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Why can't you do what gallery-dl can do?
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How did gallery-dl get rekt from this and how does Deviantart have terabytes of content and only gygabytes of content?


gallery-dl has fixed it already and back to downloading full res premium content.

Note: This doesn't let them get it for free. You still have to have bought said premium content.


You could download all premium content for free until DeviantART noticed and fixed it on their end, so if you didn't know and wanted some of them well I'm so sorry Anon

Yup that note is key


Are you asking why kemono's importers constantly break while gallery-dl is able to keep up with site changes?
Hell if I know. I admit I'm no expert on the logistics of mass pirating paysite porn, but at this point it seems like it would be better for kemono to stop homebrewing importers and just run gallery-dl with user-submitted authentication tokens/cookies/whatever.

>one site tweaks something, breaking a scraper for a few days
Calm down scizo.


>it seems like it would be better for kemono to stop homebrewing importers and just run gallery-dl
Gallery-dl is an invaluable tool, but it's not a magic bullet and many sites aren't there. DLsite, Booth, and Fanbox namely.
It also doesn't really do Selenium, so dealing with sites with apeshit owners like Patreon and now Fantia that require unusual and/or precision handling will quickly become cumbersome
>as in, "as if development wasn't already very clearly stalled do you want to wait even longer for whoever the fuck is at the wheel right now to figure out how to navigate someone else's framework enough to build an entire new feature????"

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Just like flagging individual posts? in order for the announcement to be updated with links it might include

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Doomposters should be hit with a truck nough said


You may stop worrying about furry porn piracy for dummies, Kemono isn't the only one of its kind. We at [[HYPERLINK REDACTED]] will gladly take over.


This is probably a joke but if you’re working on a piracy site that works with Fanbox and Fantia than be sure to link it if Kemono can’t unfuck itself.

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The old link has been replaced with a new one. I tried multiple time to reimport this and failed. How can I flagged this membership tabs for reimport?


I didn't even know you could flag announcements. It does not seem to have revisions, at least.


How can you flag announcements? there is no flag botton

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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>29431
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Never. The "devs" are lazy (there are none, the owner is a cunt) and their shills (which are probably them posting as anons) come onto this board to say "ETA GOes Up eVERy TiME SomeONe ASKS".


We get it you're mad you can't import and share your paid content with others but chill bro, just subscribe to Patreon for the time being


an actual dev would've properly added support for revisions


Can someone just post some actual news or updates from the telegram group rather than the endless dooming?


Creators are now hiding passwords in polls like this: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/9413762/post/90378862

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Mantis-X forced to deleted all his uncensored shit off the only paywall kemono scrapes. So it's either SubscribeStar or deal with shitty pixelation censorship. And SubscribeStar importer as far as I remember doesn't work. What do?
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Just when I'm about to work on archive for this guy, this Happen.


You can still do that with his previous works before this event. Is someting recent, and if people question you about missing his most recent jobs, you have an excuse.


Well I found away around SubscribeStar BS. So I'm able to access his recent stuff now, just can't import from their.


niggardly forces at work
he makes animations, not comics


torrent or other p2p like ipfs is only way forward
post magnet or upload and post link and I will share magnet

File: 1690991464422.jpeg (82.52 KB, 750x1536, FFC3134C-CD8B-4FDA-B437-5….jpeg)


He recently started using a new method, which basically makes pay contents into a link to his website and anyone who isn’t supporter doesn’t have the permission to check those contents.
Here’s an example: https://rebisdungeon.com/fan/Suigyu_2023summer-swimsuit.jpg

Seriously how does that even work? Did his website can link to Patreon accounts?
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Sucks that it’s been a month and no one imports his fanbox




what do you even mean by that? cookies like what?

I'm subscribed to him on fanbox AND patreon and I STILL can't access any of his fucking links


Looks like it's using the Referer header and rejecting all requests that don't come from Patreon. You can trick it by going to patreon.com, opening your console (press F12) and typing
and pasting your url inside the quotes.


It worked, though now I kind of wish it didn't.

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Question, kemono has stoped updating? Is there a reason?
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Ok, I really enjoy the website and its content and I just hope it is well


Dude, just because there's a name and email field in the post uploader, doesn't mean that you should put your actual info lol


I didn't know that, I have only use this platform two times, thanks for the heads up


I didn't know that, I have only use this platform two times, thanks for the heads up.


I didn't know that, I have only use this platform two times, thanks for the heads up.

File: 1694885936454.jpg (144.95 KB, 1200x630, 1.jpg)


Why do artists upload PSD, CLIP or similar files?

If you make any changes and upload it, they'll get mad and blast you with copyright claims.

How many changes can you even make? The last few PSD files I looked at had all of the layers merged into 3 separate layers, at most you could only change the background and hair color.

Is it worth keeping PSD or CLIP files? Doesn't seem worth it to waste money on storage to keep them.


Artists usually include them so you can rebuild variants or sometimes include the uncensored layers in it.

Sometimes it's just as you said and it's not even higher resolution, just bigger because of the raw format. Think of it as gigabyte-tier timelapses. Hoarders will save everything either way so it's up to you.


Can the latest Photoshop version see all of the layers or do you need to use the same Photoshop version that was used to create the PSD file?

Why are PSD files so large? I used magick convert to extract all of the layers from a PSD file that was 90 MB and the extracted files amounted to less than 20 MB, then I crushed it to 13 MB with JXL lossless transcoding.


File: 1694909493730.jpg (501.47 KB, 3508x2480, 9B.3.4.jpg)

>mosaic censors
>it's the only way to verifiably obtain a truly lossless copy of the work if the artist is a nigger and fucked up the upload
>some people think seeing the sketch/planning layers is cool and useful for learning


I think you need the same version to not get fucked up layer trees/version-specific settings which makes it even more annoying. The size mostly comes from redundant raw layers but some artists fuck it up and use lossy formats, making lossless compression useless…

I miss the days when thousands of lossless pictures actually weighed less than 1.44MB. Current technology allows us to decently upscale the really small ones too.


I take that back about extracting images. Not everything gets extracted and what you do extract will often look differently.

It's better to just compress it into 7z with max settings, I compressed 3 PSD files about 500 MB total to 120 MB.

File: 1693110850807.jpg (745.39 KB, 1768x2208, Screenshot_20230827_013351….jpg)



I'd like to tell you that the way to get import keys may have changed. I don't think you can get those cookies in Chrome anymore, not in the way the site tells you to. You might need to find another way.
As for my case, I am using Opera GX.
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I guess Brave is the only one which remains with this function, but since is a Chromium based web browser, the function will probably be gone eventually in the next updates.


> As for my case, I am using Opera GX
I’m so sorry, get well soon


Weird that now I have a problem. My keys are not shown there and even when I try to import a key it says they are already imported. But I can't revoke keys because I don't see em.


hHello, I don't know how I get my session key. the tutorial doesn't work
I'm on PC, I already tried it with chrome and godzilla firefox


For anything Chromium based, you can access cookies with a number of add-ons, I use EditThisCookie

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