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in JADF's recent post, he's using a new technique to counter imports.
Pixiv got a new feature, which he's using to send over the password for his content.

> recent post: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/314223/post/4860485

> https://www.dropbox.com/s/h808b0wa9e6ed9z/INSTRUCTIONS.jpg?dl=0

I'd say we could try to battle this and also import Fan cards,
but this is also kinda pushing it I think.
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anyone got the new password? i know that the last one got leaked by an admin


reminds me greatly of the "app.box" posters, you can find a few if you search that term into kemono - I don't understand how it works but many artists are pretty much unobtainable after switching to it.

someone should really make a workaround already, it's been a year. nobody is talking about this anywhere for some reason its like only the japs know.


reminds me greatly of the "app.box" posters, you can find a few if you search that term into kemono - I don't understand how it works but many artists are pretty much unobtainable after switching to it.

someone should really make a workaround already, it's been a year. nobody is talking about this anywhere for some reason its like only the japs know.


Same as gdrive, email access restriction. For subbers who are willing to walk the extra mile, considering the way subber information appears on a bunch of platforms and they make no mention of it in their terms of service either (not that they'd have to; they'd be shooting themselves in the foot) there's an easy deduction to be made. Let's just hope you're after getting rid of them permanently and couldn't care less about their content.

Don't believe it? Create one and sub with a few alts from different devices and networks and take a close look at what's available to you.


Does anyone have a COMPLETE archive of this guy's art? I don't even care about the new stuff anymore. His artstyle has severely regressed, I don't even find those pencil dicks attractive anymore.

File: 1659982134832.jpg (265.99 KB, 2048x1246, jHIEbiebfi8u38hr23hr.jpg)


Do you experience annoyance from the new ads? Did the new ads takes half of your mobile screen? Ads displaying something disgusting? If so follow this few simple steps:

If you using Android:
+ For Samsung, you can download Samsung Internet Browser with ads blocker extension called AdBlock Plus ABP. And turn it on the settings menu.
+ For other android device, you can choose to download Firefox with Ublock Origin extension add-ons. Or Microsoft Edge browser with AdBlock Plus extensions also toggle the tracking prevention to "Strict".

If you using iOS:
+ You can use Safari with AdGuard extensions.
+ Or you can download Microsoft Edge with AdBlock Plus extensions on with "strict" tracking prevention.

For PC:
+ Any browser you desire with uBlock Origin extensions.

OR you could use brave browser for all three platform. The choices is yours!
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Just support the site watching some ads, I swear, some people want it all for free



There is no excuse for not using an adblocker in CURRENT YEAR. Even the feds have started recommending them.


>hire incompetent whitranny admins and surprised when they shit up the site and users
>also having furry mods with egoistic attitudes like the old YP and banning criticism under the guise of leeches
Moral of the story this is why im glad east asians coded my router firmware though these students need a bit of training beforehand i swear British-eckels are only good at putting woke BS to GitHub these days


Non-retarded version or ads are staying.
Wait, they're staying either way.

Use an adblocker or your head. Whichever works. Probably the former.

File: 1674598193224.png (1.21 MB, 1674x1080, my_kin.png)


Hi, i fear loss of information, i love the effort put into kemono and the kind community feeding it.

I would like to know if anyone knows a way to clone the entirety of data archived in this site at some given moment in a way that's not literally just scraping as i believe this is neither efficient nor realistic considering the volume and number of operations (so probably not nice to the network?)

Something like an API that i missed, torrents of certain previous states of archives, anything.

If content is only available through the website as is, then too bad i guess, but i really want to get a local archive if possible :).

strongly wishing for this stuff to remain available to diggers for as long as possible
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Wait, there's a config on Telegram for downloading the entire site?


Can you give some rough numbers/order of magnitude about the size of the site?


22.5M, 120TB+


>120tb inside active server racks
holy shit how much power does that thing eat every night? is it self hosted? i can surely tell its one of those LTTstore sponsored NAS drive bays too keep things budget priced.
i dont even know any VPS that has THAT much storage for only one user. i bet the networking costs are in the thousands every month though its a real shame bahnhof cucked out to the feds you could use that one if youre on europe

>how much storage do i have

a hundred times smaller just about about 2TB in total excluding my old but full HDDs
also what are some good things to do with my mini pc? any practical uses for my new file server? (its too weak for hosting VMs and gaming)
it came with a slow but legit 1tb nvme and why the hell is it partitioned to 120/850 GB by default? and i need a decent light distro for the second 256 gb m2 disk


Don't forget about the Petabyte backup server too

File: 1674960060952.png (16.04 KB, 280x190, iobitunlocker[1].png)


Please note that this isn't a request thread, Usah will throw a fit and lock it if you do
Paywallers on your favorites doing the rar file bullshit? Importers neglecting to grab DMs? Consider this thread a stopgap measure for good samaritans to share passwords to locked content with the rest of us plebs. Again, please don't request for any artists so this thread doesn't get locked. I know it's frustrating, but we have to be patient for whatever replacement for /request/ comes up – only post if you'd like to add to the list, to report any problems with a given password (such as an artist stealth-updating), or discuss better ways to get around this. Hashcat was mentioned as one complicated method.

