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Holy mother of fuck, here i am going through my monthly favorites feed to see if any of them got updated and like half of the pictures i see are cropped and telling everyone that their pics are available on discord. Does Kemono simply not have features that allow anyone to manually upload or be able to manually upload pictures from Early access discord channels? Because i cannot stand seeing an artist's page like darkenstardragon get full early access pictures with full rez and then all of a sudden its nothing but cropped pictures just like Danza does.
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Bro, it wasn't an impersonator. It was the 'brilliant' plan of Kemono Party's admin in order to get more traffic to the site. But that meant artists were informed of the site too, and are now taking extra steps to avoid leaked content. Like changing their methods, sending things by DM, keeping an eye on what things get leaked to find out who did it and ban the leakers… I even know of a Discord server dedicated to sharing information of the leakers so artists in it can block them. This is only starting.


Anons creating hundreds of broken openyiff sourced clones by themselves to fix a KP issue? what

All those party sites in development just can't work on the same thing and that's the real problem if you want to get somewhere.


This. None of this was planned ahead as usual, it was out of pure boredom.


Like admin even shamelessly admits to it so even if you don't import or give shiny ethereums you still get free hugs and meanwhile importers are trying to give those things a chance by getting exponentially cancelled from paywalls.


So the complaints WERE unjustified then, and you DO know who is and who isn't contributing? LOL, if you say so.


Kemono has several admins. One is doing all the work, others are just loud mouth nobodies from twitter that somehow get up there when YP died. Thanks to one of those morons funny trolling, it all goes to shit, and he could not care less.
Import some gray matter inside your empty skull.

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Would kemono party ever gets a OnlyFans support? I hvae heard of the story that the website that scrape onlyfans content got thier domains seized by OnlyFans.
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I'm not retarded enough to join Telegram just to look at egirl coochie

Wake me when your domain gets claimed by OF and someone else gets to start all over again, only to get shut down for flagrant disregard for the DMCA, and thus the cycle continues…


only reason ofans.party was taken down is
A: IPFS Nodefag wanted to stop and troll
B: The name was too close to onlyfans

This time, we're hosting the stuff, and the name is way different. More or less insulting the insufferable coomer simps that need their precious e-whores


Oh I see. Well in that case, good fackin riddance!


didnt know 12yo girls showing tits and smol cunts were legal in london either tho

onlysimps is such a strange world and dark london is home base to some mexican crime shit lmao


I'm too literal minded and gullible to get that joke so I'll say it defo ain't legal lol! I know, I've been there! And I even got back without getting stabbed or blown up.

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Feel free to share some of his content here to avoid loss of his previous archive. I'm not sure if these kind of already exist but eh.


File: 1628977181895.png (482.27 KB, 672x537, no__i_don__t_want_that__by….png)

I'd rather not get cancer, thanks


File: 1629009823257.png (79.14 KB, 1354x669, Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 0….png)

y'all niggas rabid as fuck. Don't want Kemono infested with yall's retarded ramblings and begging.


Isnt that the legit pedo that got caught grooming lmao?


You know, I just realised it was lmao. Good eye…

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>fucker hasn't made a new post in over 8 months
>gets updated every few days anyways


I've seen this happen to a few artists. Based on what I was told it might be due to artists updating old posts with new "sub-posts" (like "heres the next part in the sequence" or something) or new comments.

I can't tell what got updated today. The latest post has a comment from a month ago, but that was a month ago…

It'd be cool if we actually could tell what was updated when an artist gets one of these "mystery updates".


considering how many times the placeholder posts have been flagged but never updated, it feels like either someone's trolling or incompetent at importing anything

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Kemono has recently been having a lot of issues with the UI being glitchy, slow download speeds, import integrity, random 400/500 errors, and more recently a severe security vulnerability was found and exploited to delete all favorites on an account. We don't know if there's other similar exploits on the site that would allow an attacker to do things that are even more evil (like exposing session keys, deleting accounts, or getting passwords).

Meanwhile Seiso hasn't had any issues like this. It's fast, has no bugs, and hasn't had any security issues like kemono has. It's supposed to be a lot more scalable than kemono too. We should probably start moving to importing content to seiso instead of kemono because who knows if it's possible for an attacker to compromise session keys from imports on kemono. That would expose all the importers and get them banned from the paysites.
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bruh seiso.party
see >>seiso on top


That has under 800 artists, meanwhile Kemono has over 17 thousand.


