the court order letter? this is to remind people on why you shouldn’t let people with huge fucked up egos to handle a large and important archival website. you know that making stuff closed source is not ideal just look on how even the internal people no longer give a fucks about the site functionality.


How to check if the Patreon User is being imported or not?
The User's posts I want are not getting imported. But other patreon users have their new posts.

There should be an indicator that says that someone is importing that Patreon account.


fanbox isn't really worth it since the uncensored stuff is locked behind DMs



you're this dense and calling others schizos

lmao kill yourself fucking retard 4channer


I'll never learn Japanese because I'll then realize that Japan isn't based and trad. :<


I heard Usah left, too.

Also, I find this painfully ironic that these cucktard karens are harassing Hermie instead of, you know, the AI sloppy machines.

ROFL at the fact that what they're after is basically the e-thot cancer that is Coomer.Party. These cunts (the e-thots and karens) really have less of a life than the retards on this board. Really needs to touch some green that doesn't have a fucking dollar sign on it, lol.

>>40095 True. I always just lurk.

Also, laughing at the "Find & Fuck" link. Literally just malware to thin the herd.


Also, who else is left to go full-on nazi and smash our nuts for starting a request thread again?


it can't be healthy to get this irrationally angry at everything. You'll die young.



Usah was fired by Hermie whose dick you're sucking on

What the fuck is "cucktard kasen" supposed to mean? Paypigs? Paypigs don't care if something is available for free. Are you a corporate shill because they're the only one saying "one unauthorized copy of a computer file is a lost sale".



The proof is not being an entitled newfag.


its less broken more clogged up


Is anyone having any luck importing Patreon posts? Was thinking of importing some myself but I’ve heard it’s taking a while.


Honestly I hope the admin gets fucked

Truly deserves it for not being able to implement revisions properly and attacking anyone who asked for it to be fixed


a website with 0.1% up time





If this is indeed real then… my god. The cat really is out of the bag now.

If authorities are aware of the existence of these sites and this lawsuit succeeded, then this might just be the beginning of the end of Kemono.

Let me assure you I'm not one of those doomers, more a hoper than anything. But this particular news is pretty worrying as it now means there's a stronger incentive to bring Kemono down than ever before, especially considering the fact the authorities have the power and resources to do what it takes to kill Kemono.


With that said, it's time to ask the million dollar question: WHAT DO WE DO?


Where is Fanbox? Updates are flooded with Patreon…


File: 1715177489804.jpeg (43.7 KB, 614x576, 634eea766055f.jpeg)

See maybe people might not even reply to this but I might as well say it the importers have probably a list of maybe 10 to 20 people for them to update which also means that not all artists will be updated, now this probably because of the simple thing as well and that is they have limited money as well because probably half of you people don't understand they use there own money to import these artists and that means they actually go out in the real world to work to basically get these artists updated and they just can't get all of them updated but, this also points out a biased opinion where specific artists get updated, not all of them so if people have a problem with the importers I would ask the Admin on this case

Also so people can probably get this in there heads as well because I don't know everything going on but, if I took a actual look at why Gumroad is not getting updated is because Admin got under fire about the Gumroad situation. so leave Gumroad down for now ok people.


File: 1715178731569.jpg (25.58 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-145676090-612x….jpg)

In what world do we live in that the Texas court system is used by a Dutch sole proprietorship with zero credentials? No clue what problems they will receive if they start posting names of random people in Europe.

Also "catman" never left, just hasn't thought of a new username yet, Meow :з

Other news:


I am surprised you are still here Admin


Fanbox importer broke? No imports since things came back up.


Is there any paywall bypass for patreon


F no, unless you can make


>>40182 Nah, I'm not crazy for Hermiekermie either. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy.

>> What the fuck is a karen
>> Misspells karen
Get the fuck out of here. Mom says you're grounded.

>>40183 Telegram. Someone said he was fed up with being a mod.

Admins, or lack thereof: Stop spreading misinformation.

Well, quit witholding you fucking cave-dwelling criminal, lol.

>>40196 Pic was kort ordor from said karens wanting to blast Hermie's ass, lol.

>>40209 Go back to school, retard.

>>40213 Which admin, or was it always Herm?


Did you even check the picture and read it? >>40168


File: 1715216842916.jpeg (117.13 KB, 1348x1080, school-memes-i-found-rela….jpeg)

How about you go back to school first and take Economics because the importers use there own money unless Admin is handing out money to people to be importers yeah it ain't happening


Oh shit, we got a 6th grader here. Step aside fellas, this badass just graduated elementary school!


import stuck at "in progress"
4th attempt at import
started a week ago


Wait a minute so no clue but still decide to delete the telegram account, delete the photo and archive links of this thread? Hmm weird.

Also the name Fennerki sounds fire my dude 🔥🔥🔥


We need to import fanbox content


Importer down again ? Seriously ?


god damnit man


File: 1715258894161.jpg (74.69 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

If you 2 haven't realized by this point that the admin is trying to get imports caught up on Patreon posts I just question why are you even trying to fight it


why would patreon have priority over fanbox


Maybe Patreon is easier than Fanbox to hack, am i right ?


Who is importing this user?


Mostly like and what I have heard is the fanbox importer is being worked on so all i can say is import for patreon there is a lot of patreon still need updates some even go back to September


Just a add on to the last post, I can get a list of some of these artists if you want.


So, Fanbox is dead again?


