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Anyone have Xpray DMs dropbox link 3-13-2022 to 5-26-2022?


lol good luck getting them "approved" in 5 months or so.


"one request in a non-request thread = one dead kitten"
- FlyingRetard AnonGTS

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Anyone got the passwords for the Shoru posts?


All the recent files are password locked.


Password: your father is dead


All Password is v825763
(Except if he will update the file, I will tell you again.)


>>21284 you forgot your video here ya go pal
⌙now ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ¬: POV zero father figure extended furry edition FT: yourmum
◄◄⠀▐▐⠀►► 0:00 / 2:00⠀⚪───────────────── ───○ 🔊 [Remove Embed]
Password Can Be Found In The Description Below Read More…


Doesn't work


Oh, the password has changed again. I'm cracking a zip files password now, plz wait.

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A thread for sharing uncensored art pieces of several japanese artists.

There's a rule going on there where all lewd arts must be censored even a little. Including myself, some people can find that those censorships are blocking the horny view.

Feel free to share uncensored art pieces in here first or third party versions/edits, individually or in an archive.

(Please note that the thread would be pretty much focusing more into furry arts instead of human ones, hence the site's original purpose for furry stuffs.)
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How do I use it because I have never heard of and thanks for helping 2


If these 2 tools are legit and really (somehow) CAN decensor porn then that I need to see!


Can some one please tell me how to use it or show us it works cus there is a pack I want to buy but it's all censored


Agreed. Someone show us an example (EG decensor a censored pic taken from KP), and how to use it.


It's ok I got it to work I'm just not going to post the r6 ones because I don't want the guy to get introuble

File: 1652408808228.png (5.71 KB, 279x146, kemono_button.png)


sup. I've been developing a simple Tampermonkey userscript for fun and would like to know what ya'll think and if anyone would be interested in testing it soon-ish (once I polish it further and setup a proper reverse-CORS server, or even a full API server that stays in sync with Kemono).

the script checks if the paywall user you're currently checking is leaked on Kemono and adds a button to the page which redirects to it when clicked. I added some extra functionality such as a local cache so the CORS server doesn't get fetched on every single page load.

so far I've added support for Subscribestar, Patreon, Fanbox and Pixiv (the ids are the same so why not).

Unsure if I'll create a GitHub page for it but if I do, it'll be fully open-source so anyone can contribute with improvements.

- SD
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File: 1652441913507.png (123.9 KB, 316x551, Jiii.png)

So, basically ViewOnYP from https://github.com/TheLastZombie/userscripts ?



oh. I didn't know about that one. nvm then lol


not sure what you mean..?
open Tampermonkey > "Add new script" > write the script > save > use it.


> open Tampermonkey > "Add new script" > write the script > save > use it.
And do it every time the file is changed (which all the time during development)?
I am fairly sure whatever the code you wrote refers to "https://kemono.party" origin and therefore will perform calls to the prod site.


Does this work for anyone? I'm not seeing any difference or link to Kemono when I open up a Patreon or Fanbox page.


…what? sorry, I legitimately don't understand what you meant. I just leave the script editor open on one tab then test it on another tab, then change the code, hit Ctrl + S and test again. the script gets saved on disk and runs on all matched pages (if that's what you're confused about).

the way I get around CORS (for development) is by using a free, third-party CORS proxy. for the actual release (if I were still working on the script, which I'm not) I would probably host my own proxy to avoid getting rate limited by the free tool.

File: 1653620282382.jpeg (43.01 KB, 450x450, 93CE1DC2-0D35-4DCD-8D9D-6….jpeg)


Has any artist you add to kp ever found out that you upload their art on here? Not just finding out that their content is being leaked, but finding the specific pledger whos leaking it.

And has anyone ever been banned from Patreon or Gumroad for using kp? Im thinking of adding some artists onto the site, but I wonder if theres any risk in doing so.

File: 1653184980648.jpg (12 KB, 300x281, 20220520-120605_1527621683….jpg)


I couldn't ask this on telegram cuz your server is banned in my country, and so is your website (the way it works is that if my ISP detects porn ads it will blacklist the website entirely).

Is there a better way to view unblocked sites without the use of third party VPNs? i'm tired of having a limited time usage with free VPNs and everytime i buy a VPN like NordVPN it doesnt work cuz that VPN service is blocked in my country.

I tried using DNS like google's but that didn't do anything.

I am stuck in the middle east atm.


Try using Tor browser



Not sure if it'll work, but have you tried using a free VPN to download a paid one? Can your country fuck with software you already have on your computer?

File: 1640360719490.png (1.06 MB, 1789x1329, 183706ae-580d-45ee-813e-80….png)


A thread which serves as a list for artists imported on Kemono who have otokonoko/trap content.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Okay all of these are available on the 'party what is the point?


