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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>26441
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genuinely asking. does anyone also have a problem when opening a link with a "Download video"? it doesn't work for me whenever i click it. there were just some text that will appear and that's it. how can i open a link with a "Download video"?

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See here for words on Maintenance and works being performed on the site!
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Due to bandwidth shenanigans, we've had to temporarily change how files are displayed. This will only last for a short while. Names will be replaced by their hash for the time being until everything is sorted. Everything should still work as normal though.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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So, you've got some questions about the site, and the way it operates? Well, this will be your one-stop location to get answers to the most asked questions on the site's Telegram and Partychan.
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"I'm an advertiser and would like to contact someone about an offer"

Thank you for considering our little site for your advertising agency. If you would like to contact someone about offers for advertising, please use the following avenues:



This is the place to discuss kemono.party, a scraper/leaker site for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Discord, DLsite, and Fantia.
1. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America.
2. Keep it comfy. Avoid uncomfortable topics likely to start arguments. You know what they are.
3. Genuine discussion concerning piracy is welcome, but blatant trolling, flamewars, and bait are not.
4. Do not ask people to update or add creators ("request,") outside of the dedicated sticky. Doing so will result in a ban.
5. Self-promotion and all forms of advertisement are not welcome.
>Wait, what happened to the old board? (paywall.party)
The original Partychan board was made as a collaboration with the administrator of the late ofans.party, who went more or less MIA without warning. I did not control paywall.party, or have access to its servers, so could not fix the issues the board was having.
This new site is 100% controlled by me on Kemono's infrastructure.
>Want to develop or moderate for Kemono? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.

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Is there any information as to when will fantia imports be reinstated?


This is the information i found in thread: Maintenence and site works notices

12/30/22: Fantia is currently in a half working state due to interesting rate-limiting policies on Fantias side. If it fails, retry till it works(we'll automate it shortly). We'll see if things can be fixed in a reasonable way.

The last update of imports of Fantia is in 01/26/2023

01/26/23: Fantia and boosty will be halted until patches are available.


Damn so updates since January hopefully a patch will be available soon


Looks like the fantia imports resumed about 3 hours ago.
Has the problem been resolved?
Did someone upload it manually?

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I've been using the site for a long time but after a long while my downloads are now in numbers even though it has a name to it and zip files download in bin files… so could any of be updated or fixed? Tried downloads on other sites and everything's normal but kemonoparty is having issues…
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Fix what?


>You'll be able to have longer names for your downloaded files if you save the post's title as a blank file. See pic.
I already do something similar (see below) except the file contains a JSON of the post's data instead of being blank. Artists sometimes post links to MEGA or Dropbox or what have you and their post is only a preview; having the post content in a plain text file within the directory is useful. A simple shell loop can batch download links like that.

"postprocessors": [
"name": "metadata",
"event": "post",
"filename": "{date:%Y-%m-%d} {id} {title[:70]}.json"

I should probably drop {date} and {id} since that's already in the directory name in my case. I could mess with a string byte counter and increase the length of {title} as well.

>Pro tip: use this for your postprocessor if you're downloading metadata so you prevent downloading it more than one time.

Not sure if I understand this part. Would it do something similar for metadata JSON files (only download updated versions) if you also added a timestamp to said JSON file's filename? Jamming {content} into the archive seems like it would bloat the archive's filesize.


>Not sure if I understand this part
Without an archive, it'll download the metadata and overwrite it each time you run gallery-dl.

>Would it do something similar for metadata JSON files (only download updated versions) if you also added a timestamp to said JSON file's filename?

It won't overwrite the file if you use a timestamp.

>Jamming {content} into the archive seems like it would bloat the archive's filesize.

You can hash it. Here's an example of how to tell gallery-dl to compute SHA-1 of a post's title and add it to an archive file. https://pastebin.com/Q3k3C7mG

>Artists sometimes post links to MEGA or Dropbox or what have you and their post is only a preview; having the post content in a plain text file within the directory is useful

Here's how I get file sharing links from posts. Create a folder called "templates" in your gallery-dl directory and save this as "kemono.html" https://pastebin.com/4F2Ed2wT and add this to your config file https://pastebin.com/pmpni84f.

This will save the post as a HTML file in a subfolder called "metadata" inside your extractor's directory. Then, you can scroll through it with your browser by combining all of the HTML files into one HTML file and dragging the combined file to your browser. Since it's being saved to an archive and there's a timestamp in the filename, it'll only download the post when it's been updated, it won't overwrite your existing file and you'll know when the post has been updated when the "metadata" subfolder has one more "timestamp metadata.html".

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>You can hash [the content].
I had thought of hashing but didn't know you could do it so easily, thanks for the example.

>Here's how I get file sharing links from posts…

That's pretty interesting, I'll have to try that out later.

>Use this filter in the postprocessor if you want to only save a post if it contains an embedded URL or have the words mega or dropbox.

There's also the occasional one who uploads password-protected zips with the password in the comments, which usually find their way itno the JSON file generated.
I use the JSON files if anything "goes wrong" like that.


Oh yeah, that's a good reason to keep all of the posts, I'll probably start doing that too. Some artists on Fanbox are putting passwords behind a "card" and kemono.party pulls those but they're not visible on the site, do you know how to pull those with gallery-dl? https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/25646.html

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lmaoo they REALLY mad
I feel kinda guilty, but oh well, life goes on

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So how do the uploads work/schedule on this site? And how do I post something?


Why not just click the button on the homepage and read the instructions? Here, I clicked it for you lol:-


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Does anyone have a python script that uses 7-zip to recursively extract any archive (zip, rar, cbz, cbr, etc) in a given directory, ignores password'd archives, and removes the archive if it was successfully extracted?

Something like:
>script.py "C:\Downloads\Archives" zip rar 7z
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It is possible but I will have you beg to me again.


Ok please update the script so it can skip archives if the file path is more than 200 characters

Just to clarify, any archive gets skipped if it has one folder or file that exceeds 200 characters if extracted



You can change the MAX_FILE_LENGTH value


Found some issues, it thinks everything is password protected and it doesn't do recursive extractions of the inputted path

Here's an archive that it says is password protected, I replaced "gz" with "cbz" https://gofile.io/d/w58hgX

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I am currently subscribed to a SubscribeStar user, and tried to import them. I've now waited a week and they're not showing up on the website. Is the SubscribeStar importer just slower than the others, or does my request not work? I have imported both a Discord channel as well as a Patreon page previously, both which worked totally fine.


The subcribestar importer has been broken for like 2 years or so. Yeah it sucks.
The only thing you can do is upload that artist to sites like exhentai.



If I were you, I would be really careful with my SubscribeStar account because of all the "testimonies" other users have posted where their accounts had been banned when they used to import or even without importing content, SubscribeStar have banned their accounts anyway.

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