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is there anything like kemono.party for deepfakes?


you mean NFTs and AI art? absolutely no idea

unrelated but i recall that one story of an American high school student who got rich making deepfake women porn on onlyfans but forgot the link to article i kinda wanna try this too sometime

tldr just look for ai generated tags on your paysite with google


yup for AI deepfakes, like for celebs. most of them use fan-topia, so was wondering if there was a site that archives that content

File: 1684077500875.png (15.46 KB, 399x356, Screenshot (135).png)


Don't know what to do now. Any help would be appreciated.


>tfw people can't hit F12


Lol, true history.


What are you trying to import?

File: 1681311161429.png (4.3 KB, 256x122, Screenshot 2023-04-12 2352….png)


Ive been trying to upload my patreon session_id key for a couple days now. Each time it says success, but 0 files to import. There's multiple patreons to import, is anyone else having trouble?

Import ID xxxxxxxx93e3242c for context.


Yes, it always shows 0 files to import but it does work.


Strange, even if it does work, i'm waiting for imports from at least 3 different sources. In the past when i've shared it would at least show the log of imports, but this time around it doesn't seem to show any results. When I search the users they also don't exist yet.


Weird.. Have you tried saving the key by checking the option "Allow the importer to save my session key for auto-import"


Yep, i mean both debugging, and save for auto import are checked by default. I've unchecked and rechecked now with a fresh key to make sure, still getting a success message, but the key never seems to be saved in my account keys


Actually it looks like it has just begun working, maybe I needed to be a little more patient (2-3days) I have switched to a VPN in the last hour or so, unaware if this helped. Either way glad to see it working!

File: 1684232062897.jpeg (7.18 KB, 226x223, download.jpeg)


I'm new to kemono and wanted to upload content of a couple of creators but it is taking a while using the importer. Is this normal or not? Also is there another way to import content.


If the people you're trying to update has too many missing posts, it'll probably take awhile before you get it all, especially on higher pledges. This is the only way to import content, but there's Telegram channels or even there's F95Zone if you wanna leak the content to other sites, even if the creator gives you the content via DM or Discord, you should have access to it.

File: 1683971338712.png (82.09 KB, 1920x1080, 2023-05-13.png)


Fantia keys are not auto-imported, and no importer logs displayed.

OS: Windows 10 Home 21H2
Browser: Google Chrome


Probably because kemono has recently shut down the fantia upload, not sure when it will resume yet


Fix it before the end of the month, I have obscene things to import.


Has been down since 3/24 given that's the last Fantia update in general.


honestly you should put it all into a mega folder or something and post it here, then manual import the stuff if/when it gets implemented

File: 1684229439908.png (486.13 KB, 480x497, 1679200046981122.png)


Please stop importing artists that you're not even subbed to. I don't care about free galleries and I don't want to see certain favorites of mine constantly updating with nothing of substance listed.
>do it yourself then
I may, when there's enough backlogged to justify the expense. But even if I do, will you stop doing what you're doing for good?

File: 1684200542198.png (3.07 KB, 149x130, BBBBB.png)


After acquiring the download, what should I do?

File: 1684008508564.png (141.65 KB, 1359x609, Screenshot (4).png)


YAll got a telegram? how do I access it, and I pls fix the issues


Yeah idk why but my artist got updated but some posts were skipped other than the latest one


The link is literally in the bottom left of the site…


File: 1684022347113.png (174.28 KB, 1359x609, yguh.png)

I might be blind then cuz I ain't seeing any of that


File: 1684024907456.png (32.99 KB, 218x948, imagen_2023-05-13_19413221….png)


File: 1683967549331.png (1.44 MB, 1983x617, 屏幕截图 2023-05-13 184451.png)


Anyone know how to change the Artists name of an author page that already exists? Is there a way to change it?



File: 1678577102456.png (108.74 KB, 453x397, imagen_2023-03-11_18243335….png)


Did Openyiff on GitHub is deleted?
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are you on drugs?



No it fucking hansn't, sunshine! Oh wait it has; fair doo's you're right.


The link is deleted, can you repost?




That code you listed shows AGPL license… anyone using this to run a site should be releasing any changes they make. Of course, it's not like the license means anything at all anyway.

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