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Hiccears is a site that operate like a hybrid of Fanbox/Patreon and Gumroad, where there isn't any (presumably) moderation nor censorship, and guro art are quite dominant there. As there hasn't been any support for this platform yet, can someone share me a place that provide stuffs from Hiccears?



Was hoping Hiccears would get some attention, but it's still a very small fringe site without a lot of well known artists, and very few of those artists actually do the premium/paid content route instead just using it as a place to host the more questionable content other sites don't allow..
I just can't see the people working behind the scenes to run and maintain KP adding into in for such a small pool of artists, especially when not only would it rely on said mostly unknown site being rip-able, but also needing the people who actually posses it's contents to know about this site in the first place, AND be willing upload said content.
All while the programmers still need to fix the SubStar, Gumroad, DLsite, AND now Discord features that have been down for months

Again, I'd like it added, it just doesn't seem viable though, so the best place to go for now is still sad panda, hiccears exclusives have been uploaded there before.


Thanks for your reply, though its kinda suck how hard it is to access sad panda, given all of its security and stuff. Might there be any other option though?


>kinda suck how hard it is to access sad panda, given all of its security and stuff.
Make an account on main site, wait one week for probation to end, log-in on mainsite, replace dash with x in address, win.
What's so hard about that, other than a little wait?

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What can I do if I have problems downloading compressed files?


Could you clarify what problem you're experiencing precisely?

File: 1636226278301.jpg (131.92 KB, 575x481, ace951afede7a9e968986ac123….jpg)


Oh boy, I can't wait to support my favorite artists, especially Spindles and Kidmo. I really hope they release the content I paid for on a reasonable schedule and don't scam me out of my money by leaving for 3+ months at a time while leaving their Patreon open…!
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lasterk's been gone for three years but still left his patreon open lol


Tell that to the retarded patron who keep supporting him.


You're not getting scammed. You do realize that the primary purpose of patreon is to give donations, right? And that exclusive content is only a bonus, right?


No it fucking ain't, if you don't provide the rewards the tiers you have offer patreon will outright get on your ass if enough patrons reports the issue

If you just want donations and not to sell access to exclusive content make a fucking Kofi, ffs


File: 1660063698998.gif (261.79 KB, 75x68, image0.gif)

If I had all the money in the world, I would support a lot of artists I like and I would not pirate.
But sadly this world has fucked me so I am going to cry in the shower about it as I download everything I can for free.

File: 1653305001156.png (179.89 KB, 375x381, Captura.PNG)


yoooo what is the name of the kemono.partys mascot

she is hot
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She's cute, but I wouldn't want to draw fan art of her.
If I draw a character from a copyright infringement site, I'll lose credibility as an artist.
Even though she hasn't done anything wrong…
It's sad.


File: 1659995131774.jpg (16.98 KB, 588x525, image0 (2).jpg)

Thanks! I'll just make do with this and think up the other angles. If I do draw K-tan in the future I might share it here first.
Very sad. If we don't feel like sharing, at least we can enjoy drawing for ourselves. Her design is fun but I wouldn't want people jumping to odd conclusions about me either (or going on to pull their support from other people who could really use it). I will however say as a small artist the site has been a valuable learning resource and I'm thankful for it.


If you really want to be a full-fledged artist, I don't think you should be using piracy sites.
What goes around comes around.


You'd be surprised how many big artists use Kemono on the regular


File: 1660002055462.jpg (47.2 KB, 750x767, inconspicuous filename.jpg)

Respectfully disagree. I don't believe that privately perusing the site is the same as being a vocal advocate and contributor to unrestricted piracy. Were I subscribed to your brand of karmatic justice you might've had a good point.

As a "full-fledged" artist, if I had an unsecured subscription model with in-demand content, I would most likely get scraped by bad actors regardless of whether or not I was a known KP user. I believe reasonable options in this case would be working around it, evolving countermeasures or changing my business model to something less compatible. It's like a arms race of security between leakers and creators, if that makes sense. Maybe at most I'd have to worry about being blacklisted by antis who think I'm replaceable.