Funny coming from the brainless retard that doesn't know the difference between THEIR and THERE. If you're going to question someone's intelligence at least make an effort to write shit properly.

Being a third worlder is no excuse either, stupid fucking monkey.


we really don't give a shit about your dumb beef with each other can you both please stop clogging the thread


Will there be any attempt at archiving Reamstories?


who is even submitting imports for all the patreon bloat anyway?
it's all react content and ai slop

it's more "content" than i've contributing i guess, but goddamn it sure is purposeless material to waste data on


fanbox is still updating, just very slowly because of patreon bloat.
stop coming to retarded conclusions.


I genuinely have no idea. At this point not importing anything helps the site more than the people importing AI shit. I really wish they stopped.



Is the suspension of FANBOX importers related to this matter?


fix the fanbox importer you niggers


>>40226 Their*
You've the attention span of a gnat. Also, mom and dad don't like you stealing their credit cards.

The hell happened to all the self-imposed digital warriors slamming these wise-ass shills? Also, >>40211 do mods know there's minors stalking the threads?

>>40258 No, lol.

>>40267 Oh, damn, Pixiv's straight-up putting out bounties on Kemono code.


last i checked the fanbox importer uses session ids and i dont know how you can get someones password thru the session id
but im not tech savvy enough


File: 1715312477382.jpg (48.87 KB, 298x403, 1glbgi.jpg)

You know there are probably kids on here all day just waiting for crap to happen and admin will probably do nothing at this point


File: 1715315441634.jpg (874.69 KB, 1972x1142, 1777382.jpg)

Garbage that only takes up space, such as meaningless posts and gay porn, should be deleted.


Fuck censored-ass Fanbox. I've got patreon account favored in the 1000s that haven't updated since February. It seems a lot of importers have given up on the site altogether and it's hard to blame them.


Those bastards.

How could this possibly get any w-

Oh that's right, a bunch of Karens were suing Hermie and now the authorities are aware of Kemono's existence and now it's only a matter of time before this site dies. Because again, if that's what they want, that's what they're gonna get. Question is, what do we do?


You need to show that file again, so that everyone's aware of what's going on and especially the implications in terms of where things are headed. Otherwise, >>40201 and >>40283 would be dismissed as fearmongering. THIS INDICATES A VERY REAL DANGER TO KEMONO.


idk man, that looks cap for me, especially at the age of AI anything can be forged


File: 1715331083595.jpg (652.18 KB, 977x1608, 203144206.jpg)

Is it the saboteur who is importing all the meaningless garbage?


No need to intentionally sabotage when there is so much AIslop. They really should mark AI art as its own category and give it its own space, when it's full whatever, it's the AIslop server it will stop until more space is added but won't affect the rest.


At this point almost sure it's people who want more visibility pushing their own crap


At this point there needs to be a back up to the site if authorities rlly are trying to crack down


How about creating a system like Exhentai, which provides a rating section for submitted files and automatically deletes posted files with negative reviews, such as gay porn or meaningless AI works?


that sounds abuseable


Fuck Patreon. Give us back Fanbox.


stop crying about gay porn dumbass


what's the point when most of the art is censored and western artists locking their uncensored materials behind DMs?


I hate gay porn, AI arts suck


File: 1715353686394.png (140.34 KB, 474x578, cat-ithink-stupid-people-w….png)

I just look at this and people are in a rage war over petty crap again and this what I think is going on to


just making sure, is it normal that (atleast for a while, maybe it will change) if i import from fanbox it just… does nothing? just shows me an empty log rn.


Fanbox importer stopped working a few days ago. Come back in 6 months when it works for a few weeks again.


pixiv just detect password breach at 7th mayand do mass password rest just hope it not about kemono importer
I think admin turn fanbox importer off to "lay down" for a while


just when i wanted to archive a creator who i couldnt find at all on the site.


Who were you planning to archive just curious?




I'm sorry you can't import the one you wanted to archive the stuff on there does look interesting




Jesus fucking christ this site is a shitshow


It's time to stop using this slop site full of retarded staff who doesn't respect the people who import content that gives them the ad revenue in the first place. I'll be putting in the manual labor to personally upload everyone I'm subscribed to on FANBOX myself, and I suggest everyone else to also do that, just to spite these lazy, entitled retards. If you're not going to fix your shit, I'll just move elsewhere. See you useless bums around.


Oh, don't worry, they're just annoyed about not being able to import everything they paid for in time for everyone else to download for free. It's a purely philanthropic frustration and a noble concern.

…is what one might have said in some batshit crazy dystopia with joy-joy feelings.


the admins' lack of communication will kill the site I swear to god


At this point might as well change the site url to patreon.su. What a joke.


File: 1715394715269.jpg (89.47 KB, 960x960, download.jpg)

Fanbox is back again.








Is Fanbox back? It is still all Patreon when I click on "Recent"


File: 1715404968580.jpg (832.62 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-05-11-12-2….jpg)

Only 1 Fanbox artist appear in my favorite latest update


File: 1715411322614.jpeg (11.14 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

I'm sad still the one person I have been waiting to see updated will be on 3 months of no updates this Sunday


my imports still stuck at 0 "in progress"
makes me wish there was a way to manually cancel imports or at least restart them in some way…


>Dude that was fake calm down

Got proof?


I would ask if you could import the artist I have been waiting on, but it sounds like you have a lot already


Where is the free Fantia site alt?


the sad thing is the amount of new posts im trying to import is 6 from a single artist but this site has been screwballed
that its takeing forever
but you know what the say patience is a virtue…


I would agree on that but it's just the person I want updated has almost 35 new posts and there is not many people subbed to them so it probably take a year are more to see them updated again it just bums me out


Is Fanbox auto importer working or only manual?


