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Hey, anyone knows other sites that hosts pirated stuffs than Kemono and Seiso?
Sites that I only know of are U18 and F95 only.
Also, there are few archive sites I know that hosts IB and FA stuffs. If you guys want them, let me know in the thread.

pic unrelated
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It at least used to be. Now many uploaders just rip from kemono itself and pretend they support the artist, it's easy to tell when they're lying because they literally update up to what has been imported, unless they imported it themselves ofc

There's little incentive left to provide scans, translations and digital material for free there and their site currency is useless unless you're starting out or something when the panda will be worshipping the next furaffinity ripper like they're the second coming of the pirate deities for random public junk nobody cares about and the uploaders will be swimming in virtual currency and donating to the admins



AFAIK the only stuff that gets "really really" deleted from e-h/exh is the proper illegal. As far as I can tell everything else just gets expunged, which just requires you to check a box to view in searches.


>It at least used to be. Now many uploaders just rip from kemono

For artists galleries I guess so, but I'm pretty sure that most of the eastern "comics" (like Doujinshi, manga) are original uploads, or atleast aren't taken from kemono


>There's little incentive left to provide scans, translations
What? No, people do still upload original scanlations there. Perhaps digital doujinshi can be found elsewhere, but not everything is digital. Besides that it's always good to have backups.


hey, thanks for that link! Good to know there's a backup if Kemono admin fucks up like the yiff one.

Never forget, that cunt simply ran away with money and decided to shut down yiff.

File: 1629933437093.jpg (28.03 KB, 475x375, do-not-feed-your-hand.jpg)


I'm guessing these posts were never accessible from the start (they just get auto-imported). So if I understand correctly they're just unusable "clutter" right?

Is there any way we can report these posts for removal (in the interest of organisation/tidiness)? Its a minor thing, but without all this clutter, it'd make for much quicker artist browsing.

Look at Legoman for example, theres TONS of "actual content" but nearly every page is almost entirely "[$5 Picarto Stream]" clutter posts meaning you have to go through dozens of pages to find each "content" post. Theres 2500+ posts but I reckon 1500+ of them are empty "clutter posts".


Again, this is of course assuming all these posts were unusable to begin with.


Almost everything seems to be streams and external links. Rename Patreon to OnlySimps or something lol. Yeah this is a lot of useless clutter so I agree.

I'd say post it on the issues/feedback sticky thread too: >>5

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I clicked Favourited a post, then I got this error, it redirected me to the login page, but I keep getting this error, so now anytime I visit this specific post or the log in page, I get stuck in an infinite loop of error box and the page refreshing.

Anyone else got this problem? Is it a server thing or is there anything I can do?


yeah i have this problem too, idk what to do


Try erasing all your cookies and then relogin


If you don't want to delete all your cookies and only for kemono, there's a way for that. You can look it up on Google. Just search for "How to delete cookies individually". Actually, different browsers got different ways of doing such thing, so it's better to find the method in google depending on browser you're using.

File: 1628334957031.jpg (168.67 KB, 1080x553, Screenshot_20210807-071034.jpg)


Like mate, that's what I'm sayin'..!
Why even stress yourself and your fanbase, out like that?

I don't personally follow this one, but seeing them in updated, almost every day, was rather strange to me.

Strange as in, "here we go with them changing their links again".
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never works
I imagine its hard to manage because anyone can just go and upload terabytes of dolphin porn and cheese pizza

gonna need a system for verified uploaders or something


The manual upload feature is disabled until mod tools are implemented. That way we will be able to manually approve files for import to the site. Not having a repeat of Yiff's godawful implementation. Gonna run everything through VirusTotal too to make sure they don't contain any hidden nasties unlike Yiff…


That was not confirmed to be happening, it would also be kinda hard to do, VirusTotal is very restricted with it's API unless you contact them and get a partnership somehow


I mean, mod tools are being brought in mainly for this reason along, and will allow mods to curate uploads


Seems like it worked though. His last imported comment is from august 8th and the link is dead like all the rest.

