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File: 1679803088008.png (423.79 KB, 476x907, ALIVEFOOTJOB.PNG)


Can we get a system to take fanbox fan cards and stores the image? For artists like JADF who hide their art behind passwords only located on the fan card.
Pic irrelevant


kemono.party scrapes it but won't show it

for the same reason he refuses to say why he won't tag fanbox/fantia covers

File: 1683405654536.jpg (4.68 KB, 160x160, 58585170.jpg)


I cant find the password to open the zip file, it says thats on the image but i cant see it, i used the name of the image, didnt work, i open the file on notepad couldnt find anything, edited the photo also couldnt find anything so, did i miss anything or simply i just cant

File: 1683117503911.jpg (437.28 KB, 1100x1556, Claire Redfield by dandonf….jpg)


Is the site just slow, or am I doing something wrong here?
I have given my key to Patreon, subscribed to a creator that is not (to my knowledge) archived.
Status in constantly just "in progress" with zero log entries.
Last half of key: 366633d08
It has been a week.

Pic not related.

File: 1683088990208.png (7.99 KB, 260x256, error-crash_686.png)


I might be an idiot but, why am I getting "Posts aren't obtainable for URL XXX, skipping…" for all of my patreon pledges?
I also ticked the box to let it autoimport but my session_id not showing under "keys" even if I'm logged in

File: 1677922516044.png (8.72 KB, 490x157, Expire.PNG)


Recently I was trying to find a way to download past content of this artist https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/646778 since he only provides links for the current month before "Expiring" the post. Some other artists also do this too.

As test, I used the Wayback Machine (Web Archive) to try and see if you could obtain previous links and found out that you can indeed can and download the past content as long as the post was archived with the links (to which when you attempt to do so, you must remove the Web archive section in the html, leaving only the kemono https://kemono.party/data/xxxx/xxx…. part).

The reason why the links work is because of the database where as the cause of the removal of the links in current posts are due to the importer keeping respective artist(s) posts up-to-date.

This brings me to my question, is it possible for the mods or for us to somehow perma-link the download htmls into those posts due to them being within the Kemono Database? With the importer algorithm possibly being modified to do so too?


Asking the same thing, obviously the actual files is still on kemono database somewhere, we're only needs a way to retrieve it


that is kinda bullshit, why do artist do this shit anyway.


To sell the stuff on Gumroad, at least that's what this artist does https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/13494047

File: 1682911830077.jpg (153.36 KB, 1423x726, kemono.jpg)


I am the person who put the session id into the kemono site without putting the "Allow the importer to save my session key for auto-import" but use the "

Allow administrator to use my session for debugging" only
but somehow the site keeps on extracting the data to the site when I put auto import and I tried to log off and even delete the session id from the developers tool in chrome to stop it from extracting data but it keeps on extracting

which is why I need to ask you to tell me how you can stop the kemono.party site from extracting data from my patreon to your site
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Literally the dumbest thing to do lmao. Just relog and that'll invalidate the current key in the importer


>>29152 I already did I changed the password and few seconds later I logged off and logged in with the new password,so does it mean the current key has been invalidate in the importer, which means the kemono.party site will no longer import and extract the data from the things I subscribed from my patreon site


You didn't need to change your password lmao. All you needed to do was relog on patreon and that invalidates the key.


>>29152 Like you said I did relog to patreon so does that mean the kemono.party site will no longer import and extract the data from the things I subscribed from my patreon site


if you changed your password it will stop from your account. that doesn't mean someone else isn't importing the same patreon

File: 1682776058828.jpg (302.14 KB, 1000x1080, revoked-sign-or-stamp-vect….jpg)


I've been having some problems with the revoke keys function lately.

Every time I use the 'Revoke > Revoke selected keys' option the key gets removed as it would normally but they come back alive after some time.

Is there a reason for that?


Patreon? Perchance it is stuck in an import loop, which is outside of the "Revoking Keys" range.
Do not delete the key and give me the key id. If it is not visible, just inspect the entry, the value should contain the id.

Otherwise, if your username on kemono is not a secret, just give me that.


I believe the ID is '664169'.


And yeah, it was Patreon btw.

Sorry for not mentioning it.


Removed from the queue, go revoke it. It should stay revoked, since no key exists in the queue.
I'll check a bit later if it really is gone.



I'll also check it later to see if it appears again.

File: 1682135068021.png (79.89 KB, 272x294, toukatato.png)


is there actually a password recovery system for this site? I made an account because I wanted to upload a few of the things I was still subscribed to from fantia / fanbox but I got logged out and none of my passwords are working but if I go to try look at anything it tells me it can't find my favourites

random picture so I can post
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or you could implement a password recovery system instead of being an asshole for no reason


>Piracy site that scrapes paid content for half a dozen sites
>Said sites doing their best to track users and prevent the theft
>Let us register emails cuz I'm too stupid to remember a password or write it down
Your own fault dumb ass.


Okay autistic nigga


You can tell he's both black AND on the autistic spectrum with zero information!? Thats pretty fucking sharp mate. What type of autism has he got (EG is it Assburgers, high-functioning etc?), and can you tell what type of black race type he is? Is he West or East African? Somalian alien? Cape Coloured? Swahili? Jamaican? Haitian?

What about the rest of us? What race are we and what mental conditions do we have? But you better get it right pal, or you get gang raped by 13 furry lizards for about a month.


Is it just me or does the girl in the thumbnail look just really cute… owo

File: 1682261869824.jpeg (35.99 KB, 527x569, C3A26262-F53A-493C-B8E5-3….jpeg)



Is there a way we can request other Kemono users on the site to upload certain posts from a Patreon if that post has not been posted to Kemono?
A few of the accounts I follow on Kemono have been active on patreon, subscribestar, gumroad, etc. However they have yet to be updated on Kemono.

Thank you!!! 😁😁😁
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Which sucks


Actually the remaining admins usually fill requests if you send them enough relentless emails.


I don't believe you.gif


There are request threads though.


Seeing as how you've been banned before, this isn't bait is it

File: 1681839881950.png (270.62 KB, 1168x906, Untitled.png)


Has any way to get the stuff DM by this artist? it seems there is a fanbox version but it wasn't uploaded at all.
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some of them now are just uploading encrypted zips with simple passwords that you can bruteforce within a minute which is cool I guess


File: 1682449170547.png (95.92 KB, 720x303, R.png)

>"I never once saw any spam/malware/cp uploaded on KP or even YP."
>i never saw it, so it didn't happen


Legit toddler argument. How this tard has got this far in life is astounding. Either he has, or he's like 15 years old and shouldn't be on this website.


File: 1682559967107.png (109.01 KB, 382x194, Screenshot from 2023-04-27….png)

Here's a good example of some spam uploaded via manual uploads that STILL hasn't been deleted.


Well that fucking sucks.

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