"Resent" artist tab is broken, please fix


should be only manual


So did your stuff get updated yet??


nope tried clearing cookies on fanbox for a new session id so i could do fresh import to see if that would fix it but its still stuck on 0 "in progress"






I heard the imports for Fanbox are only being brought in by bots so it sounds like we can't import fanbox still


why the fuck would they do that?


Well based on the past few days people have been complaining about no updates on Fanbox, so all I can gather is they are updating Fanbox but so people don't keep complaining they have bots updating some accounts


Ah flooded with Patreon again I see. Fix Fanbox already god damn it


File: 1715445952139.jpg (113.52 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-05-11-23-4….jpg)

Well, when i tap on Favorites, this is what happen, so why is this happen ?


Who is importing this user?

Can you maybe give me youtube links directly?


So the importer is up how often on average now? 1-2 days every 4 months?

I know SS and Fanbox are absolutely seething and probably pushing antiscrape changes constantly, but Patreon seems far lazier. What gives?


The reason is kinda obvious, because I see it in some discords there are people that are subbed to people telling there artist that they are being robbed of there stuff.


for some odd reason i can only access the site in incognito
trying to do it otherwise ends up with an infinite loading


after further testing, clearing cookies lets me load the site but posts don't load


>fanbox is back after eurovision ended


>I heard
Then please don't spread misinformation and tell your source they are wrong. I just imported paid works from several fanbox artists myself.

You can easily check if posts lead to a paid tier or are all public. If they are paid, the importer is subbed to a paid plan. It's that simple.


Importer at least for Patreon works better than ever starting up instantly rather than waiting for days like before only to fizzle out in 50% of cases. Before all the generated trash AI porn really must've clogged the site like a toilet.


Is there a importer I can ask to get a artist updated just wondering.


Are the 'artist' and 'recent' pages stuck perpetually loading for anyone else?



What artists do you import?


Are there plans of making another Telegram group since the current one is now full?


I fucking loathe the pointless ADS that pop up when clicking on creators, at least it only happens once but still, real annoying.


As of right now site works fine


do imports still get stuck on "in progess"?



At least one uploader manually uploaded on my favorites list today. Thank fuck at least for that.


I've been typing in a username and even though I've hit "enter" several times, the page just won't load.
Not to mention it won't stop saying "loading creators… please wait"… well I've been waiting and I see no changes.
I also noticed that the "recent" section isn't loading the page numbers, making it stuck on the current page.
I think kemono is having buffering issues.


It's still down for me.


the artist list json is truncated, so the search page silently fails to load and doesn't work


the fact that it's been going on for months makes it more of a reason to block this cesspool dumbass


File: 1715556758786.png (79.63 KB, 240x240, tsukimizan-5.png)

>click here for free sex
They don't even try injection anymore and legit use feederbait too, lazy fucks for lazy marks LMAO


>doesn't even know how to block a popunder
>literally five seconds of hard work
>too much effort man
Meanwhile TikTok making fun of boomers because they have no computer skills
Projection and being lazy are top tier skills those days


A lot of plugins out there have malware, even ones featured in the Chrome store.

5 seconds of ignorance could be 50+ years of regret.




my import FINALLY FINISHED took 13 days but its done

weirdly it didnt import any of the free posts?

oh well im done complaining


Well good to here man just wondering would you import some stuff for a artist on Patreon by chance??


Well that is good to here I was wondering would you update someone on Kemono that is a Patreon User by chance??


Why does My computer do this ugh


So what happened to gumroad importer? It's stopped working for a month


File: 1715594745200.jpeg (77.19 KB, 924x621, 66291cf067973.jpeg)

Admin took it out for a walk and it is not returning for a long time



nah sorry man kinda tight on money


Well I was hopeful well best of luck man, but if you do get interested later the name is Redsideofpossession.


you don't "have" to dox anyone you could just behave like a normal person and move on with your life


What patreon Creators do you import?
fanart stuff?
By any chance do you import any podcast?



This artist uploads their work to MEGA folders that are supposed to be linked in this particular post (i.e. the "frame embed"): https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/15726724/post/7070291

The thing is, those links don't seem to be working properly (see pic). Does anyone know if this is some sort of geo-blocking thing or what?
It's a shame because the artist is updated fairly frequently but none of the posts are accessible.


File: 1715606266434.jpg (24.49 KB, 495x489, oh the.jpg)

>People complain that patreon is all you can import while fanbox lies in the dust
>Now patreon can't be imported and only fanbox and discord can

Pure Pottery


File: 1715609220900.jpg (164.75 KB, 1080x1587, 1628457115729.jpg)

You know if everyone keeps complaining they will shut everything off and blow the website sky high. It probably happen anyway because people can't stop complaining anyways.


>>40275 Session IDs and the IPs of whomever's using it, along with which is mirroring/bulk downloading and see which IPs sync up, among other things.

>>40277 Probably. Either that or it's a hatesink/retard bot to distract from admin bailing.
It's Y!ff.p4r+y all over again, lol. The only difference being Hermie was less direct about being a total beggar/slut for pocket change.

>>40284 Scanned Kort Ordor against Kermie. Also, this site's been blacklisted on Waheybach. Good luck.

