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I found luna-jane recently and wondered if anyone else here knows some similar girls.
Don't really care for implants, race, etc. Ass is a all that matters buts it's a thing line with Pawgs vs bbw


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Mystic wing has a super phat ass


List of BBWs?

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or femdom in general


It would be nice to have some for Ragemaiden or PeggingOnly

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Unfortunately, the importer seems to just stop after a page or two for some accounts. Example import id: 58b7fef0. Accounts that should be longer: cutekittenkink, lilithinlatexxx, sexmeat.

Do I just need to wait more, is this an actual bug?

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could someone implement a way to filter out ads and shoutouts from the site?

there is already a Js Greasyfork extention that does it well enough here: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/426307-onlyfans-hide-ads-shoutouts/code so i would expect that its doable on Coomer as well…


Here's a quick something I just whipped up that hides any post with an @ in the title (just like the script you linked does). I'm gonna assume you're smart enough to put this in your own UserScript.

document.querySelectorAll('.card-list .post-card').forEach(post => {
if (post.querySelector('.post-card__heading').innerText.includes('@')) {

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Why does nobody ever upload DM'd content? So many people have moved to posting stuff exclusively in DMs yet nobody ever uploads that stuff.

Is there some reason that nobody ever does that I don't know about? Or am I blind and people import DMs all the time and it's just not visible to me?


Because Coomer's scraper can't scrape DMs, dumbass.


so why dont they fix it


Because Coomer is in development stasis. No work is being done currently, all work is being focused on Kemono and the new importer.


Sadge, there is someone I was looking for who's vids are exclusively in DM.

What work is going on with Kemono?

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How can I get more than 25 posts using https://coomer.party/api/{service}/user/{username}?
Is there a parameter or is it just impossible?

File: 1646634771967.jpg (1.38 MB, 2208x2944, pic (30).jpg)


Magnet link for this bitch's content. I seed this, you can just leech it if you want, np ;)

Tags: Hairy pussy, dirty smoker, coloured hair, tattoos, kinky.



File: 1646634940809.jpg (1.83 MB, 2736x3648, pic (66).jpg)

Just dirty. I subbed this while being extremely drunk, on pregabalin and amped up with speed. What is done, is done, so the least I can do is to publish the stuff over BitTorrent.


File: 1646636535529.jpeg (22.28 KB, 317x437, C troll.jpeg)

I seed it from behind a VPN, and you should also download it with a VPN. But I think it's most likely safe without a VPN.


File: 1649669977926.jpg (356.53 KB, 1024x682, will-smith-chris-rock-24.jpg)

That's the triad of substances that keeps me operating at maximum efficency… every single night… for years now.
So naturally, I have to assume this chick's pics are going to be just what the doctor ordered


I like her. Would you mind getting it on coomer.party please?


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Are the requests closed right now because both request threads are locked?


No. SOMEONE made the threads uncyclical… So I had to change that.

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Recently saw someone on twitter (esskayuwunsfw) who's using this OF clone called Fansly
I'm wondering if it's just a shit clone of OF that nobody uses or if there's enough content on it to be worth requesting support for it on coomer.
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people like Indigo White are on fansly, think it'd be worth to have since it's basically the same service.


I'd be interested seeing support since I've seen a few creators move over to into recently.


Lactation content, too :(


I would rather have fansly support (on coomer.party like how kemono has patreon and others) than dm support


AlisaPikaPika moved to Fansly from Only fans since they threatened to ban her account, would be nice to get some of her new content.


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