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For failing imports, enable debugging and provide any part the import ID.

Old thread: >>39958


Is all importer down or under some maintenance rn cause everything seems to be slowed down alot


Who the hell knows man, this site's been fucked up since it was down for almost a month in the April-May timeframe, and ever since it came back it hasn't really been the same, it seems it all goes downhill from here on out.


It seems like the patreon importer is down. None of the patreon pages have been updated since a couple days ago.


Why aren't there more jannies to curb the glowies and their captain planet bullshit?


Come back when you can speak English, PROPERLY.


SubscribeStar needs to be sorted THIS YEAR!!!


Fanbox is the only one working rn
Patreon’s been down since Tuesday, and Discord’s been down since Saturday


Fanbox is the only one up right now
Patreon and Discord haven’t been updating since Tuesday and Saturday respectively


File: 1718311181866.jpg (30.99 KB, 516x600, 04c.jpg)

Are the video player and downloads horribly slow themselves or is it my connection? I also consistently get 429'd when I try opening videos in another tab


Anyone else suddenly get banned from Pixiv/Fanbox?

The only thing i did was browse, bookmark, support creators and upload to kemono…


You were warned.
>Come back when you can speak English, PROPERLY.
You didn't listen.
And now you've been banned for making a clown out of yourself. Way to go sunshine.


CP is not forbidden on Partychan but when some non american has slightly worse language abilities they got banned xD. Or maybe it's just deflection. It's easier to nitpick than to address complaint.


to be fair he was being really annoying


Fair enough.


Patreon importer finally works wohoo! Like a clogged toilet finally flushing through.


Hell NO! Those stupid Gay porn Patreontard will just clog up the website again!


You realize gay porn isn't the only thing sitting on the Patreon? Like most people using donation sites uses Patreon with others having smaller share or the market.


How long do imports take?
I submitted a gumroad import about a week ago and it still hasn't showed up


How long do imports take?
I submitted a gumroad import about a week ago


Could we get a subscribestar importer. Lots of creators are moving over there since Patreon continues to be stupid.


there used to be one but it broke months ago due to changes in the way subscribestar works


the gumroad importer doesn't work as far as I know. You can only import Patreon, Fanbox and I think Discord too.


Why in the absolute fuck are video uploads embedded in Fluid Player now? Pretty much guarantees bandwidth abuse.


File: 1718501232869.png (1 MB, 1600x900, 6xmd69kxl2w61 (1).png)

the DL speed finally got me so annoyed I actually playing Fallout NV, thx admins you ruined me even further


nah bro, where are the programmers and moderators who are supposed to maintain the site? since the site source code is no longer public and available, it is hard for people to contribute anonymously other than by applying for approval, which is no longer open to join the site coders. what has actually happened? hermiet disappears and gets banned from multiple forums, and kemono seems out of place after the mods leave the telegram group and are hardly present here.


Can we have a Skeb importer to scan for those private works? Many artworks are suddenly hidden


is there way to make importer import site separately rather make it queue?since different site have different demand.
it also slowdown a creator that need import with 2 or more platform at same time due how their sending their works.


I wonder if Kemono has yet worked out a way around SubscribeStar's modern setup. THERE HAS TO BE A WAY.


idk any proper thread for this, but who tf imported twomad's stuffs? i legit lmao after seeing it on the recently updated list


The patreon video importer is just importing some txt files with links that don't work.

You can see it here:



They work for now. Use VLC and/or yt-dlp to download it. Hurry up and download it before the M3U8 expires. Patreon video links last 24 hours. After that, the links will not work anymore, unless you flag it. But the re-importing is slow as fuck so you'll have to wait days, weeks or even months.


We have to wait for Discord update?


"SubscribeStar's modern setup" is humans watching this place and banning users' accounts. Not really anything anyone can do about that.








oh no he mad


c2 and c4 servers are dead, whenever i try to download videos from those servers the download gets failed, hopefully it gets fixed like c6 did


>oh no he mad
Mate, you should see MY face when it comes to the action taken with SubscribeStar, or lack thereof. For me, six months and counting, AND THE LONGER THIS GOES ON FOR THE LESS LIKELY KEMONO WILL SURVIVE IN TERMS OF PURPOSE.


Doesn't help that c6 is still seasick, according to security programs anyway.



On a patreon's artist's page, please allow us to sort posts by recently imported/updated. Sometimes an existing artist get updated by someone on a higher tier (with access to more content), so more past posts get imported, but they're buried in the back pages because all posts are sorted by date of publishing. No way to tell if a post in newly imported or not without going to each post and looking at the import date. Sorting by recently imported will quickly show all previously unavailable posts.


You have an excellent idea. Thank you.


Why are some of my replies deleted from this chat?


Great. Fucking agreed with that shit


None of your business. Nobody cares about your replies. They are saying the right stuff

Shout out to >>41369


Disregard that, I suck cocks



you cared enough to reply, cockbler


just go to ehentai, much better


Probably cause they were too shit.


Yior Cobbler


>Loading creators… please wait!


File: 1718698421636.jpg (25.37 KB, 750x448, 868335331554763_.jpg)

Favorite artists getting imported after months just to remind me all their shit was moved to DMs/Discord/SS over that period.


I really wished they should've fucking updated hirodi (Fanbox) by now, it's been fucking months. The fact that they prioritised some AI-shit posts and random text posts including YouTube posts instead of actual drawings really fucking pisses me off.


I'm fucking with you for not trying to update it yourself.


You gonna fix your fucking c6 server one day, or what?


Are you gonna fix your asshole or what? BE PATIENT!



Are you gonna fix your asshole or what? BE PATIENT!



Are you gonna fix your mum or what?



Cobble on this dick cheese anal rapist.


Kemono doesn't choose which artists to update, if AI-slop is bogging down the scraper its because subhuman retards are buying and submitting those subscriptions.

Blacklisting the shittiest 20% of artists would probably fix server capacity issues and cut our storage usage in half. Most of the retard artists are also the ones who upload 50 variations of the same 10MB PNG.


File: 1718737779582.png (3.57 MB, 2258x912, ggggrrrrrrr.PNG)

idk its bug or limit, does max post updated limited at 20 post? there 3 patreon i saw not update after 20 post. like this one recently chocopizza, Dogvahkiin and gorillafrog. if it bug hope its fixed soon





patreon broke :(


nvm its back :)


Says a fucktard who always thinks it's not a bug when clearly I had tried updating the import system in which you think it's reliable, when it's not, fucking twat.