>>40317 Watch your back. HermieQueeft has a habit of DDoSing any kemono-esque sites.
There was another site I can't remember the name of, but it was permanently stuck on "loading creators".

>>40318 Lol, masked shillkike in chat.

>>40320 Admin bailed in hopes he doesn't have to get out ON bail, lol.

>>40372 >>40377 >>40427 R3kw#5+5 in MY chat?? [soyboyanger.gif]

(Seriously, though, if people can't """beg""" for artists, then why should Hermiekunt beg for ad revenue?)

>>40394 He's not wrong, AItard.

>>40399 >40168 If it were fake, mods wouldn't have gone out of their way to get the place blacklisted.

Start archiving, peeps. This place is about to go down like ExH (almost) did.

>>40411 Use uBlock, lazy dinosaurfuck.

>>40429 Say potato.


File: 1715618437807.jpeg (8.88 KB, 174x290, images.jpeg)

Potato potato potato potato


remove the fucking cp already


Man if I were actually subscribed to these artists and had to go through all these hoops and loops with the hidden passwords that routinely expire the and weird links and shit just to get the content I paid for I'd be fucking pissed. I'm in the middle of downloading something from the slowest server concieved by mankind because a particular artist uses it as his hidden archive instead of just uploading the stuff to fanbox and its already pissing me off despite doing it for free. Can't imagine paying for this.


File: 1715625182516.png (390.24 KB, 1605x917, Capture.PNG)

Have the admins even bothered with fixing the SubscribeStar importer yet?


its kemonover


none of those it was this if i remember correctly?



Lots of paypigs do it just for one sided parasocial relationships with artists. Also why a number of imports simply stopped when artists guilt tripped them into feeling like thieves.



Fanbox importer is not working for me :(


i dont think so
what i think there doing is cycleing between patreon and fanbox
like yesterday was nothing but fanbox imports and now its nothing but patreon
dont know why but hey its there system so cant say one way or another…


I like how they get our hopes up with Fanbox updates for only a few hours…


Should we add an importer for skeb? I noticed that some of the artwork samples are hidden/deleted(including those private ones)


You're asking for a miracle from a site that hasn't had Subscribestar working for at least a century


I know this is beginning to sound cliche but you really gotta do something when it comes to SubscribeStar. I know it's hard but the fact of the matter is that it's pretty much the one major paywall site that hasn't been covered.

And hey, how would you know if artists aren't relocating to SubscribeStar BECAUSE you haven't sorted out that importer? That site might be gaining a reputation of being "safe from piracy". And before you know it, the vast majority of people who use those sites will be on SS and only a minority on everything else.

If we were to view Kemono from a business perspective, I'd say if you don't do something about this then someone else will because this is a massive business opportunity and it's not one you'd want to miss.


Other than warn people not to go there because they'll literally get robbed, there isn't much you can do. Besides, who'd listen to people from kemono? Creators will just assume you're scared because you can't import. Let them get raped and find out by themselves that even if you could, you WOULDN'T.


It doesn't just ban users, it outright sniffs and tracks payment information on top on ignoring complaints and providing bare minimum support. Even Fantia doesn't do that because that shit's much worse than piracy lmao.


this doesn't make any fucking sense man I hate businesses people they're all retarded soulless husks addicted to watching numbers grow


File: 1715714482563.png (16.74 KB, 96x96, LaharlSmug.png)

you can tell some of the anons are incapable of reading when two posts up, the exact reason why the problem can't be fixed is right there, in plain english


My entire favourite artists feed is completely filled with artists that were supposedly updated today, yet their posts only go up to march, the same they've been for two months. I hate this dumbass retarded website.


File: 1715716507469.jpeg (13.73 KB, 195x258, images (1).jpeg)

You are complaining about a whole list of artists and I am complaining about 1 artist to get updated. You know everyone is probably waiting for some to a lot of artists to get updated people need to stop complaining


>also don't expect any new importers
then the site will be dead soon given everyone is moving to it


I'm only sad that the Fanbox importer shat itself ever since Gumroad went full retard, worst of all, it seems that as soon as the artoid deletes their Gumroad all the shit disappears from there as well. Kemono doesn't directly archive shit it scraped from what I gathered.


File: 1715724950740.jpg (39.04 KB, 501x281, lole.jpg)



is a just a glitch


Well who here has bothered with the their heads around with ripping artists from SubscribeStar with THIS?: https://console.apify.com/actors/moJRLRc85AitArpNN/input


>They won't fix subscribestar because it bans users for even logging in with a vpn or some shit.
>It doesn't just ban users, it outright sniffs and tracks payment information.



what really? what's the fucking point then?


Are updates now cycling between Patreon and Fanbox?


most likely
man the gumroad bullshit really fucked up kemono in hindsight


A ton of the latest fanbox imports are also weeks, if not months behind


It's a feature to import "free old posts". Even dead fanboxes are being imported out of nowhere.


Yeah this is an odd one, it's specifically OLD posts, several artists I follow have been updated in the past couple days, and none of their newer posts have been scraped, free or paid, but several sporadic older free posts have, despite there being multiple newer free/paid posts having been released since their last scraping.

Take this artist for example
A couple of older free posts got scraped but anything newer than the last paid scrape went ignored including the 5 or 6 free posts they've released since then.


I found an artist whose pages do not display properly without a slash at the end of the URL, why is this happening?


someone needs to update hirodi from Fanbox


considering those are usually teasers or lesser versions, it feels kinda pointless. There's one artist that's now full of duplicate posts with one being the same but with less content, all this feature does is clutter their pages.


