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I have been trying to download on kemono by using gallery dl. The only problem was how do I set the cookies? Everytime I tried, DDoS guard will say that cookies is not being set. Anyone could share some tutorial plis? I know kemono does have raync the only problem was sometime its failed for sudden


Try updating fam.
>[kemonoparty] automatically generate required DDoS-GUARD cookies (#1779)


already tried, i just confused on how it suppose to work…

that image is just a prop, i already have the latest version the problem was how to add cookies. do i need to create a txt file?


Download the cookies as a .txt file, then add "–cookies PATHTOFILE" to your query. You will need a browser extension to download the cookies, I personally use the Hydrus companion addon, but there are probably others extensions do the same thing.

Depending on your browser you may need to open kemono on a "normal window" (not incognito) to be able to properly download the cookies, also keep in mind that you will need to replace the file once in a while, as all the cookies have an expiration date


thank you for the help


you're welcome

File: 1631044898687.jpg (43.64 KB, 299x353, futaba.jpg)


Mods are free to join in since they know best about efficient storage and archive plans. Please move this to /b/ if this doesn't belong in /kemono/.

What kind of free storage plans do you use to hoard kemono data to redistribute it and for when kemono dies because all things die at some point, anons? Also what services do you recommend for archiving?

Cloud storage is not an option because it's heavily monitored and that defeats backups.


I just use a baremetal server. I buy all my stuff outright so I don't have to pay monthly fees. Currently running 4TB but looking to upgrade to 50TB sometime in the new year.


How expensive & space consuming are hardware server setups? Is it like the size of a rackmounted synth (like you see in a studio) or something? Or like a separate PC towerblock?

If its not too expensive & doesn't take up the space of a fishtank, HW seems like the way most people should do it IMO.

Take this as a curious layman question. I don't know shit about IT but this got me thinking.


>free storage plans for archiving
Does not exist. You will almost certainly be paying.
>Physical hard drives
If you are willing to build/setup a home server, this option is very much worth it, because obviously, you control everything.
Seagate Exos Enterprise HDDs get recommended a lot, although I haven't had the pleasure of using them myself. You can also disassemble an external drive into an internal one ("shucking") to possibly save money, but note that it is a more involved process, and you get zero warranty.
Obviously, buy multiple drives and have some form of redundancy, so things don't fall through if a single drive dies, which can happen.
>Hosted servers
I cannot give out what providers Kemono uses/has used, but simply look around; it is not impossible to get a lot of storage for not much money. Be prepared to spend $100-$200 per month if you want to have enough space to archive Kemono though, especially post-Chia.
>Gdrive abuse (CLOUD LOL)
"Shared drives" made with non-consumer plans can hold up to a petabyte of data per account with zero issues, and I know plenty of people who archive hundreds of terabytes of data like this without suspension. Be aware though, you can only upload 750gb/day without a setting up a bypass script, you are limited to 400,000 total files (you will need to tar/compress things,) and Rclone will be required to do anything sanely. It's a bit like a bizarre form of cold storage.
"Business Standard" Google Workspace plan costs $12. Ignore the "2TB" user limit, I've been told it is not enforced.
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If you haven't seen already, we have a Telegram group!

There are four in total, each serving a different purpose for the Kemono community.
kemono.party: This is the main chat, intended for development discussion and bug reporting. To a certain extent, general discussion is also welcome.
kemono.banter: This chat is for large porn/meme dumps, roleplay, and off-topic discussion.
kemono.requests: This chat is for requesting new creators to be added to Kemono, or for existing ones to be updated.
kemono.notifications: This chat lists all changes and updates made to the Kemono website and the importer. Unless you're a developer, this channel is likely not of interest.

The telegram group is the go to place to make serious issues know, request creators for import, and to generally chat and have fun with like-minded individuals without all the petty squabble of anons constantly arguing.

Should you enter, READ THE RULES! AND READ THEM THOROUGHLY! We don't take rule breakers lightly and WILL take action.

The following link will take you to the portal that will allow you to enter each different chat as mentioned above.