Your mom's a little bitch when I went down on her smegma infested cunt that smells like a fish market with metal.


many artists are going to subscribestars, what are the problems with not being able to import this page?


File: 1718841749235.jpg (88.32 KB, 1159x480, 0052.jpg)

Advanced captcha tech and other things. They have an actual security team unlike the other sites. They are also here reading this.

Really hope they get busted violating the Same Origin Policy or something like that.


We should have a server which can produce dynamic mac and ip to stow the files users upload, and then transmit them to the website.


Is funbox down? Last updates all 10 days ago


have you checked the artists page?
just cause your favorites arnt being update doesnt mean the importers down


Every user mentioning SubscribeStar more than 1 times should be fucking banned. Despite saying why it can't be properly imported, They keep asking the same question.


When will SubscribeStar be up?




It's easy my friend! Just subscribe to their content! What? You don't have money?


Fight the problem, not the symptom!


Are you guys AT LEAST trying to work out how SubscribeStar could be sorted?

And if not then…

Is there anyone here (on this board) who knows how to solve the SubscribeStar problem? Any ideas?


fanbox free post imports disabled again? they seem to be left out


You solve the Subtard problem by taking out their surveillance team (hi guys!) and whoever thought banning paying users was a good idea.

It's not a tech problem, it's a human problem.


We need Cock Cobbler to give us more begging power to get Subscibestar imports.


Hi guys!




>Ctrl+F Fantia
>0 results
Man… There's no hope for this one anymore, isn't it? Even people are only begging for SS or Gumroad content


>advanced captcha technology
I'd feel bad for SubStar snitches being called "captcha technology". And "advanced".



What a pain in the arse!


is the artists section being laggy for anyone else? The other sections are fine, but for artists, it just loads infinitely. Been like this for a few days



Hi guys!


You forgot the E M and O


Well what CAN be done about SubscribeStar?

I know that annoying user was going on about creating some SubStar unblur extension, but might that actually be in the cards? Or, could it be possible to remove the blur filter and potentially extract the pictures as to import them possibly without even needing an account? I know it's a human problem, but there's definitely a tech element to it.


And just curious, what exactly is "Hash Lookup"? Is it similar to the Posts "search" or "tags" system, or is it something else entirely?


Before I forget, I know a few weeks ago or something I mentioned I was interested in importing art from 2 Discord artists I follow in secret, but would I need a Kemono account in order to make the import? I only just thought about this.


sht ac/



Yeah creators.txt always fails to load with ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR for some reason.


OG devs left because Hermie refused to pay them.
Hermie's almost on the lam because a bunch of forever-single, middle-aged karens were bored and went after him for archiving e-thot coomer bullshit.
Mods left because they were tired of the job despite both them and the beggars™ lacking common sense.

Typical asian xenophobic schizos.

Me no speakee da Engee, lol.

The blur is its own image. The contents are still paywalled.

Just your cookie and the server's channel IDs in the URL.


VPN. Cry harder, cuck.


It clearly is since they can't break it unlike the other sites.


>I know that annoying user was going on about creating some SubStar unblur extension

Found him: https://github.com/golgon1995?tab=overview&from=2024-04-01&to=2024-04-30


File: 1719101043253.jpg (34.07 KB, 564x334, 0303.jpg)

Speaking of ShitStar, their paranoia is leading to legit sub cancellations now. LOL


>OG devs left because Hermie refused to pay them.
I love that you keep repeating it but ignore my constant nagging for proof.


I don't care who that user is, it's just… oh that's right, the blur is it's own image.


soo is discord down or something im not updated


>>41531 (RE: response to 41517)

So you're all saying nothing can be done about SubscribeStar??

Right, so if all the other sites start doing the same thing as SS then Kemono can't do anything about it? And considering how it wouldn't be that far fetched for those sites to replicate the SS model, it would seem like it's only a matter of time before importing to Kemono becomes impossible and that we're therefore screwed.

In other words, there's a very real possibility that Kemono has already LOST the war and that it's only a matter of time before Kemono's fully defeated.


Is this what it has come to?


If there's no hope in bringing back SubscribeStar, why not bring back requests to compensate for the massive loss? We can't just leave this big hole unfilled.


File: 1719142005344.jpg (412.31 KB, 750x878, untitled.jpg)

Fanbox import has been broken for the past 8 hours


There's a good and easy fix for the subscribestar importer: manual uploads
>b-b-b-but viruses!!!
How does all the other piracy platforms get around that problem then? I don't see shit like that happening to sites like f95zone, allporncomics, exhentai, etc.


Does every new link to the dropbox needs the app? Im trying to download new folders from Aseiusx and all I get is that I do not have access to the folder.


There's also "auto download to kp on manual view" through a separate handshake but that's just crazy talk to the scriptkid kp devs.


turn the fanbox importer back on you niggers


File: 1719188891746.png (826.04 KB, 1361x920, Screenshot 2024-06-24 0723….png)

Looks like the importers are working again.

My old pixiv account got nuked from orbit so I don't think I'll start scraping for the time being.


How do I watch this?
The only thing included in the post is a text file that looks like it's code for a media player but that's about it.
Not porn so it's safe to open.


If we really are finished with SubscribeStar then why not bring back requests to AT LEAST compensate for that.

But if the admins can't be bothered to resort to manual uploads with SS NOR bring back requests, then they're just shitting on the whole lot of us. In that case it'd beg the question, why?



Can't something just go right FOR FUCKING ONCE?????


DMs seems to be broke can someone fix it


File: 1719223701085.jpg (55.94 KB, 828x829, photo_2024-06-21_09-57-55.jpg)

Beg somewhere else
Should work tho idk.

No work is currently being put into substar as I got other priorities.

Soon soon not so soon maybe soon ish better download speeds soon.



File: 1719261291007.jpg (23.75 KB, 244x258, GQgAXIrbAAAQyU_.jpg)

Well I appreciate the download speed update at least, got a massive backlog and kinda gotta thank the shit speed bc I'm loving New Vegas after 2 years of not playing due to almost being filtered by deathclaw's


awesome to hear that, I had already accepteded that download speeds were going to be a 1990s simulator forever


Fanbox are apparently now confirmed to be following SubStar into full retard territory and banning people who contribute here. I think admins turned off autoimport for Fanbox a while back to see how this turned out. Triggered imports mean you're waiting for some brave hero to offer up their account and submit manually, but it's better than nothing.


I've similarly been seeing these .txt files that are evidently meant to be videos, I'm curious what's going on with them.


