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File: 1649007454821.png (101.54 KB, 827x397, Zrzut ekranu (809).png)


Where I can possibly ask to update artist which don't have recent posts on kemono.party?
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lots of artists will not be updating their works
because lots of them are vaxxoids
they wont live long


Confirming there is but giving no further information is a dick move.



More or less confirms they're lying.


>Bringing up vaccinations in a post that has nothing to do with it.

File: 1652641313494.png (1010.89 KB, 982x942, tired.png)


Is there any plan to implement a tagging system like the one Yiff.party had for patreon artists? Everytime i click on a random recently updated artist, i always see diaper shit, footfaggotry and many other disgusting shit, and i wanna blacklist this shit.


The reverse would be pretty awesome too, makes searching for SFW content much easier.




"STRAIGHT on the blacklist! AKA the loli & gore ignore list"

File: 1653339658772.png (205 KB, 595x697, Fucking lol KP.png)


>Sees this
>Checks the associated model makers gumroad (where they've just been released) KP mirror
>It's fucking gonzo

Lol, get rekt KP I guess



fucking LMAO

File: 1653327777975.jpg (144.89 KB, 500x543, 6h7pve.jpg)


Instead of wasting time, please at least update your announcement board in both the website and telegram, some people don't use English as their native language.


File: 1653333510046.png (566.33 KB, 1011x997, E5267006-C13B-46EB-A526-2D….png)

That’s what happens when an Indian Tech Support nigger decide to make and run a website, proud to use Proxy tho


File: 1653334107778.png (1.05 MB, 2574x996, This is an internal refere….png)

>fix patreon comment import
>fix subscribestar importer
Soon. Sesshoseki development is going well behind the scenes.
>lack of announcement board updates
Fair criticism. Combined laziness and attention being directed to more important things.
He is a sysadmin and partial community manager who does his things while I do mine. None of what you listed above is typically his job.
If this is what you are implying should be implemented, it is more difficult than I think you realize. Planned, but not on the immediate roadmap. You know that various translation services are there if one needs them. Ask about this again in 2023.


File: 1653338241081.jpeg (65.77 KB, 640x640, 8A1A1E34-42B7-4A4B-8978-6….jpeg)

Not OP but thanks for actually caring enough to reply to him, you are doing a good job sorry for the random rage, Im not proxying to browse this website I don’t know what I was thinking, forgive master


oiiii veey nigger shiiiet is there a way to setup asagi fetcher on windows? how long before the chan goes into full banwave mods?
also i had a dream of bill gates chasing me down and giving me the monkeyox vaccine

File: 1652907014330.png (55.15 KB, 608x448, 911ab86abd38e49d307e8456c7….png)


I remember seeing all these little hentai pics on Yiff Party years back and it turned out they were XXX sprites for some legit game called Darkest Dungeon. When I saw the pic in the thread below, it looked like the same artist and I thought "maybe I'll check this game out" I'm bored AF.

But after using Saucenao, it can't be the same artist… Does anyone know the name of the artist(s) I'm looking for? The artstyle IIRC looked extremely similar.


>>21077 looks interesting ill put this on my VM once i fix my shit
also search for retro styled hentai games walkthroughs you might find it there if nothing else works go ask on 4chan anons might know the sauce if you go on /h/ or /v/



File: 1653305001156.png (179.89 KB, 375x381, Captura.PNG)


yoooo what is the name of the kemono.partys mascot

she is hot


try using reverse image search i think the artist source is on the front page also are you the same guy who made the [Made For Sex] thread


Her name be K-tan or Kemono-tan.


File: 1653310708491.png (2 MB, 4000x5000, catbox-t.png)

And here she is in all her glory

File: 1649728676165.jpg (17.4 KB, 630x449, 1607599197_278878_16075997….jpg)


So, the admins are fixing the Patreon importer. Meanwhile, do you have any good creators of Pixiv Fanbox? I'm reading you.
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So… Doubledeck pretty much?


Whats "double deck"?


Double Deck Seisakujo


I looked it up and can 100% confirm that phrase is not Japanese for "double decker bus" lol!


Anyone able to suggest some good pixel artists on fanbox/fantia? Doesn't have to be porn.

File: 1653219777488.jpg (48.16 KB, 693x671, Jesse look i'm sans.jpg)


is the subscribestar importer still dead ?



stop asking


Then fix it, your website says nothing about subscribestar not being allowed, so fix it and not just ban people for asking why it’s not allowed


It is being fixed. Give the devs time. It's a lot harder to work on importers than people would like to think.


It's complicated. I can assure Subscribestar content will come back soon, but contribution for the site is going to change due to aggressive actions against Kemono users the company has shown.

File: 1645219250373.png (60.48 KB, 1862x650, Screenshot_2.png)


Honestly it gets pretty annoying when someone on kemono starts getting slick and puts their shit behind integration paywalls. Besides the tried and true method of just downloading the file, archiving it, and spreading it in >>284, is there any plans for a dedicated import system for sites that use Patreon integration for paywalling (ex. Itch.io)?
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File: 1652948057295.gif (381.29 KB, 315x450, Animated GIF_NIGGER Youre ….gif)

The devs really need to implement something like that. As kemono, and patreon scrapers in general become more widely known about, this kind of protection will become the standard.

Also, what balls does it take to demand money for a literal fucking minecraft sex mod? Why, out of the tens of thousands of mods, many of which have hundreds of times more effort put into them, do they have the right to demand payment?


because muh twitter porn waifu slipperyt is in it


File: 1652988908239.png (6.42 KB, 671x204, img.PNG)

I'm looking for similar to OP, I'd like to see the videos or whatever but they're hosted on external sites. I'm guessing the way the hosters verify is by the same session key that the scraper uses, but flat out giving out your session key on a public forum would be a security nightmare. As >>21091 said this is going to become more commonplace, so something needs to be figured out


File: 1653000431850.jpg (55.59 KB, 1344x349, darnjapan.JPG)

Even the Pixiv guys are doing it


This is what happens when your pirating website is owned by a clout chasing twitterfag who's willing to outright @ artists who were unaware of the sites existence and tell them about it to generate more 'traction' (read controversy he can stroke himself off to)>>21109

File: 1653060213076.png (2.1 MB, 950x1478, 78b96f3a0baf03d35cb992d7bf….png)


I want to know how to download the Kemono app to my phone.


there is no such thing


Can I see your phone? Do you got any games on your phone?


File: 1653149390215.jpg (33.2 KB, 500x374, Nokia-7600-phone.jpg)

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