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Sorry I have to idea how to navigate this board, but from the rules I could tell that requesting seems to be allowed as long as it's inside the "dedicated sticky", so how would I go about that? Thank you
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There really doesn't need to be a "request" system or board. What it needs is a proper, searchable database that lists everything relevant on Patreon or wherever with a timestamp of the last update on the page and/or a checkbox indicating whether or not it's on here.
Requests are stupid. If a new user pops up on Patreon, I'm not really the one that wants to "request" it if I don't want the content. I just want everyone here to know who the fuck the user EVEN IS. You can't search Patreon reliably for anything, because the search is trash, just like here where the search function is abysmally trash, but only slightly better.


They should bring back the request board, not for the community but for them so the can say


>>22555 That sounds far more complex than my idea of awareness based updating. It would essentially require an entire site scan to make a database of all Patreon pages and then connote to Kemono to whether they exist on the site and still hope that people will bother updating relatively frequently instead of once every few months (with a mini update of the most recent post) before they vanish into the ether.


For clarifying categories, given many are westerners, do Koikatsu/illusion title content creators still fall under JP/Hentai creators or the "other" category? (Would be genuinely appreciative if this or another thread could be out there for retards like me to ask obvious/commonly known questions).


The search page is still retarded and should sort by date last updated. The Times Favorited column is the most worthless info imaginable.

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Love this shit, but I'm not a cyber hacker. How I give mone? I don't have a cryptid wallet or dorg coin or any such shit. What's the fastest path from mine wallet to yours?
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As you may have known, majority of us agree to disable the adblock and help kemono pay its fund IF the ads displayed aren't disgusting enough and NORMAL. Like how normal you ask? like the type of normal ads what most porn sites use. Most of the user have been reporting that the ads they get displayed with sometimes contain propaganda, illegal image, harmful, annoying; such as pop ups yes I do receive pop ups sometimes and it is annoying, and sometimes disturbing ads. which means using an adblock is a no-brainer while browsing kemono.party.



Thanks for all this fellas. I try to give content when I can, but others are often quicker than I am, haha! I keep the ads on too, I just want to give a little more than that since I can. I'm gonna try this Monero thing. Cheers.


Care to show me a current example? Because unless you are talking about standard hentai and SINGLESINYOURAREA ads, there's not much to find objectionable that we haven't already banned.


I'm guessing they're on about all the granny porn and whatnot in the ads…
I keep forwarding to Herm but seemingly nothing happens


File: 1659192553289.jpg (30.66 KB, 533x400, j8g5j8g4g.jpg)

>but seemingly nothing happens
What you were saying is true. It doesn't matter how many links you forward to that guy, absolutely nothing is going to happen to the ads. Are you sure he is part of your development team?

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i just notice something's off about kemono recently. is there any major changes being done to kemono on the recent days? i just need conformation about this.
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100% True. Fantia is the worst of all. Sub lapses for one month? You gotta pay to access it at all again. Monthly limited exclusives or I have to use gumroad (which iirc doesnt even take paypal). No fuck them a million times over. These artists who charge $10 per person per month for like a couple works are mental.

Even worse are the Koikatsu "creators" who likely are selling content made with pirated copies of the game and act all upset that THEIR shit got leaked? lol.


The Gumroad and Discord importers are now broken. SubscribeStar's been broken for almost a year.


If you want another knock against Fantia, if you've ever seen an artist who posts PSDs or just zip files the staff will check every attachment and make you redo it if you leave the uncensored version in the attachments somewhere


File: 1659143230369.png (24.3 KB, 1586x759, Oh god, it's been mobileif….png)

And Patreon's feed just got even worse
Holy shit

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A thread for sharing uncensored art pieces of several japanese artists.

There's a rule going on there where all lewd arts must be censored even a little. Including myself, some people can find that those censorships are blocking the horny view.

Feel free to share uncensored art pieces in here first or third party versions/edits, individually or in an archive.

(Please note that the thread would be pretty much focusing more into furry arts instead of human ones, hence the site's original purpose for furry stuffs.)
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>>I happen to love futanari/shemale porn, and furry content, but guess what, real trannies disgust the fuck out of me.



So can anyone help with finding the artist?


you're ugly tranny, cope harder


> "No you"
Is that the best you can come up with?


Sooo is this thread meant to be people sharing their stuff or is it just complaining about censorship?

File: 1659069533306.jpg (232.08 KB, 1160x1050, media_FWhXKowUcAAt6eA.jpg)


Hello! I know such good bondage artists like a: Negieggy, BoundLightning, PlusOut, BagelBombed and, in some case, JamoArt.
Do you know more "Bondage" artists.


Maybe XXXoom?


Are you only looking for artists with Patreons?

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Since I don't know what thread to put this in, I'll do it here.
How to request in /requests/ that they put Discor of a Patreon creator
I also want to know how often one should wait to request a request again in /requests/ (whether it takes a week or a month to request again)
I ask for help, advice from administrators who are in charge so as not to make mistakes on their page and be vanished
Final mark me or give me address where I can for this so as not to be deleted
Example: Question Thread

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I have a patreon sub to someone with the highest tier, but some of the higher tier posts aren't recognizing my sub and won't import? It was originally due to a payment error on patreon, which I've since fixed, but it still won't upload or recognize those posts that haven't been imported


Sometimes patreon cookies don't update properly after changing tiers without logging out, try relogging and see if the cookies is fixed
If not clear cookies or change browsers and try again

File: 1658175459808.jpg (174.82 KB, 951x667, the fuck.jpg)


So is this some kind of translation issue or is this guy just actually insane? Almost every sentence is ended with "desu" like he's some kind of irl anime character, he's constantly talking about being a leader to his group and some kind of war in October, lots of other weird shit like this. Does good drawings though.

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File: 1658329156197.jpeg (18.57 KB, 200x200, 7AAC7783-D2DD-46FF-86FD-8….jpeg)

What the fuck does this mean? Is this person a schizophrenic or something?


newfags who havent seen w7 shitpost on here before? Even occasional lurkers like me have seen the resident retard of the chan doing their thing.


y'all got any of his ¥10,000 content?


>the resident retard
LoL, I swear, everytime I open this board I lose braincells.
But, in the land of the blind….


If you're implying everyone commenting on here is retarded, you're probably not off by that much.

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I've been using kemono for a while with a couple artists and designers and their content has updated pretty much always right away. Recently, I've noticed that things stopped being posted. For example, idolomantises has been posting regularly and although they used to be uploaded right away, it's been more than 20 days now i believe.
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>>22545 You can either wait until someone else starts uploading their content again, or do us all a favor and do it yourself


I think its due to moderation because of spam. I'm not sure how people are updating it.


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Waiting for new penguin/yasiro uploads… need my rui-chan


File: 1659026900532.png (45.67 KB, 222x165, Sadge.png)

Same boat man


I want to request because a lot of stuff isn't getting updated again.

File: 1658818655320.png (29.63 KB, 623x306, unknown.png)


this artist https://www.kemono.party/patreon/user/12217993

i get this error message on all his posts when i click their links. is there an easy fix to this?


Not a kemono issue. Go complain to the artist about it.

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