What even is this?


I refuse to believe the furry community has no solution to Fanbox/SS countermeasures. At least one highly autistic overpaid techfag should be able to crack both in a weekend.


holy fucking cringelord batman


I was going to take a guess on it being what I've seen before: needing to log in to see content from a base folder.
But I can't check this case anymore because in the most recent post:
>Someone imported the patreon folder to kemono 3 times today.
>I also got 2 emails about someone asking for access to the folder with an old obsolete link
>I'm too busy with drawing and irl to deal with your bullshit for what, two keyframes not even done?
>Patreon stuff will be sent through direct messages from now on.
>For the majority of supporters that have nothing to do with this, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.


It's not incomprehensible that FANBOX's public posts are excluded from the importer

But I think public posts should be imported, after all, many people use Kemono not only for leaks, but also for archives

And I've tried, Wayback Machine doesn't work well


That may be because Nekohouse is now available for those wanting Fantia content.



These are Patreon M3U8 playlist, see >>41359


Will it ever be possible to get hash lookups to list specific revisions?


Can we have SubscribeStar?
Can we have requests back?
Then h-



Someone posted this link here in relation to SS.
What's the context? What is it? Can it work and if so then how? I don't know this stuff, I'm not one of those tech gurus.


Was there a plan to add the Patreon community chat to Kemono, a lot of content is being moved there.


Too many artists already aware their contents being leak in kemono. And they posted their contents or the password through the DM or email. Why the uploaded never reupload the contents by themselves??



Kemono is owari, I thought you knew this.


File: 1719439224913.jpg (119.98 KB, 1280x720, furrytankies.jpg)

The furry community already has a solution. They pay, because they're rich as fuck. Those suits don't come cheap, you know.


no. remember that the imported sometimes fluctuates. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work.


No SubscribeStar, no Fanbox, no Fantia, no Gumroad, no Patreon, NO FUN ALLOWED! MISERY ONLY!



Misery is my food. You can't take away my food no matter how hard you try.


Does Patreon's autoimporter do imports every 24 hours or does it work differently? I tried to check the status page but it's broken.


are things still working as I find there isn't much new patreon stuff being imported the last few days some of the artist I follow haven't been updated at all and some fanbox accounts haven't been update for months now ?


fanbox has implemented cloudfare checks since a day or two ago. i can't even use gallery-dl on my creators anymore so i doubt the importer is going to work. expect the fanbox importer to be down for a while.


The only thing that is importing is discord, but it is doing it very slowly.


maintenance maybe?
i dunno


For us, misery is starvation.


No no, why don't you all shut up and keep donating to us while you get nothing in return. What is this, democracy?

There will be no SubscribeStar, no requests, no Fanbox, and by our lack of action, there will soon be no site to import from (once they all replicate the SS model). So NO FUN!

Nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nine… NEIN!


Talk about putting the NO in KemoNO.


Doesn't Patreon also have cloudflare checks?
Hope the importer can work around it somehow


Shut up, nazi retard


Every time someone complains about something, the admins stop the importers.


neat, the importer is down


Looks like the only importer that is working is the discord importer. I suggest that we should focus on the discords of the artists since some artists put their content there but have patreon and fanbox accounts that have nothing.


Most artists don't use Discord because it's a pain in the ass for them and their subs. Everything is on Subscribestar now. Either they find a solution or scraping eventually dies.


Well if discord is only being updated people should update people who only post discord like Ncad since they doesn't post anything on Patreon.


patreon being down is better than it being up to be honest
shame about the recent posts page


I've said it many times, and I'm gonna say it again. Can somebody please fix the imports?


is anyone working on imports at all?


all inactive


It's probs a update on the site which I doubt bc people's imports aren't working on the paywall sites side and the site is still loading on my end


What's with all the Discord updates?


all importer is probably in maintains or server full cause there's too much AI pumping staff out


Getting pop-ups.

What is this, the 2000s?


You can't kick admins out.

Or at least you shouldn't attempt to suppress one's satirical take on what seems to be going on.


So that admin's from Doucheland.


>fanbox is still kill


So the person who made the issue, golgon, is one of those people who think you can just "bypass" the paywall. If you look at his profile you can see a bunch of issues he opened on other repos asking to "bypass/unblurr locked posts". The repo he made the issue on appears to be some type of multi language online interpreter, so I'm guessing he doesn't have the expertise to run the things he linked locally. But of course they don't let you download and use external packages so that's not going to work. I'm not looking into it too much but the things that he did link appear to still require cookies, are incomplete, or are not what he's looking for.


Ask around, read old threads, check Telegram, or, hell, I'd say Wayback if the cheeki breeki, chickenshit commienigger running the site didn't cuck it because e-thot coomer allegations (Also, one of my posts got nuked, so you could check that too, as spitting facts gets the boot faster than pedo and foreigntards). Lord knows you're fairly new and weren't there for it. They probably WERE paid™, but got cucked for maintenance, hence the myriad of site issues and lack of acknowledgement and responsibility while pointing fingers at the userbase.

The fact that SubStar essentially has embedded spyware in its webcode could be a thing, but IDK.

Agreed. It was never the admins/mods job to fulfill them, but felt the need to force "Me, me, me, I'm important because I'm Owner™/Admin™ and my Godforsaken coomer fetish is more important than yours" while cucking everyone else. Honestly hope those forever-single, e-thot cancer-defending dikes rapes Hermie and the mods with a plunger.

Too busy shitposting,lol. You're definitely the bitchmutt of the site's cucklord hierarchy.

Public™ archive, but my fetish cums first, lel.

They're literally switched on and off. They're not broken™.


File: 1719684964096.png (22.52 KB, 661x474, 1.png)



File: 1719685159285.png (11.4 KB, 740x268, 1.png)


"NO. >:["


Fix. Patreon. Imports. Now!



>Pixiv is making changes to payment.


Can somebody please fix the imports?

Also, what's with the pop-ups every time I click on something?


can someone stop discord imports. its prolly just taking too much time. or give like patreon and others priority


I'm with you on that. There's been a lot of Discord updates since this morning.


I don't know. but it looks like someone already imported some patreon on kemono.



Someone on another thread pointed it out. Its prolly just giant discord servers that are filling up the queue. Don't think there is actually anything wrong with importers. All the requests are stuck. Prolly why 1 patreon import went through.


Well, I think that makes sense.


true, a patreon just got imported


Is there a way to view which imports are in progress? For each artists maybe? It is hard to tell when artists pages are gonna be updated without any sign of import progress


It seems plausible that scraping a whole server would cause an issue like this. The scraper should probably be made to scrape specific art-publication channels, instead of channels for memes, music, etc.


