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nnff used to give mega file codes with their uncensored works, but they've all been wiped and replaced with these 10-character codes. I assumed they would be used the same (mega.nz/file/[code]), but I don't know what site they would be for. Any help?


He has it on one of his fancards: https://imgbox.com/g/ then input the specific code from the post at the end


Thanks, guess I never saw that one.

File: 1711416411225.png (103.38 KB, 658x424, sdfqsfd.png)


Hasn't been updated since october,
and his subscribstar is nowhere to be seen on Kemono, any way to fix that ?


Yes, you pay the artist and import it yourself.

File: 1711316519765.png (17.86 KB, 737x377, Screenshot_25.png)


hello can you up the dowwnload speed ? i only got 20kbps / sec for downloading 2gb files which is need a day for completed


I'm seeing a similar issue, the stuff on the c2 url downloads really slowly for me.


Change IDM to not split the download in parts, it'll download faster.
or use JDownloader2


Is there a way to import without having to scroll through the user's entire patreon page during the process?

File: 1711055455712.jpg (39.04 KB, 800x800, 136_62f77aa50548cc92308af3….jpg)


How do you download a subscription on Gumroad, there's lots of stuff there but the downloader isn't getting it.



Regular posts work, but not subscriptions.

I tried that already.


File: 1711073951806.jpeg (11.74 KB, 178x283, download.jpeg)

How do I find the gumroad archives Kemono is talking about


this is a membership right? What doesn't work?

File: 1711112111321.jpg (142.86 KB, 900x913, ac54c6683383be523187e07351….jpg)


I have used this site well and will continue to use kemono well.
Does kemono accept direct financial support like exhentai?
Not much, but as a token of thanks anyway.
I didn't see any such information when I looked at it on the site, so I ask just in case.


Sub to something you like and import. That's the most reasonable way.

File: 1710625563553.png (1 MB, 1012x1800, f66fc123919b04131117a88b95….png)


I found a post where Lasto dumped some password locked zips and wanted to see if there was anything interesting in there. Possibly uncensored alts, or those smaller, but more aesthetic versions of his drawings that have a more crayon like style to them. However, he included the password as bold text as part of a bunch of nonsense text. Kemono does not capture which text is and isn't bold from fanbox posts. I've tried each line of the text, and all of the text at once, so I must assume the password is part of a line or multiple lines, amd maybe not even entirely contiguous. Anyone have a clue?

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>Inspect Element is your friend
Thanks, I should have known better.


Does this work with any kinda zip? also cant seem to find the password


Can you elaborate on this? looked everywhere in inspect elements and cant find anything specific.
https://kemono.su/patreon/user/73323069/post/71309995 post in question.


It's looking like the archive password feature doesn't like special characters. The password for OP's post has a few special characters that may be breaking out from input.



File: 1711032802462.jpg (90.38 KB, 770x1100, a cat is fine too.jpg)


Does anyone know how to access KDMN stuff here:

I haven't looked for it throroughly, but I can't seem to get to the contents after clicking the link. Please help!


There's no luck for us buddy. The way that artist handle dropbox redirect fucks over kemono in the ass really hard.
Thankfully he's the only artist that do it, but I'm afraid more and more artist use the same method, it quite literally kills kemono as a whole

File: 1711095907509.jpg (3.11 KB, 279x181, GGLLIMtaoAAoCiA.jpg)


I don't know how to import the boosty site.
It would be helpful if you could tell me how to do it or import the link below.

File: 1711084799084.jpg (116.92 KB, 720x587, Screenshot_20240322-131224.jpg)


Will you guys add a feature to download individual files in a archive, because a lot of the .zip files are pretty huge (for us people with slow or limited bandwidth internet), and after whatever the fuck gumroad did made you implement a password-sharing system for the archives alongside the files inside. Unfortunately, it looks like the it only shows the filenames and you can't access the actual files themselves unless we actually download the archive, which is a hassle ngl, so it would be very great to either download or directly view these files inside their archives.


Sounds reasonable. That also saves network flow for the servers.

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