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I started to use Gallery-dl lately and Just to found out that Gallery-dl would not download files that is outside kemono.party website. It seems that the only alternatives here are Hydrus Network, but I wonder will it able to automatically crawl and download files from outside of kemono.party? Such as from google drive, dropbox, mega links from posts? Has anyone ever try and see if it works?
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I prefer to have an original named provided by the artists, this makes sharing and distributing to others easier and neater than having bunch of files with random words and nonsense. Also the way you defending this, you sounds like Meus Artis ngl.


I've been using https://github.com/mhogomchungu/media-downloader as a front end for gallery-dl

Can you give me an example or two of a gallery that doesn't download correctly? Maybe there are some parameters / etc we can adjust to get it working with gallery-dl


File: 1657232697819.png (5.04 KB, 280x162, w5A96dt654.png)

I don't think Hydrus does what you want OP, I think the parsers only bother with the website in question and don't crawl for other places. Not sure if I'd even want Hydrus downloading zips. For example if you had a multipart zip, Hydrus would download them but rename them to the hash and then you'd need to maybe rename them to get them to extract properly. At least that's how I assume it'd work out.

Yea I use Hydrus and I like it, I didn't even know it did that to the filenames until I read this thread. Honestly it made me so curious that I tried to find out why it made file names like that and I found a reasonable explanation in the FAQ.

You're probably never going to use Hydrus and that's fine, if you prefer folder structures it's better to keep doing what you like.
But you can export files in Hydrus, and make it so the filename of the exported file isn't a hash but rather, tags so if you had a creator: title: tags.
You could export your file or files or whatever, to be named in the style you'd prefer and then share.
but like the the other guy said it's not normie friendly I probably use 10% of what it can actually do, it's enough for me though.



File: 1655947281118.jpg (120.24 KB, 889x889, hismlt.jpg)


Has the suggestion of this particular japanese site been made yet? If not there's a good chunk of content on there and if it's a matter of 3D models there's definitely stuff on there that's not on patreon or gumroad.


inb4 JEWusahsojamee-banbutton-banneroptimized.gif
oh and while your at it why dont you hire some nip kemono programmer to set it up for you the KemonoPay™ sheckels isn't going to spend itself or better yet buy some storage from fagoneer firself


File: 1661179745132.jpg (46.76 KB, 851x851, FZ06XTlXkAAQK41 (1).jpg)

i been waiting so long for booth content to get uploaded on kemono pls admins add booth support for kemono pls pls pls!!!


also boosty.to


lmao fuckin' dobson lookin' ass

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By any chance, did someone was able to save the renamon and harley queen c¿mods from mr.delegado before they were corrupted again? if so , please share them :( i accidentally deleted them


>he does not check the catty log its still there >>22223

File: 1661105441812.png (183.18 KB, 248x371, FZL6QApUYAEnipo.png) https://archive.is/FXBAQ
Anonymous 08/21/22 (Sun) 18:10:41 No.23309 [Reply] (seen this image and thread before)
Is there a blacklist of sorts for accounts that cannot be added to Kemono? There are a few accounts that im surprised dont have an archive.


sorry, what do you mean by catty log?


It means nothing, w7-890 is a fucking crackhead.

File: 1660701204760.jpeg (99.8 KB, 724x1024, FY_vDvQVQAEuiau.jpeg)


good luck accessing kemono without vpn you indog fag
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There must be a horny fucking weeb insider worked for the gov otherwise how in the world they would know sites like kemono party.


fucking traitor


you fucking retard, the owner has been shilling this site nonstop and put it on google and other search engines


of course. How else would they pay for the server if not by shilling visitor and ads faggot?


So, how does art preservation work here?

File: 1643189953114.png (120.17 KB, 321x311, 2.png)


These .psd files are too large.

I don't have Photoshop, is there any other way to batch convert .psd files into .png or another format?
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The point of these is for archive bruh.


In what way is having a raw master more suited for archival than having a lossless (or HQ lossy) PNG, or a standard JPG.

