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File: 1717659941420.png (1011.19 KB, 1067x742, Screenshot 2024-06-06 1445….png)


Can anyone tell me where these Ai styles come from? (I only use them for personal use, and do not influence other artists)

{some images have text: "CUTSAPPICY" "PATRELON DIEUSPICY" ??
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He used novelai. It costs $25 a month. This particular style is usually a mix of cutesexyrobutts, blushyspicy and nyantcha, YD, etc. You'll see this style all over pixiv if turn off your AI filter. Some of the uploads there have unscrubbed metadata.

If you don't want to spend $25 to generate slop, just use stable diffusion (a1111 or forge) with the ponyXL checkpoint + the floox lora from civitai.


>>41233 TensorAI is pretty good, too.

SeaArt, though, depending on the generated image, will censor your output because prudish, dinosaur, kike overlords (whom, more than likely, are monopolistic pedofiles/hypocrites themselves) have final say. They also cucked AI training for TensorArt from using explicit images, speaking of.

@AnonAdmin I've a VPN. Cry harder, bitch nigger.


Thats truck kun if im not mistaken

I went on NovelAI and all I see is NAI Diffusion Anime V3 V2 and V1

Is that the style you are talking about?

And for stable diffusion (a1111 or forge) can you run that locally, is there a video guide on how to install it and run it locally.

And finally most important part: what are the types of prompts used. Because tbh making ai slop is way cheaper and from the looks of it easier if you know what to do.


It's v3.

Just know that local requires a fairly beefy nvidia gpu. There are install instructions on their respective github pages, or you can watch a YT video about it.

Anything else you need to know you'll have to figure out yourself, it's very painful process overall and requires a lot of trial and error.

Just start with ponyxl/autismmix and adetailer.

You can learn more about loras and prompts by checking the stuff uploaded to civitai.


I have an rtx 3060, and for yt vids you got any recommendations because github pages ion think that'll help me out

File: 1718116513740.png (3.58 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2502.png)


I've deleted pages years ago and found old shit posted here. I want the page removed. I reached out through the websites contact page over the course of a year and I’ve gotten nothing. How can I have the old page leaked here removed?
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If you happened to write down the password for deletion that appeared when you made this post, I strongly encourage using it to delete this, since your archived profile was favourited by less than a 100 people before and is now posted at the frontpage of kemono's forum, which will dramatically boost its visibility.


File: 1718280677638.gif (1.94 MB, 461x498, leonardo-dicaprio-clapping.gif)



I love when e-Thots find out that the world is bigger than their cell phone screen and find out what "an Internet" actually is.

That being said I can guarantee out of many billions of e-Thots, nobody knows or cares who you are.



Hey, thanks for posting. I've never seen your posts so I looked them up to see what you want deleted. You were pretty nasty three years ago and now I'll get to enjoy that ForEver!

Protip: The more you complain, the more people will look at your pics. You're only drawing attention with your shame.


>its competitors keep getting bullied and DDoS'd by the site admins to keep their monopoly

File: 1717881822708.jpg (210.28 KB, 1432x410, cbsjdicñs.JPG)


'Sup y'all, I got told I might get some more results here.
I'm trying to fill out a spreadsheet of ASMR artists on youtube, plus if they don NSFW or not, so if you wanna contribute, either check it out (My contacts are there), or reply with whoever you'd add.


You said this list was English only, but "PamPam ASMR" is a Spanish speaking one? Anyway, I wish you good luck and hopefully somebody will create something for more languages.

File: 1717599168824.png (427.56 KB, 650x933, Captura de pantalla (6).png)


I have scraped some of the posts that were supposed to have video files, but the end result was only text files.

I think that they don't seem right.

I don't know. What do you think?

I tried flagging them since I really think there is a problem.

I'll add an image for proof, even though they only allow me one image.


File: 1717600068411.png (298.69 KB, 1670x664, Captura de pantalla (3).png)


If you look inside the text files, you’ll notice they refer to .m3u8 files. To my understanding, those are streamed playlists that are often taken down by the uploader after a while, so that makes them impossible to import, since there’s nothing to import but an offline stream. These weird text files are the result of trying to import them anyway. They’re unusable because the content no longer exists.
If I’m totally wrong about this, someone feel free to call me a retard and correct me.