File: 1630775468788.png (1.58 MB, 3388x1831, 259 GB. imagine..PNG)


I'm thinking of switching my porn collection over to Hydrus Network. Is there anything I should know before I move a collection this big?

Some of these artist folders are sorted by chracter already, but some of them are just gallery-dl dumps. Is that relevant in any way for Hydrus, or does it just pull all the images individually and sort them by its own methods?
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Is this really on topic for the board? Wouldn't this be better on /b/? But anyway, I would like to know as well, so thanks for making this thread anyway.


I figured that it's relevant enough given how many people here likely have archives of their own. Piracy services usually being as shaky as they are, it's good to save things locally.


>does Hydrus have an auto-tagging
As far as I know, the only "auto-tagging" system is the public tag repository, a large databse of hydrus tags for images, however, the repository is quite large, needing atleast 64GB of free disk space, also, there is no guarantee that any particular image will be included or properly tagged, images from bigger sites like e621 or r34xxx are likely to be included and tagged, leaked content from kemono not so much

more info from the official docs:


A shame. So I guess my best option would be to sort all of my current files into proper character folders (by hand. ugh.) and then have Hydrus tag every folder I manually pick with a manually picked character tag.

Which unfortunately doesn't cover images with multiple characters. So I guess I'll just stick with my current system for now, then.


Depending where your images are from you could use hydrus' downloader to get them with tags from the same site automatically, you could also use a different program for this, see:

File: 1630690483890.png (556.46 KB, 1280x1280, .png)


Feel free to throw this on a pyre mods, this is to prevent the topic from being brought up in the feedback thread without being addressed.

As you already know, anons can currently beg for content to be imported on KP in the following places among others
>>2468 current general begging thread
>>896 current DM/archives begging thread
Requests (which is admin dixit to be wiped at some point)
Discord and Telegram (see homepage)

What's been suggested so far and the main concerns are dupe requests and broken artists who need to be fixed on top of being updated
* fixing the request board (too many anons to quote, unlikely)
* making requests telegram only via a rss feed (restrictive but coordinated) >>2864
* voting (vote rigging is trivial regardless of method used but this is worth mulling over if using remote metrics) >>111
* automatic updates for artists (convenient and not hard to implement but very dangerous if done wrong by the developers or the importers) >>2754 >>2194 >>2184 >>2178 and others
* request button on artist page (looks cool and easy to use but if coded wrongly, it does not help) >>2712
* stop requesting (mentioning this for the lulz, but this is actually not wrong if people keep requesting things nobody cares enough about to pay for and multiple times too, waste of time and money for everyone) >>2599
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File: 1630719962990.jpg (43.43 KB, 700x525, aj89Reg_700b.jpg)

Okay, this is just a rant I wanna make considering that Kemono is such a small and probably an infamous site…
and prepare yourself cuz this might will took a pretty long one.

So lately, I've been thinking pretty much about the future of this site. As expected from an obscure site like this (not known by much peoples), Kemono has been pretty lacking a lot of content, probably lack way more of them than yiff back in the day.

There are reasons for this lack of contents provided in the site, but I probably only can point out few of them, and most of them are importers related :
1. Lack of importers.
Yes, it's a common one. Either because they don't have the tier we wanted on a creator we want or because those who gets the content doesn't know about this site and can't import it for everyone else. Or perhaps they don't wanna leak it cuz they're part of "What right is right" community who stands against artist paywalls.
2. Lack of interest in creator.
This might be yes or no, but I think it can be a problem too. So the thing is, we might want a creator to be imported, yes? But that won't be an easy task, cuz those who's willing to import stuffs may not gonna take an interest in your precious creator and won't import it as a result.


3. Artist paywalls.
Yes, this one's a strong reason considering that it may milk your cash dry for a content, but you'll be doing a big heartful favor if you did import the contents and go through hardships in order to get them. See older threads in this board for more info about artist paywalls. (careful; it might be long since a hot discussion went down there before.)
4. Site being obscure.
Pointed this out in the beginning. With the site being obscure unlike yiff.party before, this will be a tough job to import the creator cuz with all the lack of good importers, it will probably took a very very long time for someone's request they really wanted to be made true. Either an "add artist" request or "update artist" requests won't be made true easily if there are less folks who can help us.
The downside is that if we were like to state this site openly to other places and the surface web, where it'll be seen much more clearly and supposed to attract more people to contribute to this site, it will also attract the attention of creators and will probably make them gone crazy with paywall methods again, which will make things harder to contribute to Kemono.

