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cannot watch hunnypaint or anyone else's vids :sob:


it's probably jews

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Coomer has been my favorite go to streaming site for the better part of this last year. All of that changed since last week when it took the kemono interface into its own. I have over 1000 favorited profiles, and even with all of that experience, i feel like i have no other option but to stop using this service.

If the devs revert back to the old interface, i vow to share a .html file with my favorites. Having an import/ export feature for favorites is not a bad idea. If a reversal is not possible, then at least look into highlighting the profiles that have already been favorited when browsing posts by keyword.

This is not a matter of taste, or getting used to it. It offers no visual upgrade, accompanied by little usability. I'm on the desktop, 24' inch FHD. It was fine just as it was. Would be nice if onlyfans and fansly could be separated from each other, having an option to check/ uncheck each one.


cucking yourself over web design


Nah. These changes were made with a purpose in mind. To make more money, make it harder on takedowns and abusers. A more discrete approach. Mixing the trashy scraps from Fansly with Onlyfans.

Have you tried the smartphone approach? Whenever you access a post, there is a chance you might end up clicking the pop-up ad by accident. I will deliver the list regardless. Make of it what you will.

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Server administrators why do I get this problem?
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>total: 2
mine stays at 0 for days at a time


There are many add-ons which you can use to change your user-agent. Keep in mind that these won't make you anonymous. On the contrary. The purpose of which is mainly for testing.


To find your user agent just go to duckduckgo.com and search for user agent. Doing so brings up your user agent information. Copy the part on the first line after "Your user agent". Do not copy "Other HTTP headers" or anything past that.


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If you are trying to access coomer.party with "Sky Broadband" its probably blocked, use coomer.su and enjoy free OF.


Changing DNS providers should suffice for most ISP blocks. You can do it on the network adapter, or the browser. For example, cloudflare.

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You can rotate the vertical videos with this add-on. Its the only one i got to work with coomer. :)

Chromium (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, etc):


Mozilla (Firefox, Librewolf, Tor Browser, etc):


Right-click the add-on and go to setting. Map a key to "Rotate 90 degrees" and you're set. You can also rotate your own monitor if you'd like. Notice that this won't work in fullscreen, but its okay.


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What does this mean without authorization
And is there a Chinese here,还有这里有中国人吗
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How to write a user agent


Do we have to fill it with zeros before or after the user ID?


Wow, you're a genius.

Go here and copy your whole user agent. For example, mine was

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Yours will 99% probably be different so don't use mine, just showing you what it should look like. It's basically a fingerprint of what browser and version you're using and on which operating system. So whatever you paste in the user agent field has to match exactly what browser you logged into OF with.



It's working Anon. God bless you

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Can we have a kemono-run bot that subs to the top voted free OF account every week or so?
Yeah, I could set up my own account to do free subs, but I'd rather not give OF my bank details and setting up a virtual card is a bit of a pain.
I think the voting system would be a nice community thing too.


Good idea, but my country can't pay


I know who you are based on that image.

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why do i keep getting this message when i try to import even though i'm already logged in


I get this too, ever since they upgraded the site.


I git that too, and when I finally managed to log into the site (by trying to see my favorites), the importer now errors out with a 503

File: 1685830694099.png (38.06 KB, 1366x768, Captura de pantalla (1143).png)


When importing, this message appears, how to solve it?

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ok so there's this really hot girl on onlyfans but I don't want my wife to see that I bought onlyfans shit, the only other option would've been paypal but they don't accept this crap.

What do? Do prepaid cards works?
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she switched names at some point btw, https://onlyfans.com/mommyaudri


that's just creepy to look at


maybe consider NOT buying an OF sub when you're married?





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