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Day by day has passed, and more artist are taking the send through emails/expired links/individual rewards method. All of that rooted to this, the twitter account. So should kemono ever deleted this account and move on? Or should the just leave this account active and make it been discovered more by artist?

By the way, kemono search are getting a little bit slower, around 60 or more until I've been able to search. Probably bring back the enter to search was a good idea for now.

When will manual upload gets online? There might be several people out there have a bunch of fluffkevlar files and have no other place to upload it.
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This is a minor issue for pirates regardless of experience and an issue for the patrons who care about the content over the artist's whims.

Destroying your links and infuriating your patrons will eventually have patrons leave or report and unless you're a shark, Patron will gladly yeet you if they may get in trouble because of you. External links also increase the chance of Patreon telling a creator to immediately revoke any affiliation with Patreon if they go crazy with it and if the artist has been promoting their stuff all over the place they are in for some extreme stress.

Artists directly breaking the only rule Patreon cares about will move to SubscribeStar and Gumroad, where they can also be yeeted if properly reported.

Remaining in the shadows is one of the only safeguards against piracy. You can't stop someone from trying to access something they really want except by not uploading it and not making them become ridiculously desperate for it. A minority will be willing to force their way through no matter how long and how much effort it takes, even if it costs them a lot more than supporting the artist. This minority should not be underestimated in some extreme cases.


I'm with you on that.


This is why I just upload shit to multiple other, much more well known archive/album sites out there whenever an artist decides to start getting all 'smart guy' about things with files I'd have to use the (nonexistent) file upload feature and such to get running.

If you don't want it up on KP, a site that while known, is still in it's infancy in terms of widespread awareness of its existence like e-hentai, r34, and even YP still has


People uploading on EH don't know what the fuck they are doing though. So much easier to get muh little pony e-money from shitty pixiv galleries that aren't even paywalled.

Hopefully r34 8muses and e621 are better than that and coordinate their leaks.


I do sometimes find good shit on EH/XH. Its the only site AFAIK that has paid leaks from artists like Nikita Varb (why TF is he so rarely leaked!?), and until recently the only site other than F95 that had upto date leaks of Zephyrosu/Hijabolic's blasphemous porn despite being in demand among that niche scene cos he's possibly the best "hijab whore" artist out there, while other skilled artists seem to just "occasionally dabble in it" rather than specialise in it.

8Muses is cool too for the same reason as above. They have dedicated leak threads just like F95Zone.

I like R34 (600,000,000 pics) BUT… Anyone who uploads paid stuff risks getting banned and losing all their LA privilages.

Does anyone know any other sites that like any of the previously mentioned? Not trying to derail the topic of the thread BTW. Just got me thinking.

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Crimson here, again.

Use this thread to share archives (MEGA, GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and DM/Paywall site contents. If you wanna request, do it in the pinned request thread above and make it obvious in your request about the archive/DM stuff.

(Since kemono already got a DM importing feature, it'll be best to upload the DM contents there and notify anyone else about it in this thread.)


We'll counting on you.
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Thanks, dude. This one had been missing on his Gumroad account here; and hopefully hopefully someone would share his new drive as well.



The link doesn't work anymore :(


Hi, >>2898 here. I am going through the works now, but found some discrepancies?

I manually made an archive of this artist's patreon the first time they quit, and comparing with my backup before they axed it there are file size differences between images. Like somewhere between 200-300KiB. Did Patreon optimize content at some point?


Not sure if Patreon does post-processing but that's possible. Also check for the metadata and drop all of it (exif, idat etc) to get consistent results when comparing.

A common trick that doesn't involve reprocessing just involves changing a few bytes to random ones to mess with the hash, or even adding some, which would also modify the filesize. The former can be done directly within the main data chunks, the latter will be discarded when stripping the unnecessary and sensitive chunks and will return completely identical file hashes after stripping.


do you know of any other tor hosted sites like this?

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Well its time for me to share the full yiff.party archive
Its the only known full scrape of the site.

The archive is stored in multiple Google TeamDrives, Please message me on telegram on this handle @HermitusKreefteritus

Reply to this for any questions
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Many thanks sir!


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Thank you, sir.


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Sorry to ask, but is there anything less cancerous you use instead?


Nope, because everywhere else would just yeet us in the blink of an eye. Refer here: https://telegra.ph/Kemonoparty-ultimate-QA-for-people-like-you-09-14


People don't know how/do not want to use Mumble or IRC, XMPP is bad, and Discord is AIDS.

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Been trying to update SomeScrub's SubscribeStar page since that's where their juicier stuff goes, but the importer never actually imports any posts and gives me these two lines. Help would be much appreciated.


There was a thread on this yesterday. Quote from mod: "The Subscribestar importer is currently broken. This is a combination of dump api changes and Substar constantly blocking out proxy ranges. Hoping to have it rectified soon. Keep an ear out on the site's landing page for status updates."


Try downloading and making an archive with their stuff and upload it to the Telegram group for it. No current ETA for the fix, other than it coming sometime soon.

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Discuss artists who draw giantess and size difference stuff here. Please contribute if possible.

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210712123936/https://paywall.party/kemono/res/4313.html#4313
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Hi. Lately someone constantly updates Lostperras, a gts artist. First, big thank you. Two, can you please share here his Misty illustration? Because it's a work shared to subscribers privately, there's only a preview available on kemono. I would want to see what it looks like.



