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Crimson here, again.

Use this thread to share archives (MEGA, GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and DM/Paywall site contents. If you wanna request, do it in the pinned request thread above and make it obvious in your request about the archive/DM stuff.

(Since kemono already got a DM importing feature, it'll be best to upload the DM contents there and notify anyone else about it in this thread.)


We'll counting on you.
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Yourself. Kill. Please :)


Damn, using kemono while in university? Cringe!
Back to reddit… also, back to studying for whatever you're majoring in. Probably gender studies or feminist dance theory or whatever woke bullshit it is you're studying.


that was lame as hell man


Link gave me a 502. Most likely from the Yen symbol.


Here's a dump of Hanxulzmods' SSBU mods from the "All Ultimate Skins" tier, though it doesn't include the nude skins from the $12 tier (I am lame). Includes downloaded content from the provided Mega links.


I know people mostly use this shit for porn, but I never really liked the idea of paywalled mods, so I gotta dump this shit somewhere.

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Post information about websites or software that people deserve to know about.

gallery-dl (https://github.com/iori-hub/gallery-dl)
A program that, once installed, lets you run a command in command prompt to download all images from a given link. It's compatible with pretty much every site I've tried it on, too. (Twitter, FurAffinity, e621, Inkbunny, Newgrounds, e-hentai, Pixiv, and surprisingly even Kemono.)
The main downside is that it's a python script run from command prompt, so to install it you need to install python (and in my case that didn't work so I needed to install it through Chocolatey, which is another python script that does… something?). Once it's installed, though, all you need to do is feed it a link and it just works.

Twitter Media Downloader (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tw-media-downloader)
Firefox extension. Essentially an in-browser version of gallery-dl for just twitter specifically. Easier to install, and it has an actual HUD instead of using command-line. It also lets you download a user's LIKES too, not just their media or retweets.

r34dl (https://github.com/r34dlnew/Rule34.xxx-Downloader)
rule34.xxx is one of the few sites gallery-dl doesn't work on, so I use this instead. Lets you download the entirety of the results of a specified search.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder (http://www.duplicate-finder.com/photo.html)
This program scans a given folder (including subfolders) for duplicates, then lists them and gives you the option to move or delete them. This is really useful for doing a first-pass over a mass-downloaded gallery before sorting it "properly" afterwards.
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Same anon as >>11435, I set up the json file as explained here >>1282, only for it to give…this:

[downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='data.kemono.party', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /74/b0/74b00ac20c5da385063a2f8ecce4395c39ead61b51c13a7e1fff27bd09e84f02.png (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x03AF1A50>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed'))

I have no idea how to fix this, or what this means.


Similar problem as this anon, I keep getting [downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='data3.kemono.party', port=443): Read timed out and some [downloader.http][warning] '404 Not Found' on Kemono no matter how much I try, I don't know what causes it but it seems like it only happens with some users, as I downloaded an entire fantia user page without problem just some hours ago.


Sounds like the balancer isn;t doing what it should or gallery-dl needs updating, since it should put you on one pf the data servers. data.kemono.party isn't valid last I checked. data1-5 should be what it uses. Might be a gallery-dl issue. sudo apt update


How do I specify the following file structure for gallery-dl?

Folder with name "Username (user ID)" > File with name "Post number - Original file name"

Is there an idiot's guide to specifying a custom layout? I've tried reading gallery-dl's configuration.rst which seems to have relevant info but I can't fathom how to go about doing it.


How do I configure gallery-dl to download private messages, and download posts from favorite users (rather than from input.txt)?

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Is there a way to add discord profiles to your favorite artists?


There is no such thing as "discord profiles". Only servers, the channels within the servers and the posts within the channels.


Fair enough.

How would you add them to your favorites in order to be informed about updates without having to bookmark them on my browser.

Or is this not possible?


In my opinion, the answer to this question would solve whole Discord topic.

Also a question about Discord. In the old party.chan, shortly befor it went offline, there was an announcement, that the kemono discord function will get a redesigne and update. Whats the status to the topic?
Also big thanks to admins, Defs and Mods for the hard work.


Thats another feature I'd like to see. Seems like for now the only way to fave a Discord page is by using your browser.

Call some attention to it in the issues thread.

File: 1628422206736.jpg (141.98 KB, 1300x1100, 869cf84e7a20df6b84ae8f5cee….jpg)


A thread for sharing uncensored art pieces of several japanese artists.

There's a rule going on there where all lewd arts must be censored even a little. Including myself, some people can find that those censorships are blocking the horny view.

Feel free to share uncensored art pieces in here first or third party versions/edits, individually or in an archive.

(Please note that the thread would be pretty much focusing more into furry arts instead of human ones, hence the site's original purpose for furry stuffs.)
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>Not recognizing Dagasi without using saucenao
What rock you been living under? He's like one of the more popular artists out there


Did you mean to reply to >>444? I'm pretty sure >>499 was attempting to reply to him.
Keyword "most". Shame he doesn't do it for all eventually.


File: 1634618652697.png (1.76 MB, 2336x2746, Radcuddle.png)


File: 1636497560399.jpg (562.65 KB, 1280x1815, 5.jpg)

Does any one have this uncensored I have looked all over for it and nothing? Here is a example of the pages in it.
The comic is called paraphilia and it's by azasukewind


I despise this rule from Japan, the one reason why I can't hole Japan for being based.

