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There are other importers that support DRM decryption. Is there any chance that's ever coming to coomer? If not, will the upload on a user page ever work so we can upload content that coomer cannot import?

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What happened to coomer.party ?
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I live in south america and it its offline here too


It's back up for me.
mariethegasqueen, sweetaries, fartprincesskristi, kitsune_foreplay, HERE I CUM


working here in SE asia man democracy fucking sucks mate i hate free speech

>fart fetish
*eugh* gross your kidding right? lemme laugh even harder



It happened again.

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Images load fine, trouble loading any videos. Just getting 502 Bad Gateway.
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Since you're a fellow foot coomer, can I recommend you ninaftme? I personally imported her profile and I highly recommend it ;)


its sooooo slooooow.
Fuck itQ


Cannot load or download videos. The site loads everything else fine but freezes when ever a vid is involved. Whats up?



Maybe the economics of serving super long videos to a bunch of people who use ad blocker didn't work out for them? :D


.dоes 菊壱🥩 кiкu1569 have any nudе stuff on her patrеon?

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OF importer isn't seeing all of my subscriptions. i have more than 46. users i've just subscribed to aren't getting imported.

half importer id for admins: 362ed8bdf


Saw this too late, the session expired and can't debug.
Add the key again, we should notice it fast. Do you pay for more than 46 users?



i follow 96 accounts total, 18 of which are paid accounts. honestly no idea where the 46 is coming from, but it's been 46 for a little while now even as my follow count has fluctuated.

but yeah, i subscribed to a few accounts that aren't on the site but they aren't getting picked up on the import list.


Did you log out just a moment ago? We were in the middle of debugging, but the general error is known and being fixed.


nope, haven't touched anything


started another import (ef13206e) and it's looking promising! 94 users detected and new usernames are showing up in the list. thanks for the quick fix!

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Is there any link to see my import logs?

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Is this shit ever gonna go away? Type in like any search term and there is a wave of 1000000000 of the same post from some fake account on the website.

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i have a quick question how many imports can u do everytime i try to add another one it brings up the same one from the last one i did

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Hi, I am new to using the site

when a post says "No attachments" even though the Content description makes it sound like there should be something, what does it mean?

Does it mean the post content got taken down?


theres files below you can click and it would open the thing you want

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Is anyone know how to download all post in oneclick ? I dont want to click all post separately.
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nvm i got it



Download Installer (x64, Java 1.8) - Most people

If there is any issue you can contact the support team on the official board so they can update the plugin.


This is an HTML extractor, in case you might need for other stuff. A more manual approach.


I managed to run it but, after finding the user I'm getting
'certificate verify failed: certificate has expired'
Anyone know what to do ?


tried using gallery-dl but it gives me the error

[gallery-dl][error] No suitable extractor found for 'https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/rinlin_x3'


I've made some major overhauls to the codebase. I'm not getting 429 errors anymore and hitting 50-60+ MB per second download rates. If you guys want to give the new code base a chance.


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Here's what the problem is

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