Can anyone tell me about any new artists that have been added to this site? It's hard to know who's a size artist within this giant list


If the post is in English you can try searching for a gts related word (full word). Unicode searches will probably break but you can try that too.


creating giantess/size art
hasn't been updated in a while
if there anyone can update…

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Is Import System working or not i always get this error
[98843319]: Starting import. Your import id is 98843319.
[98843319]: Status code 401 when contacting Patreon API.
[98843319]: Status code 401 when contacting Patreon API.
[98843319]: No active subscriptions or invalid key. No posts will be imported.


You probably didn't put in the proper session key, or you re-logged after getting it



>401 Unauthorized

>Although the HTTP standard specifies "unauthorized", semantically this response means "unauthenticated". That is, the client must authenticate itself to get the requested response.

What mod-senpai said. Session key is not recognized and Patreon refuses the auth, provide the proper session key, the one that was being used was invalid or no longer valid.

Do not leak the import id in the log, it is not needed for anons or kp staff to help.

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whats going here? There are several posts in here yet its not uploading. just scanning. i used the auth_token cookie as it says to use. or is there another cookie im supposed to use?


The Subscribestar importer is currently broken. This is a combination of dump api changes and Substar constantly blocking out proxy ranges. Hoping to have it rectified soon. Keep an ear out on the site's landing page for status updates.

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again, seriously

i'm just ranting a bit about the existence of unimportant posts from lots of artists/creators such as their stream notifications, poll stuffs, and such
seriously, i think i'm not the only one in here who is upset or disappointed even for a bit about this, right?
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>artist updated!
>90% of it is "rewards sent!" posts and personal messages



Sounds like you're quoting me, but you aren't.

Ego has been reset!


You just described the danza's page very well. On YP, at least every month, archives with art pack were uploaded, on kemono for a year already FUCKING NOTCHING. Just empty, useless posts.


> YP
What is it?
I faintly remember something like that but cannot actually remember.



File: 1631329468265.png (197.62 KB, 408x487, tumblr_luxd3bTj1T1qgb3gv.png)


the artists' pages wont load properly unless i manually add ?o=0 at the end of the url
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Its good to have you back my man. I remember you from Yiff Party days. The BEgrove guy, from Grove Street.


I don't know what you're talking about.


Sure you don't haha.


I don't know what you're on about, but I don't like that you're saying that like you know EXACTLY who you're talking to.
It wouldn't bother me so much if I had an account/username, but I'm going by "Anonymous" (same as you). So you claiming to tell who I am based on text alone is SCARY!
Like "Call the cops" scary!


It's happening again.

File: 1631206487446.jpg (47.51 KB, 1280x725, PC.jpg)


Good new is Kemono now has 5tb of new hard drive.

Bad news is kemono was hosted on some random asshole house aka sysadmin. Admin of kemono just literally met him this year and put all his trust to him. He also the person who responsible and urge the idea of making a twitter announcing to all artist of the existence of kemono. Now a lot of artist has using the method of keeping their art behind dropbox, gdrive, etc and make it expired after a certain date. This is a huge hustle since kemono can't scrape it yet the import would be late or the link has dead after someone has imported it. He also has the full archive of yiff.party. He is the sysadmin of kemono the person who ddos hundreds of website such as furaffinity, and e621. I'm not surprised id this thread going to get deleted by the scumbag moderators.
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I don't know any concrete facts but there is talk of this on F95Zone going back a few weeks. The (real) admin (not that other guy) responds there sometimes. IIRC he said it wasn't his idea and he just "OK'ed" it. But I like to think he knows it was a bad idea in hindsight, sort of "shooting yourself in the foot". Hopefully the real admin retains full control of the site and decision making and always fully considers how some new idea (EG Twatter, or the worryingly corrupt - and thankfully scrapped - Purge List) might go very wrong. Its a shame the real admin apparently doesn't have the servers in his own gaff (is this actually true though?), but maybe he doesn't have the money & or the space for the gear. So I atleast hope he has a true backup of everything, incase this other guy turns round and decides "I want to use my servers for something else now, bye everyone". Whatever the case all we can do is hope everything goes well. Its a good site, no-one wants to see it go down (except sharks & simps lol).


So far, from what I've heard from the telegram group, this guy has completely in control of the data. Again COMPLETELY in control of kemono data. Admin only has a small portion of the data back up to his own hdd. In case anything happen to kemono (the cost too high for maintenance) i could assume admin would go complete silence and left again like how admin of yiff does to us.

Again, I can't believe admin actually trusted this guy 100% on everything. Even though he just met him this year.


Here you go, now we think how stupid admin has done to himself.



File: 1631288752773.png (97.47 KB, 1845x260, 20210910_234357.png)

Last hope was seiso. Admin manages all stuff by himself and allow only the person he knows and trusted


Might as well say my piece.
The kemono.party administration team consists of three members at this time;
>Shinonome (me): owner, programming, minor system administration
>Hermietkreeft: server/domain management
>an additional anonymous administrator: system administration
Having responsibilities spread out across multiple people decreases the bus factor, almost completely negates legal and shutdown risks in case of a subpoena, and lets specialized people manage things they have experience with, instead of one autist having to fumble with anything that isn't programming. All admins are trusted, and have been verified to have worked on or currently managed major sites in the same vein as Kemono.
Yes, second admin was the person who owns the Twitter account, and is responsible for the idea of its creation. I "approved" it, and believe that move did both bad and good things in retrospect, but regardless, I'll try to prevent other team members from overstepping like that in the future.

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