>No work is currently being put into substar as I got other priorities.
Out of curiousity, what priorities are those (besides download speeds you mentioned)? Does it have something to do with the lacking DM imports recently?


File: 1719712226259.png (179.96 KB, 541x542, image_2024-06-29_215014995.png)

>creator makes new account on different paywall site due to being banned from patreon
>oh cool guess i'll just check if anyone imported the new one–
>importer is broken for the 53287th time


I see two Pixiv updates.


I see pixiv updates does that mean we might be getting pixiv updates soon along with patreon ?


thats a good sign now we just need to fix the absurd pop-ups


File: 1719719337794.jpeg (45.42 KB, 750x549, 6ebnuzyhpmtb1.jpeg)

>Soon soon not so soon maybe soon ish better download speeds soon.
I don't know if I'm just trippin', but I'm downloading something from the c6 servers right now and it's somehow… better than before? Granted, it's still slow compared to the other servers, but it's not unbearably slow anymore. For reference, the file I'm downloading is 500mb video files from a Fantia MMD creator.


>tfw every importers came to halt due to discord importer hogging other's bandwidth
at least it's a sign that other importers aren't broken, and what's with the pop-up ads? aren't we have enough?


File: 1719719854281.png (12.18 KB, 117x88, image_2024-06-29_235709928.png)

>go into discord updates to see why the fuck so many bandwidth is being used by the importers
>text only chats, discords that aren't even fucking porn (some have literally no important content whatsoever), announcement channels, poll channels, channel after channel of useless shit no one cares about
>and people wonder why the discord importer is taking up so much fucking bandwidth


File: 1719720096010.png (35.27 KB, 278x1008, image_2024-06-29_235954170.png)

>find a discord that was recently updated that is about UWP (Universal Windows Platform)
>go into discord


Oh fuckin' discord import is finished



DDOS is real lol


File: 1719721102214.png (18.22 KB, 96x96, MageCrazy.png)

I could keep going but I don't want to gunk up the thread with nothing but me rambling about why people are fucking stupid when it comes to the discord importer
But here's a basic list of every discord I could find that has no fucking reason being on-site, with a reason or two:
- BD Mods (None of the content on it is paywalled)
- UWP Community (See >>41763, this is a community discord with literally nothing interesting about it)
- Scammer List (Minecraft discord server that just calls out scammers or something. I'm too lazy to check, but it's obviously not for kemonoparty)
- Blackhorn's Crew (The only things imported are text channels with no substantial content)
- decaf-emu (Emulator discord with no paywalled content, most likely a community server)
- PPLAN (I honestly can't tell WHAT the fuck this server is supposed to be, but most of it is text channels or channels made specifically for giving roles to people)

And that's just the servers I found on the first two pages, there's probably way more with content no one gives a shit about that's cluttering up both the importer and the respective server pages.


dear god it's scraping threads


File: 1719722360089.jpeg (60.22 KB, 480x700, tie-discord-servers-are-d….jpeg)

Maybe instead of being doom and gloom land, go outside and breathe the fresh air it won't kill you.


A wise man once said…

Discord was a mistake.




People posting art on Discord and even gardenwalling art there certainly was (especially perma-gardenwalling).

You all know what 'gardenwalling' means, don't you?


yeah, but as >>41767 mentioned before, many of the servers are outright useless for this site


More Discord imports? Seriously?


At least give us some Patreon updates please?


With all the channels queued, your only hope is to either pray for Discord to be turned off for 24 hours or just DIY and DDoS Discord core servers so they can't be reached.

No Discord, no import.


They fixed it



It's funny now all servers are offline but they are updating the site maybe DMs will be working again and/or maybe add the community and private chats for Patreon, Fanbox, and Discord.


hope this means patreon/fanbox will be back up and working soon




I'm surprised two Fanbox imports happened at all given they implemented Cloudflare for outside Japan:


File: 1719774295160.png (61.67 KB, 1671x478, firefox_2hN5e8Qo60.png)

is this even uploading? pressing upload file on a artist just redirects me to the artists index


ADMIN! This not funny anymore! You abuse us so much and now we FIGHT BACK!!! KIMONO FUCK PARTIE WILL DIEEEEE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!

*Me and other friend CHARGE AT ADMIN DEFEATING HIM!!!*



This is it, folks. We've reached peak autism.


the dumbassery of the discord importers have turned us into lobotomized chimpanzees


Hahah you stupid parasite fuckers.

I am going to add random useless public discords to the upload queue. I'm going to sort public discords by post count and add them to the upload queue.

I am going to clog your rotting servers with content you do not care about, contant that is in fact already free.

You will never be able to upload anything else to your stupid illegal site. Not only will you no longer be able to steal from hard working artists, you will be forced to buy new hard drives just to store all the inane useless trash I am going to add to the queue.




kys faggot


Discord imports were a mistake.


I think you're pretty retarded, ngl


do you seriously think you can make an impact? the site is stopped because of infrastructure changes on pixiv, it has nothing to do with retards with no life like you trying to "clog up the sevrers".
Kemono has a total of 13,052,840 imported posts. Once they fix it (and its confirmed its being worked on) it will go back to being able to gobble up everything you throw at it. Have fun wasting your time.



Who said its pixiv?


>(and its confirmed its being worked on)


Anyone else getting a deceptive site warning or something similar when they go through Kemono?


More Discord imports?! Not the best way to start July.


Lmao it's fucking easy to bait people here, post like >>41807 got (you)s so easily.


>the site is stopped because of infrastructure changes on pixiv
Then why have Patreon imports stopped too?


Why the fuck would infrastructure changes on pixiv affect anything to do with things like the Patreon importer? And why did I just check the post updates and see ONLY pixivFanbox updates since last time I checked? Fuck off or post some proof.


>It's not funny
I agree, and ab-
>Oh look, me power ranger.
You had ONE chance to get the message right.


I'm beginning to wonder. Might some people be trying to import Discord users for reasons OTHER than art? Reasons like paranoia, always wanting to know or show what other people are saying, might not even be artists but just people they know or went to school with, or are perhaps feuding with.

IDK, but if there's any place where people may attempt to bypass the Discord garden wall for that sort of thing, this is probably where it would happen.

I mean, would it really be a stretch?


