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I tried to play the vimeo video by using youtube-dl program but when I download the video plus refer the link to patreon.com I clicked the video and it says "We couldn't verify the security of your connection" is there any solution of this?
used command : curl –referer https://www.patreon.com -o %ID%.html https://player.vimeo.com/video/%ID%
(%ID% is vimeo video ID)

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Can we have an option to put certain creators on a blacklist so their content doesn't show up on our search results?
Adding things like -sims for example just doesn't cut it, as many still slip through the cracks



File: 1719571601373.jpg (86.04 KB, 1162x850, 1639457808_27-papik-pro-p-….jpg)

Perfect and expertly crafted.
Many thanks, friend

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Im the owner of one of the Patreon accounts that are leaked on the Kemono website. I want to ask the admin how to delete my content.
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Nobody visiting this site cares about your lazy, shitty reaction channel. Just go back to posting your low effort content and nobody will even notice.


The first thing you need to do in order to submit a complaint is to kill yourself


no you arent


KYS retarded ESL shitskin nigger.
This so much this!


nice try fed

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some pdf links like eternal dream chapter 23 have a problem accessing the pdf, this problem is that it doesn't open the pdf in the link

File: 1718811476693.jpg (1.11 MB, 2487x4096, __aris_blue_archive_drawn_….jpg)


Why can't blud use danbooru style tagging finding shit here is hell fuck you


Now, tell me you're the type who would help tag content?


NTA but i'd put the work in if it meant i never have to see BLACKED shit ever again.

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This guy updates his posts by uploading them to Mega but every time I enter the link it already expired, Does anyone know how often he update because I have never been able to access their work?


I think the link isn't even being updated on kemono to begin with. If you go through all the imports of the post with the mega link, it's always the same one.

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Hey guys, the cosplayer known as SunaCosplay has rebranded to Suna Bunny. Does anyone have her new set?




Thanks, I've found a page talking about her, but no one has posted it there. Have I missed one?

File: 1718669552345.png (120.16 KB, 762x308, Zonen404.png)


Do we know if this guy's Discord server has already been indexed? Could be lost somewhere among the countless servers due to having some weird ass name

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New thread as the previous one disappeared.

Permanent discord link to the current server for Web novel & Stuff:

Archiving anything related to Web novels and such.

A big thank you to the folks who update those, as always.

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the DMs freeze at 120 posts so I asked the question

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