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Oftentimes the results work with the name in the URL, like for Fanbox. Sometimes you need to search the artist name under the same circumstance. One example is 田貸魔, for whom "takashima" doesn't return the same result.
Either way, it makes searching aggravating. Can't it work for both?


I've noticed that searching for Fanbox creators is somewhat inconsistent on Kemono. Usually trying the display name (in that case 田貸魔) and then trying the part of the URL before fanbox (takashima-0721) works, but there have been a few times were neither worked and I had to try variations of the name.
A surefire but annoying way to check if a Fanbox is on Kemono is to inspect elementand click the background or profile image and get the hidden user number from the image url (…/creator/82295273/… for that guy), then go to the url https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/[user number here].

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posts in kemono party says I have to click the picture, but I'm not exactly sure what to click

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Hello, After I setted my account, tried to post a comment but I could not. So, what I must need to do or have?


You can't participate or interact with the comments because they are happening on a different website entirely, and being recorded here. Those are the comments of the actual artist's patrons.


You can't. The comments section is for comments scraped from the posts within the paysite.


Thank you for the answers, I just have that doubt.


well that sucks 4plebs has a ghost posting feature yet they dont get spammed so far

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Why does the Fanbox importer try to import from creators I no longer sub to or even follow? It wastes so much time when only 1% of its results are free posts and 99% are behind a paywall. Why doesn't it just crawl the accounts I support, or at least the ones I follow?


This has been a thing for over one year, there were no replies about it. Best way would be to do like fantia and only scrape paid posts.

It should technically stop importing if you block the creator. Fanbox puts you on autofollow at the end of your subscription and you have to remove each one manually, if it still doesn't work then blacklist the creator so useless posts won't get imported.

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As everyone already knows, a lot of artists are retarded and deserve to be gutted.


This one in particular is uploading files that are 15 GB each to Mega.

How do you download this without a paid Mega account?
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>"It's like 5 USD per month is too much to pay for some."
>99% probability anon's leeching and has 0 imports on kemono



Someone should actually make a record of how many accounts have stored keys. Would be interesting to see


Doing what you said will work fine but I believe the quota gets reset after 6 hours have elapsed since the first transfer, not after 24 hours. Accountless or free account IP quota is 5GB until the IP gets blocked.


I use JDownloader 2.
You might want to try to do a single .7z with all the extracted PSD files in it on the "ultra" setting to see what happens. Zip is universally garbage.
>where to reupload
Torrents or maybe archive.org. They won't really bother you if an item upload is under 50GB, but it may have to be marked as NSFW.


A single 7z with all of the PSDs would take a lot of time and requires a lot of processing power. Not recommended.

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Is Kemonoparty ever going to implement this into imports so these posts can actually be accessed? Getting real annoying especially for artists like Zankuro that used them for a couple posts like this.

Wouldn't be opposed to people just posting the passwords here, but being able to import them from fanbox posts would be better.


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You realize you can just go to the original post for that right


gonna be honest, did not know that's how it worked. thanks for pointing it out for my retard brain anon


would actually be useful to import the tags as well to save time (similarly to f.e. the profile which directly links to the original profile).

I also noticed that the formatting of the comments is getting lost, which is kinda preventing unzipping his latest post

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Note: First of all, please note that this article is written in a translator.

When searching on post, it is posted randomly, not in the latest order. So if you're searching, you just have to look it up one by one. My suggestion is to make it visible in the order in which it was recently uploaded.


Posts are already sorted by date of creation.


No they are not


File: 1669231656543.jpeg (190.56 KB, 1078x1078, bikeing anime girl.jpeg)

"Artist" post results are sorted by the date they were published on the platform.
"Global" post results are sorted by the date they were added to Kemono.
Never random.


Would be great to have RSS feeds for artist pages. It was probably suggested before, haven't seen it though.



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I’m not sure if the patreon importer has been turn off intentionally to make a way for the fanbox and fantia to be imported first due to the change in pixiv rules, but come on guys it’s almost reach the end of the month and in just a few days my patreon subscription will be ended. I can’t afford to pay for it until 2 more months and I’m afraid that creator will delete some of its post due to some unexplained reason
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you can simply manually download the stuff you have acess to


Is this true? If so I’m glad to hear it. I serious in financial issue and hadly to say if I could afford for another month or not…
I did, using gallery-dl and hydrus but unfortunately it somehow triggers the patreon antibot stuff idfk why. Only some goes through until it gets error and stopped download. If I kept trying I’m afraid my ip address get blocked and using vpn is expensive as I can’t even afford 6 dollars for a patreon pledge.


as long as they aren't deleted yes, patreon forgot to implement a feature that forces users to remain subscribed or pay again

creators emulate that by deleting their stuff at the end of the month


Is this why some of my fave artists pages haven’t been updated in a while


If the importers trying to import decided to do it after Shitreon went nuts yes. If it's been like that for a while then nobody tried or checked their imports for fails.

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title. we were on hetzner before, what is it now?


Jeremy Clarkson is the host of the site RN. I don't know who Hetzner is (never heard of him) but the previous host was actually Chris Tarrant, if you remember. Apparently Craig Charles is already contracted to be the next host, after Frank Bruno turned down the role.


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AFAIK frenschan uses flokiNET inb4 my post gets baleeted for exposing thier fed honeypot
Im not sure if old YP used whatbox-ca since they allow 2TB of storage for a very cheap price (and is mostly torrent oriented judging by the name of it)

>is hetzner good

idk but the jarty used vultr and kooz false reported it then they moved hosts quickly


8790 guy has been detected with 89% certainty. Sorry I forgot the part of your name that comes before the numbers.


What happened to your 125.x.x.x IPs? Ran out of them? Or are you really someone else in Gurugram?

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Are there any backup plans for when the domain gets seized by authorities?
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inb4 this causes mass doomposting


Using only zones maintained by ru-center for the mirrors is a bit shortsighted imo. kemono.party is included into the RKN blocking registry since 07.10.2022, and is actively being blocked in Russia since 24.10.2022.

Given that it was included into the registry based on article 15.1, you can safely assume it is listed under the CP category by RKN. So the moment they realize you are now using .ru/.su, they will forward the case to a prosecutor's office and your domains will be seized.


damn, this true?


I got kemono.to too.


The .Su domain is located in the Jungles of Suriname. Yes. That is true.

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