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How do I find the gumroad archives Kemono is talking about


are you dumb or what, this whole site is an archive

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I just flagged a bunch of posts of this user https://kemono.su/patreon/user/80121432 (the first 15 or so posts on page 1), and it turned out they all were false alerts, and the videos are still alive and just need a valid referrer. So, if the admin is reading this - I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to troll/dos the flag function, don't ban please.
And in case someone else gets this "video not found" on vimeo, try spoofing the referrer for vimeo(dot)com. I used patreon(dot)com as a referrer and it worked just fine, so I think any random URL from patreon will do.


maybe I'm retarded but I am not understanding what you're saying with the referrer


nvm figured it out

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Kindly requesting the password for this archive if you happen to have it, thank you.


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