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So, what are some other sites that archive paywalled content like Kemono does? Not that I *expect* Kemono to crash and burn, but it's good to have redundancy.


So, what are some other sites that archive paywalled content like Kemono does? Not that I *expect* Kemono to crash and burn, but it's good to have redundancy.


those are some alts, though they won't be reachable if .party keeps going.

Other than that, there are currently no other kemono-likes. There WAS memoryhole but that crashed and burned. Another was seiso, but the sole dev and owner quit.

tl;dr Kemono is the only site of its kind atm.


and /coomer/ what the fuck happened? cant we just remove or hide that godforsaken board already? im sick and tired of this shit already


they don't exist
not anymore
someone should change that
maybe it could be (You)…
if you need somewhere to start, look no further than the source code for this site, which is free


no scrapers but there are plenty of forums
like f95
since kemono still doesn't allow manual upload, you can find a lot of stuff over there that isn't on kemono

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And M.I.Y. is relatively vanilla, his rape is tame enough that it will probably be ignored, no matter what happens.
Fuck, it annoys me so much, he is one of the few artists who still draw my beloved Delmos and Fantia sucks.


I've actually imported some 2D artists myself that I know are at risk, but thanks for the reminder. I was just living under a rock as to all the 3D crap that was on the same platform that was actually causing the stir from the CC companies.


if that's the case better have your popup and script blockers because redirects are a pain in the ass


jeez computer generated art being banned. things that use math being banned. what the hell


Looks like those all made "realistic" 3DCG pedo shit of the sort that even Lolibooru won't associate with.
Hard to say anything of value was lost.

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Has anyone already found a way around the streamable problem? Many of the Patreon Creators have this problem unfortunately….

The problem exists for ages now and makes it impossible to watch the content.


I think people were reporting this even back in the Yiff.party days.

I wonder if its still the same root cause? IIRC it was often blamed on "stream playlist files" being "too encrypted to understand" or something like that. I remember people saying shit like "the playlist file doesn't link to 1 video file, it links to 100's of mixed up ones which then join together as 1", and I guess nobody ever figured out how to reverse engineer that (apparent) protection system yet. Thats my take anyway.

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mainly for learning illustration because i want to look at the layers
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I wouldn't consider PSDs universal, just the most popular. I frequently come across PSDs that look fucked when opened in GIMP.


Yeah, I see a lot of .clip files and that shit's proprietary. I don't think GIMP does it, though I don't think Clip Studio Art is subscription based either.


PSD is better because Adobe provides other software with the means of opening PSD albeit in worse ways

CLIP and SAI can only be opened with their proprietary tools


JCM2, but his Discord hasn't been updated in a while.


kintonkidd has some nice PSDs…or rather, he USED to have them in his DropBox links, but it seems the rest of them were wiped. >:(

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I have just imported a ton of stuff and it's not showing up (new patreon account upload) I am new to this and I am just doing it to archive


Give it time. It won't show up straight away. It needs time to properly index.

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Everyone just shares files via Patreon Private messages. I'm not 100% sure - are those viewable? Because kemono party posts mostly come out with empty posts, no files, no download links, just some photos (whenever I lookup somebody) Is there a way to get to the actual files nowadays? Sorry if this is a repeated question. I don't see any FAQs.


From what SA and shinonome said, the DMs are still being indexed, including for services that don't have them public yet like pixiv fanbox. The ones available can be seen by either clicking/tapping the DM button or adding /dms to the URL.

For files that are on drives and were removed or access-protected, or require some kind of direct authentication to the paywall that you no longer have (or didn't have at all) then I'm afraid you're SOL.


File: 1672650201839.png (20.27 KB, 693x419, Unbenannt-2.png)

How about stuff on the "membership" tab, Shapers puts the download link to their content there and I can't see anywhere on kemono where I could see it

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I saw in an older thread that there was a way to download Vimeo videos linked in Patreon posts here on Kemono when they give the VimeUhOh screen (like this does https://kemono.party/patreon/user/55285033/post/73233494). Unfortunately that thread had visual guides that have since 404d and I can't figure out how to do it from the text log alone. Anyone here know how this is supposed to work?
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I don't know about any other tutorials, but it's pretty simple, just add a new site listing for player.vimeo.com, make sure "to" is on, referrer setting custom, and put https://www.patreon.com as the new referrer.