Below is what was posted in the previous thread (note that to minimize risk of google search, there will be dashes to break them up – remove anything with "(-)" to get a proper name/password):
Bambip(-)ump (october $3 posts)
Bambib(-)omb (october growing diaries)
921Ear(-)thquake (September 21st-27th 2022)
dirty3(-)P (Sandra Guts Dir(-)ty Play)

Connard(-)devoleursaleauxconsSalopardd'enculédemesdeux (october 2022)
RippaSplitt(-)aWh40Kforever (november 2022)


Just do the 64bit encoding thing, it's more sneaky and spy games'ey, and the -'s look stupid.

File: 1675011806071.jpeg (183.58 KB, 828x1221, 284AC061-20C3-49D0-8EE1-0….jpeg)


am i just dumb? or this thing is a new method of paywall made by patreon?


db=# select count(*) from introductory_messages;
(1 row)

Annoy shino to have them be included in the artist page, like the fancards in fanbox.


I think it is better for you to added it since asking shino is not possible as I lost his telegram contact after he change his username and waiting for him to implement a new features going to take months long. Didn’t you already have access to the importer source codes as well?


He doesn't touch code.
An "extras" tab will be added whenever convenient for me to do so.

File: 1660402252019.png (182.21 KB, 400x600, industrial-strength-magic-….png)


Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!

Here is discord link for "Web novel &stuff"
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Link in the OP is for the old banned server . Use the link in >>23117



It is the same link and am getting the same invalid link msg



Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!

File: 1673085977438.png (163.77 KB, 600x158, Screenshot 2023-01-07 0505….png)


Just making a thread for whoever is on kemono. The only people I know of are scottfalco, terminal montage, Summoningsalt, casdvp, Razzle, and some others. So who else is on there to watch some of their exclusive content or whatever
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I still dont know how to access the cold ones stuff. After they stopped doing unlisted yt vids, its just dead links.


Puzzle game expert


We also got Jelloapocalypse:

They do some fun skits and animations and recently did an audio book sequel of their youtube series epithet erased


Jello's a massive faggot and whoever paid him a cent through patreon is an even bigger faggot.


https://kemono.party/patreon/user/22917367 Slsmusic piano composer, looks pretty cool
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/13791567 Ken Doe (Computer Clan) I enjoy these but this person reviews uncommon tech like rare & retro tech, prototypes, weird computers and gadgets, and scam products
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/64775751 Dr. Pez another musician but focuses on game covers
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2339790 last one but this is Ian Hubert and they make blender tutorials. I know there was a thread earlier about art tutorials and here you go.

File: 1674806252120.png (110.83 KB, 1063x517, klnbwec_screenshot.png)


I'm kind of curious is if there are other places that leak stuff from primeleap. Kayla moved her stuff there again which kinda sucked cuz I liked the orientation comic series thus far.


Sorry if this was weird or not a good thing to ask in advanced XD

File: 1674414397160.jpg (120.08 KB, 736x1308, 6173a55348b130ed201c52887e….jpg)


Hi i was browsing a discord import on kemono when i noticed it was really getting slow, i was trying to download pics. And then suddenly i can no longer connect to kemono on my wifi. I can only access it through my mobile network now. Did the website thought i was DDOsing the site and it banned me? Is there a way to fix this?


Update: I can now access it again. Maybe it just timed me out? who knows…


If you go badshit crazy on TCP connections your ip will get blocked by our upstream.
Simply wait an hour for the block to go away.


If you are still experiencing it, simply email me your ip.

File: 1669904673074.jpg (5.24 KB, 389x129, images.jpg)


How do I find the correct auth token? Every time I try to import it says "The key is not valid JSON."
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[74da87d2d7cdcad2]@2022-12-03 23:49:55: Starting import. Your import id is 74da87d2d7cdcad2.
[74da87d2d7cdcad2]@2022-12-03 23:50:56: Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram.


The same problem>>25844


[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:18:55: Starting import. Your import id is d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e.
[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:23:01: Importing user sorafoxyteils
[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:23:01: Starting import: 0a4aeb20-c29f-43ed-9be9-145e6181e9c9 from user sorafoxyteils
[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:23:01: Unsupported content found. You should tell Shino about this occurrence.


[b37d7f6db8aafa33]@2023-01-23 02:54:12: Starting import. Your import id is b37d7f6db8aafa33.
[b37d7f6db8aafa33]@2023-01-23 02:54:42: Internal error. Will be re-tried. Contact site staff on Telegram.


The person you should be screaming at is shino for his lack of care.

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