File: 1629044968149.jpg (266.19 KB, 1919x1020, Seiso.party.jpg)


Well..since kemono have a slow downloads speed and constantly failing I advice to start importing all of the artist into seiso.party. Seiso has a much faster download speed and less IRL fuckery. All Seiso content are art and anime (mostly..)
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Is there a way to download a file in kemono without it getting failing? I tried jdownloader but still fail. It error out half way and I can't continue it anymore..:(


There is no other way fam, the only way for now is rsync. The site has been getting lot of issue lately not sure what it is.


mass crawling done properly


Rsync wasn't that reliable


I use chrome and just click continue every time it stops
never failed to continue so far

File: 1629685810885.jpg (160.56 KB, 1920x1014, Img.jpg)


This is just like what happened during 2020 November to yiff…is Kemono.party falling apart?


Twitter tweets, the most obvious answer I could think of.


Is really that hard to visit the Home page and notice the yellow announcement?


It's almost like there's maintenence going on or something…

File: 1629673935547.jpg (5.09 KB, 128x128, 1277042058379.jpg)


I'm trying to download Pixelsketcher's gumroad files but i get the same "502 Bad Gateway" error all the time, why is that?


There is downtime happening right now. That might be the cause


Yea its gotta be the 24 hour maintenance. You probably can't fullsize any posts either. Probably getting a lot of "too many requests" errors too. Just gotta wait 'til 2moro I guess.


Read the homepage and you'll know why.

File: 1628273769178.jpg (127.63 KB, 777x785, b8db7545ce0f3e1b55471770f1….jpg)


Is this the new Paywall.party?
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File: 1628463796899.jpg (19.14 KB, 600x362, gar.jpg)




No, this is Patrick.


File: 1628566638099.jpg (27.18 KB, 600x667, rapeface.jpg)

The real question is, where is the new ofans party at?


Sekrit Club atm.

File: 1628422206736.jpg (141.98 KB, 1300x1100, 869cf84e7a20df6b84ae8f5cee….jpg)


A thread for sharing uncensored art pieces of several japanese artists.

There's a rule going on there where all lewd arts must be censored even a little. Including myself, some people can find that those censorships are blocking the horny view.

Feel free to share uncensored art pieces in here first or third party versions/edits, individually or in an archive.

(Please note that the thread would be pretty much focusing more into furry arts instead of human ones, hence the site's original purpose for furry stuffs.)
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The artist is Dagasi. Also, use this next time. https://saucenao.com/


File: 1628487244415.png (874.14 KB, 1300x1100, 4302590 - DAGASI Judy_Hopp….png)

also, Dagasi eventually posts uncensored versions of most of his stuff on inkbunny. And that's the only place. Not even people who pay for his fanbox or Fantia get uncensored. Fuckin' Japan.


>Not recognizing Dagasi without using saucenao
What rock you been living under? He's like one of the more popular artists out there


Did you mean to reply to >>444? I'm pretty sure >>499 was attempting to reply to him.
Keyword "most". Shame he doesn't do it for all eventually.

File: 1628387599073.jpg (350.22 KB, 2000x2000, Avante92 Photonoko.jpg)


I would like to be able to click on a profile, then click on a "Hide" button.

Then one of two things would happen on the [Artists] & [Recently Updated Artists] pages:
1. A little front-end script would remove them from the list by manipulating HTML/using a framework.
2. Send parameters to the back-end and use it in the queries. This would work easier with accounts that would be present in the DB, as you would have to send a lot fo cookie information especially with older sessions.

The filter info could easily be stored in the cookie and thus not require an account (but does make it volatile for someone using certain browsers/modes or cleaning their cookies often)

This would then be useful for the next step which would be tagging and thus filtering by tags, and filtering out content with chosen tags

Image unrelated


tag system probably works best for this, although being able to filter specific users and tags would be ideal


Filtering a god idea though

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