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Alexbreecooper is the G.O.A.T. Simply the BEST for the moment, pumping the greatest anal content ever. And make it seems cute and easy. LOVE her.

Great that she is on Coomer, but almost for 1 month noone hasn't updated her page 😭😭😭 Waiting with inpatience🤗

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Just found out fansly isn't uploading an entire set of more than 10 pictures. Tried importing and flagged multiple sets but it's not only not updating beyond the 5 previous photos but it's also giving a 429 error. How do I fix this issue?


Provide half the import id and the artist where it happens.
We'll take a look at it. If you didn't set the "Allow administrator to use my session for debugging" on the last import, start a new import with the checkbox set.


0e354b70. EvaAndroid.
I just tried it again and got 429 errors. Even flagged the posts that were incomplete. Got "failed to import timeline"

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Client limit (429 - Too Many Requests) is way too sensitive. It was annoying enough that I can't have multiple videos buffering simultenously, now I cannot browse the fucking page.



Same problem for me too…


Same :( Could someone either adjust the rate limiting sensitivity or at least advise on how many requests per seconds we should limit our scripts etc. to? Thanks

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Would it be possible to have the option to order posts by Imported Date rather than Published Date when viewing a creators page? Apologies if this has already been asked.

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I looked at Niquidoll's content here a few months ago and distinctly remember there being one and only one post about her feet there, but when I checked her coomer page again yesterday I noticed that that content was gone. How is that possible? Isn't coomer stuff imported and just stays? How can one unit of content vanish but the rest is still there? Anyone got any ideas?
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Weirdpilled but okay. Anyway, found it! https://coomer.su/onlyfans/user/nicoleponyxo/post/660280799 honestly it wasn't even the content that I was missing but it was puzzling to me that it seemed that one item out of many had randomly vanished. I didn't think coomer vanished its own content.



Since OF allow changing the username, is there a way to get a profile permalink to avoid situations like this? Something like the channel ID on YouTube or the user ID on TikTok which are permanent even when the handle changes.



Meaning a profile permalink on Coomer/Kemono, not OF.



its almost certainly linked on one of her socials


There is, we were planning to do that later on retroactively.

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So you're attracted to fat guys with bodies that look like women. Shamefully I feel the same way a little, but don't think I ever jerked to it out of pride.
Here's a nipponese youtuber who deleted their channel. I wish I had a belly like him, but too scared to gain myself.


You're telling me there's a market for this and I could be making bank out of my fatass?


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Tried on 2 different browsers. No way to bypass this warning.

Anyone else has this issue?




Something about your japanese protonvpn, try another country.

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how to add onlyfans creator to coomer??
im trying to import valery altamer account to coomer but i dont know whats wrong??
if anybody has any idea how to add or have the archive of her??



What should i do??


You need to open the development tools from the browser where you open Onlyfans. Then go to "storage" (not quiet sure if this is the name in english for "Almacenamiento" in firefox).

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why they stop uploading kitsune's videos?


cuz furfaggotry is morally wrong

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