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I tried to update post manually using Upload File Option. When I tried to click Select or Drop File button to upload file the button is not working neither dragging n dropping file! Any fix for this?
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Telegram is the only option, everything else would nuke kemono on sight. Other solutions were discussed and rejected.


If this is the reason for the lack of Patreon updates, then I really think that the devs should figure something else out.


the last patreon upload was 4289 posts ago



Everything else has already been worked out. The issue is Patreon has site protections and tripwires everywhere and any time an automated scraper is made, it gets destroyed within a week. They have code monkeys whose sole focus is entirely on watching for exploits.


What's the solution then? The Patreon uploader is forever fucked?

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Do I need a Kemono Party account for the import to work?


No, you don't need an account to import.
However, one is required if you wish to import direct messages or manage aspects of the autoimport feature later.


>However, one is required if you wish to import direct messages
Is this why next to no fucking artists’ DMs are ever imported? Or did you make it obvious that an account was needed for importation of DMs and people still won’t import them?


Might've had something to do with the fact that the feature was disabled for almost 9 months, the fact that it only functions specifically for patreon and not any of the other platforms the site hosts, or the fact that it's a completely optional feature that's off by default with a big RED X denoting its no activated and completely up to the uploaders themselves if they want to risk the exposure, which a number got in trouble for.

Dumb ass…

File: 1668737240761.png (7.17 KB, 463x129, image_2022-11-18_020717650.png)


The importer's been backed up for days now and I'm starting to wonder if anyone's going to do anything about it. Over the past week, it's skyrocketed from 100 pending imports to OVER 8,000 and the vast majority of new updates all come from that Pixiv Fanbox site.

It's concerning, at least in regards to this site. Even if new imports were halted, it would take DAYS to get through the backlog that Pixiv users have created. I wouldn't be complaining if it was decent content being imported en-masse but instead, they've shovelled in thousands of heaps of shit from every no-name hentai "artist" in Japan.

Best-case scenario, it's just temporary. Worst case, it could kill this site if something isn't done about it. I'd say wipe all pending imports and start over, barring all imports from Pixiv but I'll leave the rest of you to decide how. With any luck, this problem will be dealt with sooner rather than later.
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I import regularly enough and I don't act all high and mighty about it, so I'll complain as much as I like.

Correction: I WOULD import if it wasn't clogged with +8000 nobodies and counting from Pixiv


retard, the patreon scraper is broken, it has nothing to do with pixiv


File: 1669176119928.png (65.59 KB, 400x300, 17c-2319717767.png)

Alright, so then, how about someone who WAS trying to import something… Like me?

I put in a key that *should* have imported new niiCri posts. That was… let's say, a week or two ago?

No update. And I have the artist favorited, for christ's sake.

Do I have the right to complain now? Or should I just sit here and take the piss stream?


Help them fix the problem so your imports eventually go through.



How can they do that when, as I recall, the code hasn't been made available.

File: 1667601751950.png (21.49 KB, 1351x281, Captura de pantalla 2022-1….png)


This is for Kemono administrators or engineers, please fix the address of these videos please, every time one wants to enter this message appears:

Sorry, we couldn't find that page

Make sure you've typed the URL correctly, or try searching for the video on Vimeo. You could also watch one of the videos below.

Artist: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/67681659
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Why on the blacklist?
I'm just asking if there is a solution or what to do
And if it is because of the feet that you do not like, it would be better if you did not work as an admin if you do not like the taste of each individual.


>thanks for the blacklist too lazy to exclude sorry
>doesnt ban and janny the thread as usual or just lock it?
why? i thought quality control was super strict here


Not the site blacklist, the user's. Please issue a content warning next time you want help, degenerates who are desperate to look at real feet because they can't touch grass and go see some that aren't their own are beyond salvation.


