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I want to import the latest sak fanbox, but I can't, it says: "The key doesn't match the required pattern of "^\d+_\w+$"."
I don't know why this happens, I have correctly followed instructions in the faq.
Attached below…
My browser is edge, but it is based on chromium, so is a little bit of the same.

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Kanta077's (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/24993497) 2023-2022 Patreon posts have no google drive links when every post before that actually had one.

Does anyone know why this is the case & if there would be a fix?

Thanks in advance.
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kanta uses old patreon post to put the new drive links

here are the drive links of the past 3 months:


use a base64 decoder to get the original link


File: 1678864548131.jpg (51.28 KB, 800x432, e5cd132e09c2bb181564fbfe8b….jpg)

Thanks but I'm looking one a bit older it this one

Is it possible to get the Google drive or this? It will help


can't sorry,
once the reward post has been overridden, there is no way to get the drive link back


Its on sad panda


exhentai for anyone who asking

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So I've been using Kemono party since the migration from the other site that was taken down, I've seen many artists notice this site and trying different methods to avoid being listed here, some artists use a third party site/own site that syncs with Patreon to let only legitimate patterns see the content (example: polygonheart) is there any way to circumvent this? Or is that a definitive end to the system?


third party site is the artists very own sites and if there is no interest, there will be no support for it. just look at fantia alone

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I would like to be able to contact an administrator to be able to transfer some files, is a protocol required or is there a direct messaging system?


See telegram link on the site.


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