I'm not even into ladyboys but really it should be completely obvious what the point of a "directory/A-Z" thread is.

Lets imagine you like [insert kink here]. You know 5 artists who do it. You want to find more, specifically on KP. How are you gonna do it? You can't (because theres no tagging system). Hence: A-Z threads.


ぱぱいや・みるく Papaya_Milk



Kirsi Engine (Kirsi)

File: 1653486008866.jpg (6.77 KB, 226x99, Clipboard01.jpg)


Is fantia broken?
Im trying to import an artist but its giving me an error that my session id is too long, "The key length of "64" is not a valid Fantia key. Required length: "32"."

but the _session_id I Have for the site IS 64 long…


there are definitely issues with Fantia. creators with 100s of posts only have like 20 or so imported…


There was a change in the session id and was not accounted for, will be fixed sometime today.


Can confirm it is happening to other paywalls too, namely Gumroad for one.

File: 1651105499113.png (112.8 KB, 1520x359, fucking wheeze.png)


Oh jesus fucking christ, how did I never stumble upon this loser before
I'm fucking dying here
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just out of spite i bought 12 games on itch.io because of how shitty your meme is


It never fails - the people with the greatest rants and ragequits - they always have the most worst or shitty art.


>>20528 >>20573 (ill stop using kek.gg from now on i didnt realize the EDitor program was that bad)
that was my very first meme and im really bad at drawing shit (i dont even know how arrange the text properly) sorry about that should have saged the thread oops but im getting better at GIMP now ill post my next masterpiece here instead of the meme thread i bumped (mods plz dont delete the jak since admins themselves do it)

incase you arent joking (go ahead its OK) can you pirate the ukraine and BLM bundle it literally only costs 10 US sheckels hurry up before the economy collapses
while you are at it can you share the leaked files here? we could really use moar MEGA drive space since the smeagols aint gonna upload themselves (its a shame igg dosent support this platform)

fun fact this actually took me one hour to make and generate the ideas i was originally reluctant to upload this meme since it looks really ugly but i randomly found this while cleaning my folders so here you guys go (kek my adhd managed to do this yet but for some reason i cant mass reply ill improve my next meme i promise sorry for putting yall on chemo)


god i do feel a little cringy whenever i open this i guess you were right ill promise effort next time
center text
>the virgin paywall cuck vs the chad pirate VM
>TL;DR fuck off DRM artists and patrecucks made for partychan

the left text says
>is X game/software available on this platform if not plz port it uwu
>scan every game he downloads with 2 AVs and allows telementery
>antivrus pops up exactly whenever tranny/otherkin date sites opened
>probably worships big corporations
>mac/computer has multiple STDs due to all kinds of weird VN game furry fetishes
>censors opinions from sane non anthro humans
the right one says
>works on any server gaming/hardware
>can emulate console and mobile with the right software/tools
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This user exemplifies why I hate Patreon artists who use Discord and DMs to send out rewards and then price gouge the Gumroad packs.

File: 1652490662257.png (82.45 KB, 1366x768, pros have standards.png)


No day goes well without an artist taking drastic and "smart" measure(s) to keep their art safe. Any other similar artists you guys know of?
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Its been like that IIRC for a whole year AND some months ontop.

Every artist (if you forgive the deliberate exaggeration!) and their cousin knows KP has no "manual uploading" anymore, so all anyone has to do is NEVER post their art directly to the paysite and BOOM! No more leaks of said artist on KP except for those (all too prevalent) useless "billboard" posts that say "DM's/Rewards sent" with zero accessible content. Some pages are almost ENTIRELY composed of those "billboard" posts making their entire KP page ( presumably) a waste of site space, since theres literally nothing anyone can do with it. It essentially just serves as a kind of "advert" for the artists legit paysite…


>be sure to get this month's exclusive variant pics from pCloud! the link expires at the end of the month!
>oh, did you join too late/forget to grab a month's collection? that's okay, DM me and I'll send five (count 'em, FIVE) expired pics of your choosing!
fuck you. sure you've dissuaded pirates, but you've also made it a needless extra pain for legitimate supporters to keep up as well. I would say that this just encourages piracy, but nobody's actually compiled and uploaded this guy's artwork from before May.


Well, the best way for that information to be leaked without being posted directly to the site is to download them and upload them to another website. I've been going around some websites where I was able to get images that are not posted by the artist directly. Of course, that may not be the best solution because the artist may be watching or posting their stuff in those websites.


>the future exclusive stuff will be moved up to the $15 platinum king tier to dissuade dedicated leakers
Anytime I see something like this, I immediately make it my duty to leak their content, no matter how costly.


Like yeah sure maybe DMing or whatever other antipiracy measure works to keep your stuff from being leaked, but does this shit actually result in you getting more money, or are you just trying to squeeze more blood from a stone?

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