I also made this small userscript to replace vimeo links with ones going straight to the video, since the page doesn't work anyway.

Fun fact, I tried to post that on both Zerobin and Spectre first, but those sites both seem to suck giant cock.


how did they even detect this? why not just post at catbox?


can anyone explain this to me like i'm retarded, since i don't do code or some other shit like that?


script is down, can u reupload it?


I miss when Vimeo videos actually opened properly. Also seconding >>26536
Is there no other way to get these Vimeo videos other than youtube-dl though? It's a pain to use sometimes

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Oh boy. If you guys thought JADF deleting links constantly wasn't already the world's most annoying this ever, have I got the news for you: JADF is now using fanbox cards to hide passwords for MEGA-uploaded files.

If any of you (and this goes for other artists too, mind you) are supporting JADF and are thinking of uploading to kemono, SHARE YOUR PASSWORD, SHARE ARCHIVES YOU RECIEVE, SHARE ANYTHING THE UPLOADER DOESN'T UPLOAD FOR YOU. Otherwise you're basically just sharing nothing.

/kemono/, are there any other artists that do this?
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based actual content importer, thank you for your service
also if this thread is getting auto saged, mods gay


File: 1673977263501.png (136.34 KB, 279x282, fwesfoiewnsmkl,.png)


new jadf post, who's getting the password this time?


new post up by jadf, who’s biting the bullet to supply the code?


jadf just dropped a new post. who’s sharing the password?

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Guys I need help on downloading files from mega since some of the files are above 5GB. Megabasterd does not seems to works sometimes since 5GB is surpass Megabasterd capability to download it. Any other spftware that have the same ability as megabasterd that can doenload above 5GB? PS: I have also tried smart proxy but its somewhere work and not work depend on luck sometimes.
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If it still works like it did before they dropped the 50Gb accounts, then you can just use use multiple accounts and get around it that way.

I can't remember if you have to change ip or not, but if you do just change your routers mac address if you're ip is dynamic, and you'll be given a new one. If it's static just grab a free vpn like proton or whatever and use that.


Megabasterd and proxies will do the job.


Already done this, using the megabasters smartproxy and proxy sometimes works sometimes it does not. i’m not sure what goes wrong here…
would definitely try this do you need some kind of vpn or proxy for this to work?


No prob, don't pirate and you are save!


oh lord, the german nigger is back. Go away. Nobody likes you. Go mald and seethe elsewhere.

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Do they exist? Kemono exists. It seems like most porn sites are corporate controlled shitters like pornhub now.
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be the change you wish to see in the world


Chronos for anime porn. Use timenode to access it (you have to do it every single time you need a fresh node), you don't have to create some phone number and use slav skype.

For realporn, torrents, private will need invites and they still suck or you can go underground if you don't mind glowies.


I am throughly convinced this is a joke one or two Kemono anons sporadically make about an insular Perfectdark-like P2P/DHT network that doesn't actually exist, because not a single mention or trail of it exists anywhere else on the public internet.
The closest thing that can be found is a shitcoin project named Chronologic Network, which also happens to call its clients "timenodes," but is otherwise completely unrelated in nature.
I've not even mad. I'm genuinely impressed. It's like Polybius for data hoarders.


I used to wonder about it. Someone used to sporadically mention 'Chronos' as a source on F95 too.

The guy always made massive posts, often on the "SOS, Yiff Party has died" thread. Looks like he'd spend 30 mins typing them. Ask him a question, he'll write an intellectual essay. Ask him about Chronos and he'd say less than Keifer Sutherland in MGS5.


For streaming, Erome is fairly solid. It's 99% user generated uploads. They are however fairly tame. Lots of Web 2.0 softcore, OF leaks.

Chronos just sounds like a Tor onion to me.

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