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Hm anyone know why her posts got nuked, last post i checked was 2024, now theres only 52 pages


her newer stuff is on a different account now, https://coomer.su/onlyfans/user/blushyx_x

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Unable to favorite any onlyfans creator with a dash "-" in their user name. Plz fix.


disable your your adblocker and you can re-enable it after you favorite it



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the line “Loading creators… please wait!” has popped up for at least 10mins and i still cant use the search bar to find a certain creator (no result returned)
anyone having the same problem?


yeah and even when it works the latest update is always from a day or two ago and don't show the latest updates and indexed content…

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Will there eventually be support for Loverfans and Darkfans? Maybe a Coomer spinoff for more extreme content?


I really hope so!


that would be amazing

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it seems like when the search is sorted by date indexed or date updated all of the new updates are hidden and the latest that shows is from yesterday please fix that
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yeah this is giving me fomo because part of what I enjoy about this platform is checking out new updates and imports. now it doesn't work….


it's doing this again…


PLEASE FIX THIS sorting by date update and index is stuck on the 17 but I know there are new updates and indexed models


PLEASE FIX THIS sorting by date update and index is stuck on the 17 but I know there are new updates and indexed models


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File: 1716032912602.png (40.61 KB, 229x104, Screenshot 2024-05-18 0746….png)


I can sort by Import Date for models.

Is there a way to find newly imported content from a model? I'm trying to find if an import added any PPV content that was previously not available.

File: 1715849245710.png (785 B, 190x34, Screenshot_17.png)


Multiple Tag Feature, And a way to disable a tag so it wont show stuff with that tag

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Ginjo's fansly page got fucking nuked, all attached videos and images are gone, and all that's left is text.


Yeah, I was wonderin about that, it's the same for both Shinbi and Hazzulicious as well. Kinda makes me glad I downloaded most of Ginjo's stuff beforehand.


You can still access the old import revisions and using the drop down menu on the "Imported" field. For Ginjo old revisions appear to exist for post on or before 2024-04-09.

But yeah, the current revision is busted.


Problem is the way coomer is written it updates based on changes, and accepts the new version.

It should write the stuff to dbase and ADD new content, so people can't wipe everything.

Coomers devs don't seem to realise this yet.


this is bad, real bad
who in their sane mind overwrites to db instead of comparing, discarding duplicates and appending the new data?

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Favourites, login and register pages are showing backend error


Same :(((


Works again for now.

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