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A creator has 23 pages uploaded (some have more), each one containing a mega download link (probably). I have mega sync, found out you can just copy the megalink into "open links" which speeds up the process. But going through each and every single one of those 25 times 23 (minus whatever is not on the last page) would take forever, even with that technique. I been looking on reddit if there is a way to quickly download in bulk (without mentioning site names) but haven't gotten responses from either of the posts yet. So, is there a faster way of downloading mega links?
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I meant if there is a faster way to download in bulk. I don't need more speed, I need to find a way to add a new download to mega faster or adding multiple. Like to get all the mega links much quicker. The actual speed isn't the problem, it's how long it would take to manually add each and every single one


Dear OP you are a fag. Here is your solution https://github.com/megous/megatools


Lol this is like a satirical pisstake of Reddit and certain elitist forums. Someone WILL help you, but they WILL insult you first :*P

"You're a fucking cunt. BTW this is how you marry quantum mechanics with conventional physics, you wanker!" - Everyone on Reddit "knowledgebase" style forums.


Using wget, cat, grep, and megadl you can, download a webpage, grep for mega links, then download all of said megalinks. I think megadl is part of megatools now.

He got called a fag for using an alias on a imageboard. It probably has nothing to do with elitism but has to do with encouraging anonymity.


Does anyone know how to scr@pe a k3mono page? Or do you have to dl each file individually?

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there are some accounts registered here that have limitations or blockage to NSFW content, could they find ways to give us access to that content, such as downloading the file, link and/or having the password, I would be very grateful
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Oh right. There's nothing really the admins can do except for enabling manual uploads but I don't think that's going to be available any time soon


for me some examples are raydonXD, JMG PartyBean, skarletjewelcv05, etc


Yea its weird, I'd love somekind of understandable explanation from the admins about why its taking so long to get uploads re-enabled. At this point (literally over a YEAR later!) its almost as if they've simply conceded and quietly given up on fixing what is arguably the sites only REAL weakness, but its such a huge (and super-easy to exploit) weakness that it basically leaves the site totally crippled…

I'm no coder so I don't know whats involved, but I just hope they don't wait until every single paywall artist has wised up and figured out how easy it is to totally prevent their art being leaked here (or any similar site).


>>18411 maybe is for some security passwords or its to much money to update all accounts


This has been coming up again recently. Anyone familiar with app.box.com? Some fanbox artists are moving their work to it and simply posting thumbnails and links to their fanboxes and it completely thwarts the importers. Example, all new posts from https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/127543 2022/04/06 onwards.

I have a guess that it requires some kind of account on there to access it and access permissions to accounts are being given through peoples fanbox inboxes?

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Hi all,
Hoping for some help.
Where did all the Patreon/cosplay content end up from yiff.party?
Thank you


I'm not sure, but from what I remember, when kemono was created, irl content like cosplayers wasn't allowed on the site, so I suspect a lot of creators weren't passed on to kemono after yiff.party died


iirc admin (i think hermit) made a thread a while ago for YP archive, it was a gdrive group so you need to ask them on telegram for invite, dont know if they still accept invite

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I found an artist who is *technically* already imported, but has discovered a pretty crafty way of hiding the passwords via bold characters which Kemono lacks support for. Anyone got the passwords or a way to get to them?

Link: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/5921803


They were bold for me.
Pass is 4235.


yea, fixed
anti-xss rules were too tight, gomenasai


Based admins, this was probably an easy fix from the sound of it but keep it up!


I wonder if they gonna need you to count how many trees are in backyard for password next time

File: 1650151033257.gif (994.05 KB, 360x203, I fixed it.gif)


>Site is fixed
>Site team's face when
Cheer bros, I drink to that. Congratulations.


i got a few patreon updates, but haven't seen any others even on the recently updated list


Now it's a perfect time for this!

File: 1651215631295.png (1.26 MB, 1384x2048, chrome_screenshot_16512153….png)


There is a patreon user who has a link in patreon that wasn't still posted (like it's hidden)

The user is pretty smart.


its not hidden its just as a simple as changing the post number


equals to

so in this case its >https://kemono.party/patreon/user/637385/post/53772560
which doesnt exist on kemono because whoever import it only import the free/public version


oops a couple typo there but you get the point, you cant only view the public version


You "cant" only view? Then that means you can view the paid versions. So a typo within the typo confirmation


And you just killed it by not putting a typo in you're own reply ;(


No you missed it. The typo is in the quoted message "cant". See? I did it again! There is no ' in your version of can't

File: 1651213413758.png (109.66 KB, 1603x885, Screenshot 2022-04-29 0816….png)


Is this implying you have to support the creator when the importer is used and does tier of support matter for importing the higher tier content?

Will it update posts that had it's download link edited, say raw file or post or mega link replaced with gumroad?


The importer simply shares content you have access to; no cracks or hacks to be found here. If you want to do your part, pay for a pledge with the exact tier intended, or figure out CUF abuse (…out of this discussion's scope)
>Will it update posts that had it's download link edited, say raw file or post or mega link replaced with gumroad?
If the posts are flagged, yes.


