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Reminder that supporting most artists is a bad thing to do and anyone who tells you otherwise is a subhuman that probably pays e-thots and v-thots.

>absurdly long file names that don't work in most file systems when you extract the archive

>one picture multiplied 100 times, only difference being a single or some more pixels, aka variant set
>pays companies to DMCA their works off of the internet
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stopped reading right there also why is is such a big deal what normies spend thier hard earned sheckels into? so what if they spend it on escorts? running short of NEETbux?


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t. spends 99% of his time crying about piracy


NGL scamming furfags out of their money is one of the least upsetting things people can do in lieu of having a real job. They arent reproducing anyhow, have fun artanon.

Imagine raging about them on a forums where people archive their shit for free. This site causes shit/insecure "artists" to spazz constantly. That should be funny asf to you.


you're just as retarded as them for thinking piracy leads to loss of money and not knowing what a scam is

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>7z a -mx9 -md1024m -mfb273 -ms16g -mmt2

Can someone share or please make a script that can point to a directory, look for directories three levels down, and compress a folder to .7z with these settings and then delete the folder when it was successfully archived, and repeat the process until there are no more folders?

You can cut down the size for files like .psd, .psd, etc by about 90% in most cases.

I found this Windows PS script but it only compresses folders where the script is located in and it doesn't delete the folder.
>$7z = "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe"
>Get-ChildItem -Path $PSScriptRoot -Directory | ForEach->Object {
> $path = "$(Split-Path $_.FullName >-Parent)\newarchive"
> & "$7z" a -mx9 -md1024m -mfb273 -ms16g -mmt2 $path >"$($_.FullName)\*"
> Move-Item "$path.7z" "$($_.FullName).7z"
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Didn't work :(

>7-Zip 22.00 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2022 Igor >Pavlov : 2022-06-15

>Scanning the drive:
>1 folder, 1 file, 57977139 bytes (56 MiB)
>Creating archive: C:\1\level 1\level 2\level 3\2338856 [2021-06-07].7z
>Add new data to archive: 1 folder, 1 file, >57977139 bytes (56 MiB)
>Files read from disk: 1
>Archive size: 6869833 bytes (6709 KiB)
>Everything is Ok


More specifically?


Same as before, it zips every folder three levels down but won't delete the folder after successfully compressing it.


Scrqtch that, it's -eq, check that you fixed $LASTEXITCODE in both places, otherwise just replace that if-else with "rm $name -Recurse -Force".


>it's -eq, check that you fixed $LASTEXITCODE in both places
Same error as >>22990
>otherwise just replace that if-else with "rm $name -Recurse -Force".
Same error, I did it like this https://pastebin.com/hNZMjBzf

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I am trying to access the content from Radioicetive
But I don't know what to do with the code in the post, i tried to use it in mega but without luck. The post say's there is a link in the comments but looks like the importer is not working properly. Any help with this or with other's artist using some cryptic way to hide they content?


Seems that creator puts the necessary links in the comments and if you looked through >>22796, a sticky thread, you'd have seen that patreon comments aren't being imported at the moment. So either pay up or wait until it's fixed.


Dude fucking charge your phone please

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https://twitter.com/realmeowbah/status/1553402864386510848 my morbid curiosity is high but i don't think my own credit card information is strong enough for this one


File: 1659201258343.png (251.05 KB, 565x527, unknown-275.png)

"rotting technodick" is the funniest shit I've read today


File: 1659370283979.png (2.2 MB, 1170x1296, god is dead.png)

someone in the thread leaked it so here


holy shit i didnt realize creatorfags could stoop this low few weeks ago on jewtube a bunch of sticks have been making fake donations to technoblade even mu-tard-hard made a video about it to milk some extra sheckels i first heard this news on the worldbox igg dicksword


He's like a pedofile pretending to be a femboy or tranny

File: 1660712342452.jpeg (365.4 KB, 2159x1387, 15213B41-63EE-4095-B735-1….jpeg)


Whenever I click a link to view an animation, I am directed to patron login screen. Is there any way around this?

File: 1657417229428.png (304.4 KB, 1119x762, QQ截图20220710093918.png)


This clever uploader hides file passwords in a clever way
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hu tao zickzeon



don't help "w7-890" or anyone who behaves like him, he catfishes others and shits up every thread with schizophrenic ramblings, let him wallow in his own piss


.t butthurt creatorfag

still passworded ill try my best


You realise you're proving his point, right?

File: 1660423105737.png (136.27 KB, 820x791, 371-3710165_135kib-700x710….png)


I've noticed that lots of artists haven't been updated for a while.
Is there maintenance of somthing?
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I don't have much hope they'll fix those

I think kemono should just maintain pateron and fanbox importer (maybe fantia)

I wonder why they keep listing other importer on homepage when they clearly not going to fix them in foreseeable future


You mean the string of characters after "Importer logs for"?


That's the one


It's this one: Bc18091e2858958f


Try to import again. If that doesn't do anything, go through these steps:

1: Check to make sure you used the correct Session_ID. You can find it within this tutorial: https://kemono.party/importer/tutorial
2: Make sure you are logged into your paywall
3: Log out and back into the paywall, then use the new Session_ID
4: If an Internal error occurs, please retry your import
5: If you get an “Error while trying to import (insert post here)”, please contact Kemono staff for assistance.
6: You are not subscribed to anyone. Please subscribe to someone and try again. Make sure your subscription is active at the time of import.
7: See if the creator has been imported regardless of log status
8: Posts may have been imported, just not indexed. Just be patient. They are on the site, just not being displayed properly yet.

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So anons, what make you open Kemono today?

For my part I like watch this old man reactions "SpazBoysComedy" and pretend he's my dad and we are watching the videos together. (Yes, is sad)


the usual
check favorites for updates
maybe fap, maybe read a cute robotgirl webcomic, maybe collect art resources, maybe look around updated for fresh meat
leave and repeat in 6hrs
you do you


Puddlepup. My early childhood was the only time in my life I was truly happy. Fetichizing it helps me escape for a bit.


File: 1660467646691.jpg (130.95 KB, 563x582, Nekogurui Minako-san 21.jpg)

to whoever updates Kiga Natsuno, thank you homie.

File: 1651798451357.jpeg (18.07 KB, 651x283, images (1).jpeg)


I was trying to download the haydee videos made by this guy https://kemono.party/patreon/user/69566129
But he deleted his mega links or got deleted i dunno theres no comments on the imports anyway where i can go to adk if someone downloaded content from a patreon/subscribestar before the artists nuked it? or fo i have before someone updates the kemono again?


Since this exist, I'm gonna take the chance and also post about my EXACT issue as well, the links in these are mcfucking dead:


>mcfucking dead sandwich

Maccy D's puns? I like it.


There isn't, you either pray someone uploads it publicly or shares it with you


I know at least one of their dead links (SCP One) is back up in a comment. Unfortunately the comment itself isn’t present.


Link here is dead as well
This guy's Fanbox posts haven't been updating in general. Is the importer broken?

File: 1650520775685.jpg (176.16 KB, 400x600, 41618-mark-of-the-fool-a-p….jpg)

 No.19909[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!

Here is discord link for "Web novel &stuff"
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Rip you, 204 already posted on discord


nta but could I get an invite? I was in the old discord paranoid mage page, took me a while to set up a burner.


New invite link


Now with the actual link cause I'm retarded.


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