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File: 1664316864413.png (413.77 KB, 715x657, 123023415212.png)


So I'm trying to import this artist https://kdmn.fanbox.cc and for some reason this is happening: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14958683

As you guys can see there are like 5 post that are just a thumbnail and a link to another site with a high res pic of said thumbnail (older post work just fine btw). But in fanbox there's nothing like that for the new posts, there's no link or anything, there's the post wit the 15+ images.

So you guys have any idea of what's happening? I tried like 3 times already but kemono isn't receiving the pictures, the post aren't updating. Is this a bug or something?

Thanks in advance.


>(Please put your pixivID in the username and password)
>(If not certified, please check if you support fanbox)

>Input your credentials from another site on my site via a basic auth modal.

Nice phishing site.

If I were not lazy, I would probably report the user for siphoning username and passwords, and using these to impersonate them. (the irony)

Either way, you say that on fanbox page you see all the image and you can click them and what not, but once you import, they show up as links?
Sounds like some type of embed fuckery.

Enable debugging, trigger import and give half the import id. I'm interested in whatever the fuck is going on there with the embeds.


>Enable debugging
>trigger import
>give half the import id
I'm not sure about this one, you want me to put half of the "Importer Log for XXXXX"?


In any case if that's what half the import id is, mine is A017d93.
If that's not it, please forgive me, I'm kind of retarded.


Everything that is imported was working before, no fuckery in the embeds.
The guy simply changed content and the posts were not flagged for re-import.
Flagged them all, we'll see how it goes.

File: 1664397702524.jpg (29.52 KB, 800x420, 5c54f937bec8df13a32798e9ad….jpg)


will it be possible to see these (or the contents of it) through kemono?
an artist recently started sending stuff through fanbox newsletter
the post / artist:( a notice of compensation (Pixiv Fanbox) ) riroburo (cw nasty stuff to some)



They are being archived, that is for sure. Just not displayed.



File: 1662673333187.png (37.43 KB, 546x156, C2580634-241D-4EC8-883A-10….png)


Guess who just laid off their entire security team. lol. Just LMAO.


we're gonna go from mostly patreon to mostly subscribestar overnight, huh?


god i hate hyPOCrites its unreal hope ransomhouse hits them next i can't wait for those juicy leaks


Now she works at Gregs bakery as a kitchen scivvie.


jesus wtf is with Patreon these days


>these days
Even for a modern tech startup, they have always been notable for making strange and counterproductive decisions, on both the operational and commercial level. No one seems to hate both money and their own users quite as much as our frenemies down in San Francisco.

File: 1647273076383.png (159.22 KB, 512x443, 5c31d7ef205f4.png)

 No.18152[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Lv. 100 Kemono Boss edition
(previous thread: https://archive.ph/AnFTd)

This thread is specifically made for posting links to contents (especially paywalled ones) from paywall creators which is normally unobtainable from Kemono's importer. Said contents/links can be (but not limited to):
- Archives/Galleries (official or not/private)
- DM-only stuffs (rewards, exclusives, etc.)
- Contents posted in "threads" in a creator's Discord
- Contents originating from "paywall" services not supported by Kemono yet (PrimeLeap, Boosty.to, itch.io, etc.)
- Contents from artist's personal paywall sites (ones that requires you to log in with a subscribed Patreon first before proceeding)
- SubscribeStar contents/archives (for now since there are several issues regarding SubStar imports going on and requests for imports of it being locked at the time this thread is made)

Few stuffs to point out (1/2)
- REVAMPED RULE: If the previous thread requires you to encrypt links before posting, now you gotta ENCRYPT THE CREATOR'S NAME AND THE SHARED CONTENT'S NAME/DESCRIPTION as well. This encryption bullshit is to PREVENT search engines like Google from viewing this thread's messages (artists googling their links/content name and nukes them if they found it being leaked here). Use format like Base64 or something else you prefer for encryption.
Do your requests in an active DM and Archive request thread in this board:
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I had it on me actually. Unfortunately, that's the only password that I have from them.


