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Just kinda figured to add a bit of lol stuffs in this board.

Post memes about paywalls, artists, the site and your experiences of using it in here.
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Data 1, Data 2 & Data 3?


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fuck me somehow clicked on the wrong thread


Look at all the requests :*)

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I see lots of people crying and screaming about that kemono is UNSTABLE! and slow.

The Sysadmins are trying their best to give everyone the best experience with the limited funding we have, some of you have noticed we now have data1 data2 data3, and that isn't just for show, kemono has upgraded data distribution 3x!!!

Traffic has grown, but funding has stayed the same, and its showing.

Dont worry tho, we have more things planned, including the possible upgrade to a new 10 gbit server.
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This thread looks like a bunch of people replying to comments that don't exist anymore…


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>limited funding
>planning to scrape hundreds of millions of posts, dms and media
>ordering servers instead of fixing cvs
>vulns everywhere
>bombers already inside
>infrastructure ravageable by a single device


Vulnerabilities were already patched, and now they're upgrading things to make the site faster and more reliable.
Not sure what your issue with any of this is, unless you're really a Seisoshill who wants to make a huge deal out of a one-time slip-up.
>limited funding
Like literally every site on the internet that isn't FAGMAN-owned?


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They need to hire that British guy who hacked into the Pentagon to find out about UFO's. If he can do that, he might know how to make a website better too.


Move to seiso already. Kemono literally is dying thanks to this guy.

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>If you have any issues or want to give feedback about any part of the site this is the place
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Just decided to have a look at some updated artists today and all look normal except one of them is broken in the way you described (messed up UI), so hopefully this is being actively fixed.

Messed up UI

Beware, fatness.


We're aware. Varnish died and we're waiting for Shino to wake up and to restart it.


Can't download videos from YaBoyRoshi.


Ye, they've been broken since forever


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Please taught me how to add an artist that is'nt exist, i'm new here btw and i'm mobile user

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Well since kemono not willing to turn on the manual file upload..(almost a year) I was hoping this thread could be that place for it.


We already have an alternative for the time being on Telegram. There is also a thread on here dedicated to the same thing but has a lot more content.

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Hey i am looking for good yaoi artists who create videos or gifs. Please tell me the names

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