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Creators that have deleted their patreons, fanboxes, pixivs, etc whos gallerys were archived and saved on kemono before their demise?
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chikichiki's pixiv gallery is gone but all there stuff is still on their fanbox


One of the interentets' greatest minds deleted their entire fanbox in direct response to K.P… which means that people that actually pay them don't get shit, but we still do.



This great BDSM brainwasher wannabe caused a large portion of its fanbase to switch sides while yelling death to the leakers for morality points. The irony.

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So apparently, the artist have gotten wiser and decided to hide his post behind passwords encrypted rar. It's been consistently updated but no password is given. Anyone know how to bypass it or does the importer have the password? Tried brute forcing it using multiple methods with no luck so far.
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please mobukichi's pass…


anyone got Brocobich password


would greatly appreciate 199s PW if possible




Thread locked due to incessant requesting. This wasn't made to be a request thread. Retards somehow decided it was so no more thread.

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Serious question, what happened to /requests/? Is it permanently closed or will it open again? I really hope that doesn't mean that no one's accepting requests anymore. Of course, i'd like to buy contents legally myself, but some platform don't accept paypal, and i definitely not gonna use credit card for obvious reasons. Would anyone (including mods) mind if we just start a request thread here? We genuinely just wanna coom, man.
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Considering the only staff I've ever seen are shino, SA, and Usah who's not even an admin but the sole mod, yeah I'd call them woefully understaffed. Good luck getting a position even as a janny though, I wouldn't be surprised if the tight circle is something keeping this place afloat.


Requests were closed due to absurd ammount of leechers, no sane person would look in one thread and donate content to someone begging.


That's not true. Robin Hoods are Robin Hoods. They don't necessarily grant everyone's wish, they just need to look which one they like, and if they're interested they can buy and share it. Moreover, you're not the only importer (assuming if you are). So even if you think it's pain in the ass, others most likely don't. It's really not a reason to shut the entire board off, admin. That doesn't even make sense.


Fun fact, theres actually 3 mods on telegram
But one forgot he was a mod like, 2 years ago and opens telegram once every 9 months


Mfw Pochincoff stopped being updated as soon as requests died

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hi guys i would like to know why there is no content from afdian platform on the site. There was no person who would upload content to the site? or are there other reasons


Afdian isn't implemented yet.

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Would it be possible to add an update request button?
Now I'm a good little Anon who feeds his motley pirate crew with his links, but since I don't use pixiv (doesn't work on tor), there's a few creators for fanbox that I periodically check only to find they've gone without updates for months, when I know they're still making stuff. We're not even talking about /r/equestwhining new sauces, just refreshing the stuff that's already up.

At the very least a one-time upload / update request ping that can only be pinged after a set time have passed for the people who have contributed to a page would help remind other uploaders without being too intrusive / annoying.
I seem to remember that yiff had something similar, but I might just be schizo. If there's some external reason it can't be, then so be it.
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the request board was a good way to just inquire for updates, I would be happy if it was brought back just for that. Now there's no communication between importers, so it's just a crossing-fingers game at this point, which I guess we have no right to demand more of.

tbh have there been any new artists since the request board lock? i've gotten some new favs since then and nothing's ever come up


I've imported about 900 artists and got 600 interesting ones since the no requests policy and never requested any myself. Requests being noped here didn't change anything I think, it's all services going to shit or implementing locks that break or saturate the imports.


So you've spent a minimum of $900 just for archving artists? You're either the biggest liar I've seen on this site (bigger liar than the admins) or the biggest legend


It would probably be a moderately decent idea to bring back file uploading for things like Boosty or Gumroad since you pay for things individually on those sites. I know they already have importers that do the job good enough, but when they break it takes forever to fix. You could just add an upload feature to artists under Gumroad and Boosty services and input things like post title, description, files, etc., making a new post in the artist's page with whatever you put in. It would also probably give the Report button an actual purpose for retards that just share malware with it or post random useless shit.


not that anon but a lot of people who earn WELL, spend money on stupid shit regularly lol
my old man likes espresso a lot and every year he spends around 1k euros for a new fancy coffee maker (which does the same shit as the other ones lol) so wouldn't be surprised at all if what he said is true

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So I'm trying to import this artist https://kdmn.fanbox.cc and for some reason this is happening: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14958683

As you guys can see there are like 5 post that are just a thumbnail and a link to another site with a high res pic of said thumbnail (older post work just fine btw). But in fanbox there's nothing like that for the new posts, there's no link or anything, there's the post wit the 15+ images.

So you guys have any idea of what's happening? I tried like 3 times already but kemono isn't receiving the pictures, the post aren't updating. Is this a bug or something?

Thanks in advance.
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File: 1667613557725.png (118.57 KB, 683x758, 145612531.png)

More examples with the most up to date post.


You could share the links here in the meanwhile


>The importer is recognizing the dropbox links now
Based mods, thanks!


