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Is there an alternative to coomer for fansly? I wanna archive some content


this is a stupid fucking idea but you could probably reupload the content to an OF account of your own creation and scrape it using the coomerparty scraper?

name the acc something similar the fansly acc you're scraping from if youre doing this btw for archiving purposes.

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I don't know a lot about computers and I was wondering if there is a guide or if someone could point the way to where to find the bc token


You actually found a picture of a real BC token?!


File: 1648078008449.png (52.96 KB, 1192x700, msedge_6350099162.png)

You find the BC Token here


OP, to access this screen, hit F12 on the page, or find "inspect element."
Also, sess and auth_id are in the cookies folder (then the OF website folder, like for the BC token), below "Web SQL."

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any for the site


Nobody will achieve if you don't go outside and touch grass for once ;)

And thus, my allowance of wisdom is used for this quadrum



REPORTED take your own advice and fuck off back to reddit why the hell are you even invading our porn sites we aint asking for illegal shit you know

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have any of you guys found any trans people who got their stuff uploaded? Could you link them here
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Would like to know too



Shygal Lilly https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/shygal_lilly
CutieTrapNya https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/cutietrapnya
RayneArts https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/raynearts
Forever waiting for Mymymarceline's content to be released




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hi the creators,

i am juste here to say that much off the profiles on coomer.party are not working. It shows 503 error.


seems to be working here on my end

File: 1642822259502.png (2.36 KB, 173x46, AQUryCf8LR.png)


My BC Token is not showing up in my Local Storage. It's the only thing left I need to import everything. How do I work the XHR Request stuff?


i have the same issue


F12 for console > Network > Fetch/XHR option under Filter > Click something in the list on the left > At the bottom under "Request Headers" on the right


>Click something in the list on the left
what list? everything is clear up to this point

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>visit "creator"'s coomer page
>99% of posts are "in dm's ;)"
why even bother? I now you faggots we're all leeching off of are getting this shit in your OF dm's


there's a Recent DMs tab on kemono, guessing they're going to add it to coomer



This was the case even before coomer.party
I have a list of "creators" that you have to pay 10$ for the possibility to buy they're videos.
So coomer helps me to not waste money on those "creators"

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is cunny (animated ofc) allowed on here?


>is cunny importing allowed on coomer.party
>is cunny allowed on /coomer/
Yes, as well as on any of the other boards.


sorry, no

"COOMER" stands for "Church Of Overdressed Maidens (Extremely Religious)"

burkas only



Needs more gay content hell just some more guys with solos would be refreshing..like even if the majority are straight here gotta give a gay guy SOMETHING to work with…


Try to ask about a Male Onlyfans thread, got it deleted the same day


This isn't a request but since this place is flooded with chicks I'd like a list of male creators similar to the murrsuiter thread. Fat guys are a plus
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File: 1642437573287.png (22.72 KB, 128x128, sadsd.png)


wtf is wrong with the site, import is super broken, it only imports like 1/10 posts. the site UI doesn't load at all. what is going on?


been getting the same, it says "Skipping post 257429121 because the author is unknown"


Because or your harsh words and pessimistic attitude, development of Coomer.party has halted.

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