I'm adding as much discords as possible because it's fun seeing coomers having butthurt over being unable to watch their favourite gay porn (´∀`)


Or what I'm trying to get at is, could the Discord importer be getting misused for drama related purposes rather than trying to get art?

I mean, with Patreon, there have been some non-artists who ended up on Kemono. So, could it be the same thing again, possibly with a dose of drama too?


Seems pretty obvious they shut certain importers down at intervals to avoid detection. These other grand schizophrenic conspiracies hold little weight to that possibility.
I still think Discord is a waste of time, but I'm not on a site called Kemono Party for generic vanilla human porn like a retard, sooo


I'm here for novels. Like wtf, there's shitton of high quality, free porn available and most of what's on Kemono "paid porn" is trash.


Honestly man, i'm just here for Genshin Mods. Game is literally unplayable otherwise.


I'm here for novels too.. I hope the importer is back soon. The wandering inn chapter just dropped and I need it.


kys retarded nigger


patreon has been acting up recently hasn't it? I know many artists who got kicked out because of the nature of their content. It might be related somehow.


So, should be Discord importer disabled ?


You know what worst that more Discord imports? Even MORE Discord imports!





I think you're just looking at the wrong artists then, paid porn isn't "trash" because it's paid, similarly to how free porn isn't "good" because it's free, no offense but this logic is idiotic

whether if the art is good or not depends on the artist itself, not on whether if it's "free" or "paid", like I still don't get this logic, cause there definitely is a lot of good stuff locked behind paywalls too


File: 1719872493694.jpeg (639.89 KB, 1125x2070, IMG_4525.jpeg)

Great site, love it


use chrome on my pc and the site still works fine.


That's why Discord importer must be disabled, because the server can be full of many Discords


Another day gone by. Patreon imports: zero. Discord imports: too many to count.


Stop with the Discord imports! I WANT PATREON!!!!!!!!!!


>more discord imports
>3 of them are from 1 dude


Such is life in Glorious Kemono.


given how fast discord imports are from one another i think patreon importer is actually just broken. would be nice if the status website was up, however


It's fun to see some of the other stuff that ends up archived here because people use the same patreon account as they use for porn

>Come for the porn, stay for the podcast bonus material


bro there's like 5 discord imports per day lmao


Where. Is. PATREON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Noting a lack of updates.


Did you know that artists have art discords where we learn together? Where we practice and learn a real skill? One of the biggest art discords has a study channel with 2 million posts and almost 100,000 images. What do you think will happen when I submit ten of them to the queue?

If you beg and apologize I'll think about not finding ANOTHER ten servers.





I miss my patreon novels too :c


Let's go to nekohouse


Can you PLEASE give us some Patreon updates?


does the search function for posts even work in nekohouse or am i just retarded on that end?
ik it works for the artists.


Kill yourself retarded nigger


Give. Us. PATREON UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1719914863745.png (285.47 KB, 538x570, image_2024-07-02_060740209.png)


>Another day without Patreon.
Another month of another year without SubscribeStar. Fuck. Me. Dead.


you are all so entitled holy fuck has the concept of patience ever even occurred to any of you this has happened so many times before. It hasn’t even been one week without patreon. Fucking relax or just get it over with and kill yourselves already


You underestimate the room temp IQ of payfagging shills or "art"-ists who come onto here to shit talk/sperg every time kemono has issues. I would not be shocked if that was a post of someone who actually thought hey had something (even though the uploader can pull patreons with GBs of videos (usually some trash made with MMD/Honey Select 1) with ease when running)


Just go to Nekohouse. Don't expect a partychan though, it will never happen, we see where it leads.

Why should anyone beg or apologize? That's actually pretty cool, thanks!


There is a literal CP thread up since yesterday and you people think this board has actual admins? It's a wonder how this site hasn't been nuked yet.


>implying feds give a shit about some random deader than dead bulletin board when there are countless criminals trading nudes on Discord because Discord protects them
>on the surface web
>lol lmao even


so the discord scrapper being a bandwidth stealer was false?


yes. you can see the time between discord imports, they dont take many resources


By any chance, when do you think will the patreon import resume?


patreon webnovels, where are you?!


My schizo theory is that the patreon importer gets purposefully turned off every so often to prevent detection or something along those lines. Assuming if the Discord imports don't actually consume much bandwidth.


I don't know, but I'm starting to lose my patience.


What do we want? Patreon updates! When do we what 'em? NOW!


Guys, I'm sure if we keep complaining about patreon being down then surely the admins will fix it faster


Guys, I'm sure if we keep sucking the admins cock about patreon being down then surely they will fix it faster


I doubt they're trying to "fix" anything. It's on purpose.
Though it's interesting all my artists that quit twitter and post exclusively on blusky with a Patreon have not been updated here since. Almost like that has something to do with it.


Please give us some Patreon updates already! I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!


Just to deviate from the discord complaints; What IS going on with the sketch as fuck popups?


Why do you even choose to see them?




apology for poor english

when were you when kamono dies?

i was sat at home gooning when partychan ring

‘kemono is kill’



Kemono is a pretty cool guy. Eh imports discord and doesn’t afraid of anything.


Yo dawg, I heard you liked discord servers, so I scraped a discord server off of a discord server so you can browse discord while you are on kemono party.


vichan is so shit you don't even get (You)s


Stop it with the Discord updates! I WANT PATREON UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




P. A. T. R. E. O. N. UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!! Would it kill you guys to fix the importer?!


She keeps sucking my dis until I cord


Where. Is. PATREON UPDATES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!




And Patreon too!


Mister Gorbachov, tear down those Discords!


It is incredibly funny that people were complaining about the lack of Discord imports at the start of the thread.


Is that the reason why there's so many Discord imports?


Y'all. Update Patreon in Kemono site please.




Go back.


alr so while we are waiting what are you guys reading?? I KNOW you arent one of those PERVERTS who goes on kemono for some other reason, right anon :3

Ok heres my current reads
A Soldier Life - pure kino. chill MC who is along for the ride. love it for the fact that it mostly consists of small unit action. The Black Company x LITRPG

Elydes - Good but kinda wearing on me after the timeskip. typical fantasy slop but very cool.

A Practical Guide to Sorcery - Unironically good plotting. Wish the MC was more confident it kinda gets wearing reading about some neurotic girl.

Thrones of the Fallen - This one is new but it also has *it*. Its the rare webserial that isn't afraid to be transgressive, and I think its going to end in horror / tragedy. Oh goodie.

Let me know what your favs are :333



Damn.good to know I'm not the only one rechecking for my favourite novel. The wandering inn. Good day to you fellow reader.




