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For all your feet searching needs.
You will need tor browser to access it.



We need more common sense people like you that solve issue and problem instead of running away from them. All praise Waffles!!!
The best Admin than shinomeme and that retarded sysadmin



OmG LoOk At ThAt It'S Shinomeme ThE AdMin oF KemONo UsInG DifFerEnt AccOunt iN Chan BoArd!! HoW tHe TiMe In EaSteRn AmEriCa? ITs A Nice MoRnIng Isn'T it?



mY GoD wHy DiD YoU DeLEte ThE ImAGes ContaIn iN ThIs PosT?!? ArE YoU AfRAiD Of iT???

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hey all!
i have a few questions about gallerydl. since rsync has been confirmed to be dead and rn it is completely useless to use them, i been transitioning to using gallerydl instead. the most intriguing thing is they work more efficiently than rsync. so the question is how do i configure it and does anyone know how to do that?
let say im going to download this artists https://kemono.party/patreon/user/3161935 gallerydl will download it into bundle and not by posts. what should i do to make sure that every download is being sorted into posts by folder? instead of mass downloading it into bundle making a finding and searching quite difficult for me. i need some sort of command that automatically sort then into folders by thier own ids
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You should post your gallery-dl command so people can help you,also I don't know if this is intentional or not, but if you are entering the command like this:

>gallery-dl -d 'desire destination path folder'

try replacing the Apostrophes(') with Quotation marks(")


I have not tried on a mac but you could use my program.
It downloads everything of the post not just images and videos and everything is organized by site->user->post


tqvm for your reply, but now i have ran into another issue. it says "[config][warning] Could not parse 'C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\gallery-dl\config.json': Extra data: line 1 column 14 (char 13)"
now im not sure what i did wrong i just remove the username & password because i did not plan to let it log into it. i have also save the config.json files on gallery-dl folder in roaming but still get the same error


Let me help you with that.

First, you'll need a text editor (it doesn't matter what kind for me I choose Sublime Text because its easy and straight forward)

Second you will need to install it and open it (again I will be using Sublime Text)

After finish installing, copy and paste this code
  "username": "null",
  "password": "null",

  "directory": ["kemono", "{service}", "{user}", "{date:?//%Y-%m-%d} - ({id})"]
basically, it's the same code as how the other person before me gave. The only difference is that I remove the "kemonoparty": because for some reason, it gives me an error like how it does to you.
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i have a questions, what the difference between using –no-part vs not using it? does this effect files quality? i always put –no-part in each command because i'm afraid it would effect the quality of files especially image quality while downloading.

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>yfw the artist deletes his patreon after being imported to kemono because he doesn't actually have any other subs


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Who was the artist? Any good?

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You know the drill.


the name of the artist;
tier you want imported;
price of the tier;
link to the artist.
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Artist hasn't been uploaded before

Artist: Corvideum
Tier: 15$ and below
Gumroad: https://corvideum.gumroad.com/


Artist: Lingrimm
Tier: ⚕ The Jeweler
Price: $3
Link: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=572297


A noice cuppa coffee (WIPs and Videos)



Tier 3
5 dollars

Please. It’s been forever.


Artist: zaramecat
Tier: まんぷくプラン
Price: ¥400
Link: https://zaramecat.fanbox.cc
Kemono: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/32539349

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so if there are pages that has been imported but the contents aren't what we're looking for (such as low res versions of something that should be hi res instead), which method should be used? The reimport flagging (which is disabled now), or to reimport (OR request to reimport) the artist again? I've saw some old contents (such as the first page of a comic I saw before and low res) flagged, but never got imported again with a new one (hi res).


I "guess" flag for reimport is all you can really do aside from requesting or something.

When you click "flag for reimport", sadly it doesn't alert/nudge the guy who imported it telling him "you need to fix this m8". It just lets people see that "its been flagged" meaning all you can do is "hope some other guy subbed to the same artist see's this and fixes it". The chances are probably slim to none though.

File: 1636291210934.png (696.06 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (1657).png)


If I import paid posts from fanbox, am I gonna pay or is it automatically going to be bypassed? Especially old posts like this?


Of course you're gonna be charged. What, do you think we can somehow magically bypass paywalls with voodoo and whatever else? No chance. You pay, import, then job's done.


fanbox don't have time gated feature
pixiv themselves said it's counterproductive

but that won't stop artist create a new plan to charge you old content

File: 1636225547684.jpg (25.78 KB, 640x480, 14477969667990.jpg)


Is there a way to contact Kemono admins or mods? Do they even bother answering in such case?
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We are everywhere and looking at any post or message.

I personally look at all emails sent to kemonodmca@protonmail.com
So if you need something answered quick just email there, i dont really care what you sent except requests, they get trashed instantly!

So make it worth my time and i will respond.


Thank You.
>So make it worth my time and i will respond.
Does it mean that if You don't respond the email's not worth it?


Thank You for all information. That was helpful.
But I have one last question. I've sent it just now. Would be grateful if You also answer it.


No promises. Should it not contain the previous mentioned criteria, along with your registry of the copyright from the copyright office, there is nothing to be talked about.


I understand. Thanks for the information.

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Oh boy, I can't wait to support my favorite artists, especially Spindles and Kidmo. I really hope they release the content I paid for on a reasonable schedule and don't scam me out of my money by leaving for 3+ months at a time while leaving their Patreon open…!


File: 1636243498643.gif (49.66 KB, 220x160, excelente-burns.gif)

haha get scammed idiot lmao

File: 1628779552699.png (174.41 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)


This thread is a successor of "DRM artists" threads from the dead yiff.party and paywall.party boards.

Discuss, explain, and or rant about artists and their bad sides in this thread, as well as their usage and methods regarding the paywalls that is getting even more 'ferocious' as time passes.

REMEMBER TO KEEP THINGS COOL IN HERE, otherwise you'll risk yourself, others, or even worse, this very thread, to be deleted.
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Same, I don't know the artist but what a dick move lol.


>Kinda related, now that Onlyfans is about to Tumblr itself, I wonder which paywall site will be the next to fall?
Scratch that, they finally found where their brains were and backpedalled on that plan.


I heard Patreon banned him for doxxing people.


Even doxxing people? And I guess its all just because of a few pirated pics. Thats vindictive AF…


is it possible to share all patreon posts of a selection of artists or do you have to share your entire feed on kemono?

i kinda don't want to hurt small creators neither do i wanna risk being found out as the person sharing as it would be obvious with some.

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Hey all
Anyone knows how to make payments on Fantia?

I used a credit card in the past but it appears they implemented more security for payment as of last month where you now need a 3D secure credit card which I don't have.

Any ideas on how to continue making payments outside of Japan?

This will affect lots of users that imported content from there.

>pic related


3D secure is a fucking scam because bank will tell you it's your responsibility if you got fraudulent charges when 3D secure is enabled

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