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fuck it, first thread (>>22118) died early so I'm making another one with more artists
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Thank you, loving this content


found some more lol

kawayabug (there is blood on some of his posts but no gore)
mahiro (based sanaeposter)
akazome (stopped posting last year and has some gore in his posts but the other stuff is pretty good)
if anyone wants a list of the sfw artists I have I could probably post


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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>22796
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too busy cumming to pedo shit on pixiv before the tos update takes away their kiddy porn




pixiv lied, they weren't waiting until december to finalize their changes, the staff has begun purging a lot of artists art from their account before they could back it up


Shit, really? Is it not just artists self-censoring a bit early?


It’s most likely that those are the artist leaving, but if that is the case, alot of us need to get the imports now. After all, the Patreon imports are still being worked on.

File: 1660423105737.png (136.27 KB, 820x791, 371-3710165_135kib-700x710….png)


I've noticed that lots of artists haven't been updated for a while.
Is there maintenance of somthing?
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You mean the string of characters after "Importer logs for"?


That's the one


It's this one: Bc18091e2858958f


Try to import again. If that doesn't do anything, go through these steps:

1: Check to make sure you used the correct Session_ID. You can find it within this tutorial: https://kemono.party/importer/tutorial
2: Make sure you are logged into your paywall
3: Log out and back into the paywall, then use the new Session_ID
4: If an Internal error occurs, please retry your import
5: If you get an “Error while trying to import (insert post here)”, please contact Kemono staff for assistance.
6: You are not subscribed to anyone. Please subscribe to someone and try again. Make sure your subscription is active at the time of import.
7: See if the creator has been imported regardless of log status
8: Posts may have been imported, just not indexed. Just be patient. They are on the site, just not being displayed properly yet.


Looks like it's been backed up all weekend, either by salty artists, bots or whatever. On Friday I saw there were only about 100 imports pending, now there's little over 8,000.

File: 1668318534364.jpeg (13.22 KB, 400x400, 02b513f0da134059f207500b4….jpeg)


I can't see some creators' works on FANBOX, what's wrong?
"No attachments" in the thumbnail.

File: 1667415378279.png (887.74 KB, 1013x906, Capture.PNG)


This one artist I like, Plusout, randomly swaps between posting the link in the post itself, and posting in the comments. Thing is, Kemono's comment importer seems to be fucked halfway to hell, so I can't actually see his content. Any sort of ETA on when the comment importer is back up and running?


There's already a thread about issues on the site, my guy.


This has already been brought up several times, and literally the only response from the admins is "complain some more"

It really sucks that they seemingly don't give a shit, because more and more artists are switching to the links in comments method to easily invalidate the importer.

File: 1666934615177.png (7.74 KB, 666x176, integration.PNG)


No, this isn't about Discord importing, I know it's broken. This doesn't have anything to do with Kemono, which doesn't seem to be breaking any rules, so here's my question. Patreon has a Discord bot that will give you roles as you sub to tiers, and remove them when you leave. However there seems to be quite a few cases of the bot not working, i.e. not giving or more importantly not REMOVING roles. Has anyone experienced this at all, and can you describe what happened/how you think it happened? I'm currently a subscriber in a server and want to see if I can keep the role without actually keeping up my pledge.
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Tried that, didn't work, 99% sure it tracks your unique user ID rather than display name, thanks for the suggestion though


The bot does a daily checkup and it's not possible to bypass it unless the owner of the server didn't install it correctly, that, or the bot is on downtime, but those don't last too much time.


I'm still subbed to some discord subscriptions I haven't paid anything for for over a year. I have nitro but I don't think this does anything that confuses the patreon bot on each server.

Sadly this doesn't make up for the wasted money on shitty creators publishing nothing or serving corrupt files but hey I'll take anything I get for free!


OP here, I actually managed to get this to work. I made this thread after talking with someone else who I know got it to work, but I was skeptical until I did it myself. I'd be a little more worried if they didn't just lay off their entire security team lol. Here's the order:
1. Connect your Discord account in the Patreon settings page.
2. Pledge to a creator with Discord benefits, the server should automatically appear in the server list of the account you connected and you'll receive the role.
3. Change your payment method for the pledge to something that's going to decline, expired card, prepaid gift card with like 3 cents, whatever you need to do to make sure the payment will FAIL.
4. Wait until the start of the next month/billing cycle.
5. About a day after the next billing cycle starts, you'll lose access to the creator's posts and get an email saying the payment failed, but you'll still have the role in the server.
6. Go to the edit pledge page and instead of fixing the payment method, just cancel your pledge outright.
7. If all went right the creator will disappear from your list of supported creators yet you'll still have the role on Discord.
8. At this point it's safe to disconnect your Discord account in the Patreon settings page, and you'll now have the role forever! (*Given that you stay in the server and the owner doesn't notice.)


Yep, quite literally every single time
I use an alt account with a different name too so I still have access to most of them outside of the few real paranoids who randomly reset shit
I rarely use the thing more than once a month so my names practically never in the online list either

I tend to sub randomly between them every few months tho to try and ease the suspicion a bit when I'm being more frequently active

File: 1667355824700.png (260.66 KB, 632x318, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at ….png)


While some of his 10,00 yen content are available on kemono, there's a handful links that are sent through PMs. wanted to join but it's not the price i have a problem with, his system is a bit too all over the place and sketchy
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Fucking gross.


because you can’t get it spoonfed anymore? just pay for it and import it manually


Stop paying braindead scribblers you fucking horny walletheads. That shit is not even worth 1 yen it's literally a pyramid scheme by some deranged weeaboo.


OY! vey what did you say? projecting artist seething about what? implying you furfags dont do the same jew tactics behind that paywall


the fucker mad greedy i heard supporters would still have to pay more for asking simple questions just bc they're taking his "time"

File: 1667455050046.png (13.75 KB, 550x218, text.PNG)


I made a thread before there was a mass reset or something on this board about an artist using bold text for their passwords and not being able to see it, which got fixed, but now it's broken again. I can decipher the older passwords with inspect element, but that's kind of tedious. Also, the newer ones are image links which have gone from just being a text link to now completely missing.
The post in pic rel:


File: 1667455240014.png (7 KB, 360x170, image.PNG)

And an example I know is supposed to be a link to an image and is now just gone:


passwords if you want em

File: 1667587040558.jpg (8.28 KB, 216x225, 7471b095a27c6ab187d4639cd2….jpg)


Your new search function sucks. So did your old one. You try for so much fancy shit and it won't even load. Make a minimalist search function that loads no images and only starts searching when you press enter. And set the default click to open a page in a new tab.


I agree this fucking shit sucks kys


I can't wrap my head around on why did they decide to remove the click to open the artist page in new tab. Now you either need to click and hold to open context menu to open it in new tab


Also, why don’t posts show up in chronological order? It’s weird to be searching for something and there’s a 2019 image mixed in with 2022 images.


Middle mouse button. If you’re a phonefag then there are ways to emulate that sort of functionality but it’s always a pain.

It’s in import order. While having a separate page or option for chronological would definitely be appreciated, I think freshest imports first should probably be the default.



That’s fair. Maybe a sorting option or something for Chronological might be best.

File: 1667665916606.jpg (29.32 KB, 500x375, origisnal.jpg)


Wanna know if there's a way to remove my account permanently or simply to change the password.
Have been struggling but couldn't find any way.

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