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File: 1715643957984.png (233.06 KB, 1170x1223, annoying iphone popup.png)


Is there a way to disable this or stop seeing it? It’s so annoying that it pops up every time I bring up a new page, just awful.


I don't have an iphone but on android you can use firefox mobile with ublock and not worry about malware sites


Can you give some insight on what device you're using, what browser, when it happens etc etc so I can actually figure out whats happening, and also press "show details" next time you're showing something.


It's a ram problem.



It’s an iPhone 12 Pro, and I went to the thing to report that kemono wasn’t a bad site and that they should not put the warning on any URL with that name. They’ll probably ignore it but it was worth a shot.

File: 1714657981243.jpeg (10.75 KB, 252x200, images - 2024-05-02T06514….jpeg)


We are so back


Yeah for the most part


still dead, only 2-3 artist got updated


Subscribe Star is still without a working importer it seems


you guys should all kill yourselves


Not all are updated and not all patrons choose to or could archive said target creators whoever they are. Might have to wait till end of year at best.

File: 1715339671892.png (22.04 KB, 512x512, 700757.png)


Patreon - Online
Discord - Offline
Fanbox - Offline
Gumroad - Offline


fanbox and discord is up


Look at the latest update. It's stopped.


They're fast. And it's not the artists. Patreon could really care less about the problem.

File: 1715648874270.png (4.89 KB, 179x136, image(1).png)


The user https://kemono.su/patreon/user/77260986, specifically their discord https://kemono.su/discord/server/1175508703215104098 has their content accessed via a command that the importer doesn't seem to be able to import.

Here are their current links:
Videos: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/mmunasenm3ogficknppty/AMxmPYc3mMJcJTlpB1u3tdg?rlkey=osqyn0kxu98y4w0r8hytyprwb&st=loklajh1&dl=0
Sneek-Peeks: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/5ut28asmwd0vtewyq287g/AL94IJX4cyYzC0At-ugMEiI?rlkey=0k32tpgtkpjmh1lkpaebddvsd&st=pnh49arw&dl=0

No clue if anyone wants to do anything with this, felt like giving back.

File: 1715597824876.jpg (860.78 KB, 1125x2436, IMG-20240503-WA0020.jpg)


I am only using the site to read books. Would it be possible to select only non-NSFW artists to fitler and look through the catalog without having to filter trhough everyone's furry porn. (Norhing against you guys and your furry porn, just not my interest)

File: 1713816446664.png (458.13 KB, 521x500, download (3).png)


I personally don't hate AI generated images . I jerk off to both AI and real artists works as both seem pleasing to me. But that's not the case for many people here who call AI 'slop' to which I can't disagree as many of them really are horrible AF like

>but also
we can't disagree the fact that there are also AI creators who create images that look pretty good like



>all these have considerable amount of favorites so you can't say this shit is just there and no one visits it

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Shut the fuck up retard. The key difference is obviously doing the drawing. You can't even use you brain, oh maybe you don't have one.
And why telling people to kill theirselves, does that sounds very insulting to you?
I guess most people here will just laugh at it, but you, think those words will hurt others because it hurts you severely.


no dipshit i want the tag so i don't see ai art when i'm looking for korone getting fucked in the ass


Okay, so, considering that either way, a tag system would be beneficial to all of us, regardless of the reasons to or your opinion of AI, what tags would you suggest to be added for starters?


>literally rolling the dice for free paywalled stuff
>might as well hit random post
How many people actually hit the posts button? Are you this desperate for free stuff that you don't even filter by scammer?

>laughing at that 1% drawing and writing better shit that everyone else but nobody cares about them since they don't use paywalls

File: 1715303524765.png (48.54 KB, 481x168, 6c856f344509b8305ace29e51f….png)


have seen certain artists hide their stuff in these, any way to scrap them as well?


Probably not it's like some Patreons are like let's hide are stuff on Vimeo and passwords are only given out to people by email

File: 1714759726017.png (89.14 KB, 202x282, Screenshot 2024-03-25 0744….png)


Was the add to favorites feature removed?
I can't find how to add artists to the favorite list anymore.

sorry if is a dumb question but have been looking it up for hours


Same, where has it gone to ?

File: 1715165209192.png (190.94 KB, 754x172, 未命名.png)


Hello, the link to this artist's file is from MEGA, but upon clicking, it says the file cannot be accessed (it was working fine last night). Is there any way to fix this? Thank you.


File: 1715165482422.png (14.31 KB, 537x213, 未命名1.png)

like this


No. That was obviously the artists' own MEGA, and artists often take their shit down if they notice it's been pirated. Once it's gone, it's gone… unless they put an updated link somewhere.

File: 1715101877421.jpg (220.8 KB, 1200x630, 1.jpg)


website barely works

shitty status well deserved

10 kB/s that freezes for 5-30 seconds

imagine if you didn't encourage people to hammer your server by providing them with a tool to sort downloaded files to match updated posts


Imagine if you stopped scrapping like a fucking idiot and used the site like a normal person. I like to blame the admins as much as the next guy but if people start hogging the bandwith with automated downloads then no shit the servers are going to be slow.

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