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I’ve been getting repeated issues of my browser, crashing with kemonoparty on my iPad which never happened before and need to know why it’s happening and if it’s getting fixed please I just wanna know if the issue can be solved thankyou

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Why does kemono not display my key after I sponsored the author and uploaded my own fanbox cookie? Does this mean that no data is uploaded to the kemono website?


it takes little times in my experience.
but this time it may not uploaded cause they didn't fix it yet


You mean the inability to upload is a problem with the website and I don’t need to change anything, is that right?


To this day, my account still shows that no KEY has been uploaded, but I have sponsored an author, and this author does not appear in the gallery. Why is this happening?


did your import finish?


No, there is nothing on my import log But I'm pretty sure I sponsored an author and have it on my watchlist

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kemono.su has been inaccessible for several days in France (it works if I use an US DNS). After checking with a DNS propagation checker, it seems like France is the only one that doesn't have the correct IP address ( And since you don't have AAAA/IPPv6 entries, there's no alternative than using a non-french DNS.
Is this something you're aware of?

Thanks for your great website btw :)


basically france is accusing us of hosting childporn, go annoy your ISP to get it unblocked.


Wtf this is so dumb.
After reading this, a complain to my ISP wouldn't change anything: I would need to do an official appeal to the police, the Ministry of the Interior or the judge. And even that, I don't think this would change anything: I think this appeal part targeted to the site admin.
Well I'll keep using the alternate DNS then



Are they wrong when you see all the CP spam that has been happening here ??


Ah I didn't know (this is the first time I come to the forum).
That would explain why they did that


It is france so it might be like with gelbooru at a time and loli art would be considered as CP by the authorities

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the new password has not been updated for archives
please share it or input it
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May pass?


File: 1714965773763.jpg (413.52 KB, 814x1016, 11267.jpg)


>about the aryan race?

yeah what about it? you're literally not it


aryanism is just a petty social construct invented by /pol/yps which litrally changes every two weeks thanks to CRISPR soon everyone can finally enjoy the luxury of humanity TM with the right personal connections


>>yoo whoever is importing I thank you so much for doing so but bro atleast share the password 😭😭


bumping for if anyone has the May PW

File: 1714912453928.png (16.56 KB, 620x203, logo_white_stroke_small_we….png)


Ko-fi is growing faster than ever with many artists leaving patreon.

The api doesn't seem much different from other paysites

File: 1714870639950.png (12.31 KB, 320x437, Zsa.png)


The only solution I can come up with is to manually add a tag like -artist:"<artistname>" to my searches. Is there a better way? Can I permanently remove all works by the same artist from all my future searches?

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Is the site just not updating? I usually just check the newest posts, but for the past like 4 days nothing new has been posted. I highly doubt everyone just collectively stopped uploading
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OP needs to chill. Lmao


Honestly, I would love for the importer to be fixed but I think I like it more when the retards are screaming


anyone got alternatives in the meantime?


OP - regular question
YOUR DUMBASS - OP needs to chill. Lmao


Unironically kill yourselves, retard samefag nigger

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Got this txt. file when trying to download a flashgitz animation. Is this a .m3u8 files or am I fucking stupid. please send help.
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have uou solved this trash? i have the same shit with yesterday posts lol


still not resolved


just use vlc media player its explained in this video why cant anybody try searching for stuff like this before posting anyways have fun


thanks based spoonfeeder


All the m3u signatures expire after only a day. no one is updating them that often. patreon videos - especially full reactions - are impossible to pirate now.

File: 1714758445487.png (14.06 KB, 256x256, FurryVNELogo.png)


Someone requested the most recent build on f95


Requires one-time Patreon authentication


File: 1714813206297.png (105.91 KB, 582x675, 13253 - SoyBooru.png)

wow cringe furfag maker game but saving piece of shite anyway hopefully i dont get another HYPERVISOR_ERROR too bad i cant test this shit as computer just broke this morning as i woke up

File: 1714761434142.png (8.76 KB, 236x207, image_2024-05-04_023617207.png)


Excuse my ignorance and terrible drawing, but what's with the new option in the Community tab?

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