Some of those guys have more than 100 servers. Imagine how many importable channels that is.


Patreon and Fanbox importers just happen to be offline for maintenance, it's all a coincidence.

The novels I wanted to import have been deleted but I grabbed them while my subscription was active anyway. I just won't be able to let others read them too because of course it's so hard to share text and images somewhere else.


Update Patreon in Kemono site please. We're all sick and tired of Discord updates.


The wandering inn Patreon only shares a password for the site which is public…. You wouldn't mind sharing that would you? If you suscribed to it. 😣


>Patreon and Fanbox importers just happen to be offline for maintenance
Was this mentioned in the telegram? And is there an estimated time when they’ll be back up?


elydes is the only one that i read from your list and it's kind of mid

my current favorites are c_mantis' path of ascension and mecanimus' changeling, i really loved ar'kendrithyst too but it ended

also fuck you i come here for stories AND porn


What do we want? Patreon imports! When do we want them? NOW!


Update patreon shitty devs i gotta read Super Supportive and Ave Xia Rem Y


>Just go to Nekohouse.
Owned by Kemono, SS situation exactly the same. Doesn't make any difference.


Later in the year, I may import some Twitter artists to Nekohouse. How do I do it? And is there anything I should know beforehand? (i.e. tips, things to look out for, etc.)




Damn this really feels like an end of an era. with OF importer no longer working on coomer, Patreon no longer working on kemono. and now Simpcity has issues too. It's been a sad couple of months lol


Will you stop it with the Discord imports and FOCUS ON FIXING THE FUCKING PATREON IMPORTS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


The retards at SimpCity are just that, retards lmao. Literally the biggest forum site for sharing OnlyFans, Fansly, cosplay sets, and they can't even have a decent routine for basic monthly backups?


> this really feels like an end of an era
> Patreon no longer working on kemono
I don't think so. Hopefully, it'll be fixed.


File: 1720009828908.jpg (10.15 KB, 680x383, nothing.jpg)

>Kemono goes to shit for one (1) week
>It's so Joever bros

The site's run by a trained chimp on an IBM 5100; obviously this is going to keep happening unless that changes. Patreon wasn't working for maybe a month at one point, Faxbox for even longer if I recall. "End of an era"- we're treating one week without free porn like it's the Kennedy assassination.


it feels like an end of an era because all the platforms stopped working around the same time that's pretty rare


It's totally them working on a way to show the patreon group chat.
*inhales lethal dose of copium*


Most rational post of the week.

But I think something changed and that's what the couple patreons that randomly were updated a few days ago were about. Testing something as has been the case a few other times when they had to fix an issue.

Which means it "works", but I guess patreon did something on their end again so they're figuring it out.

Probably within the week there will be a sudden dump of a few dozen to a hundred or more, and then either another halt for a day or two or then it'll get back going again. It's been the pattern for the past few years when patreon does something that messes with their scraper.

Just sucks it stopped right before the end of the month when some artists upload their shit that many would archive some stuff for.


Based taste. Soldier's Life and Elydes are both quality picks.


It also can become a "race against the clock" when there are some artists who delete their patreon exclusives after a certain time frame for whatever reason (likely due to sites like kemono itself).

Whenever the patreon importer goes down, it becomes a question of will it be back up in time for others to save the posts before they're gone.


That can’t be helped either way, unless Kemono suddenly turns all importers on indefinitely. Which seems impossible now.
Only solution there is to wait for a Panda dump. But never try paying as a solution. You are enabling paywall dependency more than supporting.

One creator took a commission deposit and the commissioner pulled out. Now the creator can’t pay the deposit back. What happens when fans step up?

They get used to drawing for money and stop growing an audience unable/unwilling to pay. Never give in. Simp like a paypig if you are or were always going to, but NEVER settle. Unless you want your favorite creators to disappear everywhere but paysites.


> I hope it’s back up by then.
I hope so too.


sounds like a good opportunity for you to import shit from it, it'll give you something to do instead of posting disgusting pictures here


>one favorite limited to one month
The Fantia mentality is spreading fast and many creators already are doing this, if not less than that (sometimes it's as absurd as 24 hours, you read that right)


This. Paywall addiction is real. You end up paying for content you don't even care about. It's no longer support at this point, it's Stockholm syndrome on extortion.

I took my sweet time browsing good old artists who produce quality content. Found one who's still active. Found out during my time paying for and importing shitty stuff for others to look at, they had removed their older art which was awesome (but they no longer liked). No archives anywhere. I was devastated for being an absolute moron because their art is better than 99% of what this place calls "professional art well worth the money". Two years of extremely detailed artwork crafted by hand, not even digital shit, that was there for free, made by someone doing it with passion, and that was not even taking much space. Gone.

It made me open my eyes. Cherish free, passionate and talented creators, whether it is novels, art, games. Fuck everyone who uses paywalls and only go for it as an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT, they do not deserve your money if they start to act greedy. Let paypigs bankrupt themselves simping for them.

As for the greediest creators, make them seethe. Leak everywhere you can. Make their life a living hell recruiting mercenaries to gatekeep their stuff with more and more asinine methods.


2> lol


They've been down before, just gotta be patient.


I don't get the point of the admin laughing at the import system being hacked.


You think this is funny?


Laughing at all the crypto he mined off you suckers crying here.


>Implying I'm not running anti-crypto scripts


>Implying i'm not here to put a backdoor on his computer to steal his crypto wallet
This is why you'll never make it


seems reasonable to me, i sure as fuck would if i were an admin


I really hate when the importers are down so when you hit “Posts”, you see the same few images and know the problem isn’t fixed and won’t likely be fixed anytime soon.

Just make it so these things stop shutting down, fix whatever server makes them work and keep them ticking.


>Simpcity is dead
>Coomer.party is dead
>Kemono is dead
It's over


for your question kemono is not dead. and also commer.su is fine and there were imports.


I really hope they fix the importers soon. I wanna see any updates besides Discord.


File: 1720068147091.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, dethklok-adult-swim.gif)


Will you fix the damn imports already?! I'm missing a lot of stuff from my favorite artists.


File: 1720070723562.jpg (3.17 KB, 160x138, GIDSiT4W0AA1BCp.jpg)



For anyone that either doesn't know or is too coomer-brained to read: Importers seem to be cycled on a regular basis, for what I'm guessing is bandwidth issues due to either high cost or admins are cheapfucks with the ad revenue (After all, anarchy isn't cheap.)

