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I was sick of having to copy/paste the cookies/localstorage keys every time I wanted to an import (since stored keys seem broken).

Created a chrome extension. 3 files, you'll need to save them / load unpacked extension in developer mode if you want to use it. I offer no support, but public domain if somebody else wants to run with it:

manifest.json: https://pastebin.com/4wnbPwyi



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testing why was this removed

oink up pigskin better be a indigenous people than a literal whitoid like (you)


i replied first also you made this yesterday


so i guess there's no request tab anymore?




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The thread lives on!


an entire board died for this


jannies and street shitters go hand in hand


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Quick conversion to the .su domain.

Faved date, newest to oldest



Last updated, newest to oldest




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Nice taste, Homie


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I don't really understand why this keeps happening. It only ever happens on her posts that are videos, as her pictures get imported without issue.


The reason is that the videos in those posts are DRM'd (recent feature in OnlyFans) and they break the Coomer importer.

There are already some importers out there that break the DRM protection, let's hope Coomer implements something similar soon


I hope so too. I wanna import a pair of creators but they upload various videos per month.

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Hermitmoth hasnt been updated in over 4 months could someone please update it

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Thanks guys I love this site


Fuck yeah, I love it too.


I don't like it getting too popular.

Makes me afraid something is gonna stick at some point….


archive everything

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Images load fine, trouble loading any videos. Just getting 502 Bad Gateway.
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Are you implying is the end? Or you were just trying to make some sort of joke about it?


Since you're a fellow foot coomer, can I recommend you ninaftme? I personally imported her profile and I highly recommend it ;)


its sooooo slooooow.
Fuck itQ


Cannot load or download videos. The site loads everything else fine but freezes when ever a vid is involved. Whats up?



Maybe the economics of serving super long videos to a bunch of people who use ad blocker didn't work out for them? :D

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Is there a problem with the Fansly importer? The importer keeps at 0 logs

File: 1688406953586.jpeg (14.19 KB, 320x320, _____qm.jpeg)


Has the upload feature of the site ever worked? I just click on upload file and it takes me to the artists page.


stored keys also broke

File: 1688076019008.png (327.34 KB, 560x445, 20_05_27_194.png)


is there a restriction on how often you can import? i just subscribed to someone new, but the importer doesn't seem to have realized yet


The importer is down for all websites. As for the reason, I don't know. You could peep the Telegram channel to see what's up. I don't have a phone number so I can't check.


Worth to mention this never happened before, but it's been less than three days since the importer is broken, and since the subscriptions lasts for a month, I suggest to not worry yet. Just an advice.


I just hope they fix it soon. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from the admins as to what the problem is. At least not on partychan. Maybe they're on Telegram?


Maybe, but I can't asure anything since I don't have a smartphone.

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