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Would hope that this thread will get your attention even for a bit.

I just wanna remind y'all about the site's ability to import Discord channels too. I know it's a bit hard to do for few reasons, but it's a pretty great method to get contents too.

So the thing is, lately, ever since the past 2-3 years or so, artists have been using Discord as a DRM of protecting their works and stuff. They either post their contents there or the links that leads to their personal/private archive, containing their paywalled contents.

For those who don't know, I'll explain how things work. Once you subscribe/pledge to an artist/creator, you will gain access to their server which is a private one (can't get their invite link, which is one reason why Discord importing is not easy). But in order to do so, you gonna need a Discord account and associate it with your Patreon (or other service) accounts. Once you log in into your Discord with the associated account, you should find out that you have automatically joined the pledged artists server.

Discord channels are pretty few to be found imported in the site, so I just wanna remind you guys to use the Discord importer. Making the account for one is easy and you just need to make a temporary email so you can use it.
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>b64 is obvious obfuscation

I thought the reason why the links were encrypted was to stop creators from finding the thread by looking up their links through a search engine.


if it's just to avoid easy googling then it sorta works yeah


Exactly. Just a countermeasure to use if posting official links. On some sites (EG BBWChan) people go stupid with it though. They'll literally encrypt a link 3 times, even though it makes no difference how many times you encrypt the encryption because if an artist finds the 1st B64, they have them all. Its like people are just pissing around lol "I'm gonna make people have to decrypt 4 times to get the link for no reason hehehaha this is fun!".


op makes it confusing with secure, got it anon thanks


Just a reminder to import discord channels with something new and original inside when the importer is back.

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I'm searching for relaxing and soothing content from kemono such as music and such. If anyone have it share the link here


It would be nice to have a sorting feature by genre, but that would require a good team of [reliable] taggers.

That said, I haven't seen much alt, non-ero content, aside from asmr, op. :í sorry.


Sounds like 4chan's YGYL threads would be up your alley



thank you!

File: 1628975334446.png (39.64 KB, 498x800, 8839937392.png)


Cub content of Zaush


So basically Zaush content in general then.


File: 1629045851682.jpeg (9.88 KB, 214x235, Dee.jpeg)



Yes the FBI have noticed, thanks.


Like if it's worth their time at all, just tip them about a person that has real CP stuff and you'll be guaranteed that they'll take real action.


Stuff isn't even that good lol


this sounds like bait…
if it's what I think it is, maybe someone should report you to the FBI, hm?


I've heard enough! I've just recieved several reports and I'm dispatching a team of FBI agents immediately! ;O

File: 1628974700719.jpg (606.15 KB, 1000x562, Eyy.jpg)


Feel free to share person who do cosplay from kemono here!


i smell a glownigger

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praise this man fellow brothers. whoever he is. he got some guts and enough balls to stand on the podium to give his own opinions about it. let the thread continue!!!
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And this is why you don't use the bookmark functions built into a site. Your browser has that function already and no third party can (yet) delete those, deliberately or not.

About download speed and traffic, maybe torrents?


>Account created successfully
You made a new account and expected your favorites to transfer?


Yo does everyone keep losing favourite..?


Its not happening to everyone but I've seen it reported a lot in the last couple of days.

Apparently a fix is in the works, and the lost faves should be recoverable:


Favorites aren't tied to furryparty accounts, they're in your browser storage

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Just kinda figured to add a bit of lol stuffs in this board.

Post memes about paywalls, artists, the site and your experiences of using it in here.
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Data 1, Data 2 & Data 3?


File: 1629664674638.png (71.21 KB, 200x355, 7b0.png)



fuck me somehow clicked on the wrong thread


Look at all the requests :*)

File: 1629662062386.png (615.67 KB, 473x470, 29c5225cf5bafc7616f51e2839….png)


I see lots of people crying and screaming about that kemono is UNSTABLE! and slow.

The Sysadmins are trying their best to give everyone the best experience with the limited funding we have, some of you have noticed we now have data1 data2 data3, and that isn't just for show, kemono has upgraded data distribution 3x!!!

Traffic has grown, but funding has stayed the same, and its showing.

Dont worry tho, we have more things planned, including the possible upgrade to a new 10 gbit server.
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File: 1629664391934.jpg (44.13 KB, 600x750, 1181410099164.jpg)

This thread looks like a bunch of people replying to comments that don't exist anymore…


File: 1629665329908.png (68.93 KB, 240x240, kekmono.png)

>limited funding
>planning to scrape hundreds of millions of posts, dms and media
>ordering servers instead of fixing cvs
>vulns everywhere
>bombers already inside
>infrastructure ravageable by a single device


Vulnerabilities were already patched, and now they're upgrading things to make the site faster and more reliable.
Not sure what your issue with any of this is, unless you're really a Seisoshill who wants to make a huge deal out of a one-time slip-up.
>limited funding
Like literally every site on the internet that isn't FAGMAN-owned?


File: 1629671500141.gif (413.3 KB, 200x149, Obamas Opinion.gif)

They need to hire that British guy who hacked into the Pentagon to find out about UFO's. If he can do that, he might know how to make a website better too.


Move to seiso already. Kemono literally is dying thanks to this guy.

File: 1628966411640.jpg (88.63 KB, 549x616, 289d071b7a85d0aa6ffb8d97dd….jpg)

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You know the drill.
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guys you are the best
but could someone please update this guy's artworks? thanks always



hi everyone, would anyone be kind enough to post this new artist on keono party please ?? I especially appeal to those who love the straight shota genre:



Shinyashiki $30 Archive plan please


Can some update this please?https://kemono.party/patreon/user/45311045


Can someone update this please?https://kemono.party/patreon/user/45311045

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>If you have any issues or want to give feedback about any part of the site this is the place
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Its seems every artist gallery page ui are broken


Searching for a specific post on an artist's page has been broken for months now. Will it ever be fixed?


Those issues all are known. For requests, they are better organized on Telegram, please see >>3051 and PLEASE READ THE STICKY CAREFULLY.



Just decided to have a look at some updated artists today and all look normal except one of them is broken in the way you described (messed up UI), so hopefully this is being actively fixed.

Messed up UI

Beware, fatness.


We're aware. Varnish died and we're waiting for Shino to wake up and to restart it.

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