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So how is it working out for the rest of you?

"The Patreon importer is working, give it a shot."

No patreon imported since 2 days ago.

Tries patreon importer… Fails spectacularly.
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It seems to be working alright, just keep watch of "recently updated".
Sadly, none of the patreons I used to follow seem to be updating but there's nothing I can do but wait.
It might be the case for you as well.


It does seem to be working (maybe it only fails randomly?) because I've been getting Paytree updates from the last few days. One of them was even an artist who I completely gave up hoping would ever get updated lol!

Even ArtNip (not sure if thats self-racism haha) got an update which is great but IIRC as usual, its just the softcore versions… All the NSFW is
100% "leak proof" because its distributed externally and we have no "manual uploading" anymore argh.


Currently trying to import Archdemonsasha's first tier. No dice for a full day now…


Trying to import, no luck still, anyone knows if there's an issue?


the worst case scenario is when "links is in the comment"
also the importer seems a bit broken, some content of the post aren't getting imported even if you're on the highest tier. this sometimes happen on the oldest post or in between some of the post. post do get imported, but the content is "missing" on the preview left available.

File: 1648873104259.jpeg (15.46 KB, 239x211, download (15).jpeg)


It seems like everything but Patreon has been getting uploaded I've looked at the recently uploaded and the last time something from Patreon was posted was months ago
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Have you tried not being poor?


You try pledging 20+ artists who's minimum tier price (if you want to actually get the art at least) amongst them is $10, because you either want to be able to see the ass ton of exclusive pics/alts they make, or just be able to actually see their pics at all because they only post public pieces with the smallest res possible (I'm looking at artists like you Panthera you fucking faggot)


And a lot of them just delete everything older than a couple weeks so even if you pay you're barely getting anything. Fuck that noise.


this, I support a few patreons, but I absolutely refuse to support ones that use it like a subscription service where "you only get you pay for", fuck them


So when will Patreon posts get comments again? None of the new posts include comments so creators who get updated who use password-protected zip files go scott free.

I follow LewdSaiga so it’s annoying when I check and see no comments so I can’t access any of his shit. I’d make a seperate topic about this but I’m afraid mods will delete it before the guy who imports his stuff sees it.

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Are there any good creators in kemono party with freely downloadable stl models? I just got my 3d printer.


how much did it cost? these things price like a motherfucker in my shithole country (im gonna need custom case for my orangepi)
my best bet is to just go to DIY/RC hobby oriented channels on youtube they mostly give it out for free in the description


Just learn to do 3D modelling and make your own stuff. Then you can actually say "I made it".

File: 1655396446309.png (1.24 MB, 735x1041, vert.png)


>be nyamota
>make porn of two parodies (neptunia and to-love ru)
>abandon one parody to focus on the other parody
>most fans are okay with it
>years pass by
>start making porn of other parodies
>fans get pissed
>double down
>get mad at fans

any other porn artists like this?
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You don't even know what imaginative means do you… None of that argument had anything to do with it lol. There is nothing imaginative about just drawing the same characters from the same shit in the same positions over and over. That is pretty much the opposite of imaginative.


You obviously don't.

>same characters

Every character looks the same.

>same shit

Wow, such a difference to make porn off of a big titty big ass green eyed blue haired girl from two lesser-known franchises!

>same positions

Nyamota doesn't do the same positions, and although Mogudan uses the same positions quite often, his art style makes up for it.

Stop making up problems in your head, faggot.


File: 1657897098678.png (666.02 KB, 1920x2360, screenshot.png)

Looks like he's back to releasing Neptune. He really shot himself in the foot with Arknight since he lost subscribers over it. All of his Neptune posts have the highest amount of favorites by a long shot and his subs are also reacting to only those.

I took this screenshot right when he had just uploaded PurpleSister on 07/07/22, probably half an hour later, and it already amassed almost more than 5 times the amount of favorites.


