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Why is it when some artist posts their shit as a link to mega it always seems that the links come back 404-ing no matter when you check them? I JUST WANT MY SECY WOLF ROBOT FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!
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This is just stuff that will be free in the future what I am looking for is his other channels that have models such as Sif from god of war that is really wanted if anyone has


If the creator is paranoid and knows how to automate the whole thing there's not much you can do about this other than infecting patrons to hijack their sessions.

That discord post is over one month old so if the creator gives the slightest fuck about leaks it is long gone. Some links die within minutes by exploiting the reimporting strategy for non-discord services already.

Manual uploads are not coming back and keklegram is fucked too. Pray and hope and join the collective curse weaving to cause all paywalls to unexist and creators to only be paid by commissioners.

Or just get your art and creations from someone who refuses to give in to the shekelbait. You'll laugh because it's usually much better quality too. Why pay and get an aneurysm over damaged wheelers when you can download teslas?


> Pray and hope and join the collective curse weaving to cause all paywalls to unexist and creators to only be paid by commissioners.

Or just get your art and creations from someone who refuses to give in to the shekelbait. You'll laugh because it's usually much better quality too. Why pay and get an aneurysm over damaged wheelers when you can download teslas?

>I'll raise a pint glass to that. The way online art used to be distributed was much better. I didn't have to cough up for shit and the best artwork was no less amazing quality even though it was all free (some were drawn for fun, the rest for paying commissioners, of which there were many, and still released freely).

Todays artists act like they won't earn a penny unless they charge everyone monthly rates. Which is hard to believe because I remember most talented artists (from various art sites) were regularly buried under commission queues.



Well I fucked up that post lol.

Only what I quoted from you >>27098 is supposed to be greentext…


No worries mate, my fault for making redditspacing shit lmao. Glad to see people agree on this.

File: 1674132057649.png (34.69 KB, 1220x302, Знімок екрана 2023-01-19 1….png)


Hi everyone I have problem with importing patreon.com/dead_c_q


Post in >>26441 and specify import ecdfc46823fc80d8 failed with patreon.com/dead_c_q.

File: 1674008033222.png (24.74 KB, 255x190, 1589984826525.png)


Are there any sites for archiving fansly content? Alternatively will archiving of fansly content be supported on kemono.party in the future?


What is fansly, a new paywall? With the current supported services having hiccups it might take a while unless the api is dead simple. Paywalls spawn faster than kemono can keep up so ask the development team on telegram or something.

The upside to this is the more paywalls someone has used, the more popcorn everyone gets when one of them leaks and causes a domino effect on everything they have been advertised them on. You won't get any useful data but you'll have the satisfaction of karma being delivered very strongly.


Kemono is going down, believe me!
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Essential rape is not allowed just yet!


I took a look at your Patreon header, you're the one going down, mein Freund! This untermensch's got the nerves to try and start some kind of crusade for his gay ass illegal 3D crap. UNGLAUBLICH.

He is afraid. He knows that he will be defeated.


damn your content is ass, no wonder people are pirating it

i'd fucking kill myself if i had to pay for this trash


just looked at your content and holy fuck is it hot garbo

i'd kill myself if i had to pay for this shit, let alone look at it for more than 5 seconds


Pirating it alone is a waste of time and space lmao.

People subbing to the guy prolly enjoy him malding about muh michelangelo render leaks. The germanoid is fun to anger ngl but wouldn't pay for the entertainment either.

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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>25491
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Getting '429 Too Many Requests' while just downloading a few images. Something's wrong?


There isn't two accounts on patreon though, there is only one account on patreon and its being splitted into two on kemono.


20 kb/s for me and it freezes for 150-200 seconds while briefly downloading for 3 seconds


Weird, I'm no staff but I'll check that stuff. Did Patreon allow creators to change actual IDs at some point or their own DB got confused? Checking both IDs and how they link to each other in there.


From the Patreon API, running a patron-creator redirect, apparently. No idea why they decided to create a patron account one year later and then link it.

File: 1673181861421.png (223.91 KB, 1115x552, simplified-billing-comment….png)


Seems CUF (charge up front) is now website wide for patreon.

At its inception Patreon only charged at the beginning of the month, but when Yiff.Party was at it's peak to combat it Patreon introduced CUF payment as the default plan for all new creators, while older creators had to switch it over manually, this no longer seems to be the case.

Most creators made the change over, but there were still a number of holdouts operating on the beginning of the month basis that now seem to have come to an end, as of the start of the new year they've all been switched to CUF, so anyone who was subbing to these artists, scraping all their content, and then cancelling before they were charged are now out of luck…


I checked 8 artists who still weren't CUF enabled back in december, and each one of them have now been switched over…
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Why not? you can sub in the middle of the month and not worry about paying again 'till the middle of next month.


File: 1673667830090.jpg (52.86 KB, 1280x720, anhonestman.jpg)

ShindoL didn't enable CUF on purpose, he just wanted to make it look like he was an honest man. Once you sell your soul to Jewcob's cronies not even death wants you, your soul becomes literally worse than all cancers combined.


People were referring to no charge hit and run here. Now hit and run importers will have to pay a month upfront even if it's 404s or thumbs.

It gets worse if yearly subscription becomes enforced unless there are generous importers who don't mind the sacrifice.


Didn't they kill the hit-and-run thing a while ago so you got charged immediately and then again on the first of the following month?


When CUF was first implemented it became the default for new creators, but older creators had to switch over manually, some didn't.

File: 1673606444998.jpg (290.83 KB, 1080x1132, IMG_20230113_183821.jpg)


He used the secret web link to uploaded pictures.
Is there still a way to check this way of preventing piracy?


File: 1673625266517.jpg (195.65 KB, 800x389, 警告文.jpg)

Open their fanbox page, open console, run window.open("<LINKGOESHERE>")


>interpol gonna cap your ass LMAO
Oh my. That's some pretty autistic implementation of a referrer check.

File: 1673347758097.png (102.52 KB, 626x176, QQ截图20230110184651.png)


Issue happened to artist's latest post, from outside it's has the latest date, while click into artist's page, the latest post was days ago, see e.g. attached


File: 1673347856164.png (337.28 KB, 806x553, QQ截图20230110184705.png)

File: 1665435207703.png (704.81 KB, 1482x920, Screenshot_13.png)


Did frame embeds just give up or did artists like Zankuro start doing somthing different? Compare these two posts:


No idea but I do really hope his Fantia gets updated, you can find his PSD there, can't find them on Fanbox.


Embed fuckery is happening, forwarded the info to the right person.


Anyone know how to get the passwords to his files now? The links show up properly but now there's no password in the text like before.


Based on his latest post, it seems he switched to DMing his patrons for the password, sad.

File: 1671578448004.png (636.89 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20221220-161852….png)


What happened to the Patreon imports? I haven't seen any of them getting updated since mid November. Everything's outdated.
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nice samefag
anyway patreon importer's working fine, thread's just a request thread in disguise


Is there even a request thread? I can't find any.


Some artists time wall their works so i hope they fix this soon.


File: 1672302127997.jpg (49.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

me when i purposefully hide my intentions under a layer of bug reporting (very suspicious behavior)


yeah there's a certain artist I want updating but it's been cold for a while

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