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hey so i imported my patreon session key and it's still importing. is it safe to cancel my pledge to a patreon while this is happening?



thanks for letting me know, it's really appreciated :)

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Beware connecting fantia.jp accounts to the uploader, they seem to be aware of connections made with sessions IDs, I was issued this after a queuing an artist, ban alligns with the timeframe the page on kemono updated.


I would expect Fantia imports to be dead for awhile.


Use the link. You "don't know shit" nor do you "know what they are talking about" and ask for help.
They will reply with slap on the wrist and next time would be final.

Also, pretty sure that further down they say that you can sign up again after the deletion. Or was it only in japanese language.


To follow up on this, if your account does get deleted, you'll have no choice but to register on a different account. It sucks, but unless fantia cleans their blacklist or allows you to register again using the same email used with the deleted account, you'll have to effectively create a brand new account. Until kemono finds a workaround, follow what OP says and do not attempt to import anything from fantia.

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I am not here to ask the importer to update, so the administrator please take a look, I just said to explain the situation, the artist terebi1996 will change the onedrive link of the work after kemeno updates her work. It explains that she does not want to be collected by kemono, which also leads to this The artist's works are equivalent to non-existence in kemono. In the future, there may be more artists to take such precautions. Therefore, if the link of the post cannot be changed in time, the efficiency of the kemono archive will be reduced. Finally, thanks to the administrators and importers

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Is there any information as to when will fantia imports be reinstated?
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I'll take some BBW or atleast proper thicc Jap XXX cosplay any day of the week (as long its not all just softporn). IDGAF.


File: 1679914973472.jpeg (925.21 KB, 2160x2880, 818301a3-0bf9-4b1d-9766-7….jpeg)

Those were the good times


least photoshopped plastic gook


Haven't seen this set, she definitely peaked between 19 and 20.

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are some google drive links broken for anyone? i seem to be getting error 404 from a lot of people and the address isnt hyperlinked on the posts?

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I'm kind of curious is if there are other places that leak stuff from primeleap. Kayla moved her stuff there again which kinda sucked cuz I liked the orientation comic series thus far.


Sorry if this was weird or not a good thing to ask in advanced XD


Unfortunately nobody has tried to make a PrimeLeap scraper if it is even possible with how tightly locked it is and with accounts coded individually. And if you do manage to get your hands on the stuff (be it from Kayla or others) then the people there ban you instantly if you don't remember to scrub out/blur the (sometimes VERY obvious with a good look at the stuff or look at that guide I can't find on the scraping process, mind you) codes out attached to every art piece there like I've seen the people on u18 forget or not think of doing. Frustrating as hell. It'd be a miricle to even find a PL scraper at this point.

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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>26441
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I noticed there was something going on with a pixivFanbox page I'm following; opening any of the pages listed in the profile appears to have a file attached but the link to download it disappears a split second later and managing to catch it and open it in a new tab just takes me to a 403 on pixivFANBOX itself. Is kemono.party not downloading these files correctly?

The page I'm noticing it on is this one -> https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7964
and it appears to be happening for pages starting from the one numbered "217". I'm assuming it's a new form of "piracy" protection but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just an issue with Kemono.


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Pop me an email with your ip + MTR result
Command prompt > tracert kemono.party
any unix system > mtr -b –tcp kemono.party

No diagnostics = no fix.


Any progress on the Fantia front?


>no fantia import
>no tag on fanbox/fantia covers to filter it out from scraping

deddest site



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So how do the uploads work/schedule on this site? And how do I post something?


Why not just click the button on the homepage and read the instructions? Here, I clicked it for you lol:-


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I’ve searched the artist tab with every name and every language of username I could but didn’t see the account pop up… does anyone know if they are already on the site or can anyone add them?


Fanbox account numbers are the same as Pixiv account numbers.
Either that artist doesn't have a Fanbox or it isn't on Kemono.

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