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Thanks for fixing the fav page. may make a request. for posts that have videos in them, if you could please have the duration of each video some where next to each video. which is easily done because each video tag in the dom has that duration property. if you can just get it printed next to it in it would be great Thanks

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Importer seems to do nothing, I've been trying to import since the 14th and nothing has come through.


whenever I try to import things I get 401 Unauthorized getting subscriptions. Invalid key submitted error after 5 seconds of it starting
tried on both chrome and firefox latest stable version got the same result


Did you previously submit and not get 401?
Other keys are working fine so not sure why your specific is getting 401.
You sure you copied the right stuff?

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Is the onlyfans importer working? It seems that it gets stuck



same issue. It starts importing and somewhere along it restarts the import. Just got a 60min wait time on it now


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I got the same problem. I keep getting import was interrupted message


"Import was interrupted" messages should happen less now.

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why for the past week has the downloading of pictures and videos been slowed down a crazy amount I've tried to see if its on my end and doesn't seem to be the case please get back to me and let me know if this will be fixed thank you


past week? it's been like this for months! Every day coomer becomes slower, I remember when it was coomer.party; nice and fast. There are some upgrades and I like those, but speed is of highest importance.


anyway to donate to help them upgrade equipment?

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Is it possible to make a justfor.fans importer?
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So due to a degenerate troglodyte furry faggot, does that mean that we won't be getting a justfor.fans Importer?


good reply



this is funny considering the only people actually working on kemono and coomer are furries


lmao retard, the only person keeping the site up is a major furfag

that "degenerate troglodyte furry faggot" is likely gonna be the main reason jff gets an importer, lmao.

keep biting the hand that feeds you and see what happens


The guy running coomer.party is a furry? What are the chances that this guy could also have an inflation fetish? maybe even be a homosexual?
(If so, add these then as the first profiles to this: https://justfor.fans/anon_user5 and https://justfor.fans/BloonStation and https://justfor.fans/TeenBellyInflator)

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site is down again

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There seems to be a new small problem when importing the files. If the Onlyfans account has older Pinned posts on their wall the importer seems to ignore those and they don't appear on coomer. This seems to be a new issue since it didn't happen before big update and server change in 2023. Can one of the Mods look into this please?


Provide example accounts, thanks.


It happens with all Onlyfans accounts without exception. If there is a pinned post at top of the wall importer ignores it. as an example this femboy account
the pinned posts that were posted before 2023 overhaul and server migration are there. The ones that should've been there after like January 26 2024 are not. Basically every new account imported post the end of 2023 ignores pinned post. This error was not present before the update and server migration. Maybe could be fixed since everything else works great.

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How do I import ppv's and customs from onlyfans dm's?
I know the dm importer exists for fansly but there appears to be none for onlyfans, and the file upload on the site doesn't work either.
How do I get them into the site?


Bump, have the same question. Curious about it


Have same issue and I was banned from telegram the second I joined?!


I use a Tampermonkey script. it retrieves audio & video as separate files, then I combine with ffmpeg. script is called unlimited_downloader


Because fansly allows us to determine whether you will be doxxed or not. So it's an easy decision there.
On the other side, to allow onlyfans dms means to download and retain data on servers and in the db.
It was talked about but not implemented. There is some thought that needs to be put into it.
Naturally there are importers that do not care about that, but there are also others that do not know better.
So, yeah. Pain.

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is uploading files disabled? the button just loops me back to the search page

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Something wrong with imported posts getting catalogued? I did an import yesterday that seemed to have worked per the log but none of the content seems to be on the site yet?

Pic unrelated


unsure if related but favourites also don't seem to have updated properly since yesterday

for example https://coomer.su/onlyfans/user/belledelphine her last post was today (14/03) but in my favourites her last update was apparently 12/03

also any new account that's been imported since they stopped working lists the updated date in favourites as "None"


Actually you know what, I think it's just the favorites when sorted by "New Post Date" maybe. When I go the pages for the profiles I imported the content is there now.Also the favorites seem fine when sorted be "reimported date".


Nah, the order is still out of whack. Just in a different way.

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