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If I import paid posts from fanbox, am I gonna pay or is it automatically going to be bypassed? Especially old posts like this?


Of course you're gonna be charged. What, do you think we can somehow magically bypass paywalls with voodoo and whatever else? No chance. You pay, import, then job's done.


fanbox don't have time gated feature
pixiv themselves said it's counterproductive

but that won't stop artist create a new plan to charge you old content

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Is there a way to contact Kemono admins or mods? Do they even bother answering in such case?
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We are everywhere and looking at any post or message.

I personally look at all emails sent to kemonodmca@protonmail.com
So if you need something answered quick just email there, i dont really care what you sent except requests, they get trashed instantly!

So make it worth my time and i will respond.


Thank You.
>So make it worth my time and i will respond.
Does it mean that if You don't respond the email's not worth it?


Thank You for all information. That was helpful.
But I have one last question. I've sent it just now. Would be grateful if You also answer it.


No promises. Should it not contain the previous mentioned criteria, along with your registry of the copyright from the copyright office, there is nothing to be talked about.


I understand. Thanks for the information.

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Oh boy, I can't wait to support my favorite artists, especially Spindles and Kidmo. I really hope they release the content I paid for on a reasonable schedule and don't scam me out of my money by leaving for 3+ months at a time while leaving their Patreon open…!


File: 1636243498643.gif (49.66 KB, 220x160, excelente-burns.gif)

haha get scammed idiot lmao

File: 1628779552699.png (174.41 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)


This thread is a successor of "DRM artists" threads from the dead yiff.party and paywall.party boards.

Discuss, explain, and or rant about artists and their bad sides in this thread, as well as their usage and methods regarding the paywalls that is getting even more 'ferocious' as time passes.

REMEMBER TO KEEP THINGS COOL IN HERE, otherwise you'll risk yourself, others, or even worse, this very thread, to be deleted.
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Same, I don't know the artist but what a dick move lol.


>Kinda related, now that Onlyfans is about to Tumblr itself, I wonder which paywall site will be the next to fall?
Scratch that, they finally found where their brains were and backpedalled on that plan.


I heard Patreon banned him for doxxing people.


Even doxxing people? And I guess its all just because of a few pirated pics. Thats vindictive AF…


is it possible to share all patreon posts of a selection of artists or do you have to share your entire feed on kemono?

i kinda don't want to hurt small creators neither do i wanna risk being found out as the person sharing as it would be obvious with some.

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So, I noticed, we follow the format and reply to the sticky threads, and within that thread, I see posts vanish

How the heck do we tell if its done?
Because I see people posting valid requests, within the format rules as well, but when we check the site, we see nothing to show the request was fulfilled or denied.

Am I missing something?
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It might've been a duplicate request then. We're trying to delete duplicate requests to give others an equal chance to get their request seen. Having loads of the same creators in the same thread does a disservice and acts as spam, so please keep this in mind.


fair, though I didnt see anyone ask for the same artist, in any of the viewable request threads.

So it was abit disheartening


When a new request thread is created the previous one seems to get deleted, so I assume I can request the same artist I requested in the deleted thread, right?


Yes. The last thread doesn't get deleted for a while though, I just lock it and unpin.


OP here, So if an old thread is removed and I do not notice the artist requested again, I can re-request??

Cause I did say I didnt see them still updated at all and its been weeks.

File: 1635999841108.jpg (6.9 KB, 289x124, 26w.jpg)


Any new on when will flagging comes back?


Something about potential abuse
Seems like a good opportunity to implement revision history like a wikipedia page for posts


Read the maintenance sticky. That tells you everything.

File: 1635739340753.jpg (100.04 KB, 735x632, 1624329188668.jpg)


Probably the dumbest question ever asked here. But how does this actually work? If someone accepts a request in a Request Thread and uploads content from a Patreon/etc., do they just keep doing it every single month? At some point, if they stop, do you re-request in a Request Thread?

Or do you re-request for a creator every month?


There are far dumber quesions, that's a fair one.

You cannot control the importer's brain unless you import yourself, even with auto-import on. They could unsub immediately after importing or stay for years. The former is much more likely.

If you see missing posts anywhere or a corrupt import, that's a valid reason to request again as long as you follow the rules established by admins and mods. If you additionally include the missing post ids because you've coded something on your side to be able to tell exactly what is missing and what tier is needed to get all of it, then you can also provide this to make it smooth.

Do remember many plans are expensive and willing importers are scarce, spread the word about kemono and check for non-simp patrons willing to share. Angry ones won't be waiting for you to tell them twice.


File: 1635883954158.jpg (74.43 KB, 445x766, These Fuckers LOL.jpg)

>Do remember many plans are expensive

These people are fucking insane, but fair play to them for having the cheek to charge so much for very average quality art.

And I used to think $£15 was the most you could charge before I found this madman!


>paying to write a story
What kind of bumfuck backwards bullshit is this?


Would post the "everyday we stray further from god" meme, but will wait for some white knight defending the author and saying patrons know what they're paying for.


I'd do it if it was something worthwhile (since love of creation/art > work), but this is hardly worthwhile at all.

File: 1635917570162.png (12.13 KB, 3840x2160, Discord-Logo.png)


is there a way to download an entire archived channel from kp or at least load the whole thing at once?

Spamming "load more" for hours isn't something I look forward to doing.

File: 1635872322677.png (66.42 KB, 600x600, 090.png)


Still trying to find the best content & ad blocker for mobile device ever since kemono ads are getting more and more annoying, especially the one with the video since it slowed down my connection & performance on both android and iPhone. Since iOS 15 has been released, Apple has introduced safari extensions for iPhone. So I wonder if there any of you know the best and greatest content blocker extensions for it. I tried ad block plus but it didn't work that great. Is there am alternatives to it. Also does extensions only available for Safari only? or other browser also support it?

And for Android, is there any recommended browser that has a build-in ad blocker? I've heard about Brave Browser but each time the data and cache gets cleaned, it also delete the tabs on Incognito sections.


ew no, unless you have iOS 8.x or lower. for jailbreaking, and big bucks if it's a clean JB device.

if you have root access you can directly block what you don't want in the hosts file, including things that are not ads though extensions will do that too. Android might have a port of uBlock or similar if it helps.


I use uBlock on my Android tab. Works fairly well, but it doesn't seem to be as effective as the PC version. And it breaks the UI & functionality of some sites, EG Rule34. Tried every option and with certain sites, you have no choice but to turn the blocker off. On PC uBlock, this is virtually never the case.

File: 1635660531577.jpg (45.77 KB, 1032x515, fuck.JPG)


so i actually wanting to grab some psd files for my friend who is a fan of the artist but cant pledge in the paysite, but the psd list in google drive are a clusterfuck of japanese words saying "untitled artwork"

some got numbers on it but due to the size, most of them can't be previewed. how tf am i supposed to know which one i need?

i already got few from other link for recent artworks and it's from a result of me trying to similarize the upload dates of both the psd file(s) and the artworks with the same pic in the psd. this trick doesn't work with that clusterfuck link i mentioned above however since all the upload dates for all the psds are the same

anyone can help please? no way i'm gonna download all the fucking psds at once and check it out with my lame ass laptop


be a good friend and download them all. let your friend sort through them.


Couldn't you just give the G Drive link to your mate and let him do the downloading and sorting himself?


Send the Google Drive link here, I' ll download them and give you a low res preview for each file with the respective name. Deal?


thanks a lot buddy. i wish i could do something in return for your kindness

here you go:

syuro psd links (2019 to march 2021)

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