Fanbox dead again



it's not dead, sometimes the fanbox importer is fluctuating, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. just wait.


Please fix the SubscribeStar importer already, I don't want SubscribeStar to be forever unleakable.


We need Fantia, the world needs it




>Loading creators… please wait! …for how many minutes.

Both the Artist Search and Recent Artist pages aren't really loading.

Recent Post page is fine though.



That plastic skeleton isn't anatomically accurate.



That dumb fucktard will lose. Just look at all of the evidence against him in the hush money trial.


the admins are gone again huh


File: 1715874013697.jpg (798.55 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-05-16-22-3….jpg)

God bless you, fella


The site is STILL very much a work-in-progress, I've been spending the last several days ironing out errors and deadlocks, but yes, things are a bit more stable atm


Yeah mate, i appreciate that


Thanks for the good work 👍


Not a bot, lol. Just why are you shilling for the admins/mods, despite also causing them trouble just for being here, given they have any liability?

>>40439 If it's me you're talking about, I'm not an admin, lol.

>>40466 They'd get DDoS'd by an admin or mod here. That's their way of business. Straight-up digital druglord shit, lol.

>>40481 You first.

>>40503 The importer is either backed up or is picky with saved cookies for re-import.


nope there cycleing between patreon and fanbox imports



They're already having trouble keeping one importer up, this is like sending a guy with a stick for a bank heist. Actually no, make that a guy with a stick trying to rob Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas
>play touhou in real life
>try to graze
>it's not very effective…


Why are the imports so fucking slow?


Mate, calm down


Anyone know how to favorite a Discord server so that it can appear in your favorites list?


bro shut the fuck up already jesus christ


Fixing SubscribeStar next?


Nobody said it is a bug. People who import artists they paid a subscription for and would like to share content with others here wish to know why it is much slower than it used to be.

If you cannot help them in any way other than nameposting for the sake of nameposting, please do not clog up the thread, thank you.


Fanbox have threatened to go the same retard route as Substar, and I think I saw an admin say a while ago that they were stopping autoimport on fanbox until it was clear whether or not they were going to follow through. Which makes sense, because the autoimporter would kind of make itself obvious.


Could you tl dr what happened to SubscribeStar? I'm out of the loop.

Btw i used to complain about Patreon as they have shitty literally everything but now I'm happy about their complacency lmao due to how readily available their content is on Kemono.


Besides having a team of wannabe cops who watch this place for intel (hi guys!) they cut off people who they suspect may be leaking. As in, they are taking users who are paying for content, stopping them from paying for content, thereby reducing their own income and that of the artists those users were supporting. In some cases, they were banning people from the site entirely.



In all seriousness Kemono Team, the paywall sites are winning this fight. You NEED to step up the game. Do whatever it takes to conquer sites like SubscribeStar. Not to mention if you do and if Fanbox is indeed heading the same way then you'll know how to handle Fanbox too.

Something needs to change or we're going to lose.


Please turn on the gumroad importer UwU


File: 1716107863031.jpeg (14.07 KB, 216x234, images.jpeg)

Why do you think Kemono was down for almost a whole month, my god does anyone have any common sense here.


Could you guys add a reminder to the import page that notifies importers (if their artists have any connected discords) to import the associated discord too?

More frequently, lots of artists are hiding source files or uncensored versions offsite from Fanbox, oftentimes on Discord, and good number have begun hiding passwords and files to stop people like us. I think it's only going to become more common, and people either need to be more aware of their imported artists' storage methods.


File: 1716122674083.jpg (51.08 KB, 503x496, 6m1n0k.jpg)

I can give a list of why they won't do it.
1 Admin is not controlling the imports.
2 talk to the specific importer to do it.


In the bottom left corner is a link that says "Linked Accounts", it's hard to see but click that and you can favourite


How do I make the importer update? I need to cancel a subscription but I want the importer to update what they've already pulled so far with the new stuff.
It's been almost 2 weeks since it last updated itself too.


have you tried to do a manual import?


No admins said Jack about gumroad sending the importer down please spreading misinformation.


For people having speed issues
TL;DR: Please don't spam import works that are already fully public. Please download files one at a time, use a single connection and think of others. Thanks.

Possible highlighted causes
1) One of the servers being faulty
2) Load balancer not working as intended
3) Too many people (data hoarding is bad, mmkay)
4) Bad drive access time
5) Bandwidth issue

Should really prevent people from streaming video for starters. If people want to watch a video, they download it, kemono isn't youtube.


They are importers with active subscriptions, not those clueless people who seriously think importing means kemono pays for them and it's all voodoo magic behind the scenes. Please stop trolling.

You can't force the importer to start, but if you are relying on auto-import please try what >>40632 said and see if it works. If it doesn't please provide half of the import log and wait for the actual admin (not a namefag) to show up here.

Queue size, too many people trying to import at the same time, sorry about that. Blame AIslop, reactionfags and self-dumping attention whores.


>>40577 >>40583
Throttling. On BOTH sides of the street.


Same obnoxious minor, lol.
>Talk to the importer
Who and where?

>please spreading misinformation
Officially became Shitchan meme, lol.

@admins Quit hiding actual information then, criminal ass, third-world dirtniggers.