File: 1638563817263.png (892.06 KB, 1075x868, buildzoidstaresintoyoursou….png)


Slightly off topic for a site like this, but still related to Patreon:

I regularly watch Moore's Law is Dead, he has Patreon-only podcasts such as Die Shrink about more esoteric computer subjects (or shit that doesn't fly for YT such as (((politics))) and things like that)

I'm thinking of subbing one month to his Patreon and ripping all his Patreon-only shit. With that comes my question: How? I know jackshit about Patreon.

Pic of Buildzoid unrelated.
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Can I just toss in the links into youtube-dl and call it a day?


File: 1638628403640.png (22.94 KB, 653x280, Knipsel.PNG)

figured it out, aw shit nigga LETS DO THIS!


And ripped. Does kemono.party accept non-lewd content like this?


For sure! Feel free to import.


Done. Took some fucking around with the Dev Console but I added MLiD to the autoimporter.

Didn't know kemono.party also allowed non-lewd content.

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About 2 weeks ago I used Kemono
to download my Discord content. Then suddenly I lost access to my account and when I logged in from the other account I noticed somebody using it! I can only relate this to sharing my discord key with Kemono
. Kemono
will deny it, but I'm sending this as a warning for others -
never use your real discord to share with Kemono


If you mean you *imported* your discord channels or server, surely you are aware there are plenty possibilities for anyone to access your discord token if you don't change it and your password after using one of the various discord exporters that exist on the web, right…?

This is an user error. If someone looks over your shoulder when you use Discord Exporter and gets your token (which you probably didn't even change) you're going to blame the framework for this?

Come on now.


Either you severely mishandled your key all on your own in a fashion that has nothing to do with Kemono, or this never happened at all and there's an ulterior motive for trying to make people think it did.
If neither cases are true, more details would be appreciated. Was the loss of access security-related, or did the password on the account change? In either case, Discord should've sent you an email with information that would be helpful in this case. Feel free to reach me at my email.


Sounds a bit fake, but who knows, maybe it's possible.

On the other hand, you made me think … I'm using Kemono from the very beginning. I know it's created and hosted by some Russian anons. When I'm sharing my session key Patreon you guys can see my name, email, CC, furry porn I'm interested in. I believe you are good guys. But it would be tempting to sell this data / blackmail somebody for $$$. It's all about trust.


Please be careful while importing to kemono. They been having several severe security issue lately. I can say this is quite possible since it is all about the discord key you've been sharing with kemono. I would likely to use a dummy account instead of my account since thing like this is possible to happen. Obviously they wouldn't admit moreover if it is one of their team member messing with your account. It also happens to me once when suddenly discord asking for a verification of a location. Luckily discord required a 2 fac auth by approving the ip location first. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD


Okay, so, you (yes, YOU, because your posting style is instantly recognizable) are obviously trying to decrease trust in paywall archivers, manipulating Kemono users by spreading information that is either completely false/discredible or somewhat genuine with intentionally dropped details.
To other Kemono users, please do talk with non-idiots before taking Twitter/Discord-originated psy-op posts as absolute fact.

File: 1637654035456.png (246.97 KB, 583x520, capture.png)


All the smart code people out here you'll want to keep an eye on this, as well as anyone who uploads content.


This would be trivial to bypass.


Yeah I am sure Patreon will be super elated over caching 1 * amount of patrons images versus 1 and shitting it out to everyone.


This man's about to have a very rude awakening.


I was in a server with this guy, and he really can't cope with people that disagree with him. Rude is an understatement for what he's gonna wake up to when he finalizes his thing and noone adopts it.


Who is noone?

File: 1638391452419.jpg (58.46 KB, 623x678, jf.jpg)


Why is it that when i get an artist who hasnt been updated for a few months, my favorites say it just updated recently today and when i check the artist's kemono page there's nothing really there at all new? Am i missing something? Cuz the page is the same as before.

sorry for bad english


give it a little while or try clicking previous on the last page and see where you end up ;)

File: 1631316598561.png (47.54 KB, 1514x911, archive.png)


Well its time for me to share the full yiff.party archive
Its the only known full scrape of the site.

The archive is stored in multiple Google TeamDrives, Please message me on telegram on this handle https://t.me/Hermietkreeft

Reply to this for any questions
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File: 1637540022644.jpg (68.13 KB, 1080x1051, unknown-9-1.jpg)

Well boys, no more teamdrive spots + no archive spots left

See you next week, no use on dm ing me now on telegram till i havent made more…


Telegrammed my request an hour ago.



Can someone tell me what happened to the yiff.party archive link that had most of my fave artists on there? It was the one before the old kemono chan went down, in the OP there was a Squidward pic too.


Can someone make a torrent of anything related to Nyamota and put it on https://sukebei.nyaa.si? I'll seed it indefinitely.


File: 1637862633832.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, 1615997921746.webm)

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Right. Again, time to beg into the void. Remember the rules.


the name of the artist;
tier you want imported;
price of the tier;
link to the artist.
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Artist: PatchYeah
Tier: Tip Jar
Price: $1
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=12644486
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/12644486

Artist: AloysiusEroticArt
Tier: Comic Tier
Price: $13
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=418385
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/418385

Artist: EnroShiva
Tier: HD Art/Comics/Animations
Price: $1
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Tier: 2


Artist: Fenixman12
Tier: the only one there is
Price: 500



Artist: ねねの尻スタグラム🍑💌 (ねね😺)(nene_booty)
Tier: ねねの尻スタグラムVIP🐹💌
Price: 500 yen
Link: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/32900

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