That's what happens when artists don't understand their fanbase and instead start following trends. It's very easy to lose it and with the amount of artists it's not hard for them to find a new artist who draws what they seek for


already back at it with arknight again


File: 1658547403800.jpg (2.16 MB, 3840x2160, resonance_cascade_by_otaco….jpg)


I think there are, among myself, users who want to keep the site 'backed up' or at least cached via technologies like IPFS, where many users allocate a certain amount of storage space of to store a part or the entire database which gets updated in real-time. We should be able to ask Tenboro over at E-hentai for input on achieving such technologies, since he has experience making Hentai@Home and has helped the MangaDex developers make their own implementation of Mangadex@Home project.


Thanks CIA, I will gladly make the servers glow by announcing the IPs via DHT.


I had a longer, drawn-out reply, but I will say this instead.
We used to do easy public archives, but the infrastructure grew more complex, bandwidth got more sparse, and the data got too big. I will not advocate for Kemono@Home because it implies constantly broadcasting pirating IPs to untrusted nodes. IPFS is cool but unproven tech that is likely to be a headache to support at this point, unless tooling to quickly and easily process the dataset exists. No one on the team really wants to do such a thing manually.
For now, if you want to download a few artists, boot up Python and look at KemonoDL and GalleryDL. If you want to preserve the SQL database, start at kemono.party/dumps.

File: 1657320584386.png (33.67 KB, 1170x403, no comments.png)


Why aren’t new ones getting added to Patreon posts. Is this related to why new DMs aren’t being added? It makes no sense, it’s horrible since some artists put passwords in the comments. So anyone who imports new posts don’t give you the thing to access the content that’s been imported!


File: 1657320786138.jpg (28.17 KB, 200x200, lewdsaiga icon.JPG)

Also in case his importer sees this can you post a pastebin of LewdSaiga’s passwords please? Y’know, since they won’t be added to kemono for some reason.



Seconding this. It seems their earlier works (around 4 months ago) had the comments added in, but after that they're gone


How come the person importing them hasn’t done anything about this? Why doesn’t he post the comments on 4chan or some other site when he updates the page?


I've been following the updates of one the artist that uses Fanbox for awhile, it always updates, and it always shows the preview photo of the animation they upload, but the anim itself never got ripped, no links no nothing, is there something wrong with it? This artist is so niche it's hard to find their pirated content in other site

File: 1658443894594.png (18.57 KB, 49x67, Coral1.png)


How do you change your profile name on kemono?

File: 1657076973063.jpg (39.51 KB, 800x533, 662706b50ef7927d664f8ef410….jpg)



Man these are creepy as a shed full of daddy longlegs. Even the concept is kinda creepy, with low key necrophilia vibes. And with that I must bid thee fare fucking well my old friend.


i have to say it, 135Gco dolls are very well made, i am not in dolls but if i get a chance to use one i will totally do it lol.


Honestly I never really thought about necrophilia when watching videos like this in the past.

Nah, I don't think there's a feeling of necrophilia in fucking a doll unless the person actualy want to fantasize about fucking a dead corpse with it. Because at the end of the day it's just a doll that is intended to be used as a sex toy and made to stand firm in whatever position it is put. All made for the owner to fantasize and create whatever situation they want and make them feel closer to what it would be like to have sex with a real super hot.


Does anyone have the current link or the file of this letter with its mods?


Have you tried asking Mr Delgado directly on the phone?


what are these cards used for (dammit who stole my GET? again oh well)

>>22222 (fuk you)
testing dont mind me this thread will be baleeted anyway


File: 1657133799839.jpg (61.47 KB, 600x582, epic_lulz.jpg)


does anyone has issues with the renamon card from delegado, it was updated a bit ago and i can download the mods and card but the game doesnt recognize them , also the link to the star butterfly mod is empty


Do you know what's the password for the rar? I tried to download the renamon, gardevoir and lola bunny cards but all of them require a password to extract

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