Is anyone else noticing that some artists they follow might get a few of the very newest posts updated but not ever-slightly older ones? I'm seeing gaps, gaps that remain even after the artists get updated multiple times


File: 1716260890123.png (176.5 KB, 2244x330, 34fy5grebrs4fdtwetdby5t4dy….png)

Is this even fucking normal? Like every fucking time whenever I tried to import from Fanbox, it's always fucking 0


File: 1716261011363.png (298.56 KB, 2212x494, o85e4iwrirdnmrxkldfnly458i….png)

I mean, fucking really?! What the fuck is this bullshit??!!!


WELP nekohouse is fucked
unless you use American express
but how the fuck uses American express anyway?



not really, you can still use Tokyo Otaku Mode to buy tora coin for subscriptons, just too much work

JCB is asia only and who the fuck uses Amex outside of america lmao


Fantia did, and some people won't continue to support those artists, I don't think we should put off the plan of fantia importer anymore, the website is dying, dear admin.


Don't meme that it'll hurt my fragile anonymous image.


API is giving a 503 error


Why is "Loading creators please wait!" stuck. Is it not caching?


just in case the main site 503s again
ill post this here



came here to be actually intelligent, got confirmation that there is indeed a serverside issue with artist search


We should begin to import fantia and gumroad.


503 error, again


Error: 008: Could not retrieve artists.

That came up when I went to the artist search page.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?


It's not just you.

It isn't me, lol.


Me too


Shut this shit down. Worthless faggot admins don't know how to manage this garbage.


Good luck with that. They're offline.


It's either 503 error or Query Timeout

I wonder how long this site actually works



As glad as I am to see imports coming through, it's fucking depressing seeing how many Fanbox artists have locked content behind a password protected offsite share now.

Naturally the uploader doesn't post the password.


Did anything happen to Server 6 i.e. c6.kemono.su?

None of the links to that particular server work. All other server links download just fine.

I tested links I successfully downloaded last year that are now assigned to Server 6. They also now don't work at all.


Have the admins finally found a way to fix the SubscribeStar importer without getting easily banned by SubscribeStar's admins who they suspect may be leaking stuff yet? I swear to Jesus that I don't want SubscribeStar to be forever unleakable.


1. For some retarded reason the artist search page isn't rendered serverside, but instead sends a text file about 10 megabytes in size that contains the list of artists in JSON format. If the transfer is interrupted mid-download, you're fucked because your browser can't parse the file. If you have a slow connection to Kemono, you're still fucked because you're going to be staring at the screen twiddling your thumbs while you wait for the download to finish.

2. Unless Kemono drastically changes the way it imports content, the importers WILL have problems. Either it breaks because the paywall sites outright ignore all requests made by Kemono(even with a valid session token) or the sites ban the users that imported content on Kemono after the fact.


Error 508 is gone.


The fanbox importer is failing to import public posts.

For this artist, all the posts on the paid plan have recently been imported, but the public ones are all missing.
Missing posts:

Would be nice to archive those as well.


Would be nice that this website to be opensource and let others fix problems which you cannot or you are not in the mood to fix them.


I pretty sure they do public/free posts separate for fanbox as a safety measure to avoid detection from pixiv/fanboxs administration


File: 1716560663836.png (1.62 MB, 1280x1168, ㅋㄹㄴㅅ.png)

Afdian, Boosty, SubscribeStar etc will need people to cooperate somewhere else


File: 1716581333310.jpg (147.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


hi I'm cobbler and I'm a stupid fucking retard


Hello good morning from cobblergobblergolgon1995! Why hasn't Kemono sirs hacking the patreon? Are they mentally retarded? I want bypassing big madam breats as well as the erotic diaper pornography, for free. Please. I am begging of you.


Anyone else having trouble downloading certain zip files? Some refuse to download completely for me. Dunno if this a me problem or an everyone problem.
Examples: https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/504935/post/7479694
A lot of the second artist’s posts have this problem in particular.


Why isn't discord importer working?


Can someone already brutally murder cobbler? He is a stupid fucking retard and a faggot




I think I'm gonna murder Cobbler in cold blood today


Thy crime is namefaggotry


Is fanbox importer dead again?


You're not alone. Many .zips are going slowly or outright failing.


kemono became unprofitable, time to close project and move on


File: 1716756806409.png (31.15 KB, 515x444, 1.png)

Damn. What kind of paypig uses a site that does shit like this?


Maybe it's related to the server's sluggish download speeds and downtime?


>Bad England
>Attempting to cause confusion


Seriously, you're as bad as that unsupervised, wise-ass, shithead retard memeing it up a while back.

From what I've heard, any techies that actually wanted to help with the site were turned down for one reason or another. Not to mention the admins refused to pay'em, if it were a thing.



>Struggles to download a 1.5MB file

YEAH. It's DEFINITELY either bandwidth issues or outright throttling to save a buck.


File: 1716768499356.jpg (48.5 KB, 1024x768, 9d02605fea7affdfd9255b8e3b….jpg)

this shit is actual rancid feces, I have over 300 worth of tab links saved just because it takes too long to DL. If I had all the time in days it wouldn't be as bad but I get shafted from that, and no I can't use
jdownloader bc I don't have a PC.


Have the admins finally found a way to hack SubscribeStar's anti-scrape system yet?


gonna be real nice here for once and say, "no they have not bc subs. sifts through peoples cookies and if kemono is detected they ban those with said cookies"


That's not how the same-origin policy works, unless the admins were retarded enough to set their cookies to SameSite=None.


c6.kemono.su is infected with URL:Blacklist according to AVG. The videos with that in it's URL wouldn't even play.


