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File: 1681300911276.jpg (100.07 KB, 640x400, unnamed.jpg)


I'm trying to figure out what the easiest way to download all the images from an artist's page on KP would be?
Would Jdownloader2 be the best option?


I personally just use gallery-dl. Works perfectly on linux for me.


Youre a complete noob that cant even use google, loooool
Get fucked

File: 1681098314734.jpeg (709.14 KB, 1125x1360, IMG_4726.jpeg)


Does anybody know why this artist's drive link always empty?


He's probably just discovering they've been leaked then nuking or emptying them himself to stop the leaks.

RIP to manual upload button. The thing that would stop this kind of shit dead. An artist can't just nuke a rar/zip if it was uploaded by "some random pirate". But people leaking official links (as in this case I assume) is just like asking for it to get immediately nuked. It won't take any paywall artist with a brain long to see what's happening and simply stop it as easy as batting an eyelid.

File: 1680793121388.png (10.81 KB, 1902x877, Screenshot (155).png)


i'm new to the site and i wanted to download some pictures but when i click the download link it just brings me to a black site with only a code.
what do?


Never seen this problem yet. What is the artists page link? What pics are you trying to DL? Some details would help.


this one: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/5818586
it does the same with every file


There's your issue bud. "The archives can be found via the Discord server." I guess you're going to have to buy it, join their discord, and import that. Otherwise it's impossible.

File: 1679326821968.png (6.83 KB, 503x115, image_2023-03-20_163952985.png)


I am currently subscribed to a SubscribeStar user, and tried to import them. I've now waited a week and they're not showing up on the website. Is the SubscribeStar importer just slower than the others, or does my request not work? I have imported both a Discord channel as well as a Patreon page previously, both which worked totally fine.


The subcribestar importer has been broken for like 2 years or so. Yeah it sucks.
The only thing you can do is upload that artist to sites like exhentai.



If I were you, I would be really careful with my SubscribeStar account because of all the "testimonies" other users have posted where their accounts had been banned when they used to import or even without importing content, SubscribeStar have banned their accounts anyway.


They stop the SubscribeStar importer to prevent more people of having their credit cards and future cards block. They implemented a feature that can detect and automatically block people credit cards on their site for using Kemono.


ditto 28430. You can also make a Thread on f95zone.

File: 1680451840228.png (508.37 KB, 826x464, Zrzut ekranu (1810).png)


Is there a post in here about requests regarding updating those kemono archives, which require to be updated, or if there was new content by author of original content from there? I would like to write a request for there and to make one myself, in case there was no recent post like that. If there was not, can I be permitted to make such post, or at least is someone obligated to do that?
Included file is an example.


Pretty sure asking for updates counts as a request which is forbidden because the mod team is too small to handle prease undastand.
I think that that specific example is technically not an updated post. It looks like the artist deleted that post and reuploaded a different version.
Good taste though


Given that I see an email linked to your name, are you one of the staff? If so, thank you for explaining this calmly for once instead of calling the general userbase "retards". I legitimately appreciate this response after the shit mods have constantly thrown at us in the top pinned thread.


Well, I don't see post where request can be laid, so I thought this post could lend me directions to the post I look for. And what you said exactly says the matter. The post I pinpointed with text is not available anymore, since the updated version was posted.


All the more reason to have a request button added to the main site.

File: 1680899864736.png (411.08 KB, 651x635, Screenshot_661.png)


I tried to download a file containing an artist password

File 1
File 2

But trying to download them result in 403 Forbidden Access
Just asking if anyone know a way to bypass this


There's this paywall bypass site called kemono party that often has fanbox creators on it, try checking there


Sorry captain obvious
I won't be here if the leaked zip files didn't get locked behind a 20 fkin digit long passwords


File: 1680211218504.png (58.62 KB, 207x259, Screenshot (1132).png)


Hi, first time posting so sorry if it's the wrong place. The links on Kemono are downloading as bin files and this is happening with every artist I've tried. Is this a site problem or a me problem, and how do I fix this please?
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>Just change .bin to original format, its simple.

No, it fucks up the file


>No, it fucks up the file

wtf you on about?
if it fucks up the file,
the file was fucked in the first place, has nothing to do with changing the file name.


Probably was supposed to be RAR but he renamed it to ZIP. I know because I saw him do it.


Doesn't work with .package files
They remain bin files even when renamed


Wait nevermind
My windows was still in the original settings that don't let you change file extensions through renaming (fuck microsoft)

File: 1678676533649.png (583.64 KB, 786x599, Probably.png)


I want to buy some fuck's Patreon because I want to dump it, can I just buy a prepaid card and make up a fake name and buy it?

Am I overthinking this?
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You can't use a Debit Card, it can be put in but the moment Patreon's system reads it's a debit card it fails the payments a month after you subscribe to someone with it. Which fucking bites considering I don't have a credit card and my debit card has a lot of money to use.


Using a credit card directly linked to your personal identity to buy furry guro futa scat loli porn and then allowing a legally dubious closed-source website to use your browser cookies to leak said artwork sounds like a great idea to me.


there is oldubil… But their card is not suitable for funbox, only patreon


you could try privacy.com , they are a website that allows you to make different virtual cards to use for different purposes, you can set spending limits and even make them one time use iirc


File: 1679295589625.png (127.9 KB, 1875x487, image_2023-03-20_145925961.png)


OGzReacts links all lead to the same text document.


that's supposed to be an m3u file not a txt file

File: 1680539156542.jpg (3.67 KB, 160x160, 15096291.jpg)



> Ok so there are some leaks from my page on some sites and groups.

> If you subscribe to patreon, you leave your email behind and your information, so it is possible to find the person.


oy vey. The nigger wants his shekels for pimping out these white honkies.


I did get emailed by him twice, so funny that dmca is a mere suggestion :)


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*see … "Oy" (and other iconic Jew noises already)

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