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Just wondering if the SubscribeStar importer is working, cuz I followed the instructions but no data shows up like with the FANBOX and Patreon imports.


Everything is dead, except Patreon Importer (slowly dying tho)


Out of all the dead things SubscribeStar importer is the deadest, it stopped working in like early 2021 and hasn't even been touched since then.


you're better off finding substar stuff on e(x)hentai or f95, take risks and go on svscomics or planetsuzy, or bite the bullet and register on substar itself.

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how can i filter by contente type ?

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The artist tffeathers is putting passwords as their poll options now.
He watches kemono and knows that it doesn't import poll options or results, so he's jusy hiding the passwords there.
Any chance poll options might get scraper support too?
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Whining that artists reads the threads< not believing>>33849
its actually them answering


Anyone got December password?


Nope ukkt or bwug isn't working. Looks like that the poll answer (password) doesn't get updated from the uploader. I hope it gets fixed.


File: 1701700973803.png (11.72 KB, 543x104, link.PNG)

just copy the link kwuh


Oh fuckin hell. Thanks a lot. Didn't knew that would work.

File: 1693266403003.jpg (1.01 MB, 1800x1800, kagura_thumbsup.jpg)


Commencing transmission in 3… 2… 1.
こんばんは。I will be brief.
I have something, something I want to show you.
New online gallery software may be in development. It may behave similar to YIFF and KEMONO in some ways, and it may not in others.
But it is incomplete. Work can only be kept baking for so long before something must be shown to the world, however.
We'll see about when that will happen.
I have a small favour to ask of you.
If you could describe what you would want in such software, your response would then potentially be used to steer the direction and nature of development.
Let me know what you think of this. I believe it could be mutually beneficial to both of us if more operations of this nature could exist in the world.
Now then, I must attend to some unrelated business. Ending transmission. ——
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this seems to have been implemented for kemono as well. Yesterday atleast 1 that i know of got updated with their polls now showing.


If this service allows you to favourite artists like kemono does it, it would be nice to be able to import your already favourited accounts from kemono to the new platform


I know you update on Telegram aswell but it would be nice if you uploaded here too cuz I really don't like using that app. Would be nice if people who do use it could also bring up the undates from the onto here too.


Where to even get fake number for telegram?


SMSpva. It might take a few tries.

File: 1686552075478.png (2.87 KB, 258x195, Untitled.png)


This thread is made to link the Discord data available on Kemono to be linked to the artist.

This is not a request thread. Don't request for discord servers that aren't on the site. Please only use this to link artists to their own discords that are already posted here!
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Anyone know if Cooliehigh's discord is on kemono at all?




Anyone know the name of Supercakes discord?



File: 1697943924306.png (188.12 KB, 320x480, image_2023-10-21_230518951.png)


Allot of my favorite Artists have polls for characters and i would like to see the polls in the post. I dont know if live polls are an option, but it would be great to know what the poll options are and on reports, give results on polls that has ended.


Polls show up now


Thank you

File: 1701512209331.jpg (242.16 KB, 1280x1024, 211-2113545_anime-cat-girl….jpg)


Is there a way to search with multiple tags?

and is there a way to search for videos only?


Dont think so

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>This happens
>Fanbox scraper dies and is probably dead forever.


File: 1698713944066.jpg (78.78 KB, 1655x678, 34663473.JPG)

Going by their message that recently got updated on their Disco server, they seem to now be going all in for uploading there.

He's also using Mega for sideloading older works and likely the rest (Not sure if he's even aware that Disco is going to kill channel-file hosting).


I mean, good job its being imported. Discord killing file-hosting would fuck everything if he didn't keep his stuff backed up


any update for the discord?


Any updates?

File: 1701058701546.png (20.12 KB, 370x320, download.png)


Couldn't Kemono just start allowing people to manually upload post of artist while the scraper doesn't work?
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File: 1701361655734.png (86.69 KB, 780x512, Screenshot 2023-11-30 1124….png)

Don't allow Randoms to use that feature and only give people who actually scrapped a certain amount of content from their Kemono account the privilege to use manually uploads. Their already a role system in place on your Kemono account and they can utilize it for that, but they won't.


share link, please?


Link pls


You might be onto something. If actual scalpers are the only one to post, then it's less likely that it's gonna be spam. Still, there is a change one scalper is just a hidden spy who just does to to eventually spam. Maybe have a daily or weekly limit.


In the end that's a pretty decent opinion tho.
Old scrapers would already have the Importer Badge on them, meanwhile the new ones would need to pass X period of time and Y amount of content, in order to get free access to the Manual Importer

File: 1695139699194.jpg (32.03 KB, 830x830, jDSuW9m8.jpg)


So I decided to bite the bullet and buy a prepaid card to see if that method actually work. So I'm here to tell that it does indeed work https://files.catbox.moe/72bmyq.png, https://files.catbox.moe/2dlofk.png. Just no one hasn't shown any evidence to confirm it actually working until now. However, it isn't gonna to be that straight forward since you need to understand how their system is played. Here the following thing that needed:
- A brand new computer with a different OS install(yeah it that fucking insidious)
- A VPN(A good one you trust)
- A brand new email
- A privacy-focused web browser.
- A Gift/Prepaid Card(Doesn't matter the value range)
- being calm and patient

The first option is just a precautious so it maybe not needed, It's just something I heard about(and because I have a laptop laying around so I might as well use it for something). Is if your account get flag, their system inject something into your computer that allows them to identify the computer that was flagged. So even though you do these follow steps with a flag system, all your future emails, accounts, cards will get compromised. So I'm gonna need to buy another Prepaid card to see if that the case or not. People who are into this kind of coding can probably confirm whether that true or not.

NOTE: DO NOT visit the Subscriberstar website before doing the following steps and if it does indeed work for you, DO NOT visited Kemono site afterwards on your PC. I guess there a reason for the new laptop then after all.
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What if you do it in a virtual machine?


Try it on a virtual machine if you don't have multiple laptops laying around like I do.


Guest can still be linked to host, don't take any risks. Just mount a bunch of cheap computers from your local junk pile.


This is all interesting. Cause earlier this summer I tried a method with using a different browser (Edge instead of Chrome) using a Vanilla prepaid card with a new account email etc. on the same old laptop and it worked. Fast forward to this week using the same account I used a different prepaid card (not Vanilla just a regular gift card) I tried to subscribe but it said my card was rejected. I originally thought it was because I was near the end of the payment period but then I waited a few days and it was still rejected. So I have no idea what OP is saying is whats happening to me or something different cause this is all strange.


Update: So looking through my Edge cookies I had one (yes just one) Kemono cookie. If this is what got my card blocked then damn. Just a question if the card is rejected does that means it just useless on SubStar?

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