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I've been trying to get this guy's ( https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/6005652 ) stuff but no dice so far.
His pixiv fanbox only has one post on it and I tried messaging him several times, the only other option is something about a "qq" account whatever that is, it's also possible he's not selling stuff to non-chinese customers idk honestly.
Anyways if somebody founds a way let me know or share what you find, ty.

File: 1663610347492.jpg (33.37 KB, 640x558, importantcat2015topics.jpg)


Previously I've posted the results of my investigation proving that the entire copyright system was invented by enemadrinkers from outer space, but the post got DELETED! This proves they're here, trying to hide the truth! Destroy the copyright, vote for life-long pension for artists! No, seriously, that would be so much better for everyone except enemadrinkers.


can you repost this content on /b/ i want to argue there
also wtf is an enemadrinker


>irrelevant schizoposting
if you want to do it, do it on /b/

File: 1663107641493.jpg (134.03 KB, 563x455, FB_IMG_16549672087688018.jpg)


it would be great to be able to access Ko-Fi content, that would attract more Viewers and investors to the page


File: 1663163884941.gif (2.05 MB, 399x720, peek.gif)

I concur



Yes, big investors such as Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Snoop Dog and that bloke who runs Amazon, whatever his name is. With a modest £25,000,000 investment, this site could go a pretty long way. Such as turning manual uploading back on for example *nudge wink* :)

File: 1663448424189.jpg (46.96 KB, 800x566, 1.jpg)


How do you download age restricted content on Imgur without an account?
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File: 1663546138219.gif (3.06 MB, 500x350, Riko shiggydiggy.gif)

>Rule 2
>Rule 3



tell the artist to not use a website that compresses images to shit


fuckful and fuckokey, you fuckety fuck
go to telegram


You write too much!

File: 1663446387986.png (56.9 KB, 679x383, Eyho3rEXMAEy0Lo.png)


when i click a vimeo link it pops up as "sorry could not find that page"

File: 1663365026990.png (34.9 KB, 800x983, PSD_file_icon.svg.png)


mainly for learning illustration because i want to look at the layers

File: 1659982134832.jpg (265.99 KB, 2048x1246, jHIEbiebfi8u38hr23hr.jpg)


Do you experience annoyance from the new ads? Did the new ads takes half of your mobile screen? Ads displaying something disgusting? If so follow this few simple steps:

If you using Android:
+ For Samsung, you can download Samsung Internet Browser with ads blocker extension called AdBlock Plus ABP. And turn it on the settings menu.
+ For other android device, you can choose to download Firefox with Ublock Origin extension add-ons. Or Microsoft Edge browser with AdBlock Plus extensions also toggle the tracking prevention to "Strict".

If you using iOS:
+ You can use Safari with AdGuard extensions.
+ Or you can download Microsoft Edge with AdBlock Plus extensions on with "strict" tracking prevention.

For PC:
+ Any browser you desire with uBlock Origin extensions.

OR you could use brave browser for all three platform. The choices is yours!
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Turn off your adblocker, screenshot the mentioned ads, and then report back.
That way, I can tell the ad manager exactly what to prevent from showing on Kemono.


>>23173 (not related to kemono but)
anybody here got any PRIDE related ads? on pastebin and redditsave-website is see UK crisis relief banners (i thought this was mutt only why do we flippers get it)



No. Just porn.


File: 1662560264081.jpg (21.64 KB, 728x212, 1287.jpg)

There you go boys we finally got approval from the higher up


File: 1663300299903.jpg (150.9 KB, 692x406, 20220915_215026.jpg)


Okay, fuck these video ads that keep popping up now every time you open a gallery. My mobile adblock isn't catching them. If yours is, please tell me so I can try it out and possibly switch.
Dev, if this thread angers you than take it up with the company.



I use uBlock Origin on Firefox Android and never had any issues with ads


They should only show once every 15 minutes, currenlty no timeout is set.
Will fix it asap.


What kind of "mobile" are you using? Some random anon made a thread here about blocking these ads. Here is the link to that thread: https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/23024.html#23024
>>23024 Just follow the instructions in this thread and those ads will be blocked. I can guarantee it works since both of my Android and Apple block these ads perfectly.

File: 1662689582212.png (42.3 KB, 365x447, embeddedDisappointment.PNG)


All of this artist's recent updates look like pic related. As far as I can tell, you can't actually see any of the pics other than the post's thumbnail, clicking on the links doesn't work obviously.
I haven't seen this happen to any other Fanbox artist, so I'm wondering if this is a problem with the import, or if it's caused by something the artist is doing when he posts his stuff, and can it be fixed?


I've seen that with other artist too.
So I guess it's more common that I thought.


Is there an explanation for this?
For example everything here just send you to a website with the post's thumbnails


Did artist figure out how to get the best of Kemono?

File: 1661217406455.jpg (28.11 KB, 938x288, Screenshot_20220823-021514….jpg)


Out of curiosity, are there plans to have a section to upload stuff like MEGA Files? Because I noticed that a lot of artists are beginning to upload their stuff there (image just gonna be an example)
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Cloud Snatching coming to a Kemono near you Soon™️


some artists are just lazy and dont delete the old monthes link and just update the post any chance we could have the option to view older versions of posts?


It's coming… Sometime…


Speaking of Mega, I've noticed some mega links which I previously used just fine now reverted to just being mega.nz, what gives?


How would this work? I've seen artists carve the link into multiple pieces.

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