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i just notice something's off about kemono recently. is there any major changes being done to kemono on the recent days? i just need conformation about this.
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Precisely, that and being able to actually have an accessible archive of the porn I fucking paid for are the primary reasons I leak shit in the first place

Also because fuck some people and how they paywall shit: limited time releases, forcing you to pay absurd amounts of money to actually see any of the porn, dividing archives by month and seperately pricing each one which gradually inflates the cost of accessing the full archives absurdly, that kind of shit



Or save money and not pay >600$/month for porn and wait patiently for updates :)


Imagine spending £10+ per month for "the temporary right to see" your fave artist work, and the other one, and other, and the 10+ other ones (and thats just the cartoon porn shit, not the 20 fave fine artist ontop of all that). Thank fuck for piracy!

"You poor & dirty bastards, its only £10 a month!"

"Yea, £10 P/M per artist across 20+ artists. Its precisely because I pirate that I'm NOT poor lol."


Am I doing something wrong, I can't manually upload Patreon stuff (I understand the auto-importer is down). And I can't post in the webnovel page because it's locked. I would have preferred knowing if someone is uploading it this month and I'd do something else but…that page is locked.


File: 1654267483386.jpg (75.28 KB, 1024x768, soyjak_tagme-2214.jpg)

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I'm going to leak this bitches entire goddamn discord
$20 minimum to access NSFW my fucking ass


"Congratulations, you fucked EVERYTHING!" - This guy

I could swear this dude is paraphrasing GTA San Andreas when you fuck up certain missions… Fucking purple wearing Balla ass plagiarist!


File: 1654234029768.png (764.35 KB, 689x519, bad.PNG)

same energy


"Park on my private parts again and I'll bite yours off and shove em up yer arse!"

File: 1653992232920.png (146.72 KB, 369x274, wtf.png)


What is the point of DMCA? Lets say I posted art, and someone ripped it here. What would this DMCA do on a piracy site like this? Would it be taken down permanently? I'm a character modeler, and I heard whisperings of people talking about DMCAing people. Artists have breakdowns, saying they're going to DMCA this site. What is the process like? The DMCA page even states it might be shared with third parties, what is the reason for that? It says transparency but… I feel as if that isn't exactly transparent. I just thought I'd ask. For transparency, I don't sell my stuff, so this isn't an issue I'll have.
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File: 1654056351719.webm (2.44 MB, 1920x800, asdasdasdasd.webm)


>we really hate having fun therefore we will not show dox info thank you for your cooperation and please continue donating
uhh kiwibros ITS OVER we lost jak.jpg
jokes aside entitled creatorfags deserve whatever is coming to them


File: 1654133671800.jpg (68.68 KB, 1017x640, l3zm6eyk4xa21.jpg)

Smothering your artwork with so many "DO NOT STEAL" watermarks that no one wants to share or even look at it is the only true DMCA.


Do you mean DRM/copy protection? Thats what watermarks and copyright notices are. DMCA's AFAIK are like "legal requests" to try and get the heroes of the poor to cease & desist.

What the ego tripping fartists don't seem to know is they are almost definitely outside of their own legal rights (illegally marketing/distributing their blatantly copyright infringing art) and will likely be the ones getting in the hottest water; IF they're foolish/naive/deluded enough to actually TRY and tske someone to court, that is.


mommy gonna cut your router off if you use the correct term?


Latest ザンクロー work posted on both fanbox and fantia are passworded, anyone has the password please?.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST. BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE RULES, REQUESTING OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNATED REQUEST THREAD IN /REQUESTS/.)


bumping as i am interested too


Based on what I saw:

Ask the FBI, they'll be "very" willing to help. Or enquire at 'Loli-Lovers Anonymous' (secretly founded and monitored by the FBI, as a way to keep an eye on ALL loli lovers incase they escalate IRL, at which point they're sent to the n.o.n.c.e wing of New Guantanamo Bay for 600,000,000 years to share their orifices with only the dirtiest terrorists).


You post that stupid shit on this site of all places, go find the highest place you can and do a backflip.


Kill yourself nigger.
inb4 this thread gets deleted for breaking the rules.

Niggers like you deserve to boil in steaming hot shit for eternity.

Now get off this website, and go beg on the streets like the good little porch monkey you are.


>>21399 >>21398 AAND ARCHIVED its that ECM2 i remember that SWF before https://archive.is/OFBP8 (current https://archive.is/tWS9I )
>aww phox butt plug malfuctioning is the animal cublover is mad at the weeb?
ahem translation: im really seething because coomer.party is sailing smoothly meanwhile kitsune3.0 breaks offten and cant archive the comments section BAWW
>also using plebbit spacing and halfchan lingo
gb2 /r/furaffinity_irl go ahead ban me i wanna take a break for a while i got work to do here

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I couldn't ask this on telegram cuz your server is banned in my country, and so is your website (the way it works is that if my ISP detects porn ads it will blacklist the website entirely).

Is there a better way to view unblocked sites without the use of third party VPNs? i'm tired of having a limited time usage with free VPNs and everytime i buy a VPN like NordVPN it doesnt work cuz that VPN service is blocked in my country.

I tried using DNS like google's but that didn't do anything.

I am stuck in the middle east atm.
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Not sure if it'll work, but have you tried using a free VPN to download a paid one? Can your country fuck with software you already have on your computer?