They aren't meant to compete


I have more pubic hairs than that.


rather see 800 working entries than 17000 mostly broken ones anon but hey they say quantity wins it all

keep track of all entries then see which ones then send home or redirect to something else, this does not look like an importer issue. admins can directly see this if they legit dont know why this happens.

File: 1630389603406.jpg (288.72 KB, 1924x2048, e5d565f670695fb662cb49eacd….jpg)


how the fuck does one get them to work?
don't even try to say to me to take it to the issues and feedback thread, there are at least four post there complaining of the same thing and they have not been answered either.


EZ. They don't.
Nobody is helping so we're not bothering currently.

File: 1630040730044.png (222.99 KB, 386x540, Always-Has-Been.png)


So I've been thinking, there must be any other more file sharing and hosting sites that is less known/obscure out there. Even sites that shows list of file hosting sites, anonymous or not, doesn't list such obscure sites.

Does anyone happen to know sites like this out there? Such example for the said sites are Anonfiles (anonfiles.com) or Nopy (nopy.to).
Feel free to share any obscure/anonymous file sharing sites you know in this thread.

BTW, does any of you knows any file sharing sites that allows file uploading from URLs? I would like to use it for a quick file uploading tricks for a couple of archives I'm planning to share in this board once I'm done.


It'll be known the instant someone posts it here, kinda defeats the point imo. Importing from urls would be kinda useful tho so supporting this but encode the link.


I remember when someone sent me some rare vinyl rips via anonfiles and my popup blocker & A/V went so crazy that the site must be like a Bangladesh back-alley brothel during a plague, in terms of infection potential :O

File: 1630009982709.png (9.36 KB, 738x416, images.png)


if unfortunately the site does not have this option, please tell me a way to see it.


Folders ? What do you mean ?


>>2364 those that some patreon artists use (Ex: Diives) with names like "April folders", "June folders"…


Probably sent through DMs. Check them.

File: 1629740568752.png (542 KB, 719x892, Screenshot_2020_1120_21080….png)


Hey, anyone knows other sites that hosts pirated stuffs than Kemono and Seiso?
Sites that I only know of are U18 and F95 only.
Also, there are few archive sites I know that hosts IB and FA stuffs. If you guys want them, let me know in the thread.

pic unrelated
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It at least used to be. Now many uploaders just rip from kemono itself and pretend they support the artist, it's easy to tell when they're lying because they literally update up to what has been imported, unless they imported it themselves ofc

There's little incentive left to provide scans, translations and digital material for free there and their site currency is useless unless you're starting out or something when the panda will be worshipping the next furaffinity ripper like they're the second coming of the pirate deities for random public junk nobody cares about and the uploaders will be swimming in virtual currency and donating to the admins



AFAIK the only stuff that gets "really really" deleted from e-h/exh is the proper illegal. As far as I can tell everything else just gets expunged, which just requires you to check a box to view in searches.


>It at least used to be. Now many uploaders just rip from kemono

For artists galleries I guess so, but I'm pretty sure that most of the eastern "comics" (like Doujinshi, manga) are original uploads, or atleast aren't taken from kemono


>There's little incentive left to provide scans, translations
What? No, people do still upload original scanlations there. Perhaps digital doujinshi can be found elsewhere, but not everything is digital. Besides that it's always good to have backups.


hey, thanks for that link! Good to know there's a backup if Kemono admin fucks up like the yiff one.

Never forget, that cunt simply ran away with money and decided to shut down yiff.

File: 1629933437093.jpg (28.03 KB, 475x375, do-not-feed-your-hand.jpg)


I'm guessing these posts were never accessible from the start (they just get auto-imported). So if I understand correctly they're just unusable "clutter" right?

Is there any way we can report these posts for removal (in the interest of organisation/tidiness)? Its a minor thing, but without all this clutter, it'd make for much quicker artist browsing.

Look at Legoman for example, theres TONS of "actual content" but nearly every page is almost entirely "[$5 Picarto Stream]" clutter posts meaning you have to go through dozens of pages to find each "content" post. Theres 2500+ posts but I reckon 1500+ of them are empty "clutter posts".


Again, this is of course assuming all these posts were unusable to begin with.


Almost everything seems to be streams and external links. Rename Patreon to OnlySimps or something lol. Yeah this is a lot of useless clutter so I agree.

I'd say post it on the issues/feedback sticky thread too: >>5

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