I download them and rename them as m3u8 and using VLC works sometimes



M3U8 links expire after 24 hours. Since it's such a pain in the ass to get them re-imported, it's best to keep track of your favorite artists, sadly. I learned this lesson the hard way. Otherwise you'll have to wait who knows how long.

>inb4 old post reply moment

Don't care.

File: 1716299174693.jpg (109.8 KB, 1169x1130, GGqwDApWoAEGEWp.jpg)


So, since reqs are dead it's pretty much just crossing your fingers and hoping an artist you want gets imported?
If yes, who are some of your favorite artists who have already been imported? wanna find some new ones to follow.


there're request threads over on /r/ 4chan, dummy!


You know there retarded shit going on in 4chan and any request containing some shit looking BARELY like a "loli" isn't accepted right? Like. I saw guys not being able to request shit with clearly adult characters only because they lacked curves


Hey does anyone have the discord link to an "unofficial" kemono party discord server? I used to be in it and idk what happened and the link i found from february is expired


I'd love to request on 4chan but I'm pretty sure posting furry anything won't go over well.
So I guess i just wait and hope?
Or is a request thread going to happen somehow?

File: 1703784050637.png (7.24 KB, 441x124, Untitled.png)


why do vimeo links in posts never seem to work and says the video doesn't exist ? it happens across multiple artits
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bump for people to see


Yeah I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve done literally everything in this list and it still says that because of privacy settings the video cannot be played. No matter what.


Same but I could still download those videos with yt-dl



File: 1718366302556.png (101.32 KB, 1605x780, image_2024-06-14_135738780.png)

so ive set up everything like in these posts but im still getting the privacy settings message on vimeo

File: 1718270394314.png (24.16 KB, 128x128, bruh.png)


Been waiting for ages, this shit ain't funny.


Quit begging fucktard. It's not going to be fixed.


File: 1718221349870.jpg (254.5 KB, 1561x2048, 20240613_044215.jpg)


It appears that Discord's Forum Channels are not being imported. Is this a defect in the program or an error by the importer?


I’ve noticed when importing that the forum channels act more like categories when being imported, in that every single individual (thread? subchannel?) in a forum channel has to be imported individually, when compared to normal channels, which will import every attached thread automatically. Also,
A. Kemono doesn’t actually distinguish them from normal channels in any way, it just mixes them in with no real rhyme or reason, which makes it a pain to sort through on here,
B. It’s also somehow more of a pain to sort through them on Discord, and finally,
C. There’s just not usually all that much valuable info in any given thread
So I imagine that whoever is importing a given server probably decided to either just not bother with most forum threads, especially given how inconsistent the importer is being lately (like right now, because Discord imports haven’t been working since Saturday,) or they are actually importing them, but it looks like they aren’t because they’re just added as more channels/threads.

File: 1718168512223.jpg (47.11 KB, 600x600, it broke.jpg)


so… The Patreon importer broke again…



Not much we can do man. I was going to help some people with the Toasterking issue but idk now? I want to see content from a specific artist but I wanted to help some people out with TK.


Hey people I know you can see this post I will try to fix the issue with Toasterking but is it possible someone update another artist for me?the Patreon importer is down but I am going to see what I can do.

File: 1709853519582.jpeg (31.54 KB, 160x160, IMG_0032.jpeg)


How do we get updated links for blue borschts archives, the passwords are getting updated on reimport of this post https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/92843119/post/6675731
But the archive links are in the discord server, which he says he changes often, I don’t think discord message edits are updated so does anyone have updated links?
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i only downloaded the 4000 pack and it's only part of the files from 2022 and 2023?


It's split in half, silly, download the rest.


"Unavailable for legal reasons"


Hopefully someone got both files (I only got the 4000) and upload them to torrent.


While we wait for Borscht to produce another month or two of content, I'll take a moment to remind everyone of BLVEFO9, who does similar artwork, who has an annual archive tier called "ANGELS", updated every time new works release, and the password never changes. Someone updated the discord May 25th, which gives the link to the 2024 archive, but no one has imported the Fanbox since February, which would give us the May2024-April2025 password.


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