I like admins like that
They keep biohazard fetishists off my kemonoparty


i believe the issue is the video is embedded on patreon. vimeo has a 'hide from vimeo' option when uploading so it can only be played on the embedded site.

using this url (https://player.vimeo.com/video/[video_id]) gives a 'this video cannot be played here' error

File: 1668216213616.jpg (40.84 KB, 1280x720, mnowEqqMiFs-HD.jpg)


I'm sure there is more than me who wants to help offload, mirror, offloading or decentralize/introduce redundancy in case KP gets taken down or something some day. I'd rather not see it go down the same road yiff.party did.
Anything to help the community tbh.
Some of us are willing to redistribute the costs at least.
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don't forget to include the poland pushes the red shiny button as well


>just start off with downloading any of the public dumps found on kemono.party
rate limited fuckboys
>or hit me with an email
would be easier if you not replied back with a trolling messages


you really don't want the site to unlimit unless you don't mind a permanent blank page instead of the occasional error messages


pandafag self-admitted to being a brit, servers once were split between the netherlands and a cold place and now they've moved to someplace near the oopsie missile incident slightly to the east

for more fully public yet not very well known details please ask your local wumao informants


i kinda want to host my own but text only will 100MB/s suffice? its rather slow here also how do i protect my chan from glowie CP spam

File: 1665640310486.png (533.52 KB, 1080x940, markup_PGga8LCo3C.png)


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Can you tell me the names of the other ones?


nice try, novice, but you're not dealing with the average art pirate


Artists themselves will be their own undoing.


So much of a novice he isn't even using a VPN


The real problem is that other sites are malware/redirect hellscapes.

File: 1668569120724.jpg (43.51 KB, 800x420, a48822cd50f6f1e48da9e45465….jpg)


How do I go about deleting my kemono account? I don't want to use this site anymore.
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Just log out and never sign back in


delete your system32 folder

it's the only way to be sure


even better.
sudo rm -rf –no-preserve-root


>no email needed to make an account


sorry it's too late everyone knows who you are where your family is and what you did last night

just don't touch the site and pretend it never existed if you want to be done, privacy concerns are a spook

File: 1668653140642.jpg (74.72 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-1357676694-170….jpg)


Hey guys, I am really grateful to find this website. You are seriously heros. I am new here so I just to need to understand couple things. There is a pateron user already on kemono and his posts are actually being scrapped and updated to the website. Unfortunately, the page on kemono for the last 16 days haven’t updated. His name is Luke Ross R.E.A.L VR Mod. His posts are usually some texts and a very light file attachment. I am just wondering of how long should I wait for kemono scraps to update the posts from his pateron so it is available. Any tips would be heavily appreciated. Again, great to find you

Your dear friend Jason


It'll be updated if and when someone wants to import them again


Ok, So his pateron is not on autoimported and was done manually.

Is the person who uploaded them can be contacted to ask for an update or no?

Thanks again for the reply

File: 1667753801251.png (791.88 KB, 1279x432, Screenshot 2022-11-06 16.5….png)


Patreon shut down his account for whatever reason so he has moved to Pixiv Fanbox.
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"anyone I don't like is a jew"


so are we just fucked now


His stuff is awful so who fucking cares


Hope there's an archive of his stuff somewhere. Never finished browsing his backlog.


What decent reason do you have to come onto a barely active chan clone that's supposed to be dedicated to the discussion of an art piracy site and insist on saying it's stupid someone wants access to art?

File: 1659201150659.png (1.87 MB, 3500x4500, 3749be83186c768b5036eb1fe2….png)


https://twitter.com/realmeowbah/status/1553402864386510848 my morbid curiosity is high but i don't think my own credit card information is strong enough for this one


File: 1659201258343.png (251.05 KB, 565x527, unknown-275.png)

"rotting technodick" is the funniest shit I've read today


File: 1659370283979.png (2.2 MB, 1170x1296, god is dead.png)

someone in the thread leaked it so here


holy shit i didnt realize creatorfags could stoop this low few weeks ago on jewtube a bunch of sticks have been making fake donations to technoblade even mu-tard-hard made a video about it to milk some extra sheckels i first heard this news on the worldbox igg dicksword


He's like a pedofile pretending to be a femboy or tranny


“Normally” it’s the other way around

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