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jap platforms like pixiv/fanbox, dlsite, allows lolicon content but requires censorship

western platforms like patreon but even pirate sites like f95 needs no censorship but disallows lolicon content

where can one publish uncensored lolicon content with at least decent reach?
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how about twatter?




Great overall, use it often

Great for furry, and they allow links to uncensored human loli, but the naughty bit on the post in IB have to be censored.





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So, since reqs are dead it's pretty much just crossing your fingers and hoping an artist you want gets imported?
If yes, who are some of your favorite artists who have already been imported? wanna find some new ones to follow.


there're request threads over on /r/ 4chan, dummy!

File: 1716545375170.jpeg (116.17 KB, 1200x630, BzGlRcUmqjPthYAQIxzPpvc5.jpeg)




File: 1715820744479.jpg (39.51 KB, 384x182, 123.jpg)


Can someone know the passwords for https://kemono.su/patreon/user/74966791 ?


The password is ^"/%^^"#//_:"÷=45/<_6_/"%%_^.

Strange password huh?



Basedecoder64 does nothing, please provide further instructions


Let me rephrase that and come off as an asshole with a request. on their kemono, december's, feb's, march's and april's p/w's are posted, but not of other months. any chance the first replying anon has January's password?


I added the password for January's files


thank you so much mate

File: 1713584461073.jpg (396.08 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20240420_113952.jpg)




This person has placed all his files in a mega link and needs to post a comment asking for it to get the password to the mega. kemono is not currently showing this string of passwords in private messages, so can somebody share this string of passwords?
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maybe kemono could implement something where the person scraping can enter a password to the mega link and kemono can just download it, anything is better than just not having them


how hard is it to get One password man
ive been waiting



even doe dms can be imported


bump for pw :]

File: 1709628852677.jpeg (3.87 KB, 160x160, 94794272.jpeg)


This guy https://kemono.su/patreon/user/94794272 started putting monthly passwords on his files. Please share them here.
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may password anyone?


May password anyone?


May password?


why does the march password, "prinz31" not work with the 7z from "march requests part 2" ? i've tried both revisions of the post and neither work


nevermind, i am fucking retarded, that file uses the april password "kira89"

File: 1703784050637.png (7.24 KB, 441x124, Untitled.png)


why do vimeo links in posts never seem to work and says the video doesn't exist ? it happens across multiple artits
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File: 1711112725328.png (1.4 MB, 2268x1846, Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at ….png)

Thanks. Reattempted it and got it done but not with the same url.


bump for people to see


Yeah I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve done literally everything in this list and it still says that because of privacy settings the video cannot be played. No matter what.


Same but I could still download those videos with yt-dl


File: 1716480346364.jpg (352.97 KB, 1080x1002, SmartSelect_20240523_13002….jpg)


i wanted the obrobine clip files, but all of their google drive links are dead, so i'm wondering if anyone has the files and could upload them


Been having this issue with a couple users as well. Unfortunate¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ .


>this is what your average k*monoCVCK faps to everyone?
holy shit like they arent even trying to hide it anymore like? why are furfag creators like this even tolerated?

File: 1715131163156.png (3.04 KB, 351x92, 2024-05-07 22_14_59-____EA….png)


Hey, this might be a stupid question but I'm trying to watch the videos from EverydayNegroes and in the Patreon they show up well and fine (obv not subbed, but they seem to be there and it offers me a preview), but in Kemono it shows up as a link ending in .txt that takes me to some code and I wasn't able to dig the video out of it, but I'm shit at code and know very little. Is this a mistake, is there something I can do? Thanks
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im having the same problem, I've got a VLC player and copy pasted the url into it and it doesn't work.
Just acts like it might play a video then stops after half a second.
any specifics to say or am i just unlucky as normal?


I also could not find an URL in the text that worked, there was only urls that end in .m3u8. Are these videos that are hosted on Patreon itself simply impossible to access?


The videos have a expiration date and that's why you can't view tem anymore. Sadly I don't know how long link lasts, I've heard 24 hours.


yeah saw on different thread that all vids have a 24 hour limit and them poof gone, maybe there is someway to download them and put them on KP since this clearly doesnt work.
i mean asking someone to be logical here is hard but still.


(Supposedly) you can flag the videos to annoy the bot to re-import hthem but from what I've heard the bot has a long ass queue so it is slow as fuck.

File: 1716465345111.png (16.35 KB, 457x228, Снимок экрана 2024-05-23 1….png)


Why does it take so long to load posts with boosty? I’ve been waiting two hours and nothing’s happening
No one in progress Logs but only costs zero.
how do I solve the problem?

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