When you consider that most PSD releases tend to have almost all their original layers merged together, they become almost totally pointless to collect UNLESS all you want to do is export various different sizes (which in itself, seems largely pointless). Logically, PSD's (with their huge filesizes) would be largely unsuitable for archival, unless you had limitless HDD space or something (PNG version = 4mb VS PSD version = 97mb. Both version "look" 100% identical.).

I used to think artists were "actually" releasing their project files (containing every layer) so you can make seamless edits, but with these "merged, bogus PSD's", you can't edit them any more than you can edit a single layer PNG/JPG. Its like people read "PSD/Project File!!" then get excited, but don't realise they're getting excited about nothing.


most artists make their jpg/png version very different from the psd


I think so


bump any good GIMP tutorials?

File: 1658449042194.png (124.38 KB, 330x476, image_2022-07-21_201721061.png)


Is the gumroad importer down for anyone else? Trying to import this and it won't let me select it


File: 1660949923610.jpg (146.49 KB, 1920x1080, Fah2hwdakAA3iqH.jpg)

idk how to reply to posts help


yea the gumroad importer is down

File: 1660998034505.png (1.49 MB, 1209x1500, 1658786716.nolollygagging_….png)


i wish any NLG supporter that imported his content in this site a very good day

File: 1660580840712.png (75 KB, 237x161, Sarah.PNG)


I keep looking for gmod compatible models and see several being used on Kemono, at least in content. That gave me some hope that I could find links to some of them. But sadly I am not able to make any comments on the site to ask for a model links either or if they knew other sites where they might be available, especially considering the models were publicly available before they were deleted on most sites that shared them.

pic related


File: 1660616257377.jpg (31.52 KB, 697x358, pic related.jpg)


i thought trannyjannies furniggers hated cute and funny image?


who uses gmod to jack off????????


underage faggots or degenerates beyond saving

File: 1658066289763.png (368.4 KB, 668x613, 2.Leaking_Implications.png)


Oh hells, I found another of these guys, and this one's even more nutty
Sure af doesn't follow through with those threats at all or he wouldn't have any IP's to draw at this point, fucking lol
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Why are you replying to the minecraft mod thread in here, they can't see your reply


At which point does a "small artist" become a "big artist that is justified to being pirated and leaked" anyways?

i mean nobody likes their shit getting leaked but this sentence of "imma small artist, pls don't leak, imma starve" only works if we have a standard at which point it's okay to leak their crap. since now they get enough money that leaking doesn't affect them that severely anymore.

…probably never, the way most people act now, they are always the underdog who gets stepped on…


A lot of Reits stuff is on Kemono, maybe half of it spread across 3 accounts. Fucker bloats his pics. Currently for all the packs on here it's 10gb. Not a lot, but a lot for pics in my opinion. I have a burner account on EX and Sankaku I'm tempted to dump his shit on.


leak all the ones you dont like lmao


gonna leak all of their packs just to fuck with them brb

File: 1660841006110.jpg (27.25 KB, 217x326, 1.jpg)


Reminder that supporting most artists is a bad thing to do and anyone who tells you otherwise is a subhuman that probably pays e-thots and v-thots.

>absurdly long file names that don't work in most file systems when you extract the archive

>one picture multiplied 100 times, only difference being a single or some more pixels, aka variant set
>pays companies to DMCA their works off of the internet
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stopped reading right there also why is is such a big deal what normies spend thier hard earned sheckels into? so what if they spend it on escorts? running short of NEETbux?


File: 1660861489343.gif (1.25 MB, 498x282, i-dont-speak-broke.gif)


t. spends 99% of his time crying about piracy


NGL scamming furfags out of their money is one of the least upsetting things people can do in lieu of having a real job. They arent reproducing anyhow, have fun artanon.

Imagine raging about them on a forums where people archive their shit for free. This site causes shit/insecure "artists" to spazz constantly. That should be funny asf to you.


you're just as retarded as them for thinking piracy leads to loss of money and not knowing what a scam is

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