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New anti kemono measure
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How did you get thru the patreon link? I go there and it’s locked like normal (btw thanks for password).


Found fix thanks to another thread about passwords.


You are really stupid if you cant find it, just saying.


how the hell are you so stupid that you can't even change the address to that post number?


how is bro this retarded

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Anyone have Forgotten Adventures' Dungeondraft Integration assets? They've deliberately kicked people off legacy tiers to force people to pay more via the new tiers and are doing it again. Tried using Kemono to access their files here, but I can't download them.


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>Kemono.party now redirects to kemono.su
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There's also .yu for Yugoslavia


Lol same, I thought it meant su as in linux su command kek.


Yes but .yu domains are not for sale anymore while .su is still operational.


So now it can't be taken down.


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Is there a way to crack passwords on mega? I want to see this artist drawings https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/49943941
But all of their stuff has a passwords that he can give if You show them your fancard but i don't have it and I would still like to see the art

File: 1706742220434.jpg (213.34 KB, 1298x1157, Untitled.jpg)


This is the third artist I found doing this trick: They upload the actual content on an external website, not on Patreon directly, where you then login with your credentials to view it.


Is there any way to circumvent this? or to make an importer for kemono?


They can't even keep up with their subscribestar importer bruh lol


People have been doing that for years to obfuscate their content for Patreon censorship and other reasons. I doubt any one case is directly due to kemono.


Here's another. Just heard about them, already muted and dead to me.


>offsite hosting
kodar/dreamertooth and infamous blitzdrachin are typically the first things that come to mind theres also lezhin comics i kept seeing in jew621 ads
btw keep this thread up ill be compiling a list of all websites they use, TeeHee i wonder if i could hack the wordpress paywall plugin this looks fun

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It does not appear to be downloadable from this link.

File: 1706753466147.png (4.52 KB, 255x208, 1652607289341.png)


Any chance a admin could help me with this ? i had a bunch of a favorite saved & all but migrated pc since the last one died and i can't seem to remember what password i had


File: 1706754428314.png (52.21 KB, 420x420, Png.png)

1- Why didn't you use a password manager?
2- Not possible. Create a new account.
3- Who cares about your favorites? probably now you had time to search all of them again

File: 1706414538224.jpg (199.43 KB, 1632x842, Screenshot 2024-01-27 2150….jpg)


An artist named Shungikuten shares his passwords for the rar files on a website called "clip studio." The problem is that there aren't any passwords to be seen there. Is there something I have to access to see it? or am I just retarded? https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/5921803/post/6772970
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If you're not going to edit psd/clip files, you don't need them


If the artist decides to leave them as a separate layer instead of baking them in, this being one of them, you can remove the censor bars, so don't be so quick to judge why someone wants something



Alternatively, anon can use AI to decensor it in the event one can't get the psds.


In practice sounds like a solution but the AI will just create something else instead of actually showing what's under the censorship


if you only want the psd foruncensored, someone is posting them in here: https://exhentai.org/g/2814635/759d037fbc/


A discord server dedicated to leaking Reit's exclusive alts is listed but it doesn't seem to work anymore, does anyone know if it's still a thing? Or is there a new server. LMKA discord server dedicated to leaking Reit's exclusive alts is listed but it doesn't seem to work anymore, does anyone know if it's still a thing? Or is there a new server. LMK

File: 1706582588505.png (67.54 KB, 210x208, Capture.PNG)


im not only glad that pixiv fanbox stuff is back, but alittle sad too. An account that goes by Animacon finally got their stuff ported but its all locked behind a password in the dms.

can emails be ported from pixiv fanbox? if not someone please tell me the password to animacon's archive


is there not a direct upload/dms function?


no, when you check out any of the posts they only have the png of what the video has and several people commenting for the password. There isn't even a dm selection and the announcements have nothing.

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