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Hi, when trying to import, the log keeps in blank, is anything else to do or does it takes so long to load content? The import is working for other people becaus in recent there's content uploaded recently
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it keeps bean blank


Coomer importer is still currently down…



tried to import 3 different onlyfans but stuck on importer logs with nothing coming up?


Same here, but cant find AUTH ID on chrome :o


On chrome it's devtools then application tab then cookies

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Just imported 2 OF pages but their videos didn’t go through?

Only the pics, why didn’t it import their videos?



If it is PPV, make sure to go on the post and flag it for reimport, then next time you import it should pulled the paid videos from the page

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My feedee/bbw porn is usually posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week while browsing the coomer it took my 70+ pages just to get past Wednesday full of some basic bitch roasties. Limit uploads per day so that shit can be spaced out fr no cap.


At least add tag categories so I don’t spend hours trying to jack off and closing pop up ads. Make the site easier to use.


Sounds good my man, any additional advice on the matter?


>and closing pop up ads.
install uBlock Origin


What pops?


hes probably referring to video ads but its a minute point when you realize how much media coomer stores for free

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Is there a cap of 400 on the amount of artists an account can favorite? I seem to be getting "Error: 003: Could not favorite artist." When trying to add a new favorite.



Blame this bloke for breaking it.


If you have any adblockers using EasyList as one of it's filters, it will return Error 003 when faving an artist/creator. Simply just turn the adblock off while in an artist's page, fave it, wait until it's faved, and then turn your adblock back up again. Simple af.


Are you guys looking for developers if so what language do you guys use? I usually work on parsers and libraries but am looking for some extra work.
github: (base 64 to hide from the indexers) aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL0ZsaXBwZXJQbHo=


>(base 64 to hide from the indexers)
not cool, anon. don't discriminate against robots.

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thinking on how tf do i search posts containing videos only, cause having to click 50 posts to find maybe 1-2 videos isnt healthy
ps. i dont need a way to download videos only, i got like 300mb left on my hdd xd
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I like it, easy to use and it just works. Thanks.


Really cool, but I'm too much of a dumb ape for stuff like this.
I followed the instructions but the download stage always gets stuck.
Am I missing some pre-requisites?


An ability for the site to generate a thumbnail for posts with videos is by far my most desired feature.

Probally query the frame used as the thumbnail like 30% into the videos though so it skips any intros or black frames.


you mind sharing the exact command you're trying, and the error?
shouldn't be any prerequisites besides installing golan


I'm not sure why the video .mp4 file metadata is not available on the post as well. I would like to be able to see the post as well as 'sort' by post size (attachments). Seems like a bigger problem if not left unchecked.

For example elsewhere, bunkr recently added sort by size which was sorely needed on those albums. It immediately improved the UX.

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At some point you will also have the option to add creators from (LoyalFans.com) I would like to know so I can be the first to add someone from there :'V

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@2023-12-28 10:14:12: 401 Unauthorized getting subscriptions. Invalid key submitted. Anybody else dealing with this?


Yes. Still getting this error.


Are you sure you submitted the token correctly?

Try logging out of OF and then logging back in and submitting your new token

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The Fansly importer suffers from the same flaw as most others out there. It is only pulling 720p videos starting early May 2023.

Fansly changed their API spec, the default media attachment on a post is no longer highest resolution. It is 720p. And anything over 720p is HLS stream (no encryption, at least). You have to iterate the medias to find the longest height or width, then if it is HLS, download the m3u8 to get the list of .ts files and merge with ffmpeg.

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she have only fans and
matecito: Camiilescano


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replace the 0 with an o


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>Buy Fansly account to import
>Importer broken again

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