Same person here. I've updated the contents to be up to 9/23, all refreshing links to date afaik




File: 1664173064542.png (1.97 MB, 1097x1668, INTERROGATION.png)


Are you gonna enforce this or nah?


Yup. Gonna lock the thread now since braindead retards can't follow simple instructions.

File: 1662378190830.jpg (348.6 KB, 1920x1080, Msft_Nostalgia_Paint.jpg)


Idk where else to post this considering there isn't a board aimed around the chan part of this site, and after scrolling through many pages I can't find any posts talking about this.

Is it just me or did basically every image get wiped off the chan? Pretty much every thumbnail is broken and they all link to 404s. Hard drive failure? Accidental rm /rf *? What did I miss?


Been noticing the same thing last couple days, although the admin who replied about it seems to think the problem doesn't exist lol…


someone got a response a while ago, see >>23459

File: 1663268695361.png (2.8 KB, 400x75, 1.png)



You pay for it.


simply buy some rope
wrap around your neck
and swing you cunt… ofc until till you turn blue cunt.


Hold on cunt! He's obviously skin flint, so how the bloody hells the cunt gonna pay for the cunting rope, ya dopey cunt. Argh, cunts. fucking cunts everywhere!


You should at least fuck their body if their female

File: 1663510244289.png (3.17 MB, 1500x2091, Sherry.png)


Anyone have this new Sherry mod from DrSlumpx?







File: 1660966820941.jpg (96.75 KB, 500x666, 1316066491275.jpg)


Anyone else here an artist?
How do you fellas feel about kemono or piracy in general?
Do you have a patreon? Has your art been imported to kemono?
How do you fellas feel about other artists on your community, your clients or your community in general?
14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1663781384437.jpg (137.57 KB, 640x360, 1660887011842124.jpg)

Fellas what do I do?
I hate all the artists that there are on my fetish, I hate all the paypigs that always commission their same ugly OCs but more and more I feel like I need the money. Not being friends with other artists is easy enough but how do I turn down the people who spends 5k monthly in porn commissions? How do U make a living out of smaller fish?


anon please clarify i cannot read what you are saying properly


Make things outside of your fetish. Depending on how good you are with creating environments, scenery, fantasy/sci-fi settings you could even commission doing art for VNs/indie games. It doesn't have to be desktop wallpaper quality but at least comparable to what you see in that field. Just an idea to toss out there.
Theres a void of quality background images for games that dont look like a 12 year old drew it in half an hour with a 24 color set of colored pencils or shitty free DAZ assets. So it could be a way for some of you to make some side cash.

Hell, if you get really good over a few years and someone notices, could even pull a literal job? Idk just thinking of a helpful suggestion people seem to overlook due to all the fanart/OC stuff out there.


How do I make money off people if I hate people?
I love backgrounds and I'm very good with backgrounds I just lack the contacts to land said jobs or self promote myself for said jobs. All my online friends are losers, autists or normies. I just think of coom because I check coom sites all day and my other attempts to have a more dignified art career failed.



> attempts to have an art career failed.

AHA! I FOUND YOU Hitler!! You toothbrush mustached Nazi bastard! I found your m8 Herman Goering on this BBS last week too, the fat cross-dressing speed addicted swine. Thought you could both hide your award winningly evil and best-selling Nazi history and start a new life secretly in Kemono did you!? Well Kemono isn't like Argentina!!! Well, its MOSTLY unlike Argentina… I think… I hope!

File: 1664036181912.jpg (11.85 KB, 250x250, feel.jpg)


fuck it, first thread (>>22118) died early so I'm making another one with more artists
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1662666403799.png (3.59 KB, 280x260, note.png)


So first time trying to understand one thing, I found a artist fantia on kemono, i'm really glad, but what I noticed is that in his fantia, exist like 115 posts, but on kemono theres only 53, curious is that it has the most recent post, so, why the import doesn`t got all the posts?


the fantia importer doesnt import free posts thats why


I wish it did. Kemono does an excellent job of grabbing full sized images from fantia. When I try to get the free images off fantia they're always reduced in size. You can get the front image back to full size by removing the "main" from the front of the file name, but that doesn't work for any of the other images.

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