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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>24284
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please fix the patreon importer….i can't take this hentai content from pixiv anymore….especially the guro, loli and shota. I want my furry pinups back.

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See here for words on Maintenance and works being performed on the site!
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Cache maintenance is complete. For the next 24 hours things will be sluggish, but should ramp up in speed afterwards.

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So, you've got some questions about the site, and the way it operates? Well, this will be your one-stop location to get answers to the most asked questions on the site's Telegram and Partychan.
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"I'm an advertiser and would like to contact someone about an offer"

Thank you for considering our little site for your advertising agency. If you would like to contact someone about offers for advertising, please use the following avenues:



This is the place to discuss kemono.party, a scraper/leaker site for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Discord, DLsite, and Fantia.
1. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America.
2. Keep it comfy. Avoid uncomfortable topics likely to start arguments. You know what they are.
3. Genuine discussion concerning piracy is welcome, but blatant trolling, flamewars, and bait are not.
4. Do not ask people to update or add creators ("request,") outside of the dedicated sticky. Doing so will result in a ban.
5. Self-promotion and all forms of advertisement are not welcome.
>Wait, what happened to the old board? (paywall.party)
The original Partychan board was made as a collaboration with the administrator of the late ofans.party, who went more or less MIA without warning. I did not control paywall.party, or have access to its servers, so could not fix the issues the board was having.
This new site is 100% controlled by me on Kemono's infrastructure.
>Want to develop or moderate for Kemono? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.

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Waiting for the fix like

File: 1668512330614.jpeg (622.97 KB, 1200x675, 0017CB2C-E262-4F60-B7C4-D….jpeg)


Looks like some big changes are coming for Pixiv’s Terms next month that includes Fanbox.


“Currently, many transactions are taking place on BOOTH, pixivFANBOX and pixiv Request function.
Among them, we have confirmed that some transactions have violated Article 14, Item 26 of our Terms of Service Prohibited Activities, which stipulates "the act of using this service to exhibit, sell, purchase, register, or otherwise conduct transactions for the following products.

In addition, the terms and conditions of international card brands, etc. also prohibit transactions of content or products that include the following

-Child pornography or child abuse
-Rape (sexual acts without consent)
-Illegal mutilation of the person or body 
-Acts that are offensive to public order and morals”
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>eastasia keeps on winning
Yup that's literally our tradition we dont have ethical issues here unlike Ingsoc no wonder why they hate the Eur-asian side of the globe so much.
Jokes aside i heard the internet rules are more lax there compared to muttland if you wanna host free speech sites or controversial drawings this is the place for you, Just don't cause trouble for us okay?


I have a few questions/concerns.

1. What happens when kemono scrapes the FANBOX updates and all these artists private their posts?

Even before this I noticed some posts get updated and links to file hosts end up removed with "buy this on gumroad" notices replacing them instead.

2. Is kemono just going to end up nuking and auto-deleting tons of posts when they go private? Or do posts that are deleted/privated just stay up as normal?


Already answered but here you go fren
1. The scraper doesn't see them so nothing, and even if it did, nothing either, see below. The old posts stay as is.
2. The latter. Flagged posts that are deleted do not get deleted. They stay as is as above. Nothing gets nuked.


Official New Rules

Any art too real looking is out, i.e. CGI, photorealistic drawings, AI generated art based off real people/thing (cause of the fuckwits posting real images of kids and disguising them as such) etc.
While everything else (including fiction characters) will now be held under the microscope for the tiniest infraction.

Remember to thank your new diverse and inclusive pixiv staff, and the always watchful American credit card companies for protecting other countries from themselves and their freedoms…


>always watchful credit card companies
Exodus Cry is the problem. MasterCard is just their weapon.

File: 1668226056738.png (104.57 KB, 676x559, Screenshot_24.png)


Is Kemonoparty ever going to implement this into imports so these posts can actually be accessed? Getting real annoying especially for artists like Zankuro that used them for a couple posts like this.

Wouldn't be opposed to people just posting the passwords here, but being able to import them from fanbox posts would be better.


File: 1668234932858.jpg (18.08 KB, 1080x191, Are you kidding.jpg)

You realize you can just go to the original post for that right


gonna be honest, did not know that's how it worked. thanks for pointing it out for my retard brain anon


would actually be useful to import the tags as well to save time (similarly to f.e. the profile which directly links to the original profile).

I also noticed that the formatting of the comments is getting lost, which is kinda preventing unzipping his latest post

File: 1668508397593.jpg (48.57 KB, 550x366, 236CBF48545B782E0B.jpg)


Note: First of all, please note that this article is written in a translator.

When searching on post, it is posted randomly, not in the latest order. So if you're searching, you just have to look it up one by one. My suggestion is to make it visible in the order in which it was recently uploaded.


Posts are already sorted by date of creation.


No they are not


File: 1669231656543.jpeg (190.56 KB, 1078x1078, bikeing anime girl.jpeg)

"Artist" post results are sorted by the date they were published on the platform.
"Global" post results are sorted by the date they were added to Kemono.
Never random.


Would be great to have RSS feeds for artist pages. It was probably suggested before, haven't seen it though.



File: 1669779308674.png (492.69 KB, 1200x1400, Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-b….png)


Why does the Fanbox importer try to import from creators I no longer sub to or even follow? It wastes so much time when only 1% of its results are free posts and 99% are behind a paywall. Why doesn't it just crawl the accounts I support, or at least the ones I follow?

File: 1662998957347.png (2.22 MB, 2508x1771, Emera01.png)


As everyone already knows, a lot of artists are retarded and deserve to be gutted.


This one in particular is uploading files that are 15 GB each to Mega.

How do you download this without a paid Mega account?
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I like seeing tards seething about MEGA's limitations. It's like 5 USD per month is too much to pay for some.


>"It's like 5 USD per month is too much to pay for some."
>99% probability anon's leeching and has 0 imports on kemono



Someone should actually make a record of how many accounts have stored keys. Would be interesting to see


Doing what you said will work fine but I believe the quota gets reset after 6 hours have elapsed since the first transfer, not after 24 hours. Accountless or free account IP quota is 5GB until the IP gets blocked.


I use JDownloader 2.
You might want to try to do a single .7z with all the extracted PSD files in it on the "ultra" setting to see what happens. Zip is universally garbage.
>where to reupload
Torrents or maybe archive.org. They won't really bother you if an item upload is under 50GB, but it may have to be marked as NSFW.

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