>>41624 No coders. Only nihilistic pricks who don't know what they're doing.

>>41752 Oops. Some gestapo nigger threw a fit because I tried showing him ID instead of typing a number, despite failing due to my settings, lol. So, I went in with a burner to make him eat shit, because who the fuck does that over some petty bullshit?


why does the site keep opening up sites like "jiclzori" when clicking on a post


>Let's go to nekohouse
Thanks, but things are currently very incomplete and if you want a full Kemono replacement it's going to be a few months


Same here. Doesn't trigger every time I click a link, though, only every few clicks.


I'll pass. Kemono is my personal favorite. Speaking of favorites, when are the gonna fix the imports?


I want those updates right fucking NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's Simpcity?


Artists can be quite the cocky bunch. And the threat of AI doesn't seem to be kicking them up the arse. Makes you wonder how this will all end.


>trollfag post


It's been a week. When are they gonna fix the Patreon importer?


you'd think the admins would want to avoid having everyone yell at them for not saying anything about what's going on…


SimpCity is one of the biggest forum sites where users post leaks of OnlyFans, Fansly girls as well as Cosplayers from Patreon. Said leaks usually come from Coomer.su or other sources, but there are some legit users who actually paid for the content and eventually post it to the respective threads.



> and also commer.su is fine and there were imports.

commer.su is on the list of BADWARE sites (always browse with protection guys!) - so thanks but no



Just block all outgoing requests to that domain and move on


File: 1720101224767.jpeg (9.89 KB, 257x196, images.jpeg)

I can't believe people can't even understand what an update is, it is already noted there is a update going on for the Patreon importer same with Fanbox so you people need to go take your doom and gloom somewhere else who really cares about your problems, admin can only do so much here




The importer breaks down every other couple weeks. I’m so over it, someone should really come up with an alternative to this shit site.


That's a nice theory anon. How about backing it up with a source?


Yup, and last time it happened shit was down for a month give or take, but hey, there's plenty of things to do while the thing's buggered, right?


i told u funbox is down!


File: 1720115095204.jpg (126.25 KB, 600x337, all-this-work-0f8307ed5f.jpg)

Also consider this, it's a holiday this whole week maybe give the admin a break.


When are they gonna fix the stupid Patreon importer?!


when you complain enough, you aren't there yet


>400 posts of complaints and still no change
it's KemOVER



> someone should really come up with an alternative to this shit site.

I have great news for you! There is one, that has the very latest updates to Patreon content at all times!

That wonderful site is…. Patreon!


There's Nekohouse, though every other Kemono-like gets DDoSed by the admin because "muh ad revenue" and malware eugenics.


There's nothing but Pixiv and Fantia!
It's never over!


It's never over!
I have to pay for this stuff, you know! I want an alternate site so that I can look at free Patreon content.
>>42071 There's nothing but Pixiv and Fantia bullshit!


You're not helping.


When are we gonna get to the good stuff (Patreon)?


two more weeks




Are there any alternative websites where I can get free access to Patreon?


Two weeks?! Please tell me you're joking!


Not sure if its been mentioned or some of you aren't aware, The new layout on patreon is likely screwing with scraping a lot. Viewing your posts now necessitates having it go to the post tab for each patreon being scraped as their page sends you to a "home" tab for each account you're subscribed to (its annoying).

This might be more easily detected than before, as identical clicks/linking directly to the post feed rather than say going to the accounts normally and then the post feed might get flagged.

So the process is going to be likely figuring out how to resolve that, while making it look like its a normal user doing it. For those of you who archive/share content, I'd just recommend the old ways of uploading the images on panda/e-hentai or somethin and looking at video sharing sites for the rest. We're back to 2018 in terms of leaking content for a bit I think, as this might take a while to get working.

For those saying "why not manual uploads on kemono?" Its easier for people to use existing sites that allow it, or torrents. Its not like fantia content hasn't been getting posted on e-hentai for over a year now. Also, do you seriously want them spending months putting together another system or trying to fix the scraper? lol.


Also, that's not a reason for why fanbox is down atm. Not sure what's going on on that front tbh.


When are we gonna get to the good stuff (Patreon)?


Is anyone still here? I want to know when the Patreon imports are gonna be fixed?


I don't trust you.



Shut the fuck up.


It wouldn't be the first time. Look at Memoryhole.cc


File: 1720150559564.jpg (29.67 KB, 680x404, GRsGn8XWQAAaapc.jpg)


How long is this going to take?! I'm missing a lot of updates from my favorite artists and I got some folders to fill!


File: 1720153277748.gif (328.24 KB, 400x300, c1427331-24f1-4ce9-9af8-e1….gif)


File: 1720153861870.gif (2.65 MB, 498x379, iron-man.gif)

"Flood detected; Post discarded."

The only flooding you should be worried about is the metric fuckton of AI cancer slop being vomited into the crackhead dealership servers, lol. Give me a fucking break.


File: 1720154548308.png (1.34 MB, 1637x1007, image_2024-07-05_004221491.png)

The only flooding being done here is the fucking Discord importer


When will this shit end?


All this shit would be more acceptable if we didn't just come off of the site fucking up for over a month straight of no updates


File: 1720163775721.jpeg (427.88 KB, 1011x820, Screenshot_5-7-2024_31432….jpeg)

When will this shit end?!


File: 1720164040991.jpg (34.4 KB, 400x400, 34192807.jpg)

This funny watching people bickering over something that probably won't even come back because how much harassment these doomers have caused to the admin.


File: 1720172909824.jpg (39.58 KB, 720x720, IMG_7456.jpg)

>people are angry at the admins for not fixing something that should be easy to fix
>admins suddenly give up the project entirely
>somehow this is our fault


When Kemono.su becomes Constipation.su


When the Discord drama passes is one thing. But whether or not we'll be prepared for the massive flood afterwards is another.

BTW sending my wishes from Australia, Happy 4th of July for any Americans where it's still the 4th of July.


Discord imports are not bad, The problem is that the moderators aren't working.
Here's what the future looks like if you allow manual uploads


> Discord imports are not bad
Well it is for me.


File: 1720179155306.jpg (94.37 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)


Eh, dunno, I find a forum full or retarded, entitled, manchildren crying about their pedo faggot furry porn being late downright hilariou.


Admin, take your time. Kemono.party is one of the best things that happened on the internet. Don't let some dooming coomers ruin it for everyone. Take a break, if you need it. Better fix shit later than never.