Use a tor bridge like FTEproxy and use the tor browser. There's distributions like tails/heads that have this kind of thing setup already you can run off a usb drive or livecd.


Buy Mullvad


Get on your free VPN and use your limited time to download UltraSurf, which is free and has unlimited time. It works for me with similar restrictions, hope it will work for you as well.

File: 1651105499113.png (112.8 KB, 1520x359, fucking wheeze.png)


Oh jesus fucking christ, how did I never stumble upon this loser before
I'm fucking dying here
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>>20528 >>20573 (ill stop using kek.gg from now on i didnt realize the EDitor program was that bad)
that was my very first meme and im really bad at drawing shit (i dont even know how arrange the text properly) sorry about that should have saged the thread oops but im getting better at GIMP now ill post my next masterpiece here instead of the meme thread i bumped (mods plz dont delete the jak since admins themselves do it)

incase you arent joking (go ahead its OK) can you pirate the ukraine and BLM bundle it literally only costs 10 US sheckels hurry up before the economy collapses
while you are at it can you share the leaked files here? we could really use moar MEGA drive space since the smeagols aint gonna upload themselves (its a shame igg dosent support this platform)

fun fact this actually took me one hour to make and generate the ideas i was originally reluctant to upload this meme since it looks really ugly but i randomly found this while cleaning my folders so here you guys go (kek my adhd managed to do this yet but for some reason i cant mass reply ill improve my next meme i promise sorry for putting yall on chemo)


god i do feel a little cringy whenever i open this i guess you were right ill promise effort next time
center text
>the virgin paywall cuck vs the chad pirate VM
>TL;DR fuck off DRM artists and patrecucks made for partychan

the left text says
>is X game/software available on this platform if not plz port it uwu
>scan every game he downloads with 2 AVs and allows telementery
>antivrus pops up exactly whenever tranny/otherkin date sites opened
>probably worships big corporations
>mac/computer has multiple STDs due to all kinds of weird VN game furry fetishes
>censors opinions from sane non anthro humans
the right one says
>works on any server gaming/hardware
>can emulate console and mobile with the right software/tools
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This user exemplifies why I hate Patreon artists who use Discord and DMs to send out rewards and then price gouge the Gumroad packs.


File: 1653910050680.jpg (22.89 KB, 430x378, lol.jpg)

>if you continue to do so I will take you to court.
bro if they ever send you so much as an email just forward it to noalegal@noa.nintendo.com


Egg fucking zactly; >>20284

File: 1649728676165.jpg (17.4 KB, 630x449, 1607599197_278878_16075997….jpg)


So, the admins are fixing the Patreon importer. Meanwhile, do you have any good creators of Pixiv Fanbox? I'm reading you.
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Whats "double deck"?


Double Deck Seisakujo


I looked it up and can 100% confirm that phrase is not Japanese for "double decker bus" lol!


Anyone able to suggest some good pixel artists on fanbox/fantia? Doesn't have to be porn.


Based scat chad

anal, bdsm and other cool stuff. Only good/decent art

Could make a scat list if anyone cares.

File: 1653795765641.png (30.76 KB, 512x512, angry_react-06-512 (1).png)


(I can't say which artist I am so I don't have people unsubbing suddenly lol)
But I love and support kemono.party so much. Its an excellent tool for finding stuff from deleted patreon creators (I hate when creators delete their whole pages without notice. I belive kemono doesn't even take away from artist's revenue at all (at most barley) hell i use this site often and i used yiff.party back then so i would be a hypocrite if I denounced this site. Keep up the great work. Any artist getting mad at this site are just mad they have 1560 supporters instead of 1569 supporters lol
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Hey instead of commenting shit and fucking around with dmca emails, why not do something more beneficial? idk like fixing the patreon comments import OR improve you beta version of the site. Or how about tweeting joke to Datadome about how such failure they are in anti-scrapping services ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Yeah it hurts when someone's patreon stuff is gone. I usually understand if it was patreon who deleted their stuff but i hate when the creator is like "I cant do this anymore" and deletes everything.


Be Hermiet
>Late 20's
>Still live with parents
>Provoke Patreon
>Laugh at dmca's to provoke artists
>Made artist move to other paywalling sites


Shit like this is why I have a 120tb nas for datahoarding lol.

File: 1652001538007.png (10.57 KB, 200x177, YPLogo-2-e1612289691569[1].png)


Better than kemono :
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>>20727 >>20728
i know right? who the fuck faps to this shit you know furry/kemono is sinful/haram right no matter your logic its morally wrong prove it otherwise
good lord i hate anthroids so much i wish 1984 became fiction again even though i forged my vaxpass im genuinely concerned about humanity's future


Embrace the darkness, you know what needs to be done my son.


no, your blog sucks

cry about it fag


Did you just fucking call him a cigarette!?


this is a message board for a piracy site originally started for furry porn, not a church, preacher.

File: 1653738583045.jpeg (53.82 KB, 640x766, D2985712-AC46-492D-AF31-D….jpeg)


Anyone have Xpray DMs dropbox link 3-13-2022 to 5-26-2022?


lol good luck getting them "approved" in 5 months or so.


"one request in a non-request thread = one dead kitten"
- FlyingRetard AnonGTS

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