So as long as one person pays for it, everyone on the site can see it unless it's private somehow? I'm guessing a lot of file sharing sites that upload such exclusive paid content does this. Borderline rule breaking and abiding. Guess it's a good way to indirectly get more value out of your subscription.
So lets say i bought the highest tier of a creator I looked at for a while whos content are nowhere to be found elsewhere. If i have auto import and a subscription, it will import things automatically like stated. If i don't have a valid subscription anymore on the creator, does that mean it will stop importing content to the site?

Right now it says running imports - and queued imports -. Does that mean everything has been imported? Couple days ago it had a bit number of queued imports, but i presume that's because of patreon importer being down. So if i get the subscription and input the session key right away, how long would it then take for the content to appear on the site?


Ar… Are you okay?
Earth to Anon…


No anon here. Just a person with a lot of curiosity and little answers

File: 1650521393452.png (4.49 MB, 2048x2048, fc512751a59044147de7dad47a….png)

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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>19168
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On a scale from 1 to 10, how retarded are you? Since I'm pretty sure you hit the 11.


What? No. Your account will work, as the beta site is connected to the same backend.
I'm pretty sure the board software just blocks Tor as a default. I don't have an issue with Tor posters myself, at least while Vichan's anti-spam stays effective, but I leave the decisions to Kemono's community team.


hey admin i have a question is the auto import a weekly thing or a monthly thing?


500TH post sorry about that i could not resist


fuck you, w7

File: 1647808916770.jpg (85.44 KB, 417x498, 1323154807460.jpg)


How do I make money as an artist without paywalling everything? Most artists do not live off commissions but off their patreon.
I've been a pirate all my life and I want to be fair with my other fellow pirates but charging over 500$ for a commissions that everyone will see in the end is not going to float in the market.
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I'll be completely honest, It's a good piece. But at the end of the day if you don't draw anime/furries/videogames fanart or lewd stuff then I say good luck making a living outside of commission or paywalling.

Also try to get an actual job no matter how shit it is meanwhile improving your skillset because even if you did get US$500 a month from your drawing and live under your mother's basement, it's still not going to be enough for most people. Art is such a niche market that only the one with talent and luck can actually make it. Not only you had $50k student debt for such a useless degree but you wasted thousand of hours of your time being depressed and making absolutely no money. The sooner you realize this the better.


If you are not interested in drawing characters or fanart, another option for you is to find a professional work although it probably require more skillset. As >>19714 mentioned there are always studios looking for background/concept artist. As a matter of fact a lot of decent Patreon artist actually had a professional background before they decided to quit and draw lewd stuff. You just need to find a good school(it doesn't have to be college) or mentor that actually know how to get you into the industry, if you're up for it.


Here's a guy who not only makes $500 (and I've seen his account usually middle between it and $600) but also does pretty low quality art for that kind of gain
https://www.patreon.com/Just_White/posts. Like he's making more compared to this user, https://www.patreon.com/RASHCHAOS/posts who makes honestly way more degenerate content (lot of guro/borderline, and some scat looking at his socials), but doesn't seem to also do vore, least not more graphic like the other guy, but also has honestly some pretty good quality art skills

I'd have to look around but I can recall at least a few who I've seen hit 1000+ now and again, but you're typically guaranteed a solid $500 minimum so long as you make degenerate art


yeah, I have to build an audience first and see what can I paywall and I don't want to be a professional on art related industries, they're full of overwork, hentai/furry will let me do art as a 40 hour workweek without needing more. Comic book artists work about 90 hours a week and in the video game industry it gets worse plus I don't have the network to land one of those jobs.
Thank god I didn't went to college to study fine art. After my art career faild I decided to go to trade school and I'm about to graduate. Having a real job is going to be nice but I know it's going to be really boring for me, the extra money from commissions will be nice but if I can make a living from it it'll just be better.


There are dudes who will commission some really wild stuff. You never see how much was paid for them, but I've seen a few JP artists putting stuff outside their typical content from skeb.

Ah wasn't thinking specifically furry per se. Like background/scenery artwork without characters, or like town/etc type scenes.

Those COULD be viable commissions as those in the scene wouldn't be tied down to any types of characters. Plus depending on it, could mean less work per piece, or an equal amount spent on better detailed work which you could them seek to improve your skills at creating background/scenery at the same time.

File: 1650690929895.jpg (112.09 KB, 649x559, def.jpg)


what's really the point of importing the patreon posts of SugarbellArt if it doesn't include the NSFW stuff?


The idea that Kemono Party is exclusively nsfw is an abysmal thinking imo, it's a piracy site for Patreon and other paywalled content sites.

That's why even youtubers own patreon is imported there despite not being relevant to the average coomer.


You're missing my point, I am aware that it includes all kinds of stuff and not just NSFW. But what's the point of importing posts if they don't contain said paywalled content?


Theres plenty of pages that are like that. Tonnes of posts which are nothing but cropped, censored, free previews, teasers, "DM sent" alerts etc. Or just empty posts which say "NSFW available" but when you click it, you get a cropped preview with giant Paytreon logos covering everything.

Might be worth starting a thread that lists all the artists (because there ARE lots, LOTS) whose pages are like this. Not sure it'd solve anything though, even if it highlights a blatant and annoying problem.


It'd be a good way to reduce the queue to purge paywallers that don't even post their paywalled content from uploading. Saves a tiny bit of bandwidth/data use not having say 100 (or possibly a lot more? idk) paywallers getting uploaded into the system. Not sure if the admins would want to bother, but its that many fewer that would get pulled into the system over and over.

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