File: 1659884426784.png (71.64 KB, 749x171, 20220807-16591631-16598843….png)


Hi, i need help downloading content from 虚子, he uploads Koikatsu cards, i find it actually impossible to download anything from this user, he gives a link to MEGA but the rar is password protected, to get the password you must "Click the picture to get the password" but i can't find anything clicking on any image, i think it's useless to have this creator posts if you can't actually download anything, maybe i'm just dumb, i will be thankful if someone knows how to download, thank you.


With user Keiyuu the same happens, in this case the description says "Click on the first image of the post and it's at the bottom.", but in this case no download link provided.

File: 1659376096769.jpeg (90.66 KB, 800x816, e70bb461-9a21-494c-874e-f….jpeg)


Is there a way to download shit from Skeb without this ugly ass text on it? If so, please fucking tell me how.


yes, find out who commissioned it and ask him or her to give you the picture or ask the artist for it


The artist obviously won't help unless you kidnap him and… Encourage him… but IIRC this picture was commissioned by Tony Blair so you could write to him directly. I know he would be willing to help. You may be obliged to do a favour afterwards one day, but… Nothing too weird, I'm sure.


Dunno if anything can actually be done, but give me an example page.
I know about Skeb as a certain commissioning platform, haven't really used it.


This. Skeb isn't a paywall gallery site, it's a commission delivery site. The only one who has access to the full resolution art is the artist and the client. some artists do post their commissions to pixiv/skeb sometimes though.


It would not be that difficult to create a script that automatically detects and removes the skeb SAMPLE watermark from an input image, given an initial sample of pairs of otherwise identical images with & without the watermark (not hard to find). I have been meaning to get around to doing this using python at some point. If I do so, I'll post it in this thread.
(Obviously don't run random python scripts from an imageboard without reading through them first to make sure they are doing what they claim to)

File: 1659384409851.jpg (180.62 KB, 1080x556, Screenshot_20220802-050404….jpg)


thank you for subscribing 구독해주셔서 감사합니다 https://mega.nz/folder/RN9G1Czb#ZO3YYdE2DTH6_96TDJxiVg SS-EP23 SS-EP22 SS-EP16 SS-EP13 CM-03 MHS-EP08
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>aren't we supposed to be laughing at creatorfags like the old shark thread?

Don't forget the Clown Feet and RMB fedora thread lol.

>Nobody on here likes the faggot and his fucking ESL tard rambling

Cry more…


>>22864 >>22865 (irony is that ive been telling admins to use a wordfilter before and they never did anything)
it would be a cold day in hell before that even happens
the fact that admins could not disable image uploads and prevent thread creations on /requests/ is more than enough to show their incompetence

>>22862 oh hey one of admin's 50 cent army units


you mean 0 cent?


No, 0 shillings.


now you listen here, chang

he's not ESL

File: 1655761752193.jpg (132.56 KB, 850x837, sample_0b90ebb592acdde9443….jpg)


I know he draws humans SOMETIMES, but for me, not enough. Does anyone know any artists who draw similar insane/outrageous style bodies but not animal people all the time? Doesn't have to be humans ALL the time, but just someone who caters for people who prefer humans.

I always end up with a half/half looking at this guys pics lol.
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Bless you anon


Can't wait to see none of the posts get imported in time before he deletes it


banana warning but surprised no one has mentioned sangeriya


Very good body shapes, thanks! I don't have a Twitter but I found 2 of his leaked accounts here.




Yep, I posted them a week or so ago but the post got deleted because I used the cover of a futanari doujin as the image lmao

File: 1659382707712.png (2.26 MB, 5120x2880, neon.png)


Is there no documentation for kemono

like /api/creators is there no other?


File: 1656509922775.png (207.19 KB, 1052x265, Screenshot 2022-06-29 2038….png)


How to watch mimi4545 in vimeo
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I can get mimi4545's videos using that method, but couldn't get any from snuffy's patreon when I tried, even copied your pic exactly


This method works for some videos but sadly not all of them but hey good work still better than the useless admin and mods who provide no help whatsoever


i tried using this and it didn't work, after i put it in options, am i supposed to put the vimeo link in the url thing and download it? cause doing that does not work


File: 1659329770625.png (24.75 KB, 706x426, WE.png)


File: 1659361244206.png (19.18 KB, 982x239, 000156.png)

You forgot the "/video/" between the "player.vimeo.com" and the video number.

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