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Mods are free to join in since they know best about efficient storage and archive plans. Please move this to /b/ if this doesn't belong in /kemono/.

What kind of free storage plans do you use to hoard kemono data to redistribute it and for when kemono dies because all things die at some point, anons? Also what services do you recommend for archiving?

Cloud storage is not an option because it's heavily monitored and that defeats backups.
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oh and one more thing, you better provide some proof before pointing fingers onto others mister. and why not just blocked that guy immediately? isn't it being a retard for letting him free on accessing this chan? DO YOUR JOB FUCKERS. now i know why most people just hated you on telegram


I mean, the links are now deleted so go fuck yourself. The German authorities and Interpol will be notified.


Funny thing is, Usah is way more reasonable than the other mod(s).
I haven't been on telegram for a while so I don't know if there's still more than two mods.


>is a power hungry furfag moderator
>keeps meowing even though nobody cares
>secretly likes pedo cub content
yup just as expected woudn't be surprised if BUI was hosting CP on his servers the whole time and the exclusions are just an excuse all along (perhaps kemono was probably made by former disgruntled admins the whole time)

>>12454 >>12448 >>12439
i have no idea what happened but i saw a thread about loli creators which got deleted shortly (like 8chan hebe) (i forgot the date but its on archive.is somewhere)

haha st4000dm004 go brr i hope people here don't get too jealous about it (damm i still can't decide between ext4 and ntfs filesystem)
and yes its really fast 200/MBs a second peak even inside an enclosure


definitely not the best idea especially for 24/7 workloads i heard that WD external drives are just low quality binned drives used for marketing (because tanya eshar is a literal jew)
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> i heard that WD external drives are just low quality binned drives used for marketing
> i heard

you believe everything on the internet?
WD drives are statistically best for longevity (backblaze stats), and all WD externals above 8TB are guaranteed CMR. Seagates are by far the worst in performance due to them switching to SMR layout recently. your seagate really does go brrr when it reads at 15MB/s, faggot

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Crimson here.

Looks like the idiot nuked his contents. What're those anyway?

BTW I've been seeing you a lot around here too, Foxy (or Lumin) >>17949


>>17980 I used to just lurk around the forums. Only recently I decided to be more active, mostly to share content I've gotten because of the way some artists abuse DRM.


he appears to be one of the one of the importers in the web novels thread but instead of a name he instead uses the mail field keep up the good work bro i might read this someday


stupid question but where does one buy high quality copium gas i really need it right now


At don quijote

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Crimson here.

Question; why SubStar requests are prohibited now? Is it because of the importer's limitations again?

No offense, just curious. My fav. artist uploads his pokemon contents there (not in Patreon thanks to Nintendo's policy about them) and his Discord isn't doing so much help anymore.


something about substar banning peoples cards if the account is used by kemono to update the artist

but i do not know the details
i am too stupid to understand exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it XD

was a thread about it here a little bit ago maybe its still here somewhere


Basicly more then likely Sub star found a way to put people on a blacklist if you are found to be leaking paywalled content. Substar can suck a big fat cock though, we still have manual uploads in the form of your thread so IDK why you are saying we can't upload Subscribestar stuff when we clearly have in the other thread you have.


>furries: we are very good at finding solutions and thinking outside the box and we dominate the tech sectors something most skinfags can only dream of
>also furries: we dunno how to fix this problem so we will just censor users instead of admitting our faults hopefully nobody will call us out for our incompetence
>now i understand why the IT industry has so much crappy code and why linux still sucks in 2022 and M$ keeps shitting itself when i updoot it
furry programmers are similar to FAGMAN employees no wonder why most software is gone to shit today (we need more freetards not furtards)
furfags are like jocks they are only chill if you are one of them and instaban if you dont trust the current happening or comply to the leftist narratives

serious talk for fucks sake cant we just make a local gallery-dl fork to download subscribe star content and upload it manually on MEGA/anonfiles or sync it with the importer
FFS ive been saying this shit for a long time now yet nobody listens its almost as if you wanted us to depend on the centralized site infrastructure rather than being able to make our own offline instance jesus man atleast port kitsune scrapper to work locally with a simple GUI frontend


File: 1646940177245.jpg (5.73 KB, 250x144, ruye.jpg)

not to forget they also manage to ip ban most of kemono importer proxies. which is quite interesting. now what the furries need to do is just move their content to subscribestar and they'll be invincible


If you wanna believe Usah, apparently the devs find fixing SubscribeStar to be at the bottom of their priority list.

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Crimson here. Bringing in some news.


So lately I had figured out something new, a tricky method from the artist who posts their contents in Discord. As most of you Discord users probably know, now it got a feature called "Threads" in which it's like a channel but separate (not really a channel, but for discussions).
Artists (such as the ones on the pic shown) seems to be using this as an advantage to make their contents much more harder to get by posting their stuffs in a thread.
Since it's separate from channel, Kemono's Discord scrapper are unable to import the threads imported and thus, unable to get the contents. Until now there's no feature to do such thing.

For those who imports Discord channels to Kemono, if the creator's contents are in threads, please post them in thread No. >>284

For dear admin and mods, if you're reading this, we hope you guys do something about it, and add a feature that can counter this upper hand of the artists.

Thanks and wish ya a good day.
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This is you, isn't it SA. The Shitty Admiral of this sinking ship of a website. I find it hilarious how retards like you like to go off on others when they find stuff you can't be bothered to do. Do your fucking job and fix shit, instead of going off at users and staff. Your hypocrisy really is glowing brighter every post. Either book your attitude up, or fuck off away from this site, nigtard. Kinda remind me of a German with the way you go off at people…


well at least he know how to code and do his part. unlike you who only know how to shit talking to anons and spit out zero facts without any kind of knowledge of the site. instead of being a scumbag to user and banning them, why not help the user who truly in need help of the website and being a good janny instead of a pig


Really hate the user https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7925850 when all the files are password protected. Fucking shit.


Crimson here.

Any updates/news about this yet, dear higher-ups?


this might sound weird, but where people must ask for this type content? in /requests/ or in >>284 thread?

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Remove tripfags


uhh sweaty were tripfags are people too you know? also go back to you patrecuck safe space and seethe there


Get off my anonymous basket weaving forum you disgusting attention seeking redditor scum.

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Could we have messages inside the tab of creators? The current DMs tab is pretty clunky, with mixed creators. Or could we be able to search creator names in the DMs tab?


Except the button is only shown when there are artist's DMs present.


It's there already although not visually. Just put "/dms" on the creators page.


sorry for reposting but this comment looks relevant (why was he rangebanned)

Anonymous 02/19/22 (Sat) 12:29:36 No.17583
If you add /dms to a creator's url at the end this will automatically bring you to the dms for that creator should the button not be there.

File: 1646936189118.jpg (92 KB, 610x409, epe.jpg)




umm sweaty we have a dedicated meme thread here
unban me monke brain you cant trannyjanny forever

File: 1646866112325.jpg (275.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220310-014744….jpg)


I can't access their documents on google drive for some reason


Not a Kemono issue. Best to bother the artist why they deleted/changed the link.

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it's really funny to see a creator posting a shitpost for mocking a site and let their ultimate WK to import it for how shit is website to their lordship,feel sad tho if looking a creator like dis

maybe you guys can share other creator funny post about a site in here


See Dragonien for example. Seething and coping so hard at the fact he can't do a thing that wouldn't break the paywall TOS to get his stuff taken off of Kemono


How much seetheing and coping are we talking about here .3.

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WELL! Well well WELL well well. It must've been over half a year since I last browsed KP and was a bit worried it wouldn't be there when I came back.

It WAS there when I came back.

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