File: 1720191451594.jpg (57.6 KB, 941x941, misinfo.jpg)




File: 1720205849276.jpeg (7.93 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

I fully agree with you.


I have seen the same discord channel update thrive this entire time and some twice is there something wrong?


File: 1720209124744.jpg (226.4 KB, 679x499, be advised.jpg)


Can someone post some beware of chicken for my fellow putas?


Take your time to fix the site and ignore these retards pissing and moaning. Pop a fuckin cold one and enjoy the fireworks.


Well, we're finally seeing some Patreon imports, you can all stop moaning and pissing yourselves.


ok so i'm not the only one seems there are some patreon imports though they aren't showing for me yet but are showing for like a second on page load


File: 1720216782444.jpeg (5.83 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)

Yes Patreon is coming back online by the looks of it because yes admin had a week to take a break, yesterday was a national holiday in the USA so people need to chill and relax.


Anybody here tried using an API Webite Scrapper or an AI Website Scrapper to scrape SubscribeStar and Fanbox?







Yeah for me too they're there for a tiny moment when loading the recents page, then they all poof except for the Discord ones :?


what layout change? patreon still looks exactly the same as it did to me


File: 1720223502946.png (1.47 MB, 2008x841, kemonotest.png)


Uhhh, I'm not seeing shit about that. My side still has nothing but Discords in the Date Updated.


If I quick click on one of the recent patreon artists before they disappear, it takes me to an empty artist page with no posts, and searching for most of the artists in that screenshot show no results


They've updated the YLT discord 3 times in the last 3 hours. Wtf?


Gotta stay on top of the AI gen straight shota sloppa


dead site


Ayy, a Zero One fan!

As for the site issues… time to play the waiting game. It always fixes itself sooner or later, so y’all need to chill.




While the site is slow and retards are complaining, great time to work on your jokes.


That dumbfuck YLT discord just got updated 4 times in a row. With 50-60 minutes in between each update, and nothing else in between. At this point, its obvious it’s being used to purposefully clog the upload server. Just blacklist it already.


Wait… where are the Patreon updates?!


People were literally trading CP in the YLT discord just check the Toxic chat.

Just ban this shit as others have said.


ded site
d d


>patreon imports come back
>they instantly disappear when you load the recents page
>manage to click on one before it disappears
>it's an empty page with no content
>tfw patreon imports technically 'came back'
Monkey's paw moment.


File: 1720273983899.jpeg (8.74 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

Humor us with something funny about the people who can't be Patient.


Where are the Patreon updates?! I could've sworn that I saw them!


Oh wait, never mind. There's a few of them.




Discord is infested with actual child molesters and CP traders. It's not really breaking news. Remember to keep your kids off Discord if they don't know the basics (and if coomers even have kids in the first place LOL)


Every time I see someone complaining on the forums I personally add 11 more discords to the import and break Patereon importer just a little bit more.


here's another complaint, faggot





No. If there is no subscription, then that is not a good reason why the importer is not working.


>>Just ban this shit as others have said
No. People cannot survive without these items, even if it means "suffer the consequences"


Which is why the Dark Web is so important.


I have a suggestions.
Instead of batch updating each platform (13 discord, 12 pixiv,13 patreon, 12<insert another platform>), why is there no any loading vlbalancing system which either:
1. one day a platform, another day another platform, to be in queue and each day a platform has its turn
2. A sistem which picks from queue one account from one platform(an account discord, an acount payreon, an account pixiv, an account<insert platform>)
In this way the so considerated discord spam will not exist, and each platform will have its turn


Still waiting for more Patreon updates. This is taking forever.


Just fix it already! I've got some folders to fill up here!


I'm sick and tired of looking at the same Discord imports!!! Just fix the damn Patron importer please! I'm missing a lot of stuff from whisperfoot.



Fuck you.




Fix. Patreon. Right. NOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1720304672310.jpeg (4.74 KB, 305x165, download.jpeg)


Nice of you to offer, but that's still a no.


Maybe if kemono dies the admins will stop ddossing competitors that are actually decently programmed.


Such as?
If there are alternatives I'd like to know,u18 is slow asf and kemono goes down like, every week so…



They kinda fixed u18 after the zalgotext spam,but it's still slow.


if they are better programmed then they would have added a working DDOS protection


File: 1720312185851.jpg (24.48 KB, 533x335, myfuckingeyes.jpg)

>Clicks on YLT discord


Not for me.


Looks like the Patreon importer is being prioritized for shit taste


does anyone have a link to the u18 site cause I can't find it on google by just googling u18 ?


dededededead site


That too, lol.

OG devs had the patience and knowledge for it, but we got stuck with cheap, cryfuck, monopolistic, anarchist nazis for admins. Go figure.

Too cheap for bandwidth despite coomervirus spam revenue. Either that or personal assburns because little Timmy didn't get an N64 for Chrimbo.

OG devs should come back, loot, and kick these extremist powerfags out. They're just saving up for the coomer-defending dikes when they hi-tail it at this point.

Should be automated if it really NEEDS™ to be a thing.

Ableism, and lack of accountability, ladies and gents. Of course, it's the world's and nature's fault dark weebs have no self-awareness or control.

Fix, break, fix, break, FIX, BREAK. Too zoomer/coomerbrained to know they're literally being switched on and off at intervals. Source: Telegram/Other threads
Give them or maybe a book to read.

True. Also shows them for the gatekeeping assholes they are.

Read old threads, older Telegram posts, and look at what happened to Memoryhole.cc.
Gotta love typical cucks trying to bury scummy shit.




File: 1720324909380.jpeg (614.79 KB, 987x1238, Screenshot_6-7-2024_23585….jpeg)

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


As it should


I'm telling you the 100th time! Please fix the fucking Patreon importer! I have nine empty folders to fill!




I don't care!


If the patreon importer is purposefully turned off, is there an estimated time when it’ll be back on? The latest round of peateon imports yesterday looked like a possible glitch, since there was nothing on them.


Substar admins on their way to patch it instantly


Tried following the intrusions, and I couldn't the SubscribeStar session key when I used Inspect Element on SubscribeStar, does anybody know what Nekohouse's contact email is?: https://nekohouse.su/importer


Coping kemonocuck


This is something else…. If this continues, we would have the perfect way to actually get the stuff there while waiting for kemono to be fix.


Is this it? Are we in luck?

Are we about to finally get SS (even if it's on Nekohouse)?



Time for requests, even a thread dedicated to SS artists for Nekohouse.


Too bad it takes forever for artists to get added/updated on Nekohouse, but it’s better than nothing

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