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I'd like to tell you that the way to get import keys may have changed. I don't think you can get those cookies in Chrome anymore, not in the way the site tells you to. You might need to find another way.
As for my case, I am using Opera GX.
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I guess Brave is the only one which remains with this function, but since is a Chromium based web browser, the function will probably be gone eventually in the next updates.


> As for my case, I am using Opera GX
I’m so sorry, get well soon


Weird that now I have a problem. My keys are not shown there and even when I try to import a key it says they are already imported. But I can't revoke keys because I don't see em.


hHello, I don't know how I get my session key. the tutorial doesn't work
I'm on PC, I already tried it with chrome and godzilla firefox


For anything Chromium based, you can access cookies with a number of add-ons, I use EditThisCookie

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I checked my favorites today and clicked the first artist I saw. On the page, there are absolutely no posts. I checked what I had saved from them, and it was fanbox content, not Patreon.
But then why is the user favorited? I wouldn't have favorited a user with no posts whatsoever.


web.archive.org shows no posts, even since 2021

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>download apk
>apk locked behind a patron login
mfw how do I fix this fur anons



Shady as fuck, wouldn't touch mate.


try and crack it or pay

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hi pals. it's my first message here. Cuz i wanna to find what happened.
I have followed some authors that I am sure were once posted on kemono, but now they have been removed. Is there anything wrong here? Can they be retrieved? [translated by machine]
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>secondly, you're wrong, exhentai does in fact remove galleries with 3D rendered pictures of underage boys and girls


Also there's a fucking infestation of AI galleries full of loli and shota that even I think should be ban. Shit looks disgusting.
But alas, even those galleries are still in exhentai, and getting updates, to this day.


File: 1694708581141.png (69.88 KB, 812x776, exhentai rules.png)

>doesn't know how to read
>doesn't understand what 3D render means
>assumes something is allowed if no one reports it
stop posting, you're only embarrassing yourself


China gets a free pass for everything lol


oh noooo my feefees

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Hello /kemono/, I'm trying to access a MEGA link from here:


Strangely though, it shows up as if the link was sent to private or nonexistent folder. That doesn't really make sense, looking at the prior entries this link wasn't touched upon in months. I've tried to open this link a long while ago, so the creator would've changed the link by now if it was in fact simply dead, yet I'm pretty certain that this is the right link.
This isn't the sole case, I've encountered a few links like that when browsing kemono.

Is this some new way to hide the MEGA folders I've not heard of or am I simply retarded?
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Just use Cowloon if it isn't on the telegram


What is cowloon?


This is the second time I've seen someone mention this mysterious "Cowloon" and refusing to give any context. I'm starting to think it's not a real thing and just a way of trolling everyone.


it's troll


It is a troll.

There is no such thing to use, please ignore those senseless posts.

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Most of the links for most of this guy's content dont work anymore, did something happen? Was trying to get his Quiet and Mei content specifically but the Gofile sites say the files dont exist anymore, or am i missing something?


He probably just changed or deleted the links. That's what a lot of artists do to avoid piracy


There's a torrent on TPB with a ton of his works. Look up zipling on there, get it while there's still someone seeding. As for the links, they're all dead, even if you sub to him, he does not respond to reupload requests at all.

File: 1688589211786.png (125.67 KB, 975x232, Yui Okada.png)


Was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere else that had Yui Okada content since I wanted to see some newer content from her but her page on Kemono hasn't been updated since January


Fantia importer has been dead since around march, so the latest updates are around that time.


I'm the same way with ブロッコリー, she has the best tits I've ever seen and other cosplayers just don't do it anymore


The moment I saw you say ブロッコリー I knew you were talking about Broccoli_vcos… damn I fucking love her… quite a bit of her content can be found on a thread on simpcity but it's not complete and it doesn't have the stuff she does with other girls.

File: 1678577315180.png (554.88 KB, 676x497, Capture.PNG)


Hello! Longtimeuser, occasional importer and- seeker of specific and niche content here.

Happy to say that most of https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/127543's content is available, theoretically, but they've done this in uch a way that- the links are just impenetrable and to top it off, to register on the site the links are attached to- costs money. And that's silly considering their content without the stupid "Limited Time Only" gimmick cost 30$.

Is there any way to penetrate app.box? How does this work exactly?


I've never seen a method like this one before, at least from an english website. My first guess would've been that it has something to do with clicking the link the real fanbox post as some kind of "subscriber check", but if you're the importer, you've probably already tried that.


I've been encountering this same stuff too for ages, just never had the guts to be more specific about it. Anyway many posts i've made about it were never answered so I don't think anyones doing anything about it, we really need file uploading back or at least some kind of service that isn't just a scraper only because it gets utterly ruined by this kind of crap being pulled.


Honestly I think it's a real bummer that there's no way around this with the way kemono currently works. There seriously needs to be some kind of update to combat this, otherwise it will become more well known that this is a way to avoid scraping. There are plenty of other artists using the app.box setup which is a major inconvenience for all of their paying customers as well btw. You can find each one by just searching the term into kemono.


File: 1694384593270.png (94.64 KB, 820x746, 2023-09-11 00_19_00-Box Us….png)

I don't think there's anything special about it; it's just a filehosting service like mega or google drive. Though it does seem like they make it easy to keep track of access to uploaded files, which might mean that the artist notices quickly when a link has been leaked and deletes and replaces it right away.

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