The thing is, I just wanna point out on what things should we do in order to cover up the lack of contents in kemono. We do need to help our fellow regulars of the site to enjoy the site to their heart's content.



>Kemono has been pretty lacking a lot of content, probably lack way more of them than yiff back in the day.

Kemono is a lot younger than Yiff was when it shut down though, so that 'might' explain a lesser amount of content here. TBH I don't know how many artists YP had though.

Due to its older age (and like you said, its popularity) I'm sure YP did have more stuff, but I do remember often thinking "YP STILL hasn't got [artist name] yet???" though, and "will [artist name] ever get updated? Its been months (or years)".

>The X-Files, I Want to Believe

Hopefully KP will keep growing as time goes on, and if the admin and staff manage to stay ontop of it as it does, I think the site could naturally become as big as YP. The fact it supports more than 1 site is a major edge that YP never had too.

I just hope the right decisions get made, with foresight and good planning.


File: 1630734595687.gif (135.71 KB, 160x160, jajajajadf.gif)

Agree with most of your points Crimson but you gotta remember kemono.party is indexed everywhere. It yields over 300k results on Google for the domain alone.

Everyone is talking about kemono and begging for kemono rips to be reposted. It's at something like 3 million files and attachments successfully imported since KP's birth. That's the good news.

The bad news is that *especially* for time limited content as well as dead content there is a lack of importers. Which is what this thread was made for.

Admin encourages promoting kemono and people already are doing it. That will however not bring more importers by itself. For this to happen, you'd have to advertise kemono on a discord or whatever other paywall-tied social network with a throwaway account or directly on paywalls, again with throwaway accounts.

You get new importers by not only giving incentive to leak the scum but also the opportunity to advertise good ones. Once (if ever) a tier separation system is implemented, this will allow everyone to confirm that the artist was mostly unharmed, and in turn bring them more fans and audience. This should especially be done for the less dishonest paywalls. Patreon deserves to be destroyed with multiple orbital cannons for what it has spawned and the blatant criminal stuff it sponsors while pretending to fight terrorism and violence but that is a different matter.

I don't think anyone is all that worried about pointing fingers. If you're doing it properly, advanced identification systems or not, artists will have to resort to unhinged extermination tactics that would put jadf to shame and leave them with zero support.


File: 1630734712326.gif (135.71 KB, 160x160, jajajajadf.gif)

(cont. body too long etc)

Kemono's still young and there is room for improvement but it grows fast. If it already grows this fast with a lack of importers, you can only imagine what a sudden surge of importers with the current situation would cause so the system would first have to be almost fully functional but most importantly stable and ready to take on anything. You don't put a Chiron engine in a Trabant unless you want the car to hit 600mph only for it to explode within seconds.

File: 1630647256246.png (16.59 KB, 255x255, 1628792916707.png)


i cant' access some files in the siTe of some artist
wenever i try i get
a phishing warning and only can get a 1kb fake file…… tryed diff browser/noscrip off and no luck i go a dns block warning also wth!!!
dunno why but very others files are ok
ONLY SOME do problems…..
what's the deal? is this a bad joke of someone? or a conspiration?
try these and tell me if they work on your pc:


Use a VPN. Some ISPs don't like us for whatever reason. Everything works fine from my end


thanks for your answer!!
my concern was that the problem was yours of the server….
instead i found tthat IS mine !! i.e. the client side …

in fact it is true!!! I was able to download the files thanks to web proxies !!!

since now I know this I no longer flag posts with these problems …
p.s. spread the word to anyone who has this problem … webproxy or vpn are your friends! there is hope don't worry!!!


