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I swear I still could see this artist's content til yesterday, but now they're all gone, can someone check?
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So there will be hope?


all hope abandon ye who enter here


Sad, still not fixed




Somehow (I'm not IT so I have no clue how) they have like 3 patreon ID's for the SAME patreon, here's the most recent https://kemono.su/patreon/user/61446778

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Anyone got any info about @mashchan? their video's quality is really good and they used to be on patreon yet recently all the content has been wiped out.
i have no clue finding them again.



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does the site no longer scrape comments? i remember reading something similar recently and now i'm trying to find the password for an encrypted download and it's apparently in the comments but i don't see them in the site
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DAMN LOL the shill is gaslighting even in other threads due to being mad as fuck at people exposing exhentai


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no idea what you're on about im not a coomer i need it for a game


if youre being serious, i think kemono doesnt update the comments (automatically?) so maybe the artist is posting the password in the comments


i know they're posting the password in the comments i just dont see them in the site (thats why i asked if they get scraped or not)


Did the comments get fixed? i cant see shit

File: 1695661951441.png (11.36 KB, 758x175, Screenshot 2023-09-25 2341….png)


Anyone have the password to their zip files?


Asking again, anyone got?

File: 1677241709422.jpg (4.5 KB, 160x160, 4422099.jpeg.jpg)


I haven found any DM with aipotu file passwords, does anyone know them or how may i find them?
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I don't appreciate being lied to, especially with zero/dismissive effort.*

*This isn't related to anyone in kemono.party





Any updates for the new passwords? (August and September?)


Any updates?

File: 1697103611279.png (286.61 KB, 548x547, Screenshot_20231012_033720.png)


How would a content creator taking a break from Patreon, then returning under a new name be best handled by KP? Because their content is all the same, sans updates, but because they changed their name, I assume KP would, eventually, reindex their entire available archive under their new Patreon name. I'm sure you guys would want to save on server space by merging their old name with their new Patreon handle. Don't want to drop creator's old name and new name publicly and risk tipping them off.


the ID stays the same when they change names


The handle doesn't update with the rest of the page. I've followed multiple people who've changed handles and I'm following some people I could never find until I learnt their old handle



Neat point.


You can search for one of their posts when searching for the user doesn't work.

File: 1698512023327.jpg (9.61 KB, 289x290, exhentai.jpg)


Can you make an alternative to Exhentai?

People would instantly jump ship and you'd make even more money from ads and donations.
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meds now holy mackerel


take your own meds yourself, shill


Sukebei is the alternative to Exhentai


Sure, if people uploaded there first and it had seeders.


the moment you upload something it gets downloaded by chink seedboxes and they'll seed it for free.

File: 1696631529158.jpg (27.92 KB, 217x346, 51pv FIKYNL._SY346_.jpg)


What am I supposed to do with the blank files I download when clicking "download video"? I have never imported or scraped anything myself. I cannot find any real people on the respective telegram channels either and am confused what the Kemono Tools do. If I need to use some tools or if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate. Trying to watch the minorities on Patreon btw if it helps.


Just open the file in vlc


it's a txt file, retardo. this particular service is broken rn.



File: 1697058804876.png (383.92 KB, 1500x500, 6bdec34b-0166-48b0-aafd-41….png)


Hello. I've been searching for a bit for an artist named Eirri/Eirizo. They speak primarily in Japanese and they have a twitter and pixiv account. Their language has made it hard to find if they have an account, so I was wondering if people could help, because otherwise they have been rather elusive, not even appearing on r34 or anything else I've searched. Pic is their profile picture for pixiv.


File: 1697060643561.jpeg (165.21 KB, 1620x580, 4vW9djnzPpzAPURFF7oZRQS1.jpeg)

This is all i could find about the artist:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EIRRI
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/682137
Fanbox: https://eirri.fanbox.cc/ [I couldn't find their fanbox on kemono]
Some of his works on ExHentai:https://exhentai.org/tag/artist:eirizo [Most of them are SFW]


ever heard of copy paste?


I recommend danbooru's artist pages; they'll often have a comprehensive list of relevant URLs for a given artist.
In this case, it was easy to find just by searching for Eirri, but you can also search by URL if you're not sure about the name.

Next I recommend this userscript.
It makes it so when you visit a paysite like fanbox or patreon, you get a link to the scraped gallery on kemono, assuming it has been scraped. In this case, it hasn't, so you're shit out of luck.

File: 1697081070730.png (8.44 KB, 568x196, 1.png)


The key cannot be seen in the comments under all his posts.


bump bc this happens in a lot of other cc's


i cant see as well

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