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Why are videos so slow to load? Certain videos don't have such a problem loading but most, for something like half the video, load 1 second increments while pausing inbetween

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My import isnt doing anything? its just stuck with no uploads, even tho i just subbed to someone


If it doesn't start right away then the importer is down temporarily or too many running. Just check later.


i'm checking every day too few times at day and still not working

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I don't know if this is happening to others, but after checking my favs on the site, I have about 5 creaters that on the preview have their update date as "none" and when clicking on it, I get the "Nobody here but us chickens!
There are no posts for your query." message.

Am I the only one?


Usually this happens when the model changes their OnlyFans handle, and Coomer moves content to the new location. I see that on model page there's a new "Linked Accounts" feature, maybe it's related that so much of them popped up at once.


That was it! I would have never figured that one myself, thank you


I noticed this seems to impact the pages only when I look at them from my Favorites page. If I just sesrch for them and open it that way, I can still see the posts. And a lot of them don't have other/linked accounts


Her ass makes your head spin
message me here - https://u.to/JZZnIA

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My import won't start, A9115ed3e11d is the last portion of the log. I haven't been able to import for several days.


same here

File: 1708704217807.jpg (1.84 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_13d9e2b32c19242c….jpg)


If not… here's half an import ID for admin to check out: 90d2-b2df1665ef2e

Pic unrelated


I think all of the OF imports are stuck right now based on the recent creators all being Fansly.


Hadn't noticed that. Good catch.


There are some resource issues on the importer side of things and also the >>3399 issue, so I had to halt onlyfans to be able to process all the fansly imports in a reasonable time.


Do the OF imports get queued up and start automatically or should we create a new import once it runs again?


It gets queued.

File: 1708716899886.png (12.52 KB, 500x167, image_2024-02-23_143319208.png)


The importer isn't saving my keys and won't find any posts to upload even though I'm subbed to a few pages that haven't been imported. Is this just due to high demand or am I doing something wrong. If it's any help this is half the key: Bb1c0083-355d-4e95

File: 1708440667559.png (61.85 KB, 1840x192, Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 8….png)


> And finally, stop logging out while the import is still underway. It's not magic, the importer needs an active session.

I will log out when doing an import after the importer spends half a day on "Skipping post xxxx from user yyyy because already exists". There really should be an option to just import the posts until an existing one is found. If you're importing somebody who already has a bunch of posts, it really ties up your ability to do futher imports.


How do I cancel imports? I just realized my importer was trying to reimport the same profile over a 24hr period


There are many reasons it needs to go look at older posts.

If your import is stuck you either report, pasting half of the id, or let it run long enough so that its noticed that it has been running for too long. If noticed it gets looked why it got stuck and will look how to prevent it from doing so in the future.
If you kill it we will never know what happened and won't be fixed.



I concede there are probably reasons you need to look at old posts. What I cannot imagine is the reason you need to look at old posts every single import. It makes importing somebody with hundreds of pages of posts annoying, and it ties up your importer preventing other imports from happening.

File: 1708452150162.png (728.66 KB, 745x488, Capture.PNG)


Fansly importer is only grabbing the first five medias per post. Fansly changed their API back in December or so. The timeline API only returns the first five media links per post/bundle. If you want the rest, you have to use the media API to query for the remaining media links then append the two lists or merge the json dicts, however you're handling.



File: 1708359284627.jpg (308.86 KB, 1000x585, organiser-soiree-1000x585.jpg)


Rejoice and reimport.


This is be good and bad… Good (the obvious reasons) Bad (OF invests in a better DRM or more models start PPVing) the PPVing will be bad for all.

File: 1707580606436.jpg (604.96 KB, 1027x1843, Screenshot_20240210_155623….jpg)


Just imported from fansly, is there a way to import DMs? I have some vids that need uploading


Was the "direct messages" checkbox set when importing from fansly?
When logged into coomer, do you not see "Review DMs" under account?
Also, just in case, half the import id.


The box was checked, and I checked the Review DMs page which was empty. What do you mean by halving the import id?

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