There's a sticky on this issue actually >>7

The frontpage on KP should also have a nice vinerizon face detailing the issue and how to troubleshoot it


File: 1630733355128.jpg (27.66 KB, 680x383, 075.jpg)

File: 1628379545691.png (259.57 KB, 362x461, happyLiru.PNG)


>mfw Fantia support added
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File: 1630849640377.png (228.17 KB, 349x268, what_.PNG)

holy fucking baby Jesus on a hyperborean saucer, what form of oriental kikery is this?


I know right? Enty is even worse lmao. Really makes you think.


File: 1631055425440.png (245.16 KB, 473x537, wake_me_up.png)

>Enty is even worse lmao
d-do I really want to know?


File: 1637244703122.jpg (460.78 KB, 1920x1440, one-way ticket to hell.jpg)

Is Ci-en better than Fantia?


bump for this

File: 1630513539061.jpg (41.83 KB, 600x400, 1aad70.jpg)


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Yeah Im aware about his clearly second account and scummy split of content, very shitty, about the sites you probably already know that he do has a pixiv fanbox and since they are less restrictive with the content there some of his art dont go to patreon, but again you would have to pay 500 yen two times because this artist feel entitled to make you do it too see all his art.


I wonder what it takes for a collective whistle blowing move on those guys. Mention sensitive topics, get banned from paywall. Create a literal Ponzi scheme, get sponsored by paywall.

Something just ain't right


Yo people some dude posted a lot of vkorg fanbox in ex-hentai go there check it out


They rip things from kemono and seiso all the time for image sets, it's ez to tell. Even if they reorganize check when they update and what has changed.

also they rip patreon fanbox and fantia public posts since kemono and seiso importer cannot do that, exh is such a shit hole now


Thats true but not in this case the guy really put new content there that was not in kemono or seiso.

File: 1630265817083.jpeg (242.86 KB, 1000x800, _fnaf___foxy_by_tamsoon-d….jpeg)


Holy mother of fuck, here i am going through my monthly favorites feed to see if any of them got updated and like half of the pictures i see are cropped and telling everyone that their pics are available on discord. Does Kemono simply not have features that allow anyone to manually upload or be able to manually upload pictures from Early access discord channels? Because i cannot stand seeing an artist's page like darkenstardragon get full early access pictures with full rez and then all of a sudden its nothing but cropped pictures just like Danza does.
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Bro, it wasn't an impersonator. It was the 'brilliant' plan of Kemono Party's admin in order to get more traffic to the site. But that meant artists were informed of the site too, and are now taking extra steps to avoid leaked content. Like changing their methods, sending things by DM, keeping an eye on what things get leaked to find out who did it and ban the leakers… I even know of a Discord server dedicated to sharing information of the leakers so artists in it can block them. This is only starting.


Anons creating hundreds of broken openyiff sourced clones by themselves to fix a KP issue? what

All those party sites in development just can't work on the same thing and that's the real problem if you want to get somewhere.


This. None of this was planned ahead as usual, it was out of pure boredom.


Like admin even shamelessly admits to it so even if you don't import or give shiny ethereums you still get free hugs and meanwhile importers are trying to give those things a chance by getting exponentially cancelled from paywalls.


So the complaints WERE unjustified then, and you DO know who is and who isn't contributing? LOL, if you say so.


Kemono has several admins. One is doing all the work, others are just loud mouth nobodies from twitter that somehow get up there when YP died. Thanks to one of those morons funny trolling, it all goes to shit, and he could not care less.
Import some gray matter inside your empty skull.

File: 1628974515806.png (942.41 KB, 1047x1042, YY.png)


Feel free to share some of his content here to avoid loss of his previous archive. I'm not sure if these kind of already exist but eh.


File: 1628977181895.png (482.27 KB, 672x537, no__i_don__t_want_that__by….png)

I'd rather not get cancer, thanks


File: 1629009823257.png (79.14 KB, 1354x669, Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 0….png)

y'all niggas rabid as fuck. Don't want Kemono infested with yall's retarded ramblings and begging.


Isnt that the legit pedo that got caught grooming lmao?


You know, I just realised it was lmao. Good eye…

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