>>unless the admins were retarded enough
*insert how do we tell him meme here*


File: 1716810253397.png (975.87 KB, 706x900, d3753657fc8c32a3e352cb10c7….png)

Thats what you get for using an AV.
Rust spins slow.
>Not to mention the admins refused to pay'em, if it were a thing.

Whole thread sucks, there isn't anything interesting to reply to as 90% is brainrot.


File: 1716812245991.jpg (71.82 KB, 620x432, 8rqosy.jpg)


WOMM. Sometimes it needs a bit of time before it kicks on to download then DLs at whatever speed it'll DL.


>c6.kemono.su is infected with URL:Blacklist according to AVG. The videos/images with that in it's URL wouldn't even play.

>Thats what you get for using an AVG.

No, that's what you get if c6.kemono.su has been infected. These sorts of notifications aren't normal.

You could look into it and see whether or not c6.kemono.su is in fact infected. Don't just assume it isn't. CHECK!


Alright, so I secretly have a Discord account and I've been following two people and there's been plenty of art on both pages.

Yet, it was only last night when I truly realised that if other people could import Discord artists, so could I.

So I'm thinking about importing Discord users to Kemono, maybe not right now but maybe later in the year.

So the question is, how do I import artists from Discord? And is there anything I should know beforehand (tips etc.)? Thanks!


here at the bottom of the page



File: 1716930247223.jpg (34.55 KB, 720x532, 568vn2.jpg)

>check favourites for updates
>couple artists fanbox come up as recently reimported
>take a look
>no new posts archived
why is this happening


File: 1716963927560.png (9.39 KB, 616x419, avsarecancer.png)

If you believe in AV's then you're a tard.
I haven't checked shit and just mass mailed the av's and seemingly they are all removing the listing, so the shit to start with was bogus.


Well it's still happening. But thanks for trying anyway. It did happen before like sometime last year but hopefully it'll stop at some stage.


Fantia please. We can do what nekohouse can, believe it.


Fantia nuked visa and mc
Nice they are making me save money…


>you have to get the channel id for each individual channel you want to import, but the threads in those channels will be scraped automatically
>plugging in a category’s id will just import an empty channel named for the category, so don’t do that
>forums (the ones you can sort by recently replied/date posted) have to have every thread imported individually
>check how many messages there are in a channel BEFORE you start importing. You don’t want to accidentally import a channel which literally has a million messages in it, trust me
>don’t bother importing general chat/meme/random porn sharing channels.


Is anybody getting loading issues when they look for creators?


CP shit is back. (same p!c too)


Third time in less than 3 weeks


I just visit this site now expecting disappointment, only to be surprised when a scant few imports actually make it through.


Fuck those furry gays for keep posting useless stupid gay porn shit! Gay porn should never exists. And fuck those people who uploads novel. Who the fuck want to see the stupid novel on kemono.party?




Can the fucking admin take care of the CP shit?


I wonder if Cobbler is responsible for the CP.


Why are Patreon imports so slow?


Were some artists removed recently? I found plenty of posts in "popular" that lead "into the void" when you click on the artist (just jump to the artist search page).


Were some artists removed recently? I found some posts in popular from this month that just jump to artist search page when you click on the artist icon.


File: 1717175949290.webm (3.57 MB, 480x360, 1711134064153.webm)

Pfft? i know right anyone up for a round of furry hunting season we need to PURGE all woke creators infesting the site


File: 1717179428148.png (588.68 KB, 889x500, download (13).png)

>>40953 yeah


God, just how retarded do you have to be to complain about furries on a site named KEMONO party?
Kill yourself niggers


I remember when was an indicator about how many imports are in progress…. But in recent days I did not see it. Shame. Also another indicator for each artist about how many imports are in progress only for that artist will be very helpul to know if will be updated. It is impossible to know if an artist will be or not updated, for any platforms kemono can scrap


Idiot month AGAIN!? In my country there's already one in March, and now they've changed it to March AND June. Imagine having to deal with these poofters and their shit for 1/6th of your life. People act like it's cool, yet gay is literally the exact opposite.


That video needs at least 100,000,000 views.


Damn, that sucks. Good luck, dood. o7

There was a mention of new servers recently. Also, admins not paying devs have been a thing since nearly the start. That's why the OG devs left and the third-world Russian extremist fags gets their panties in a wad over stupid things like requests, even if they aren't the ones being poked. You'd know that if you weren't a namefag freshman. How'd someone like you get admin status?

Importers or people importing are too braindead to upload actual updates.
Either that or the import has started, but the importers are off™.


So, what's up with patreon artist indexing? The new artists get imported but are not properly indexed, the last one were from may 21st.


File: 1717244144799.png (286.15 KB, 2178x468, uw4b6eyrdfgnw3srjybdxjaruy….png)

I fucking swear to god if this fucking site isn't going to fucking import an update for this artist that I've been fucking waiting for months, I'm gonna have a fucking breakdown, FIX THIS FUCKING IMPORT SHIT ADMIN!!!!


now imports have been stopped again


it seems that everything is inactive. because now something is happening with imports because now it has stopped.


And again this site falls in a pitfall? I wonder how much untill everything will work again? Why the hell admin is not more transparent and tell what is going on


Kill yourself nigger


Are all importers dead again?


because I am trying to import something in fanbox but I get error


The sky is falling


Let's go to nekohouse


>Loading creators… please wait!
Seems to be taking a very long time all of a sudden. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Still works, eventually, I think. I thought it might have been entirely stuck, but just as I was about to make this post earlier today it finished. Typing this up a second time as I wait on it. Seems to be taking at least several minutes, if not more.