File: 1668383227020.png (24.08 KB, 691x485, 132165123.png)

>He changed the way he shares links once again


It's weird how the dropbox links don't work this way but other artist that use dropbrox get here without any issue.

Such a shame, hopefully someone can update this artist on exhentai because the scrapper isn't working for him for some reason.

File: 1667858247701.png (25.46 KB, 154x148, Screenshot 2022-11-07 21.5….png)


So, I looked at his MEGA files with all the art in it but the archive has been deleted. Not updated, just gone. Has something happened with TOS or something?


He got his patreon banned.


File: 1667896403941.jpg (795.88 KB, 1080x1440, isawitintucson-com Toby-th….jpg)

this was one of the first things i found when searching the creator lel its an IRL art exhibition https://www.creativemachines.com/toby


He did? Damn. Have anyone rip his stuff from other site yet?


Welsh eh? Fair play.

File: 1666280289661.png (36.69 KB, 780x320, triggered artists.PNG)


Figured I'd post this here cause you guys might get a laugh over it.

I uploaded ONE video to Rule34Video, a video I edited of Kx2-SFM's featuring two pokemon going at it. (adjusts monocle) I loved the video, but I decided to edit in narration because I thought the theme was underdeveloped (the theme being a psychic pokemon having sex) so I was like, okay let's add some 'mind control' and 'mind break' type theme to it with narration.

Nekk Minnut, after hours of editing, I upload it. Within a single DAY the artist sends me this message.

Like in what retarded universe do we live? Where you whine and bitch about a fan edit and force it off with DMCA?

Does anyone else find it ironic when artists complain about people stealing their content while at the same time, using stolen characters/models and music?

So naturally in response I uploaded the video to 10 other porn sites. Guy wants me to edit out the original music and re-edit every single scene? (its visuals are timed to the beat of the music) when that's not my realm of experience.

I'm a loser writer who tries to add layers of dialogue but apparently not allowed, because reasons.

Love the artwork, the artist needs to grow up. Like so many NSFW artists. This delusion of ownership just staggers me. It's not enough to make thousands off patreon, but to get upset someone did a fan edit of your work? Ridiculous.
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These faggots are bigger cucks than Paheal.


what was the video?


Can definitely vouch for rule34.xxx having shitty moderation.
They have a rule for no loli/shota but can barely be arsed to actually enforce it on most loli art because "muh small workforce".
Some art that's in the highest quality available gets removed because it's a "low quality sketch" even though it's supposed to be a sketch (and there isn't a higher quality available).

If this guy is crying copyright infringement on a video of pokemon going at it, then I can't wait for Nintendo or ThePokemonCompany to anally destroy them. They'll learn one way or another that they can't use that every time.


as already stated r34 has anal moderations and mods obsessed with banhammering everything. and as already stated just post the video elsewhere, r34 is shit. ngl didn't laugh until 'I will be silent', when the guy gets a call from the IP holders its karma popcorn time.

The blatant hypocrisy of plagiarizing while going spiderman accuses spiderman is not new, its actually very popular just about anywhere, double standards man. Its like the artists who got arrested for shoplifting but will try to get you raped because you paused a pledge.


Been a member there for a few years and it sounds like this guy has too. Upset the status quo there and they'll come down on you quicker than a sumo wrestler on speed wearing a backpack of uranium.

File: 1666689036529.png (38.56 KB, 602x207, Screenshot 2022-10-25 1710….png)


does anyone have the user id for delta zone v11?


>>24636 https://f95zone.to/threads/delta-zone-v08-devolution.86248/ (kek this was on the frontpage of google)
no idea ask f95zone for the patcher/crack i kinda wanna try this on my VM though game looks really intensive


User ID: 11freeplay

File: 1672511619923.jpg (32.03 KB, 830x830, jDSuW9m8.jpg)


I want to get more confirmation that the prepaid debit card method is a work around the VISA debit card ban that happened years ago. I heard about it from one individual that used a prepaid card that got around the "card is invalid error" and managed to make it work. I didn't bother trying it because I figure they will block it as well and it will be a waste of money buying prepaid cards. Plus there weren't that many people I saw that say that it work, so I didn’t bother with it. If it does work after getting your VISA card banned by SubscribeStar, What is the step to it?


The reason a lot of prepaid rechargeable cards are useless is because they’re not OK’d for overseas transactions. There’s supposed to be some way to get the bank that issued it to do so but it’s specific for each “brand” of card (each of these rebranded VISA or Mastercards has different issuers and some are region specific rebrands with similar names). The one that I read up on about didn’t seem to tie the card’s “forward facing” identification to you specifically, so it might be possible to do this indefinitely as long as you can be bothered with getting a new card OK’d every time, but that seems risky. You should be able to do it at least once per issuer, but you’re going to run out of rebrands with call centers that speak whatever language(s) you speak rather quickly. (Assuming you have to phone them, like with the one I checked.)

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