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In the future,Will you add booth.pm on kemono.party?


They can't fix already existing importers, so probably not


Maybe next year.

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its dissapointing to see a list of all services kemono supports and seeing (broken) or (doesn't work lmao) next to about 90% of those services. its very clear that the team you have cant tackle all this shit at once. so why not fully/partially open source your project?

for example, whatever code or scripts you use for your importers; people could easily spend time improving that if it meant more free gay furry webtoons (thats why im here) especially regarding the password protection 9/11 thats happening right now.

i understand you have sensitive data, but look at how search.0t.rocks did their open sourcing. they provided everything a person needed to make their own version of the site WITHOUT providing any of the databases they used. you guys could easily do something like that. i would apply, but i do not feel like interacting with you guys outside of 1 line responses on github (im spergphobic sorry). inb4 "theyd just take the github down dude!!!" theres 8 gorillion github alternatives including some on TOR or freenet.
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Thanks for the heads-up, I'll just do that.


Your welcome, mate :)


If nothing else, we do have an archive of the last time the Source Code was available from another thread around the time they nuked the Github:


Thanks, I made several copies just in case.


You can also get a copy of the current source by emailing Hermiet. Though not the importers, for obvious reasons.

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Hello, I have a question about an image that is no longer available in a "ComplexTree" creator folder, how can I get it?


if it's unavailable because the artist changed the link, flag the post andwait for reimport. If the artist deleted it, your only hope is to find someone who saved it

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Hey, it says that Mizumizuni's page updated but when I go to his page nothing has changed.
anyone know what's up with that?


Sometimes posts are added to kemono, but it takes time for them to show on artists page. The solution is to copy post name from artists fanbox and find it manually using post search


>The solution is to copy post name from artists fanbox and find it manually using post search
been using this website for ages and i never knew about this


The problem exists only for two month or so.


You know what, i hope they add this as feature
The reason? So if the artist provide the link not the directly (like use dropbox, mega) they didn't change the link from their original post after seeing their post actually have been updated on kemono but not on artist page. you know what i'm saying

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Artists flagging post, delete their content from paywall site, and reimport. Artist has finally found a way to exploit kemono scrapping systems
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I'm pretty sure this isn't a question of pros and cons, unfortunately. Not even legal issues with the code.


not conveniently accessible or totally inaccessible?

I'm sure it's later not former


I wouldn't say it's completely inaccessible, but the access it's so restringed it feels like it is.


code is closed source and you cant even volunteer to help because trust issue *shrug*

legal issue such as? they host the code by themself after the github purge.


That's why I said not even legal issues, it's just as you said.

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I just can’t seem to figure out how to import the stuff I got on Gumroad on to here. I checked the latest artist to be added and there hasn’t been any inclusions since 6/13/2022. Is there something wrong with the session key for Gumroad?
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Whats is wrong with gumroad importer and when will it be fixed?


Basically when the admins want. For now, we should conform with uploading it to MEGA or something…


still borked, +1 for devs

>Basically when the admins want.
thats rather unfortunate


I'm always up for a challenge but coding with a blindfold and earplugs is a bit much…


LOL, but your analogy is rather accurate.

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So there's this artist called Ourobot (Vexo in the artist search), and someone keeps updating him knowing full well that all of his art is behind some drive/discord bs, there aren't any links in any posts of the artist (i checked even the oldest posts), so, am i missing something? or is the guy importing a retard/asshole that just posts the preview?
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yeah I have noticed that many artists are now starting to upload their art on discord purely or private links to dropbox and so on, which makes all the posts on party useless


Can't wait for discord to accidentally wipe all those sekrit clubs lmao


Is there a link for the discord?


Importing is kinda scuffed, you can import an artist, the content gets pulled and is accessible (if you manually enter the correct post ID in the link), but the actual artist's page takes a few hours/days before it displays the new stuff.


It's just the caching taking a while. Newly indexed creators will also show up as Artist's page until fully cached.

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>Hurting poor jew's bottom line
You do realise people don't just stop paying for something if they see it posted somewhere else, right? Like, they already have everything that's leaked so what'd be the point?


Why haven't you posted any evidence to back up your claim that you've repeated since computers were invented?


>piracy bad kill all the thieves
>pirates never pay for anything
At least 100,000 unique people paid at least once on kemono alone. And that's recurring subscriptions so let's not compare to one-time purchases.

Piracy helps make more money whether you like it or not, it's reselling that hurts. Get educated on facts.


File: 1691788868502.jpg (46.17 KB, 640x686, 6eea48689c04ab2639a4969c54….jpg)

>when a brony artist gets mad because their "art" is scraped


File: 1690263821340.png (19.83 KB, 554x554, A72C3B96-0378-4D99-8257-94….png)



This creator got updated recently and almost immediately after the kemono upload, all the files have been deleted. Could it be that they’ve updated their kemono themselves?


Perhaps. It's no secret there's artists aware of their content leaking to Kemono and the popularity of the site it's starting to become an issue. Maybe this artist in particular knows the site too well, and it's conscient of the DMs importer not working.
So, maybe he imported himself as a decoy to us, the pirates, and quickly he sent new links via DMs to their supporters. It would be an intelligent move, but this is just a theory.


I've seen alot of artists send links through dms.


Same here, man.

File: 1690220038913.jpg (28.61 KB, 248x274, 1487280569061.jpg)


First of all I know that the Fantia importer is down, I wanna sub to someone to post their contents on other sites like exhentai, etc.

The thing is, last year I used my credit card to buy stuff from fantia without any issues, but now that I wanna do it it's giving me an error. I've looked everywhere and couldn't find a way to sub to someone there. Some people suggested to purchase tora coins but I have the same problems on their page trying to buy them.

How do you guys buy stuff from fantia? Do you guys use virtual cards or something like that?
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Otaku Mode are literally listed on this page as an option https://fantia.jp/mypage/users/coins/charges

And why would you be busted by PayPal?


OP here, I bought the 1000 Bitcash from Seagm because they were cheaper than these >>30679 and with those bitcash I bought 1000 Toracoins from the official site https://toracoin.toranoana.jp

It worked without any issue. Idk if there is a cheaper option out there, but that's what worked for me. FUCK Fantia and their stupid restrictions, and they wonder why people pirate stuff.


Playing Russian Roulette on Live TV: What Could Go Wrong?


>having to buy crypto shit to purchase from a site
God it feels dirty. I don't trust that Seagm site however, but PlayAsia has prepaid cards of bitcash so it might be worth a try.


I saw that site too, sadly the cheaper option was the 1500 bitcash pack, that was too much for me but if you have the money feel free to do it.
All of this just made me hate Fantia even more, I hope they kill themselves like Fanbox did.

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