Definitely frozen a couple times today, Waited over 10 minutes before reloading and it worked immediately upon refreshing the page this time. Last time refreshing didn't help.


it seems that kemono has returned the imports but only from patreon but it is frozen.


Let's hope it'll be fixed


Seems spammed AI garbage clog importing


I think fanbox autoimport is still turned off because they threatened to go full subscribetard and ban people who contribute to scrapers, so it'll only import if someone does it manually.


The loading artists part has been very slow lately, won't BS about it. That'll need to be fixed.

Also, can we just get that goddamn SubscribeStar importer fixed already? Or are yous just waiting for the next round of CP to show up on Kemonochan instead? Where do you stand?


File: 1717316967514.png (402.09 KB, 1919x960, Screenshot 2024-06-02 1828….png)



Loading, loading, loading, loading……

And all with the same time stamp.
What's going on?


spammed importing?


Traffic seems to be clogged with fuckin' large number of Paetron imports.
Looks like it will dissipate once all the imports are done.


File: 1717342158191.png (896.06 KB, 840x742, e4537c836e0902c56160f06f2a….png)

>Also, admins not paying devs have been a thing since nearly the start.

>If only he knew.

Something something the broken version of the json gets cached for whatever reason, no clue why.

Being a member isn't the same as having an active subscription.


oh neat the site's working again


The Patreon importer seems to be bugged again


Does it usually take longer than a day?


In the most bizzare shit I've ever seen, panda now gets updates for many of my artists faster than a scraping website.


What is Panda?


I will find you and I will rip your head off


What is wrong with this c6 server of Kemono triggering antivirus warnings and being slower than a f*cking snail, even without VPN?



The admin wants people to slow down his server despite saying otherwise because he refuses to let people sort files in updated posts.


two days now


the imports are very slow since every 1 or 2 hours or 15 or 45 only a few updates and imports appear. what is going on?


When will the update be completed?


please fix patreon inporter


Pixiv and Discord updates, and no Patreon updates? Not the best way to start the month.


A black and white bear that lives in China.


Can you please fix the Patreon importer?


It just started again


Any reason why gallery-dl doesn't work on kemono anymore?


so sad. rip gumroad


Wow. That was fast.


c6.kemono.su is still not working well, can't download images hosted there.


File: 1717576587140.jpeg (625.65 KB, 639x492, fml.jpeg)

>patreon and fanbox importers are working again
>go check the artists i like
>none of em got updated
well alright then…


When will fantia importer get fixed?


importer is back but my patreon import key is still stack…


So Patreon DM's are not imported, again?


Not with that attitude


You just need people to import their patreons, importers are working, proven


The video players on this site are too slow.


Its insane to me that people complain about a Site that allowes to Archive and Share paywalled content for free. Stop yapping and give the admins time, troughout this whole shithole i havent Seen a single thanks. It might Not Work perfekt, but there is obvious Progress Happening.


I can accept that substar is basically dead and never coming back, but is a Ko-fi and Boosty fix ever gonna happen?


is c4.kemono.su down? can't seem to download videos from it

 No.41103 aka c4 server has been down for a while it reacts to pings but the all of its ports are closed.


Ok guys. Be pay attention to my comments, if I saw kemono isn't updated yet then respond and don't wasting their time ok?


Hello and good work

Just issue with video links not loading on mobile thanks


>Error: 008: Could not retrieve artists.

Not again.


Why is the download speed so slow, it's insufferably slow :(


I'm gonna need you shit lords to fix the download speeds for the site the amount of mai art is gonna explode after years since doa5


tHe SkY iS fAlLiNg!


Download more RAM


Getting errors when importing posts from fanbox.

ID: c244ec4d-1e56-44a1-abab-d12f187a3f1c



Error 008 is gone now.


Hoi! Just update Kemono Patreon and Discord. Don't waste your time guys! Pay attention to me!


Real admin. Can you fix me admin perms?


C'mon guy! Just update Patreon, Discord and Pixiv in Kemono site now!


Seven figures from ad revenue isn't enough income to invest in non-shit servers, apparently.


File: 1717898147400.png (45.09 KB, 912x182, Screenshot at Dec 06 15-21….png)



Fix server c6 already. The file download starts after 20-40 seconds and the download manager aborts the download with the message: "HTTP/2 stream 0 was not closed cleanly: PROTOCOL_ERROR (err 1)".
This has been going on for at least two weeks now, I tried it via VPN, it doesn’t help.


Hurry up! Update Patreon, Pixiv and Discord in Kemono now! You guys are not wasting time! Just do it!


I love shit and eating it. I like to stick my fingers in my asshole and smell it.


Where is admin! Update Kemono site. It's wasting time!


I'm a retard, this is not a bug. It's just how my mind works it is not a bug no matter what.


Guys! Update Kemono site now! You are wasting time! Hurry up!



We can't afford to NOT do anything about it!

Do whatever it takes. Enough is enough.


So Patreon collections are not imported?


Oh c'mon! You guys are wasting time! Update Kemono now!


Yeah, I kind of noticed that was also the case for like… the majority of my favorited artists. Hell, some of them haven’t been updated like… since February. It’s weird and a bit frustrating, since one of their latest updates didn’t even include everything.


Uhh guy. Did you update Discord from Kemono site? You didn't it…

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