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Oh look another fagola artist that's mad about Kemono

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The absolute soyest man


apparently I can't type for shit. I meant posts of artists losing their shit


Well, to console this individual, I can say that at least I wouldn't pay for their content anyway. And when I see someone's work at Kemono that makes me "wow!" enough to pay, I'd subscribe to them. But I will never pay for someone's shit unknown behind the paywall just because they say it's awesome. That's for me to decide. They can anally scream about how it's illegal all they want, I won't argue about this, and if they manage to prevent me from viewing their "paid content" - well, +100% probability of me not paying them, that's all it will do. Not giving away my money for dubious shit either way, so they can relax, there is no "missed profit".


Guy ain't even an artist. I couldn't see a single drawing/painting/sculpture on his page.

Just looks like some random Yank recording himself "doing everyday shit". How stupid ARE modern internet-gen people? Now we REALLY want to pay monthly to see reality TV shows of literal nobodies (like your nextdoor fucking neighbour)?

I used to think reactions (and unboxing FFSLOL) were a fucking funny joke, but this goes beyond even that… How sad can people get?

"Heres some random bloke who just bought a cat and painted his bedroom" … "Good for you mate. I couldn't give 2 shits about that. Tell your mates & family, we don't need to fucking know".

On the flipside: The only fucking idiots are the ones who're the punchline of this "joke". That is, the people stupid enough to actually put money into these shrewd swindlers pockets…


He's saving up all that donation money so he can turn this here Jamaica fantasy into an actual fucking holiday. He's got $4000 already put away (from recording himself shopping at Walmart and eating a doughnut), now he just needs another meager $6000 (from vids of him talking Texan to his cats and opening cardboard boxes? Sound good?).

"Wont somebody help crowd fund my every desire? Please? PLEEEAAAASE!!!" - Normal People, circa 2023

"HELL YEA WE WILL!" - Also Normal People, circa 2023.

File: 1680755746926.jpg (1.46 MB, 1152x1152, 106636495_p11.jpg)


Is there a way to get DMs from a specific creator? I tried looking in the DMs tab but it only allows me to search the content of the messages and not who sent them


DMs are broken currently, so no. Admins seem to be focusing on more pressing matters before this.

File: 1680603932631.png (55.41 KB, 387x702, 8GMF0_T]CR45WGWW[E@4C7Y.png)


Requesting help, I provided my Patreon secret key, but I found that the post of the author I sponsored was not imported into Kemono.

I am unable to find the artist "Qundium" I sponsored on the search artist interface. I request someone to answer this question.


File: 1680666149171.png (77.59 KB, 690x958, Ctr F Full_.png)

They are on there, it's just one of those artist where you can only find them with there id

Idk what system you used but things like google or brave idk the name but the command ctrl + shift + i and go to sources on the user's page and go to the pic I sent and do ctrl + F and type full_. You should find what you need if you look up a user's name or id and can't find it. (for the id you just change the numbers of the address like this ->https://kemono.party/patreon/user/___) But these are rare but is nice to know


follow up, it's the inspect command

File: 1677089854534.png (92.6 KB, 581x509, 3 (3).png)


I've been using the site for a long time but after a long while my downloads are now in numbers even though it has a name to it and zip files download in bin files… so could any of be updated or fixed? Tried downloads on other sites and everything's normal but kemonoparty is having issues…
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>You'll be able to have longer names for your downloaded files if you save the post's title as a blank file. See pic.
I already do something similar (see below) except the file contains a JSON of the post's data instead of being blank. Artists sometimes post links to MEGA or Dropbox or what have you and their post is only a preview; having the post content in a plain text file within the directory is useful. A simple shell loop can batch download links like that.

"postprocessors": [
"name": "metadata",
"event": "post",
"filename": "{date:%Y-%m-%d} {id} {title[:70]}.json"

I should probably drop {date} and {id} since that's already in the directory name in my case. I could mess with a string byte counter and increase the length of {title} as well.

>Pro tip: use this for your postprocessor if you're downloading metadata so you prevent downloading it more than one time.

Not sure if I understand this part. Would it do something similar for metadata JSON files (only download updated versions) if you also added a timestamp to said JSON file's filename? Jamming {content} into the archive seems like it would bloat the archive's filesize.


>Not sure if I understand this part
Without an archive, it'll download the metadata and overwrite it each time you run gallery-dl.

>Would it do something similar for metadata JSON files (only download updated versions) if you also added a timestamp to said JSON file's filename?

It won't overwrite the file if you use a timestamp.

>Jamming {content} into the archive seems like it would bloat the archive's filesize.

You can hash it. Here's an example of how to tell gallery-dl to compute SHA-1 of a post's title and add it to an archive file. https://pastebin.com/Q3k3C7mG

>Artists sometimes post links to MEGA or Dropbox or what have you and their post is only a preview; having the post content in a plain text file within the directory is useful

Here's how I get file sharing links from posts. Create a folder called "templates" in your gallery-dl directory and save this as "kemono.html" https://pastebin.com/4F2Ed2wT and add this to your config file https://pastebin.com/pmpni84f.

This will save the post as a HTML file in a subfolder called "metadata" inside your extractor's directory. Then, you can scroll through it with your browser by combining all of the HTML files into one HTML file and dragging the combined file to your browser. Since it's being saved to an archive and there's a timestamp in the filename, it'll only download the post when it's been updated, it won't overwrite your existing file and you'll know when the post has been updated when the "metadata" subfolder has one more "timestamp metadata.html".

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>You can hash [the content].
I had thought of hashing but didn't know you could do it so easily, thanks for the example.

>Here's how I get file sharing links from posts…

That's pretty interesting, I'll have to try that out later.

>Use this filter in the postprocessor if you want to only save a post if it contains an embedded URL or have the words mega or dropbox.

There's also the occasional one who uploads password-protected zips with the password in the comments, which usually find their way itno the JSON file generated.
I use the JSON files if anything "goes wrong" like that.


Oh yeah, that's a good reason to keep all of the posts, I'll probably start doing that too. Some artists on Fanbox are putting passwords behind a "card" and kemono.party pulls those but they're not visible on the site, do you know how to pull those with gallery-dl? https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/25646.html


Another tip for gallery-dl:
The -A (–abort) option is worth looking into. It's also available as the config option `extractor.*.skip: "abort:N"` where N is a number.
It greatly speeds up updating your collection by stopping the current job (posts by a creator) when N files that have already been downloaded are encountered. Since it downloads from kemono newest to oldest, encountering an already downloaded file usually means you've already gotten everything older than that file. I use it set to 1, and every once in a while I'll run a full sync just in case something weird happens and an old post I haven't gotten becomes available.

File: 1679944780891.jpg (61.11 KB, 907x1360, 51tAen4Y1zL.jpg)


Looks like someone on Fanbox figured out I was uploading shit and knows it was me. Am i fucked?


I know patreon creators can exclude you from subbing to them, dunno what fanbox can do. And the worst that can happen is account suspension, but that's all.


Wait, that can happen?! Shoot, I was gonna complain that a favorite creator of mine (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/404860) uses Dropbox links for their NSFW art, but literally all of the Dropbox links are expired and their Kemono page is 7 pages behind.

Part of me considers just subscribing to their Patreon and dumping on Kemono just so the page gets updated faster, but not only do I not have the money to do it forever but now I find that they can exclude you?!


File: 1679555994020.png (7.61 KB, 145x61, Screenshot_3.png)


How? I press it, and it just takes me to https://kemono.party/artists?logged_in=yes
Trying to dump some files that can't be imported.
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onta? on takahashi, the criminal who is hiding from New Zealand authorities for selling cp, stole a company which he rebranded into irodori comics and makes claim to everyone's copyrights? he doesn't own any of the shit that he's taking down on exhentai and that shit constitutes a significant part of why exhentai exists, he's also not the only one taking down shit on exhentai

a legal image sharing website


Which focuses almost entirely on pirate content, especially in the case of the other 2 sites (but you knew that) you stupid fucking monkey.


>pirate content
so what was stolen, you stupid fucking monkey?


>I think is because is impossible to check if the file is a troll or a legitimate file of a artist.

They make many archive share threads within this board. So they can selectively approve those people Kemono accounts that share those archives within those threads. Which will allow them to use that feature.


>what was stolen?

Stolen? No. "What was pirated", - IE illegally redistributed - is what you meant to ask. None of the art on any sites has been directly stolen from anyone anywhere. Somebody originally paid for it, so nothing was stolen, it was pirated, do you understand or not? Paysites aren't hacked into. Rips come from legit purchases, which are then PIRATED, get it? So you tell ME what was stolen…

Maybe you know of some super unique site that actually DOES steal shit (good for you. Why not go to it then?), OR do you actually think EVERY single upload to sites other than this are just copies of whats here? If thats the case then what explains the massive discrepencies between the content of KP VS other sites? If X amount of art was never here to begin with, then OBVIOUSLY it originated somewhere else. How does that not occur to your brain? Are you on hard drugs or something?

File: 1680251595116.png (31.79 KB, 668x518, MgqoPBe.png)


I had imported stuff back then following the same easy steps in the FAQ but now the Session ID seems to be impossible to find.

I am in no way adept with a computer please ELI5 lol


File: 1680305218002.png (69.2 KB, 1630x435, qqq.png)

yes, the FAQ needs updating.
Now the cookie values ​​should be viewed in the window on the F12 key -> 7 point "application" -> Cookies (similar palette icon)

File: 1680182654270.jpeg (685.33 KB, 2583x4125, Hu-Tao-(Genshin-Impact)-G….jpeg)


Have you thought about using the webp format for image thumbnails?
The jpeg thumbnails look a bit noisy, or it could be jfif which sometimes uses twitter and also takes up less space https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPEG_File_Interchange_Format


>if JPEG looks too noisy you could use webp or JPEG
The point of a thumbnail is to give an idea of what you're clicking on without having to download the entire original file, not to look amazing.

File: 1679766567271.png (20.13 KB, 218x263, imagem_2023-03-25_14442786….png)


None of the drive links are working for this artist

Even new posts have broken links


It's not isolated, artist located at number 7057787 also has their links broken (and they have not changed them according to the last upload.)


So there's a bunch of them. There's another post relating more broken Drive links


Done artists are constantly changing their Google drive Link.

Someone needs to write something to just clone the drives during the crawl.

File: 1678577315180.png (554.88 KB, 676x497, Capture.PNG)


Hello! Longtimeuser, occasional importer and- seeker of specific and niche content here.

Happy to say that most of https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/127543's content is available, theoretically, but they've done this in uch a way that- the links are just impenetrable and to top it off, to register on the site the links are attached to- costs money. And that's silly considering their content without the stupid "Limited Time Only" gimmick cost 30$.

Is there any way to penetrate app.box? How does this work exactly?


I've never seen a method like this one before, at least from an english website. My first guess would've been that it has something to do with clicking the link the real fanbox post as some kind of "subscriber check", but if you're the importer, you've probably already tried that.

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